Simon Cutts RIP
Wednesday 19th March 2008: 1pm scattering of Simon's ashes on Clapham Common

I knew Simon at the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre (a squatted church), and at Wandsworth Eco Village

>From: "lorna cordwell" 
>Date: March 10, 2008 10:25:38 AM GMT
>Subject: Fwd: photos of Simon Cutts
>Hi George,
>Nice to talk to you last week.  
Here's the photos that I promised I would send.  
Simon died last Sunday March 2nd at home.  
The funeral will be on Tuesday March 18th 
at 2.30 at South Norwood Crematorium in South London.  
Everyone is welcome if they can make it.
>If you could announce this on your site that would be great.  
Its difficult knowing where most of his old friends are 
or how to contact them 
but I'm sure they'd like to wish him well on his way. 
 I think I have some of his song lyrics somewhere around
 if you want to put those on the site as well?
>thanks and take care,
>mob 07806 642 434

>Subject: Simon - lyrics > >Hi George, > >here's some of Simon's lyrics, if you wanted to put them with the pictures: > >IS IT LOVE > >is it love that makes >your heart beat >is it love that turns >the world >is it love that makes >the sun shine >or is it gold diamonds >and pearls > >do you know just where >love comes from >or where its going to >do you feel the Love light >flowing right through you > >could you find love >out there somewhere >if you searched a >milion miles >would you recognise love >shining in a smile > >do you understand >the meaning >of tender loving care >do you understand its >love that we must share > > > >IT AINT ALL ROSES > >It aint all roses >in this town >it aint all roses >if you look around >there's people hungry >its wasting over there >there's people homeless >and no-one seems to care > >still war is raging >raging in my heart >burning the money >tearing the world apart >and we're the ones who >inherit all this grief >the failed system of >greed beyond belief > >burning the jungles >for cattle ranching land >burning the jungles >for cash in the hand >destroying species >a hundred every day >destroying everything >that gets in their way > >love is the way >love is the way > >the sun is setting >its setting on this town >the world is turning >forever round and round >but how much further >can the show go on >and how much further >can man go wrong > > >WANDERER > >Wanderer where will you roam >this whole world is your home >just beware of snakes of steel >spitting lead to maim and kill >just beware the jail cell years >deep and dark just like their fears >just tread easy through your land >hold on to Love's sweet hand > >Wanderer why can't we be >like the ocean wild and free >like the sky no prison bars >just the silver moon and stars >Wanderer why can't we be >like the ocean wild and free >Like the sky no prison bars >just the silver moon and stars > > >If you do this, can you please send me a link to the page so that I can pass it on? > >love, Lorna

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