Israeli lesbian activist Yael Ben-zvi, who is in the modern thought and literature program at Stanford University, has published an article in Middle East Report (Spring 1998 issue), titled Lesbian Zionism and Transsexual Transgression – Two Representations of Queer Israel. (Added 06.03.1999) (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the file, if the program is not installed on your computer you can download it from Adobe – just follow the link to the left.)

Philip V. Bohlman is an ethnomusicologist at the University of Chicago. His article The Shechinah, or the feminine sacred in the musics of the Jewish Mediterranean partly discusses Dana's song Danna International (chapter 4 of the article). (Added 13.02.2000) In the Italian version of the article, you will find pictures and sound samples.

Liora Moriel, MA of Arts, is writing a dissertation on Dana International in the Comparative Literature Program at the University of Maryland. She is of course also well-known for her work for the rights of the lesbian, transgendered and gay community in Israel.
Liora has published a couple of articles on Dana in scholarly journals, in addition to holding lectures – one is entitled «Transgendered, Transgressive and Transformed: Dana International's Disco Esperanto». One has apparently been published in the journal World Englishes by the publishing house Blackwell's.
She also recently wrote the article «The Internationalization of Romance: Dana International as the Fabulous Other».

Other articles published by Liora on Dana:

  • «Diva in the promised land: a blue-print for newspeak?» World Englishes 17/2 (July). Blackwell.
  • «Dana International: A Self-Made Jewish Diva.» Race, Gender and Class 6/4 (spring 1999).
  • «Yipea laululintu: Dana International ja Eurovision laulukilpailut» (A Proud Songbird: Dana International and the Eurovision Song Contest) Lahikuva no. 2-3 (Finland)

Dr. Ted Swedenburg, a social anthropologist at the University of Arkansas, has published the article «Saida Sultan/Dana International: Transgender Pop and the Polysemiotics of Sex, Nation and Ethnicity on the Israeli-Egyptian Border» in the music journal The Musical Quarterly, 1997:1.
Prof. Swedenburg taught at the American University in Cairo from 1992 to 1996 – at the height of Dana hysteria in Egypt, and this excellent article is centred around the conspiracy theory published in Egypt and the controversy Dana has been the focus of in the Arab world.

Chris Vancil was studying in a PhD program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has written a paper called «Shushu, Zumzum, and Sumsum: Dana International and the «Other»».

Lee Waltzer is a gay American Jewish lawyer who has written a book about Israel's gay and lesbian community, Between Sodom and Eden. The book is essential reading for anyone who is interested in Israeli social studies, and contains several references to Dana international.

Amalia Ziv, an Israeli lesbian activist who holds a Ph.D. in literary theory, published an article in 1999 called The Advent of Danna: Danna International and Israeli Gender Culture. The article was published in «Fifty to Forty-Eight,» a special issue of Teoria vebikoret (theory and criticism) 12-13, 1999, pp. 401-411. She has provided a short abstract in English:
«The article discusses Danna International, in terms of her subversion of the Zionist gender project, her break with traditional representations of transexualism in Israeli culture and with the medical model of transexualism, and her subversion of the distinction between gender identity and sexuality that undrepins current gay identity.»
The article might be published in an English translation next year.

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