W A R N I N G . . . this computer has multiple personality disorder.

I/O/D is an interactive multi-media e-zine. Distributed free over the networks, small and perfectly deformed it creates high density chaos in a confined space.

I/O/D investigates traces of linearity, anti-linearity and straight talking by ex-humans who:

  • Destroy dogmatic language systems on a regular basis.

  • Produce mind-curdling animations or quick time movies.

  • Make unearthly noises, loops, samples.

  • Rant like old testament prophets with bio-electrical implants.

  • three [For Mac only, 1,973K, BinHexed] NEW
    two [For Mac only, 1,894K, BinHexed]
    one [For Mac only, 1,794K, BinHexed]

    Write to:
    I/O/D, BM Jed, London, WC1N 3XX, UK
    E-mail: Matt Fuller matt@axia.demon.co.uk
    This site originated by Calum Selkirk cselkirk@freenet.columbus.oh.us
    and is based on his US mirror site.
    This UK/Europe mirror is located on the pHreak server.

    Troubles regarding downloading? E-mail: spiderman@pHreak.co.uk