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These two photos were taken Summer Soltice 1984....

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)....And as you can see, I author HTML pages for musicians, individuals,etc,etc. I also will produce, book and promote Musicians, Venues and other Production Organizations. The idea for Stonehenge Productions has been amorphious and self-perpetuating, regarding the nature of cyberspace, and the unknown quality it represents for the world; especially the World of Music.

So here we are, follow the links and find out we are musicians of the Pacific NorthWest!!

The Bone Doctors This is one of the groups I play in.

Chip"Dr. Horsehair"Cohen

David the Minstrel

Steve Weber, the Fug and Holy Modal Rounder himself!!!

Eagle Park Slim The Uncle Remus of the Street Musicians, from Colorado to the NorthWest.

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snail mail: 2381 Riverview St. Eugene, Oregon,USA 97403

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