This is an organisational framework for activities to help people who follow the ancient religions of this and other countries, and their other (maybe secular) friends have the voice they are often denied, with regard to sacred sites and ceremonies and related educational, environmental concerns. It is not our concern to "compete" with other organisations, for example the Council of British Druid Orders, The Pagan Federation, Survival International, and so on, but to complement them and co-operate with them. We are drawing up a precise but broad framework which we hope others can work with.

We are sketching out the rough format of this umbrella organisation in the hope that others will come and do their bit to bring it to life. The officers of PADRAS are firstly, unpaid volunteers, secondly we are busy people who need your support and assistance.

The first thing you might do is read the Draft Constitution and contact us with comments about it. Secondly you could come on board to work with us on a project compatible with these broad objectives.

If you want to promote a link onto this site, that is either Stonehenge related, or of interest to pagans and druids, please give (a) a brief title (b) the full site address and (c) a brief description, as you might like it to appear in the appropriate link directory.

The Stonehenge Peace Process, and the related Truth & Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge, are up and running projects supported within PADRAS; please see the separate pages devoted to them.

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