Finding information about Dana International on the internet can be a slightly frustrating experience. This site can safely be said to be the most stable source, being online since January 1998, but has been moving around between servers thus complicating finding it.

Most other websites about Dana seem to come and go, even her official one was only available for a year or so before the link ( started transferring visitors to the website of her Israeli internet service provider Netvision. As it is the case with fansites in general, fansites about Dana tend to suddenly pop up on some public server (tripod, yahoo, geocities…), announcing a stream of new features for the best fansite ever dedicated to her, then after a while the site closes, or is never updated.

So when checking out the sites mentioned below, keep in mind that the internet is a pretty unstable place. All the sites listed below were working in February 2002 and had been updated fairly recently. If you discover a new site which actually provides information not found on my site, please let me know and I'll link it. However, just for the record: I don't feel particularly obliged to link sites that mainly consist of material copied from my site in the first place.

Official site

As mentioned above, the official site run by Dana's management has not been online for quite some time. As soon as I get information about it coming online again, I will update the news section.

However, Ili Barhom runs Dana International Israel online. This site has been promoted to official status by Dana's management. It is definitely the best source these days for Dana news as Ili regularly updates it with information from the Israeli media, news directly from Dana's managers and other sources. He has also added a chat channel.


Lise in France mentions on her Dana-site that it hasn't been updated since July 2001, but it still has the most comprehensive list of Dana International links I've seen anywhere. Lots of other good stuff too!

Christian Machemel's non-official site is up and running again. It has good lay-out, as well as videos and other stuff for download. Christian also runs what might well be the world's only wap-site about Dana, you'll find info on how to log on on his website. is also not an official site, but contains a lot of info concerning rare Dana items (promo posters and the like). I must admit I wish they would do something about the cluttered lay-out of the site, though. There's also a possibility to order bootleg video CDs of Dana's music videos and shows. (I have no idea what the quality is like on these bootlegs!)

Lemuel Shattuck is one of my best sources of information, and a great help in putting together this website – Lem's Dana website contains videos and soundbites not found elsewhere, as well as a page exploring the mysterious similarity Dana has with silent movie star Louise Brooks!

The unofficial Russian Dana-site is worth checking out also for those of us who don't understand Russian as it is a great source of pictures.

Leo in the Netherlands also runs a Dana-site. You can also check out South African Danielle's Dana site.

Other sites with interest to Dana fans

The other 10 percent (or ha-'asiron ha-acher), the Gay and Lesbian Student Union of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has a website with a subsection on Dana International. It seems not to have been updated for quite a while, though.