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Dog Art is God Art

GOD ART DOG ART stems from an idea based around the notion of nature, art and creative inspiration. I have tried to represent a concept, that inspiration is born out the conception of an idea stemming from a universal truth, knowledge given to the receiver without thought to produce a tangible philosophy.
The word god is used here, not to describe a religious figure,
but a universal energy .

DOG is GOD backwards.
I have only used the letters in the word god. to describe this universal energy known to me as inspiration.
The butterflys ladybirds and fish are all aspects of art in nature.

The idea for [God Art is Dog Art], is this tangible philosophy that I have found difficult to define or am I trying to define the undefinable?

Andre Gide suggests 'Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better' Andre Gide

I hope this doesn't sound pretentious.

My interest in art stemmed from a vision I received when I spent 6 months in southern India in the early 90's, when I returned to England I studied at UCE and gained a BA (Hon) in Art and Design, then went on to study for a PGCE at Plymouth and later for a masters degree at Wolverhampton. during this time studying art, it became clear to me that my art work has its own style, I have been able to produce art on a subconscious level and the work I have produced has been a representation of the times.
I have produced sizeable sculptures for several exhibitions including a live/work space for the deputy prime ministers office.

- these handmade contemporary objects moulded from foam and covered with paper maché are the results of everything I have been trying to describe in the written work above, I hope you enjoy the work. And that you feel inspired by it .

(c) Lorraine Chatwin 2012 lanchatwin@yahoo.com ~ www.lchatwin.co.uk

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The idea for godart/dogart creation was created from God being an artist. I'm not using the word god to represent a religious figure, it is to represent an aspect of the universal truth - a tangible philosophy born out of inspiration - knowledge without thought (c) Lorraine Chatwin 2012 lanchatwin@yahoo.co.uk ~ www.lchatwin.co.uk