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Files by MED

Terradyne 4TEL Training Guide

MED's BT Abbreviation List

BT's Bomb Threat Policy

CCS and The 30 Channel PCM System

Cable Pair Indication

BT Theft/Break-Ins Reporting

BT Charge Card Guide

TXE Exchange Based Processors

Emergency and Code Only Document for TXE4 Exchanges

Local Area Networks and Ethernet use in the TXE Enhancement

How to find you MDF position from your Equipment Number

Electronic Access Control and Intruder Detection Syatems at BSUP1 exchanges

Some phone numbers in London

The Meridian Norstar Range

Short guide to mobile networks

Organisational Unit Codes within BT

The MED's intermediate guide to British Telecommunications

British Telecom Testing Equiptment

Trashed TXE Print-out Interpretation

The Analogue TXE Switch &ndash a Debriefing

Security of BT Vechicles

British Telecom Work Manager System