Dana has released or is releasing records with at least five different companies. Around the time of her Eurovision victory, she signed a contract with CNR Music covering most of Europe. Sony Music UK's DancePool label released Diva for most of the rest of the world. None of the two companies are currently working with Dana. Her main Israeli record companies have been IMP Dance, which started out as a small independent company mainly releasing dance music compilations with licenced tracks from abroad, and Helicon Records, one of the Israeli majors. Almost all her Israeli releases are owned by these two companies, and they collaborated for the compilation Diva ha-osef as well as the 'unofficial' international release The Album (together with PolyGram). NMC Music is now releasing Dana's records in Israel.

The html discography has been organised in five subsections (track lists are provided to the extent that I have them):

I have also made the discography into two Acrobat PDF-files. The first is a list of all Dana's songs with all versions I know of and the catalogue numbers of the different records they have been released on. The second is a chronological list of all records I know of released under Dana's name - here you can see which records the catalogue numbers correspond to.

A small note on the formats: Very few of Dana's records have been released on vinyl, those which are have been 12" singles (maxi singles) for promotion use or releases limited to some territories. The rest are CDs. All CD singles are CD5s (that is normal 5 inch CDs, as opposed to CD3s - a format temporarily used a few years ago for singles in the US and Europe, but still common in Japan), which are also called maxi CDs in some countries. Some record companies release CD5s in two versions in some territories, one 2-track version and another/others with more tracks. I try to include all versions if possible.

Should you have information of releases not mentioned here, please get in touch by e-mail. Corrections to any mistakes that may have crept in are also most welcome!