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Jeremy Sandford 1930-2003 RIP
(not born in 1934 which many websites say)
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Allegedly on Valentine's day in February 2009 there was a recording of Jeremy on Radio 4 .

In 2007 the In and Out Theatre Company almost produced a stage version of Edna at Walton on Thames
(check here for updates)

Smiling David Radio 3 poster 1972 Smiling David is a radio play which Jeremy wrote about David Oluwale who was pissed about by the system in a disgraceful and notorious case in Leeds.

A book by Kester Aspden on David Oluwale case is coming out in 2007 (publication details to appear in due course)
If anybody had any memories of Jeremy Sandford's work on the case to please contact

And Caz Phillips is writing something as well, rumour has it... [g]

I helped Jeremy edit Spirit of the Gypsies here in Cardiff. It's July and I've only just heard the terrible news. I'm deeply shocked, I loved working with him, his zest for life was inspiring. Have fun Jeremy wherever you are now.

Form Submitted by: Michael Barnes on Thursday, July 24th, 2003 @ 7:09:20 pm (+0100)

Subject: RE: is that a photo of your mum halfway down ?
Date: 08 March 2006 13:52

Dear George
Yes - that's mum - I don't recognise the others.
What lovely pictures of Dad you've got there.
I spotted a 'typo' I think - Romano Drom was the name of the paper, not Romano Dream. Also couldn't see his video 'Spirit of the Gypsies' mentioned in the bibliography, or his booklet on Lettice Sandford which I could find details of if you needed them.
What a lovely tribute you've made.
Best wishes,
Roc Sandford

Jeremy Sandford grew up at Eye Manor, a historic house in Herefordshire. He lived most of his life in the Welsh border country. His fascination for our Romany Gypsy population was awakened by his grandmother Mary Carbery who herself travelled in a horse-drawn vardo and spoke Romany.

He was educated at Eton and Oxford. His film Hotel de Luxe was the subject of a notorious attempted court injunction; his television play Cathy Come Home focused public attention on the plight of Britain's homeless, won many awards and played a part in the initiation of Shelter. Recently it was voted the most popular TV play ever transmitted. His Edna, the Inebriate Woman won four awards, including the Critics Award and the Writers Guild Best Play of the Year. Since those early successes he has led a busy life as writer, musician, broadcaster and journalist.

He wrote Synthetic Fun, Down and Out in Britain, In Search of the Magic Mushroom, Tomorrow's People and Smiling David and was the editor of Romano Drom, a newspaper written by and for Britain's Gypsies.

Influenced by the Findhorn Foundation and by Green and New Age philosophies, he hosts holistic educational courses at his home, Hatfield Court, in the Welsh border country, and works as a musician at the music and dance summer camps, such as Rainbow Circle, Rainbow 2000 and Dance Camp Wales.

He has recently published 'Songs from the Roadside', a book and audio cassette celebrating contemporary Romany Gypsy songs and was the director of a film commissioned by the Gypsy Council, shot at the Stow-on-the-Wold Gypsy horse fair and in other locations, and celebrating traditional British Gypsy songs and music.

Jeremy died in May 2003.


  • Hotel de Luxe (1963) (TV Film)
  • Cathy Cathy Come Home (1966) (TV Film)
  • Cathy Come Home (Screenplay)ISBN 0714525162 London: BBC, 1966.
  • Cathy, Where Are You Now (Television documentary) 1990
  • Don't Let Them Kill Me on Wednesday (Lady Killers) (Television play) 1980
  • Down and Out in Britain. London: Owen, 1971; Revised edition, London: New English Library, 1972.
  • Dreaming Bandsmen (Radio) 1956.
  • Dreaming Bandsmen, 1956. (Stage)
  • Dreaming Bandsmen. Coventry: BBC Radio and Belgrade Theatre, 1956. (Publication)
  • Edna and Cathy: Just One Huge Commercial. (Production Casebook No. 10), Theatre Quarterly (London), April-June 1973.
  • Edna, the Inebriate Woman (TV Film) 1971
  • Edna the Inebriate Woman. London: BBC 1971.
  • Gypsies. London: Secker and Warburg, 1973.
  • Gypsies (Abacus books)
  • Herefordshire Childhood CD - only a few copies made ...
  • In Search of the Magic Mushroom London: Owen, 1972.
  • Prostitutes. London: Secker and Warburg 1975; Revised edition, London: Abacus, 1977.
  • Raggle Taggle
  • Rokkering to the Gorjios ISBN 1 902806 04 2
  • Romano Dream newspaper (editor)
  • Smiling David. London: Calder and Boyars, 1974.
  • Smiling David, 1972 (Radio)
  • Songs From the Roadside, Words and Music of traditional and modern songs, with an account of the singers... Clun: Redlake Press, 1995. ISBN 1-870019-11-3
  • Spirit of the Gypsies VHS video with The Gypsy Council, David Essex's mum, etc...
  • Synthetic Fun, with Roger Law. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1967.
  • Tomorrow's People. London and New York: Jerome, 1974.
  • Virgin of the Clearways. London: Boyars, 1978.
  • ... and ...
  • Till the End of the Plums, (A play about gypsies, to complete a trilogy about the homeless not produced (yet!)
  • Herefordshire Childhood CD
DVD of Cathy available from

VHS videos of Edna and Cathy available from:

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We had a loved friend called Jeremy
who we said goodbye to in a ceremony
For us who remember,
and remember him well,
and a place in our hearts in all us do dwell

memories of Jeremy

he held parties and celidhs abound
his voice a magical sound
that good man he had lived
all the books that he gived
to make others wise and understand

dear jeremy and his clever writers hand
ever cheerful always loved a champion of us
sent from above
his old accordian he would play
his smile would brighten every day
for us who remember, remember him well
and in our hearts he'll always dwell

Jennifer Thompson Corridon
(a hippie)
March 2006

~ ~  Sunset, Monday 12 May 2003 ~ ~

Jeremy Sandford died at home in his sleep last night.
He was the author of Cathy Come Home, Gypsies,
and several other books and plays.

Last summer he played accordion and danced
at  our Rainbow Circle Camps.

He had a big stroke last September,
but was recovering well, tenaciously.

Yesterday he did lots of Spring Cleaning,
too much. 
His last words to me yesterday afternoon were:
 'I think I'll have a rest now'.

[ ]

 ~ ~ ~ ~ 
email to rainbow circle egroup May 2003:
We sang our souls last night in the Bell for Jeremy . although I met him about 15 yrs ago I never got to Know him as much as I would have liked , but as Bran said, he liked to observe, and then walking by him later You would see him writing or generally busy at 3 in The morning. anyway love and light is felt and sent to Him from all here at hatfield and everywhere. Will miss all at kidz camp but hope (and am sure ) a Special circle will be held for him. ... ... ... Heres to Jeremy . . . .and to you all. keep circling! Ian kat and brighan

copied from the condolences book at Hatfield Court

And to her we shall return...

Jeremy - for playing and singing
"The Getaway Bag" at
Effy's in May.


a really deep friendship
me and the kids
will miss you loads

Dearest Jeremy,
My head will always sing when I think of you!
lots and lots of love,
Melissa xxxx


friend, fellow musician, adoptive granddad,
utter nuisance an inspiring companion-
feel privileged to have spent
time with you and shared
accordion passion
Eva xxx

Fondest memories and much love always  A xxx


Living at Hatfield Court was one of the happiest times of my life,
you were part of that happiness.
Much love,  Leila


Since 'sitting down' in Whitehall 
together we bumped into each other so often -
and latterly in the company of
those wonderful Gypsies and Other Travelers
you were so fo0nd of -
Proud to have known you -


Love and Hugs from Alison


Dear Jeremy,
It was a pleasure to have met you and spend time
you came into my life, full of colour, of positive energy,
Bright shining light,
never will I forget
  Dorian (??) + Lyla ()???)


Did I ever thank you enough
for giving me the Strawberry Hill edition of
`'s Essay on Modern Gardens Jeremy?
It is treasured now more than ever
by yours in  affectionate memory
Lonnie (??) Frioker


Thank you dear Jeremy for all your positivity,
optimism, open-mindedness, music, encouragement,
fun and laughter
Love and Peace
Kaurie, Eirian, Heron


May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine softly on your face
May the rain fall gently on your field
Until we meet again may God hold you
In the hollow of her hand
  Night Night, sleep tight

Sorry Joo
  JC ????


may god hold you in the hollow of her hands
Thanks for everything
Thanks for being you


Dearest Jeremy,
  it was so wonderful to share some time with you
You lived life to the full,
love V?????


   LOVE JAS (??)


Dear Jeremy,
I have so many fond memories 
of you and your generous spirit.
You have touched the hearts of so many.
Its an honour to have known you.
Your accordion will from 
now be in perfect tune!


Merry Meet,
And Merry Part ...
And Merry Meet Again!
Blessed Be
Ros Briagha


With enormous gratitude
to you Jeremy for having known you
shared with and danced to your ??
wonderful playing and had the joy of your
company around the fire. Your music still rings in
my ears and I see you across the fields and ??
hedges. Much love and rainbows,  ???


What can I say?
You were a wonderful ?? 
man whom I really loved
and had many lives with.
  D ???


How wonderful!


Goodbye Jeremy,
been good to know you,
You gotta keep rolling along,
Lots of love,


Goodbye Jeremy,
I loved meeting you,
from Millio
Age 11


Go Well Jeremy
Love Sam xxxx


Dear Jeremy, sweet soul,
Your journey's just begun
May it be as vibrant and dynamic
Cari8ng and loving as your time
here with us has been ~
Merry meet and merry past,
And merry meet again!
With much love peace and rainbows,
Lyn xx
PS Jeremy you would love it here tonight...


May the Sun guide you on your journey home
Lots of love
Linda   om  xxx


Martin the man whom never repaired enough of your roof
"cos you kept talking to me about life, love and happiness..."
Love your spirit


Dearest Jeremy
Hoping you have found the peace we know you are close to.
Thankyou for your pure love and fun.
Blessed to have enjoyed your dearest sweet friendship
Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pame Siddhi Hung
Words are insufficient...
Much love, Naomi Tara + Benji
We shall meet before long!


Once in a while we meet someone whose presence
Gives so much, both through honest and open friendship,
And a willingness to play,
with music and the instruments of heart and voice,
So we are blessed to have known you.
My children are sad that you are gone


Jeremy you will live on in all our hearts
but we will miss u loads.
Luizee x x x x x x x x x x x x x


A beautiful soul sings true


May your love carry on through all of us
Love Beth


I will remember you always. in my heart,
Love Harvey.


Take care and we wish you all happiness,
Shine on!
with love
James Helen and Rhiannon


You gave us all a lot of love + light
Thankyou Jeremy
We will all miss you 




Ring the bell
Dip the well
Chase the Fash to Hell
Goddess bless ya, brother,
Rest in peace
Love Andy.

You touched us all with your magic
The magic will live on


Heaven isnt so far away
As people say
Welcome Home


Love to you always






Big hearted Father Christmas
Crackerbox house
Take off that tight shoe!
Love You

Never cheap,
francis - to - you

+ from Wolf + Ellie + Alister + JJ
Where shall we put Dice George?

I love your big bear hugs!
I love you.


Kind and gentle spirit
Wild Passionate Man
Vital true Music
Humble creator of beauty
You saw and nurtured all good in everyone
Catalyst idealist
champion of "outsiders" 
because you knew that these people are the ones that truly live life.
You Lived Life Well.
An Inspiration,
Wise, true and good
So many memories
thank you Jeremy


Goodbye Jeremy
you know we will all live on 
Just like you are going to 


"Shit" she said,
when I told her...
"I was so sure we'd have more time"...
This planet feels just a little lonelier
but it has been glorious to cross paths as we have
Enca ?? + Sunyai

You have left me with a heart opened and
a glow of love from so many who have come here today -
Thank you for that, with love,
Will x x x

I will most miss your smile,
voice and music,
with these you touched so many
Eve x


There could be no such thing as a blank page tonight
Now it is daytime and your wake goes on even when it is over.
I bring the memories of the Healing Camp at Talgarth in 1989,
and Sean, Tim Abbott, lots of people's recollections of Jeremy and Philippa at that camp.
With love and good memories from Carole, Joel, Laura, and now Laurence.
So many times I found Jeremy on site and he was a good neighbour;
we almost got him to become the Patron of the Travelers' School Charity,
and he agreed as long as he didn't have to do anything but lend his name.
Let the children play in safety.


Jeremy you were my spirit father
You died I was in a doorway
Always your friend

PS My head was in the clouds
except it was nearly all sunshine unti9l you died

You Gave Us Light
From Behind Our Lined Dustbins

Holy water flows through the land.
A Piece of kind, an open hand.
A small smile in the heart lasts forever
A moments silence through stormy weather.
Gentle sweet man we'll miss you


Thankyou Jeremy
for love, Music, hugs


And when we find a way to live together
When we find a way back to the shore
When we find a way to love each other
Then we'll be free
In some other world we'll find a perfect summer
where we'll be free

Thank you for being a lovely man.



Flowers at your head
flowers at your feet
leaves your soul smelling sweet
flowers at your head
flowers at your feet
keep you safe
till next we meet


In celebration of a great Man
It was an honour to have known him


You touched the hearts of so many
and extended the hand of friendship to more
You are an inspiration to us all
and all will remember for ever more
Adrian Arquati

To a lovely man Jeremy
Who brought so much music and
happiness into our lives.
Thanks for all the fun @ Eye and
@ the Bromyard folk festival.
Always remembered with affection
  Margaret Wildig x
Thornbury Court

To a man who crossed many boundaries
Stepping over taboos
looking where he placed his feet
treading gently
Strong and
What can we learn from you
Love  Bran x


By Tommel on Loch Ramoch
on Loch Arbour I will go
by Heather tracks we heaven
in their wilds

If theirs thinkin in yer inner heart
bragets in yer stride
Yiv never smelt the bangle on the Isles

Oh the far coulins are puttin love on me
As step I we ma cromach through the glen!

Love ya J
forever Viv






Wonderful Man
Our memories will stay
Great happiness to you in your new life.
Alice + John
Quest Community


Solstice - June 20/21st
   Jeremy, Jeremy oh
dear friend Jeremy - you are 
so far away this time- May 
your spiritual journey be filled 
with the love, song, vitality, 
joy and harmony as it was 
in your Earth Life. Please 
shine down on us and we 
will sing your song from our 
overflowing hearts
  Missing you is an understatement
how can I not be.. Loving you is 
a fact, now and forever -
    your devoted friend
      Gretel (+Phoebe)



this is how I remember Jeremy!
Clare (Shepherd)

Hatfield this house sill
vibrating  mmmmmmm.


27 August 2003
Dear Jeremy,
  Fred and I visited your
beautiful home to-day. You possess such
delightful furniture, a privilege to view
a home full of history.
  We did not know you well only
meeting you three years ago mending your car.
  I am psychic, I meet you in a
another life, not only in 1964 when we
watched "Kathy come home" but in
the sixteenth century when I was
burned at5 the stake - you were a
Lord of the manor.
   your friend Sheila Owen.


I return to shelter
under your stars -
.. and you return too...

From: "Chrissie.Ferngrove" Subject: Jeremy Date: 14 2003 May 14 13:10 Dear George Many thanks for putting up the website about Jeremy - I was so sad to hear of his death. I have known Jeremy for about 15 years - I met him on an Oak Dragon camp around 1987, and since then have done a lot of typing for him. I was extremely fond of him and considered him one of my dearest old friends. The world will be a sadder place without him. Chrissie Ferngrove
Date: 09 2003 July 09 14:11
Submitted by: Sonia White  
on Wednesday, July 9th, 2003 @ 2:09:50 pm (+0100)


hi George
This is difficult but here goes.
Remembering Jeremy.

I remember you
Your zest for life
Your lady at your side
Your caring, sharing ways. 
Never a dull moment spent in your company.
Jeremy at the piano. 
Music scores upon a stand that glowed in the firelight. 
Phillipa singing. 
Winter time.
It was a solace to the soul.
The black mountains looming near. 
Your beetle car hitting the dust and headlights shining down the long drive. 
Your home at last. 
My son and Jeremy playing bat and ball. 	
Talking about learning to swim.
Sharing of poetry, 
performing on the same  circuit, 
fayres, festivals, Rougham Tree Fayres. 
Sitting on hay bales, outside cafes, 
laughter, music, enjoying being under the stars, moonlit
nights, outside fires burning bright. 
The joy of seeing you both on stage, 
acting and singing your own music played. 
A kindred spirit. 

Poem Spring Solstice Awakening l98l
A meditation dance that moved me so
That brought tears to my eyes
when the music flowed
Small children within a circle sat
whilst a meditation dance in a circle flowed
A man with an accordian sat
Great Beauty
The circle dance flowed
And peace showed.



Jeremy Sandford

When first televised by the BBC, ‘Cathy Come Home’ caused a tremendous social uproar, a special Cabinet meeting, and, most importantly, stopped the authorities from separating thousands of husbands from their families as had previously been their policy. Based on facts and situations persistently observed by the author, Cathy Come Home is a dramatised documentary, telling the moving story of one young girl, her struggle to attain a home for her family and her ultimate failure. Cathy's very name has now become a symbol for

Britain's thousands of homeless.

This illustrated screenplay, published simultaneously with Edna The inebriate Woman. another of Jeremy Sandford's extremely successful dramatic statements on the homeless, is as relevant and powerful today as when it was first shown in 1966. The story of Cathy, which played a part in the creation of Shelter, has had a marked influence on the attitudes of Britain's social workers. The film is today frequently used educationally in schools and social service organisations. The book is here presented with an essay by the author explaining some of the play's factual sources, as well as a note bringing the story up to date.


Some Press comments on ‘Cathy Come Home’:

'The housing problem has been the subject of White Papers and Blue Books and investigations and enquiries...but never before apparently has the public been stirred as it was by the dramatisation of the problem with a sympathetic heroine in "Cathy Come Home".' The Guardian.

'The most important piece of dramatised documentary ever screened.' Frank Norman in The Sunday Times.

'Possibly the most successful TV play of all time.' James Thomas in ‘The Daily Express.

'It isn't surprising that the BBC switchboard was jammed with calls. Jeremy Sanford's play...was angry, humane, wholly authentic....He shows how Press and TV can bring about direct social action.' Observer.

Cathy Come Home was awarded the Writers Guild Best Television Play, the ACTT Best TV Play of the Year, and the Italia Prize.


There's a paper about a minor squabble about alleged statistical inaccuracies in the BBC film at:





In the early nineteen seventies

British Romany Gypsies speak of their hopes, fears and aspirations

Compiled and edited by Jeremy Sandford

(Interface Collection, Volume 19)

A revised edition of a classic works celebrating Gypsy lifestyle and culture, which for the first time gave British Gypsies the opportunity to address non Gypsies - Rokker to the Gorjios - in their own words.

Jeremy Sandford, already well known as author of the television classic "Cathy Come Home", travelled the length and breadth of the country in the early seventies, gaining the trust of the Gypsies he interviewed and recording the stories of their lives, hopes, fears and aspirations. The book's vivid picture of a world which was rapidly changing is based on interviews with Gypsies living in trailer caravans, tents, on boats, in horse drawn caravans and in houses.

Now reissued with a new introduction and a Foreword and Afterword by Charles Smith, Chairman of the Gypsy Council for Education Culture, Welfare and Civil Rights, it provides a vivid but disturbing picture of a way of life which was fast vanishing as Gypsies moved into council caravan sites and council housing estates. What would they think now if they were to look back at the past from the dawn of a new Millennium?

It will give children a more realistic idea of Gypsies than what they pick up from gossip in the playground and headlines in local papers and make them more understanding of their worries and concerns and tolerant of persons from other cultures including the lonely Gypsy child - whose ancestors left India a thousand years ago - sitting at the next desk in their classroom.

Lavishly illustrated with stunning period photographs, this book reveals a vanishing world but it is also a testament to the startling resilience of Romany culture and poses questions about what the future holds in store for the Gypsies.

What the Press had to say about the first edition:

'Mr Sandford's plea is urgent.' The Observer

'In "Gypsies" the shock warning is that unless there is a change in legislation, the Gypsy community, harrassed by obnoxious policemen and an ignorant public, will be destroyed.' The Times

'This collection of documents brings vividly before us, often on the same page or in the same sentence, the astonishing vigour of Romany culture, its pride and colour, its wit and tenacity and, alongside that, the "squalour of rubbish tips and refuse dumps ... the endless series of evictions ... the sprawl and concrete of our local authority sites" which now forms its real environment.' New Society

'The Gypsies have a powerful advocate in Jeremy Sandford, the author of "Cathy Come Home" and "Edna, the Inebriate Woman".' The Yorkshire Post

'Sandford skilfully reveals the Gypsy at what is probably the moment of his greatest threat.' The Sunday Times

'As a work of research it is ideal.' The Evening News


by Charlie Smith

by Jeremy Sandford


Living in Trailer Caravans: Prince Nathaniel Petulengro Lee; Mr Tom Lee; Mrs Geraldine Price; Mr Jim Riley; Mr Johnny Sheridan


Living in Tents:
Mr Russell Bilton; Mr William Merchison; Mrs Ethel Anderson


'Water Gypsies':
Mr and Mrs Humphries


Living in Houses:
Mr Jimmy Penfold; Mr and Mrs Alec Stewart; Mr Francis Barton; Mr Tommy Lee; Mr Joe Cooper


Living in Horse-Drawn Caravans
Mr Ezra Price; Mr Johnny 'Pops' Connors

The Story Brought Up to Date
by Jeremy Sandford

by Charlie Smith






September 1999. ISBN 1 902806 04 2, paperback, 176 pages, £11.99 Place an order Now


Links: This webpage

rainbow circle To find our more about Jeremy Sandford - INTERFACE COLLECTION Rokkering to the Gorjios: Compiled and edited by Jeremy Sandford. As the writer of Cathy Come Home and Edna the Inebriate Woman, Jeremy Sandford has the distinction of an output which is the one of the smallest yet possibly the most famous in the history of British television drama. Cathy Come Home is...
A play about gypsies, Till the End of the Plums, was to complete a trilogy about the homeless but was never produced. or Text Commentary of "Jeremy Sandford's ‘Cathy Come Home". Deena MARCHAIS (Dyall) and Stéphanie HOUDINET. Univerité François Rabelais, Tours. sandfordjer/sanfordjer.htm Sanford, Jeremy As the writer of Cathy Come Home and Edna the Inebriate Woman, Jeremy Sandford has the distinction of an output which is the one of the smallest yet possibly ... viewpressrelease.asp?PressReleaseID=74 About Shelter ... When Cathy Come Home, written by Jeremy Sandford and directed by Ken Loach was first broadcast in December 1965, it won support for Shelter... articles/drama_single.html television drama over more than forty years: Television Heaven ... PRODUCTION: Written By Jeremy Sandford Produced By Tony Garnett Directed By Ken Loach 95 minute duration. Black and white BBC 1966. CATHY COME HOME The Internet Theatre Bookshop - access 50,000 plays and theatre ... ...
Cathy Come Home ~ Jeremy Sandford £7.95. # .
.. Edna the InebriateWoman ~ Jeremy Sandford - hardback £9.95 . ... In Search of the Magic Mushroom Sandford Jeremy. Title: In Search of the Magic Mushroom Author: Sandford Jeremy. Category: not available ... Mind: Press Releases ... Jeremy Sandford, director of ‘Cathy Come Home’, recently voted the most popular single drama ever, and Philippa Sophia, actress, singer and composer, are ... - Britmovie - Cathy Come Home 1. Production Team. Director: Ken Loach. Producer: Tony Garnett. Script: Jeremy Sandford. Cast. Carol White, Cathy. Ray Brooks, Plot Synopsis. ... CV: The Arts > General ... Gypsy music - this video was made by Jeremy Sandford, who made 'Cathy Come Home' and 'Edna the Inebriate Woman', and features David Essex as presenter. ... Department of Cultural Studies - George McKay ... For Jeremy Sandford, writing in the first book (of his text and Ron Reid's terrific photographs a project which came about as a result of their meeting high ... Alan Lodge: Tash's Suggested Reading ... Tomorrow's People" - Jeremy Sandford & Ron Reid Pub: Jerome Publishing Company 1974; "Peace Moves - Nuclear Protest in the 1980's. ... Cathy Come Home (The Wednesday Play) ... BBC. Producer(s): Tony Garnett Director(s): Kenneth Loach Writer(s): Kenneth Loach Cast: Carol White, Ray Brooks Story: Jeremy Sandford. BBC, 1966 (BBC). ... Cathy Come Home ... Written by Jeremy Sandford, produced by Tony Garnett and directed by Ken Loach, the programme has become a British TV "classic," regularly referred to by ... reference/tony/tarticles_41.htm / Tony Garnett Reference Library ... Written by Jeremy Sandford and directed by Ken Loach, this single drama had such a profound effect on its showing, that Britain would never be the same again. ... WMCLC Catalogue - Authors S ... Sandford, Jeremy, Down and out in Britain. Sandford, Jeremy, Gypsies. Sandford, Jeremy, Synthetic fun: a short, soft glance. Sandford, Jeremy, Tomorrow's people. ... ... MICHAEL GAMBON. CATHY COME HOME. BBC / 1x95m-e / 1966 black and white. Writer: Jeremy Sandford / Producer: Tony Garnett. Drama. When Cathy ... Television Heaven ... EDNA, THE INEBRIATE WOMAN Written by Jeremy Sandford who, with director Ken Loach, had created one of the most influential dramas of the 1960's, the tale of a ... reference/tony/tarticles_42.htm / Tony Garnett Reference Library Come Home) Jeremy Sandford on his 'Cathy Come Home' (1). If any ... 1. SANDFORD Jeremy, Cathy? To Britain's ... TF30620 - TELEVISION DRAMA ... Lena O, My Lena (Alun Owen); Up the Junction (Nell Dunn/Ken Loach); Boys from the Blackstuff (Alan Bleasdale); Cathy Come Home (Jeremy Sandford/Ken Loach); The ... Justgiving - Shelter ... Thirty-five years on, writer Jeremy Sandford says Cathy Come Home is still as relevant as ever. read full interview. Matthew's story ... [PDF]Llyswen File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... Mon). Before you leave buy Jeremy Sandford (text) and Eugene’s (line drawings) guide to Hay-on-Wye: Hey Days in Hay. Rarely have ... CREATORS' RIGHTS ALLIANCE ... Hess and David Ferguson, cartoonist Steve Bell, film director Maurice Phillips, writers Maureen Duffy, Deborah Moggach and Jeremy Sandford, photographer and ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... Directed and produced by Jeremy Sandford, author of Cathy Come Home, Spirit of the Gypsies (£12 plus p+p) is available from the Gypsy Council for Education ... The Gypsy Lore Society ... Rokkering to the Gorjios: In the Early Nineteen Seventies British Romany Gypsies Speak of their Hopes, Fears and Aspirations.(Jeremy Sandford) Susan Tebbutt. ... ... It was the fortuitous screening on BBC television of the documentary ‘Cathy Come Home’ by Jeremy Sandford, about homelessness, which gave Shelter a timely MUSHROOMS and MANKIND book offer. ... Ignacio L. Gèotz Brian Wells Marlene Dobkin de Rios Richard Glen Boire Paul Stamets David Arora Jochen Gartz John W. Allen Jeremy Sandford Mircea Eliade ... Alex Williams Fine Art Prints About the Artist Page ... His love of wildlife and nature comes through clearly in his work'. From an interview with Alex, published in Hey days in Hay by Jeremy Sandford : ... search2?coll_id=3231&inst_id=1 AIM25: British Library of Political and Economic Science: HARVEY ... ... East London, 1955-1969; wrote a series of influential articles and pamphlets about housing, social security and homelessness; advised Jeremy Sandford on the TV ...,6051,106467,00.html Guardian Century | 1960-1969 | Housing for the homeless ... Mr Jeremy Sandford, who wrote it, Mr Ken Loach who produced it, the cast who played it and the BBC who showed it have started what looks like a large crusade. ... Scenes from the class war: Ken Loach and socialist cinema ... Loach directed ten 'Wednesday Plays', of which the best known is undoubtedly Cathy Come Home, written by Jeremy Sandford and starring Carol White and Ray Brooks ... Unicorn Camps - History ... circle dance and were facilitated primarily (as I understand it) by Palden Jenkins and Colin Harrison in the garden of author and playwright Jeremy Sandford. ... ... Author: Sandford, Jeremy, Editor. Mary Carbery's West Cork Journal, 1898-1901. For regular Lilliput news please enter your e-mail address. The Shroomery Bookstore ... humbler level. In search of the magic mushroom: a journey through Mexico by Jeremy Sandford 1973-01-01. Limited Availability, Soma ... History - Riddlestown Irish Bookstore ... Mary Carbery's West Cork Journals; 1898-1901 Jeremy Sandford(Editor), Mary Carbery / Hardcover / Published 1998 A great book! A ... Ken Loach ... Loach took the concept of naturalism to its ultimate end, with Jeremy Sandford's essay on the grim reality of homelessness, through the use of handheld 16mm ...

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