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Here's some e-mail messages which we've received in 1997. Unfortunately many messages probably got lost (as did I - years ago!)- see the VE Day Book Introduction for why for this website is ruinous excuse, and click the hompage form to send us your words of wisdom /poetry/ links, art, whatever

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1997 emails received

kevinmc971204 art history paper for the university.

 Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 14:47:43 -0800 (PST)
 Absoluty wonderful...I'm using this whole topic as an art
 paper for the university.
 (From)  Kevin McFarland

aiders971209 link on our site

Tue, 9 Dec 1997 08:35:28
         -0800 (PST)

     I hope you don't object my placing of a link on our site at:

     If you wish to reciprocate you are more than welcome




Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 22:42:42 -0700
Microship Status 12/31/97 (Issue #122)
by Steven K. Roberts
Nomadic Research Labs
        "Strange is when the bizarre becomes normal."
                -- by (or at least quoted by) Rich Carlson
The four photos referenced in this issue may be found at:
until the next issue is published.  If you are reading
this on the Web, the "Latest Images" link on the opening
page <> will take you there.
These postings, which are distributed via email to about
2,500 subscribers, are also archived on the site.
Wooo. 3 frenetic months ago (oops!) at the close of issue #121,
I mentioned
the impending move from our windowless lab in the heart of
Silicon Valley
tech-industrial sprawl.  My tone was at once nervous and flip...
change loomed in a shape I could not imagine.
Well, it happened.  As the end of the lease drew nigh, our world
became a
bizarre bifurcated reality of fiberglassing and boxing -- Bob

dana9712 in UK for the first time

 Tue, 23 Dec 1997 20:29:00
         -0800 (PST)
     Avebury is a huge stone circle 20 miles north of stonehenge
     with a pub in the middle,

     there are lots of other stone circles in cornwall, scotland,

     (StoneForm)  In a couple of weeks, I'm going to be in UK for
      first time and, while I'd like to see Stonehenge, I hear that
      there's a "second" Stonehenge somewhere.  Can you email me
      the location and info?  Thanks for the info and the great web
      (From)  Dana in NYC
     Could be referring to Callanish, Isle of Lewis, or to recent
     on: -

     STANTON DREW:  English Heritage recently announced the
     discovery of evidence of what has been described as 'the largest
     prehistoric building ever found anywhere in the world.' A
     magnetic scan
     of the soil at the largest of the group of stone circles at
     seven miles south of Bristol, revealed a complex of more than
     400 buried
     pits inside the stones. This appears to consist of nine
     23 to 95 metres in diameter, of holes roughly 1m in size and
     These are assumed to have held posts for a huge open or roofed
     structure, about 5000 years ago.
       Thought to be 'of comparable significance to Stonehenge', the
     of yet another remarkable prehistoric site is making some
     wonder if they should be looking for a lost civilisation in
       The site is aligned on the midsummer sunrise, and English
     officials  are reported to have said that 'it is likely the
     become a place of pilgrimage for those following alternative
     and believers in earth powers.' Their chairman Jocelyn Stevens,
     had an
     explanation from the right wing of archaeology for the site;
     'They were
     expressing their power by building these great rings, just as we
     celebrating the Millennium by building a huge dome.'


chains971107 a compass to life.

Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 10:24:14 -0800
(StoneForm)  Stonehenge is more then rock in a formation, 
it is a compass to life.
 (From)  Nip-Nip

menwith971019 Menwith Hill home page

 Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 13:46:18 -0400
 From: Dave & Lesley  
 Subject: Campaign Against Menwith Hill home page
 Sender: Dave & Lesley 
 To: Dicegeorge       [-]
 Would you like to include the Menwith Hill home page 
(supported by
 Yorkshire CND) on your list of links?

 The URL is:


 Dave Webb

jstirland971027 visitor centre. at stonehenge

Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:11:20 -0800 (PST
 Hello Iam doing a project about the
        development of the new visitor centre. at stonehenge WHS. If you
 could send me any information on the
        subject, it would be a great help many 
thanks jon Stirland 3 High
 Street Aberystwyth Wales sy24 1jg

 (Email) jhs6 yes in stonehenge
        news pages, and at ait and if youre doing your
 project electroniclly then please email it to
        us and we'll bung it up the web or put it on your webpage
 (geocities/SoHo/cafe???) and tell us where then
        we'll link it ok
 ---- from dice george -- somerset
 --- namaste ---

chrispike970904 frome festivaL

Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 14:32:58 +0100
From: Chris Pike 

Subject: Re: frome festivaL
>did you find out about frome festival?
>I want to know where their website is,
>I'll put it on my homepage if I find it
Thanks for your Email re the Frome Festival
The only on-line details that I found were on
but it gave me a 'phone number and I'm going !
Thanks again for your help (the only person who replyed)
and I'm just about to check out your web page.
Chris Pike

jamesmyt970805 struggle for peace, instead of dying for money

From  Tue Aug  5 08:31:34 1997
Hi everybody. You're doing well, it's nice to find non-conservative people (no,
I'm not talking about politics) 
It's a great and useful job you're performing. May all the responsible people
follow your example, and struggle for peace, instead of dying for money.  They
stink and they are ruining OUR world, we need to join our efforts, all the free
people of this yet too small planet. All together, we can, little by little, do
something, we MUST do something. Because I don't want my children to wear a gas
mask to walk the city.
ecology is human, economy is alien.
Have you seen the EZLN site ? well you should, but right now, I can't remember
the address, you know, it's that thing I smoked, really weird....
Have all a nice and peaceful and ecological time, and thanks for reading my shit
(From)  James
, including my address
(subject)  DiceStone-Form

richshell9705 welcome any contact from fellow travellers

Date: Wed, 14 May 1997
(StoneForm)  I would welcome any contact from fellow travellers 
as I have just returned from an extended leave of absence at 
her majesty`s pleasure.
Rich & Shell, A.K.A Eric & Shell. Be Free!!!
(From)  Rich
(Email)  Rich@ABA.Co.UK

reod970505 great place to visit

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 10:10:47 
 Stonehenge would be a great place to visit. I always wanted
 to see what it would look like and thanx to this page i have

 (From)  Reod_dai

bruno9705 Bruno, I from Brazil

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 02:11:10 +0100
hi! my name is Bruno, I from Brazil and I'd like to know.. Can i buy
book,and you pass for me with air mail ?????and How much the book, Do
you have the phreak manual????I waiting your e-mail my e-mail is

dheath9705 happenin' at Stonehengefor the turn of the millenium?

Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 16:32:45 -0700
Subject: DiceStone-Form
Sent from Mail Form posted at:
Please tell me what is likely to be happenin' at Stonehenge
for the turn of the millenium?
P.S. Beautifully aranged page wonderful links and images
thanx for the info.
(From)  Moonglum
(Website)  not yet!

alexc970529 The Weaver

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 12:59:47 +0100 (BST)

From: (Alex Campbell)
Thanks for info - interesting site will put it in our links guide.  A
reciprocal link would be good.  Also if you would like a report or article
in The Weaver
please send your preference and details.  HTML preferred.

vincent97053 will you be my penpal?

Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 17:05:09 +0400 (EDT)

From: "vincent scotti eirene\\'" 
i am a peace activist from pittsburgh, pa.
will you be my penpal?

         duncan and porter houses and farm / pob 99332  pgh,pa. 15233

fax: 412-921-1537 / vox: 231-2766 / pager: 590-2212 / toll free: 1-888-NOTOWAR


rhinosaur9704 I'm easily bored okay!

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997
(who)  Rhinosaur

(Where)  Nottingham Uni.


(OS)  PC + Netscape

(comments)  Just surfed (surfed??? more like doggy paddled) in. 
Cool page. Mine'll soon be like this! 
How did you get the page to have the line done at one side? 
I'm from,

(Why)  I'm easily bored okay!

(WhyNot)  I'm here aren't I?

(stonehenge )  It's very nice. (???)

jenny9704 know where to catch up with the walk again this year

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 

(StoneForm)  Could you please let me know where to catch up
 with the walk again this year.  In 1996 it was just a flook 
that I came across you.  Lovely and peaceful, but lets 
have some planning.  Cannot join you as I suffer from
 Osteoparosis, narrowing funny how things turn out, 
not relevant at the time but very now.

(From)  Jenny Smith


(Website)  Not yet but plan a really big one 
which you will all enjoy.  Let Travellers speak.

(subject)  DiceStone-Form


mcbria9704 pretty damned irresponsible to reopen the festival at stonehenge

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 19:36:57 +0100


I think it would be pretty damned irresponsible to reopen the 
festival at stonehenge due to the mindless fools who will flock 
to the site with no appreciation of what it`s really all about. 
They'll get fucked-up(sorry about language) on drugs and 
proceed to deface the ancient site of Stonehenge!!!!!! 


(From)  an interested party!


(printOK)  No thanks

twarner9704 Fort Payne, AL USA

-Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997
(who)  Tom Warner
(Where)  Fort Payne, AL  USA
(OS)  PC + Netscape
(Why)  Why Not?
(WhyNot)  Why?
(WhyNotNot)  Well, now, you've got me there.
(stonehenge )


leeblack9704 study on the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act

Thu Apr 17 01:17:48 1997
     Greetings, Dice George!
     My name is Lee Blackstone, and I am a graduate student at the University
of Massachusetts at Amherst.  I am working towards my Master's degree, and I 
am pursuing a study on the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.  Jon
at the Legal Defense Monitoring Group ( suggested that
I get in touch with you for your insights regarding the CJA.
     I first became aware of the Act through music...I had been hosting a
roots radio program here at the University that concentrated on the various
folk, folk-rock, and folk-punk movements around the U.K. and Europe.  The
Cooking Vinyl compilation, "The Disagreement of the People," first brought the
CJA to my attention.
     Appalled by the nature of the act, I have mentioned the Act on air here
in Massachusetts to raise awareness of how political protest is endangered in
the U.K.
     Most Americans haven't a clue about the CJA, and there is terribly little
information available here on the subject.  I have been getting some information
off of the Internet, but many websites are simply outdated.
     My interest in pursuing the CJA runs thusly:
     From what information I have been able to piece together, it would appear
that one of the unintended consequences of the Act has been to unite various
alternative and political groups in opposition to the Act.  
     I wish to pursue this possibility further.  In participating in political 
protests in the U.K., what sorts of alliances have you found among protest
groups?  How have such alliances been established?  Have certain alliances been
broken, and if so, why?
     I am aware that certain groups are specifically targeted by the Act, such
as hunt sabs, roads protesters, squatters, ravers, travellers, and 
gypsies.  Do you know of any individuals that I might be able to interview,
or who would be willing to respond to some e-mailed questions?  Any help in
this area would be most welcome.
     I am also interested in knowing about the reaction of police at protests
where the provisions of the CJA could be invoked.  How have the police felt
about enforcing the CJA?  What sorts of repercussions for civil liberties 
     Another question that I have as I have begun to conduct my research 
concerns Travellers.  There's not much written here about Traveller
culture at all, and I am having a hard time figuring out
     a.) how this movement got started, and
     b.) what the demographics of this group are --
         who comprises the travellers? where do they come from? 
     c.) how do Travellers feel they have been depicted by the media?
         what differences/similarities do Travellers have with gypsies?
     d.) what have been the most beneficial alliances for Travellers in 
         the fight against the CJA?  Why?
Again, any aid along these lines would be most helpful.
     Please, feel free to e-mail me with any information or contacts.  If you
have any relevent printed information that you would be willing to send, my
address is:
     Lee Blackstone
     97 State Street
     Northampton, MA 01060
     Thank you for your kind attention, and I shall look forward to hearing 
from you soon.  You are welcome to pass on this e-mail to any other interested
parties that can help me with this research.  Hopefully, I can aid in raising
awareness here in the States regarding these issues!
     All the best,
     Lee Blackstone
     Sociology Department
     University of Massachusetts at Amherst


From - Thu Apr 17 01:18:05 1997
Visit our main web at
Visit our UK web - Major update done on 9-4-97!!
Links to other countries available on the sites
Would you like to be active too?
with SUBSCRIBE (in capitals) in the subject-line. Make suggestions
thereafter on the list and decide what you can do with our help if desired!!

like music?? check out you'll like it or love
Biggest ever all city RAVE held in Amsterdam will be on 16-17th June. Be

tlio9704 hillfort damaged

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 17:19:01 GMT
>Thanks for your email.  Our local contact is in Ludlow, so nearish.  Try
contacting Alan Laurie Tel: 01568 770426.  Otherwise contact English
Heritage or English Nature concerning damage to a scheduled ancient monument 
Hope this helps.

Heather TLIO.
visiting hatfield court near Hereford we walked 15mins to the nearby
>hillfort (along a footpath with bullocks on it) to find that the
>landowner farmer had dug a huge hole undermining the ramparts for
>gravel. Do you have a local contact to investigate this? the hole will
>fill with water, and in a hunred years the hillfort will subside into
>it, and it'll be easier for the farmers to get bigger machines round it.
>They should refill the hole forthwith
>~ ~
>~ ~~
>~ more
>~   Webspace wanted please

The Land Is Ours 
a land rights campaign for Britain
01865 722016
Land for people not profit  

bigissue9704 writing an article for The Big Issue magazine about festivals

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997

Hi DiceGeorge
I'm writing an article for The Big Issue magazine about festivals and
related culture. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a call at home
on 0171 739 5376. My deadline is Tuesday so if you could contact me
anytime over the next few days that would be great. 
Take Care

Tony Marcus

urban9702 UK underground eco/rave/protest

Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1997 19:52:23 +0000
From: Mike Slocombe 
e-zine: *UK underground eco/rave/protest
"combines technical expertise and design excellence with real, focused
energy and great writing"- Time Out * "impeccable design and content"
- The .net *   "burns with urgency and passion"- Wired Magazine

hope9702 You've won the Skyylight Award

From - Wed Feb 19 15:19:23 1997
Hi you rude thing!:-)
I came here expecting the worst because of your not-so-diplomatic entry
in my guestbook (i.e."your next and previous pictures don't work").
Anyway, I was surprised by what a clever, funny guy you seem to be!
So congratulations. You've won the Skyylight Award. It is attached to
this email, or you can pick it up
I ask that if you decide to display it, that you link it back to me,
Robin (Skyylight Productions) I can also be found at: and

timholl9701 European rainbow Info Coordination

From - Sat Jan 04 20:34:37 1997
Received: from 
Hope I've got the right address for feedback.....
Re: Stonehenge Campaign Free Newsletter, winter solstice 96 info
I received the attached info 
regarding the European rainbow Info Coordination, which I 
think refers to the Postfach 4016 CH-8022 Zurich address.
 I havnt had any direct contact 
with these guys, so I pass it on as received!
Tim Holland (Rainbow Circle Camps)
FOCALIZING -- Spreading Rainbow News
As you know, the Rainbow Info Coordination in Switzerland (Christoforus)
doesn't exist anymore -- 
in Portugal we met and found a different way of
spreading the news. Instead of the central address
 for the whole of Europe,
now there are five of us sharing the task.
We are going to gather and exchange the information 
each of us gets, write
the newsletter, and then send it out to the different focalizers (mainly)
in Europe. We try to send it as quickly as possible to main focalizers in
every country who themselves are distributing it as well to the other
focalizers and so to the whole family!
Our addresses:
Fred Trenaman	        Georg Goyke			Till, Michael & Annkatrin
Brandaris 321		Kunigundengarten 16		Borgholzhausener Str. 107
1503 CE Zaandam	        53773 Hennef-Bierth		33824 Werther
Netherlands		Germany			        Germany
Tel. 0031/756/178865				        Tel. 0049/5203/4975
Fax	 /   /598240			

The other is the Private Members Bill by Barry Legg, conservative MP for Milton Keynes SW. The "Dance till dawn' paper is a series of guidelines and recommendations for local authorities to consider when granting public entertainment licences. Organisations like Release, Lifeline, Festival Welfare Services, The Scottish Drugs Forum and Megadog, had some input into the guidelines which have many positive elements. Like the provision of free drinking water, ventilation and chill-out areas. House of Commons Hansard Debates for 17 Jan 1997 (pt 1) 0117/debtext/70117-01.htm#70117-01_head1

ait9701.aaargh-the site has disppeaerd

 Mon, 27 Jan 1997 01:27:26 +0000
> Welcome to GeoCities
>                    Unfortunately, we couldn't find the file that you're
> looking for at
>           .
>                    Are you sure you typed it correctly?
> WOT?
> P.A.aaargh-
the site has disppeaerd
i hope you emailed geocities with the problem,
i have but more helps-
hopefully its their mistake -
and will be resurrected-
and the frames arent working at wpb properly-
i havent had time to check your site out today,
stonehenge.html i hope for stop press about
processions nvda at stonehenge half heard on the radio


areo970623 Areomancer Demon Rabbit Slayer of Vexorg

        Re: stonehenge
        Mon, 23 Jun 1997 20:07:14 +0100
        "Areomancer (M. Richards)" 
In message <>, dicegeorge
 spouted forth from a geyser and
spake :
Bye, and MTFBWYA. Blessed be.
            />  Michael.S.E.Richards - Demon Rabbit Slayer of Vexorg
         \ /<
         / \<  www:
            \>  Psychic information; Terraforming; World Pagan Alliance;
                 Unchain Mary-Jane Campaign; Legal Stupidity; Stonehenge.
Pagani id in silvis faciunt.
"What we are dealing with here, is a total lack of respect for the law."
("Their Law", the Prodigy)
"'Bother', said Pooh, as he saw the mushroom cloud."
(Author unknown)

jason970623 Jason went down to the Henge on saturday for the solstice.

 From Mon Jun 23 03:34:52 1997
 Received: from by (SMI-8.6/SMI-SVR4)
 id DAA11765; Mon, 23 Jun 1997 03:34:51 -0700
 Received: by (SMI-8.6/SMI-SVR4)
 id DAA18139; Mon, 23 Jun 1997 03:34:50 -0700
 Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 03:34:50 -0700
 Message-Id: <>
 Reply-to: (Geocities WebMonitor mail)
 From: (Geocities WebMonitor mail) Save Address
 Subject: DiceStone-Form
 Dear All at Torriano Ave,
 well its monday morning and i'm at work again.
 I went down to the Henge on saturday for the solstice.
 In order to get there for dawn i had to leave at
 2.30 am in order that i had a margin to allow for dodging
 the roadblocks.
 Hammered down the M3 after picking up a
 friend (a first timer) who was pretty nervous about going
 at all !
 After getting close enough, and after going around
 three roadblocks i turned off
 towards the Larkhill MOD site
 (they cant block it off so its a good back door !) and
 parked in the married quarters.
 Theres a track there which leads up to
 the back of the Heritage Carpark, which also has
 tree cover for the first part.
 The helicopters were out so
 i lead the way - sticking to the treeline, with my
 by now very nervous friend in tow.
 Once out of the cover of the trees we had no
 cover to speak of, so we went for the
 direct approach.
 We both were wearing
 dark clothing
 so we went over the stile towards the ceremony field
 being spotted.
 Keeping quiet, but again with
 no attempt at concealment (although
 it was quite light)
 we walked up to the fenceline and hopped over onto the
 access road by the helestone.
 As soon as our boots touched
 tarmac there was a
 shout from a startled copper ("look out-
 get 'em!) and before i went three more
 steps i was collared.
 "morning chaps" i grinned at them.
 "you all look cold and
 why not stay in your nice warm van".
 They didnt appear to
 appreciate the
 They kept a firm grip on me while they
 read me the relevant section of
 the CJA (section 14).
 I say
 relevant but it appears that the Ms Neville has
 license to interpret the act as she sees fit.
 The "tresspassory
 assembly" bit applies to persons numbering 20 or more.
 No one else
 was there
 apart from me and my friend (who kept giving me
 worried glances) so i didnt see
 how the act applied, and told
 the coppers so.
 It seemed to take them aback a
 bit but they told
 that the act gave them "discretionary powers".
 Bollocks - they
 were making it up on the spot.
 They gave me a copy of the
 notice and told me i'd
 been served.
 Time to choose - under
 the terms of the Act, once you've been told
 to leave you must,
 or face arrest.
 I toyed with the idea for a few seconds
 decided discretion was probably better since we had no support.
 We wished the
 coppers a good day and set off back the way we came,
 but only after a parting
 shot "i hope you realise that what
 you are doing is wrong.
 It infringes my civil
 liberty personally
 and interferes with my right to freedom of worship in
 form i choose.
 Servants of the law neednt be slaves to it."
 They looked
 at each other for a second or two, one of them shrugged,
 one of them looked glum
 and nodded, but they didnt reply.
 We made our way back along the path back
 towards Larkhill,
 but stopped for a smoke to admire the henge in the dawn
 Beautiful and ancient it stood serene, wrapped in
 the golden morning light.
 Helicopters buzzed around her like
 angry wasps, and the policemen milling about
 her looked like
 ants whose nest has been poked with a sharp stick. Like the
 grand old lady that she is, the Henge ignored it all, standing
 silent and
 glorious as she always has done, i knew that she
 was waiting.
 Waiting for me and
 others like me to take care
 of her as she needs to be taken care of - with a
 love and deep respect rooted in the bone.
 Its what she understands
 expects from people.
 I got the feeling that she knew the
 police couldnt stay
 forever, but she could.
 We headed back to
 the car and left feeling that at least
 we had made the effort.
 Waved to some guys getting hassled at the junction and
 at the amount of police they needed to "protect" the area.
 We headed
 But will we go back again next time ? Of course.
 The more difficult the
 police make it for us, the closer we
 come to having the CJA repealed.
 European Convention on
 human rights is surely being infringed.
 The more
 the police become, the closer a test case in Europe comes.
 fighting everyone,
 never give up the quest. Peace Profound.
 (From) Jason N.
 (Website) nope.
 (printOK) Yes (except my address)
 (subject) DiceStone-Form

Subject: solstice 1997
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 14:42:51 +0100
From: (Matthew Bennett)

HHHeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo ooooooooo.......









Half past f'ing four i woke up today, aghast with the 12 hours I had been comatosed after my summer solstice celebration.

It all started at the cafe last night before last when we were gigging in a birthday way for Dom's 26th. Ramblin' man tells me that he's got a lift to the stones at 3am, and there may be a place.

We were going to finnish at 1am anyway but we still needed to pack up the kit and get back to Kings X. I got back to my place at a bit before 2, a phonecall later I running down the road to the rendezvous, as our driver still hadn't unloaded the van, or picked up two of the passengers. Sunrise is a little after five.

Nature's abounding with ways of helping us to get where we wanted to go. Our carriage was good, well maintained, and knew the best roads to take, we were sliding to our destination on a wind of wild rain. The clouds in fact delayed the first peep on sunshine until we had entered the zone of the stones.

As we approached, we were braced for the other rays of blareyness, that were present. The bright yellow and orange stripes of the authorities gleamed through us with the intensity of a nuclear incident as if to imply that in some way we were to be very wary of each next step that we were about to take.

From the Amesbury roundabout, I noticed about 20 patrol vehicles and at least 100-150 troops, ready and primed for attack. They were dressed in either, fierce flouro or combat-jet black. All of them were giving an air of intolerance to their own job discription. Hippy bashing was a lot more fashionable 10 years ago.

The lads want some real action now, the solstice stones vigil is probably just a training exercise for the troops. Soon they will be needed elsewhere. We were allowed to pass along the road, accompanied by a landrover, until a junction allowed us to take a right, where upon we found a verge and parked.

In the next field was an ancient site, a barrow or two and a public footpath that would lead us to the other road, it was now that the sun rose above the clouds. We had got to within site of stonehenge, surrounded by fields of oats and wheat. A picture postcard view of a quintessential landscape. A psychedelically induced dreamy breeze waved the heads of grain, reminding me that i didn't need to be on anything else than this humble and w'holy land. Only a few yards away a young deer scampered through the field, "bambi" I called, in smug irony.

I had forgotten, just how beautiful these trips really are. You needed binoculars to identify the black and fluorescent dots. We used ours to spot any sign of presence at the Hele stone, I couldn't make out anyone else but troops.

The path led straight to the road Where as we got closer the flouro got brighter, my own directive was to exercise my right to walk in open country side on this special day.

As I interpreted the law, up to 19 of us were allowed to walk unchallenged. However when we got to within earshot of the constabulary, close enough to offer a polite "good morning" we were marshalled into walking away from the stones. The youngest of the squad was quick to quote 14c of Cja and that they had already had 28 persons attempting to congregate at the stones.

How hundreds of coppers are not able to effectively police such an event is beyond me. After all you get as many coppers at a normal festival, crime per head of capita is lower than in society generally. Because it is considered leisurely, the authority is not prepared to tolerate anything that is not motivated towards making a profit for them. If thirty or so people cannot be allowed freedom of movement, albeit monitored, then the exercise has been a waste.

At school I was told by the visiting police liaison officer, that the police's role in society is "to prevent people from HURTING themselves or others around them."

Most serious crime including theft, comes into this catagory, yet when we are doing something conscious like this, to improve our state well being, WHY do they have a veto over us?

We walked along the road then spotted who we thought were our mates on the path that we had just walked. We hopped over the fence and raced across the field, back to the path to join them, defying our previous orders. This spot gave the best legal view of the stones.

There we joined up with some other solstice wanderers, not the undesirable types that the media chooses to describe, but students and wanderers alike. Who am I to judge who has the right to be here, or anyone on us for that matter.

So we headed for Avebury 25 miles away.

There were a couple of hundred people camped up and unhassled, the local villagers have in fact seised the opportunity to offer a solstice breakfast cafe in the local hall. £2 for a vegan brekkie, £2.50 for veggie, muesli and yogurt, coffee, the works, and a queue to suit, bleary eyed backpackers rubbing backy with the pagan pixies and fulltime fezziegoers, too much for our tired consensus of city dwellers, they went on to have breakfast inn Malborough town centre as I caught 28 winks in the van.

Returning that lunchtime, knowing that I should be carrying on with important tasks, all of which could wait, I made the relevant phonecalls and flaked out to sleep 12 wasted hourlong winks more. Woke and wrote.

A glimpse at how our culture has evolved, able to enjoy solstice in a multitude of locations whatever the conditions


I used my old lap top to write the text, saved in asc. and when I loaded up to em@il it went a bit collumy!!!! I've edited it a bit, but some of it worked in bitesize lines... re edit if you care it is a solstice prezzie to you , see you on the walk


nz970622 22 June 1997 New Zealand's Stonehenge

Subject: Stonehenge New Zealand contact update
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 11:16:52 +1200
From: Bob Meek Good day DiceGeorge

My name is Bob Meek, I am the researcher and "computer expert" for our society.

I found our society on your excellent web-site (in the CONTACTS Section) and thought we'd send you an update on our contacts (as our society president recently moved). Plus we now have a web site under construction.

should now read

STONEHENGE, AWARUA; The Stonehenge Society of New Zealand, PO Box 3,
5 View St, Manapouri, New Zealand.
Tel (03) 249-6888.
OR E-Mail at and
web site Campaigning to build a new 'Southenge' near the opposite point on the planet.

Site (WEB) not the stones (YET) still under construction.

Please contact me or the society at the above contacts.

from Bob Meek
New Zealand

1996 emails received

4thJune1996 from Jean, Canada

Subject: Summer solstice

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 97 16:11:26 EST

From: Jean-Francois_Gravel@iaf.UQUEBEC.CA (Jean-Francois Gravel)


Postage paid by:

I, My name is Jean-Francois, I'm canadian. I going to make a trip in Europe and I want to celebrate the summer solstice in England. So was thinkink celebrate it at Stonehenge. I wanna know if it's the best place for it, because it seem to be a problem to going there for the soltice sunrise. Is there another place where we could celebrate the summer solstice, because I don't wanna see someting like the battle of the beanfield.

Thank's for your attention, that will our first chance for my girlfriend and me to celebrate de summer solstice on celtique religion ground.

Jean-Francois and Myriam

from JimDannan

15 August 1996 23:49:11
Subject:        vids+picsovstonehenge
To:     DiceGeorge
cannot download and run stonehenge pics and vids. 
aol came up with tried evenmulti.
also i've written some stuff on getting our forests back and the
bullshit that the forestry commision use to continue management 
of them shall i send it on to you?
also do you know contact number of greennet and phreak and demon 
do they have local hub in gwynedd?
byelove jim

sterneck9603 . I want to show a video about the history / developments etc. of the Stonehenge-Festival in a squat

From - Sat Mar 2 16:10:40 1996 From: Hell, this is Wolfgang Sterneck from Hanau / Germany writing. I want to show a video about the history / developments etc. of the Stonehenge-Festival in a squat and at a Underground-Rave... Do you have such a Video ? or do you know where i can get one ? Thanks Rhythm and change Wolfgang Sterneck

Keychain 960921

21 September 1996 02:38:28
MessageFrom:   Christopher Vittore,,Internet
Subject:        membership
To:     DiceGeorge
I am interested in buying a few stonehenge keychains.  
Do you know who Imight contact about this?  
Please write me at

Australian Radio Interview

(downloaded a few weeks too late)
22 September 1996 15:39:42Message
Subject:        radio interview
To:     DiceGeorge
Dear George,
I present a national radio programme for the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation from Sydney, and would like to interview you regarding the
Autumn equinox this weekend (or the Spring equinox down here)
I believe it is late on Sunday afternoon London time, 
and hope you will read this soon enough to contact me by return email...
or reverse charges
6129 333 2435 or 333 2468.
ThanksLisa Hampshire

English student curious

09 October 1996 07:34:11Message
From:   anne mcnulty,,Internet
Subject:        information request
To:     DiceGeorge
Dear DiceGeorge,        
my name is Meredith McNulty and I'm in grade seven enrichment.
For english we have to do a three minute talk on a real mystery.
On her list of suggestions,my teacher put stonehenge.
Stonehenge has always attracted my curiousity.
The idea of the druids and their rituals or ceremonies,
their mysterious lifestyle,their relations to stonehenge,
the earth forces,electrical currents,
tracking the sun and the moon's path.
They're so separated, so different from the rest of our history, 
yet so similar.
I was given a book last year by a friend that was called 
Sun God, Moon Witch by Welwyn Winton Katz.
It dealt with the idea of earth forces 
and underground electrical currents.
It is a very captivating read.
Anyway back to the point.
I need information.
Not college stuff,
but some basic background information about stonehenge and the druids.
If you could send me something it would be greatly appreciated.     
                                   Thanks a lot,           
                                     Meredith McNulty      

Cliff from Mysterious Places

13 September 1996 18:24:02
MessageFrom:   Cliff Wassmann,,Internet
Subject:        link added
To:     DiceGeorge
I've created a links to your Stonehenge page from
It will be up shortly.
thanks for the info and good luck

Reddog 1977 visit to Stonehenge

30 July 1996 05:43:30
MessageFrom:   Initials BB,,Internet
Subject:        Visiting rights to the stones
To:     DiceGeorge,pHreak
Dear Sir
In the winter of 1977 my wife and I visited Stonehenge, as I recollect there was no kiosk, no ropes, and no ladies with middle class English accents telling people where they could and could not go. In those days we could walk amongst the stones, touch them, a tenuous link across thousands of years, I am an engineer, I don't marvel at what these guys did, I know what they did, what it cost and what sort of society had to exist to bear that cost.

The stones were not put there to be fenced off or protected, they were part of a vibrant developing infrastructure, the nearest anolagy I can draw today would be our shopping malls. The point I'm trying to make is that we need to be able to go among the stones, touch them, absorb the ambience of the slowly passing centuries.

The structure was built to be used, not preserved, the whole community must have supported the development otherwise it could not have been done. You did not build Stonehenge, you have no right to deny people access, even if it means the eventual destruction of the sight, that is not important, to be of any value, to respect the memory of the people who built it we must use it. Cut the ropes, set the stones free.

They do notbelong to the Government, tourists, or even to the local people, they should be free to follow their own destiny, accessible to all even if it leads to the destruction of the monument as we know it.

I cannot believe the presumption of the people who in 1993 denied us contact with the stones.

Regards, Reddog

R Jones - no Stonehenge theme park please

22 July 1996 03:23:19Message
From:   Roger Jones,,Internet
Subject:        Stonehenge Theme park?
To:     DiceGeorge,pHreakHi, 
Is it true that there are plans to 
turn Stonhenge into a theme park?
I hope not. 
If this is true is there campaign to stop this? 
If you have any details please let me know.
CheersRoger Jones

Squall hello

10 September 1996 20:09:50Message
From:   squall central,,Internet
Subject:        squallTo:     DiceGeorge
SQUALL - necessity breeds ingenuity   
/phone 0171 561 1204          
fax 0171 272 9243--- SQUALL PO Box 8959 London N19 5HW 
--------------- magazine for sorted itinerants ------- ????
23 September 1996 01:14:41Message
From:   Alan Lodge,100653.3666@CompuServe.COM,Internet
Subject:        Re: BEANFIELD video on www
To:     DiceGeorgeSunday evening.
Hello george.
Last saw you at Wandsworth I think.

Have been away for a few days. Just got your message. Of course I will add a link to the Beanfield vid. You have found me through my pages and with thus see that I have already linked Stonehenge site already.

Don't know how much you know about all this web stuff.

But the pages you've seen are my second attempt in the last two months. Would be really grateful for any critisism you feel like making.. I would like to do better. Some have said a complete mine of information and no problems. A coupleof others have reported that it was all too enormous, their machine crashed and they gave up!I do want to include a fair wedge of pictures, since I'm supposed to bea photographer.Can you suggest some reading to find out more for the arguments betweenGIF Vs JPG image files? All of mine are GIF's at the moment.

I knew JPG's were supposed to be smaller, but on conversion, many of the files became bigger! The conversions required an increase in the saved number of colours. Well there you go..... got a lot to learn.

I do need to save space since Compuserve allow me 1MB within my subscription. I am already, at a second attempt, occupying 958K of it. I do want it all to be as accessable as possible. Gallery page will of course be heaviest.

All collected togetherI realise I've prattled on, enough for one go! I know about the yellow, but I like it!


==================================================== /


Weaver - not bad

12 September 1996 16:13:33
From:   Andrew Franklin Weaver,,Internet
Subject:        WWW site
To:     DiceGeorgeTook a look at the stonehenge site,
not bad for a startlaterweave


18 September 1996 06:46:05Message
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Subject:        Welcome to Whatsnew....
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The Whatsnew Admin ,Internet
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What's New on the Internet.  
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receiving each day, the most effective way to locate 
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1. Why not add What's New to your personal Hot List ?first, goto 
Best wishes
The What's New

1997: these URLs to kingsway/kiss don't work anymorgue - aargh


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