Round Table Subgroup 1 Report

TRC Meeting 10th March 2004

Roy Gillett
Cerridwen Connelly (druidess)
Nora Morris (Pagan Federation)
Full details of attendance still being sought

Seven of us met a little after 2.30pm. All present had been at the Round Table meeting that morning.

Firstly, we discussed the Round Table and Planning meetings. These expressed disappointment about the scope of the television programmes, especially the lack of focus on the positive achievements of the process. Kerry expressed especial disappointed by the lack of feminine representation in the programme.

Most of the time was taken up with practical details for the Summer Solstice access, especially making the crossing of the A303 safer, improving the flow of traffic into the car park and having a contingency plan should the A303 become blocked. It is hoped to arrange a bus service and to undetake Market Research. The latter will be organised by English Heritage, but it is hoped there will be roles for Peace Stewards.

It was announced that the email contact for Peace Stewards is Catherine Hosen, whose address is
She is a friend of Nora's and will work with her. Nora will do the badges and send out the wordings to sign. Roy will coordinate and liaise overall.


Other details and timings of the access are expected to be put to the EH Commission for approval at its meeting after Easter and it is hoped full details of the timing, terms and conditions for the Summer Solstice access will then be published on the EH website, soon after.

Other matters and future meetings....
The possible effect on the 2005 accesses of building work for the new road and visitor's centre was raised, but it was felt that we had to wait for the outcome of the enquiry, before this would become clear.

We discussed roles for the TRC beyond arrangements for quarter day access. Brian was interested in canvassing the opinion of people local to Amesbury about having a longer access.

None of the people present felt they could commit to another day for TRC meetings other than on the day of the Round Table meetings. The Round Table Meeting for April is not being held. TRC meetings were then decided for the Round Table Meeting days after that on 12th May and 9th June and these dates were booked with the George Hotel. The meetings will start at 2.30pm. THESE ARE PUBLIC MEETINGS EVERYONE IS MOST WELCOME TO ATTEND

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