Whites Roofing, Risbury, Leominster, Herefordshire.

Shoddy service.
  • Two years ago Whites re-slated some of the roof here at Hatfield Court .
  • It looks bad where they used 2 different colours and didnt shuffle them before nailing. Merv promised that it wouldn't be noticeable after 6 months, but it still looks crap.
  • Several slates have broken, and there’s a gap in the ridge. Many times I’ve phone Merv and he’s promised to come back but he never has.
  • More seriously, I suspect that the east corner has insufficient headlap where they replaced the original 24 inch slates with 20 inch slates. This was confirmed to me today (19June2012) by a Building Inspector.
  • I should have withheld some of the money for ‘snagging’, but paid in full before they'd finished, I trusted him. More fool me!
  • I recommend you have nothing to do with them.

    George Miles B.A.