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I get a steady trickle of e-mails asking for information on Dana International. I will keep you as informed as I can both by replying to you personally and posting the information here. Appropriate information on future record releases and the like can be found in the news section.
As most of you know, I'm not in Israel - and therefore not in the best position to get information on Dana. If you see any unsolved questions, I would like YOUR help! (Rest assured: Credit will be given where credit is due!)
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Where can I get hold of sound files of Dana's songs?
Quite a few of her songs are available as mp3s on different file exchange networks around.

Can I e-mail Dana directly?
No, not for the time being.

When is Dana's birthday?
Dana was apparently born on 2. February 1972.

Is there an official Dana fanclub?
There used to be one, at least in theory (I joined, but have never received anything from them). Currently, your best bet is to get in touch with her record company:

Dana International (דנה אינטרנשיונל)
c/o Hed Artzi (הד ארצי בע''מ)
3a Yoni Netanyahu St. (רח' יוני נתניהו 3 א')
Or Yehuda IL-60376 (אור יהודה 60376)

How do I get in touch with Dana's management? (Bookings, songs for Dana to consider, etc.)
Apparently, Dana is no longer represented by Jack Ben-Haim or Shai Kerem.
I have no updated information about Dana's current management, but I suggest getting in touch with her record company Hed Artzi on phone +972 3 538 3333 or fax +972 3 533 3619.
If you get hold of information about Dana's management, please e-mail me, so I can update this page!

Is there an official Dana website?
The official website at was up and running again by March 2007, but there is currently only an all-Hebrew single page playing Dana's new single.

Will Dana go on tour?
No «proper» live dates are booked that I know of.

Are Dana's records released outside Europe, Israel and Japan?
So far, the only territory outside Europe and Israel where Dana's international records have been released is Australia (and possibly New Zealand?).
There were rumours of plans for releases in the US some 5-6 years ago, but nothing materialised as far as I know. As for Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, there are no plans at present that I'm aware of.

Where can I get hold of Dana's Israeli records outside Israel? Where in Israel can I get hold of Dana's records released abroad?
All the relevant information I have can be found in the mail order section.

Is Dana International her real name?
Dana International is a stage name. In my interview with her in 1998, she explained that she changed her first name from Yaron to Sharon when she had gender reassignment. Her last name was and remains Cohen.

Has Dana released any official video?
Not yet. Several of her songs have been made into music videos, and there should be tons of live footage - so I feel it's about time an official was released. (There was a persistent rumour circulating that Israeli Channel 2 television made a special on the recording of the video of Maganona which was filmed in Cairo back in the 1990s, but this appears not to be true.)
Until Diva, only five of Dana's Israeli-release songs were made into 'proper' music videos ('clips'): Sa'ida Sultana, Yes Sir, I can boogie (both rarely shown), Yeshnan banot, Cinquemilla and Diva. (Thanks to Ziv Geri for this information!) From the international album Free, the title track, Woman in Love and Diva have videos. There were plans for making another video of a song from Free for the Israeli release of the album, but this seems never to have materialised.
In her interview with me in May 1998, Dana said an official video release was not among the priorities at that stage in her career.
Most of Dana's videos, and several live performances from different tv shows - both Israeli ones and from outside Israel - can be watched on

What international record companies now release Dana's records?
For the time being, none.
Dana signed contracts with two international record companies after the Eurovision. In addition, Dana's former Israeli record company Helicon released parts of Dana's back catalogue in Europe distributed by PolyGram.
Before the Eurovision final, Dana made a 4-album deal with the Dutch record company CNR International. That contract covered the BeNeLux (the Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemburg), Austria, Switzerland, France, Greece and Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden & Denmark). In Japan, Dana is represented by Network Records. In Russia, the company RMG Records releases Dana's records.
A few days after winning the Eurovision, she signed a contract with Sony Music UK. However, during autumn '98 Dana and Sony decided to part. As of May 2001 it seemed that Dana is on her way back to Sony again: Her Israeli promo single Láma katávta li shir? listed Sony Music as the publisher of the song outside Israel. However, Dana denied this rumour in an Israeli radio interview 28.08.2001...
There are rumours of record contracts in the US. More news will follow as soon as I have it.
In August 1998, it turned out that Helicon, Dana's former Israeli record company, put together a compilation from Dana's back catalogue for release in Europe, The Album, distributed by the international record company PolyGram. They also released the single Cinque milla and distributed the video made for the song in 1996 to promote the two releases.

What Israeli record company now releases Dana's records?
In 2007, Dana signed with the Israeli record company Hed Artzi, incidentally the company which released most of Ofra Haza's Hebrew-language material.
Dana was on IMP Dance for her 2002 singles and album. From 1999 to 2001, her Israeli record company was NMC Music, which released Dana's single Free and released the album of the same name in 2000. They also released Dana's first all-new all-Hebrew album in five years in August 2001, Yotér we-yotér.
Dana's first 3 albums Danna International, Umpatampa and EPTampa were released by IMP Dance, a record company mainly releasing compilation albums with dance hits at the time. Dana then moved on to Helicon's dance subsidiary Big Foot for her 1996 album Maganona. For the 1998 compilation album Diva - ha-osef, Helicon cooperated with IMP Dance.
Dana's former Israeli record company, Helicon, was blocking the release of Diva on single in Israel - presumably because this would mean a loss of sales for Diva - ha-osef (the compilation). Helicon claimed Dana was bound to them in Israel until the end of 2000, accordingly Dana took them to court and won - she is thus free from any obligations towards Helicon.
(Most of the information in this and the previous paragraph comes from Dana's manager Jack Ben-Haim, Ziv Geri, Luba Marshalkina, Hugo Preece, the EuroActive website and their 'Little things' mailing list.)