So, who exactly is the guy behind this page? Well, my name is Geir Skogseth, I'm Norwegian, 33, and I've been a fan of Dana International since late 1994 when I first heard Ani lo yekholá bi-l'adekha in Allenby 58, a Tel Aviv gay club. I live in Oslo, but I have lived, studied and/or worked in Cairo, Egypt; Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Hebron, the Palestinian self-rule areas.

I uploaded the very first version of this website on 6 January 1998, at the same time as I entered the master of arts program in Arabic at the University of Oslo. Since then I finished my MA in in Arabic in June 2000 (my thesis was titled Egyptian Radio Arabic – A Phonological Analysis of the Language in EBA News Broadcasts), and I started working at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration in January 2001.

I also run a website for the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest fan club, and I plan to upload a personal website with time. This will focus on my thesis, articles I have published about different issues and translation of Arabic literature.