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Solstice Access 2004
Solstice music CD 2002
Next TRC meeting
Report on last meeting
Report on last subgroup meeting
The Lost Tribes
The Goddess Project 2002

Click pic to link to Stonehenge Campaign

Invitation to PADRAS Learn about what we hope to do with your help!

Constitution Read and comment on our draft constitution

Officers Communicate with PADRAS & other bodies

Other links Links to Pagan, Druid & sacred sites groups and organisations

SW Council of Faiths Religions working together in the South West Region of England

Peace Stewards A new initiative at Stonehenge may have implications at other crowd events

Blessed Be One and All!

Stonehenge Peace Process Introduction

Summer Solstice 2003 Reports & files

Summer Solstice 2002 Reports & files

Summer Solstice 2001 Reports & files

Truth & Reconciliation TRC meetings & archives

History of the troubles The Stonehenge Archive

Stonehenge Links Links to other Stonehenge sites

Stone Circle News Controversy about the headless man at Stonehenge, Wiltshire village's lost stones, whether & where and how, to rebuild Stonehenge? Or put up one or two stones at least?

Peace is a Journey of the Heart!

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