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Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter
Autumn Equinox 1998

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September Equinox 1998 Newsletter

Plans to widen the A303 past Stonehenge

In July, the DoT approved the £125m widening of the A303 past the Stones in the new roads programme, with £50m to come from unexplained ‘heritage sources’. 2km would be in a tunnel (a covered cutting), and the A344 past the Helestone removed. In September this was re-announced as ‘The Stonehenge Master Plan’ . In this the new visitor centre last planned for Fargo Woods would be moved back to Amesbury, with a park and ride bus scheme to take tourists nearer the Stones. The centre would be built "in partnership with a commercial operator". This sounds rather similar to last year’s McHenge scheme which failed when it didn’t get lottery funding.

More details should be known at the next ‘public consultation’ stage of the road/tunnel plan. A lengthy public enquiry is then expected as some archaeologists oppose the cut-and-cover road widening, preferring a longer, bored tunnel curving away from the Stones. Too expensive (less than half the cost of that dome), said Tony Blair to a Lord who called the plan ‘an abomination’.

Work would not start for at least five years, but the visitor centre and closure of the A344 could happen earlier.

Police Settle Tash's claim for "malicious falsehood"

A Photographer wrongly accused in an internal police intelligence document of supplying drugs at festivals has been paid a substantial sum by the force concerned. Lawyers believe it to be the first case of its kind.

Alan Lodge, aged 45, from Nottingham, has specialised in photographing free festivals and New Age travellers’ activities for many years.

He has accepted “substantial” damages from Avon and Somerset police for malicious falsehood, it was confirmed yesterday.

It is the first time a malicious falsehood case has been brought over internal police documents.

In May 1991, Mr Lodge was stopped and searched on Sodbury common in Avon while on the way to the Inglestone free festival where he was acting as a trustee of the welfare services that assist at such events.

He was also prevented, under threat of arrest, from photographing police activities at the festival. He complained and subsequently received an apology.

The following year he was anonymously sent an internal police document entitled Nomad Bulletin 4. It contained a list of travellers and people who should be “handled with care”.

The document wrongly suggested that Mr Lodge and three other named individuals were “instrumental in arranging the supply of controlled drugs at festivals”.

The document, allegedly compiled by police officers, also gave the registration number of vehicles Mr Lodge had driven, his nickname (`Tash’), and suggested that he had worked for a magazine which promoted the use of drugs.

The document added: “Beware - you have been warned!”

On legal advice, Mr Lodge launched an action alleging malicious falsehood in July 1992.

Avon and Somerset police deny the document’s contents amounted to malicious falsehood and do not accept liability, but have agreed to pay Mr Lodge in settlement of his claim, and also his costs.

Mr Lodge, whose work has appeared in the Guardian, the Independent, Radio Times and i-D magazine, said yesterday that he was sorry the matter had taken so long to resolve.

He said there had only been a handful of malicious falsehood claims this century, and only one involving the police in this way.

“The entire process has taken over six years to get some kind of redress for the wrong done to me by the award of a substantial sum.

“It is worth mentioning that this tale should not be viewed in isolation.

“Police are increasingly using various legal devices to remove photographers from actions where they feel they may be portrayed in a less than flattering light.

“I am hearing stories all the time of photographers and people using video cameras being hassled and intimidated by the police.

It is increasingly prevalent.”

Mr Lodge, who has worked for Release, the drugs advice agency, said in his action that the document had damaged his reputation as a negotiator between police and members of the travellers’ community and at free festivals. It had also affected his work as a photographer.

Duncan Campbell, Guardian 2-9-98

Letter From Karelia
================ =Letter from Karelia 21ix98=

Now close the hundred yards of A344 which beheads Stonehenge Avenue by the Helestone.
Then consider the A303.
(PS thanks for the dozens of letters and words of support - the truth’s emerging - I’m 99% free)

Black Luke died
(Black) Luke died - OK, he wasn’t perfect, he’d get mad drunk and borrow cars and disappear...
But in August 1995 he and Andy saved Kentish Town’s Rainbow Centre’s reputation by sorting out a misunderstanding.
He was a drummer, I jammed with him and Paul2000DS at Pilton Festival one Tuesday dawn with Tofu Paddy’s squeeky wheelbarrows of beer and free acid.

(Dice George).

From the Web
From the website...

I came often on the 21 june to the Stones to watch the Solstice sunrise from Germany and love it. But I think they dont have to hold the People away from the Stones. Free the Stones and no Business with them
Michael Erren

I just find it to distressing that were barred from such a spiritual place on our solstice, words now escape me..

A free land, free love, free peace. WHY NOT?

dear hippies im a farmer and what with all the fuss and prices i was wondering if you’d all like to come down for some free milk
Wally James Trippers

I attended the Free Festival from 1978 to 1981. I would love to go to the stones again but not under present circumstances. I want to be allowed to touch the stones again. The stones should be free.

I feel we all have the right to visit Stonehenge, to walk among the Stones and remember all those who have gone before. Stonehenge has so many qualities and I for one would like my own children Lisa and Jake to have the opportunity of touching, being at Stonehenge throughout their lifetime and for the generations to come. The Land is ours, lets not forget it!

Stonehenge is more then rock in a formation, it is a compass to life.

I think Stonehenge SHOULD be freed. It’s a wonderful place full of energy and I think it would be better if there could be more free festivals.

WHY do I feel so lost in this time, I haven’t managed to touch the Stones since 1985, I have lost the magic. Please FREE THE STONES-It will make it a better world
Bill the Plumber

Nora asks UNESCO to help pagans

10 August l998
The Director

I write to ask your help, the British government is prejudiced, against myself and other Pagans.

Through its agency ‘English Heritage’ I and fellow Pagans are not allowed to use our traditional Sacred Sites. We need to be able to come and go when we have a need to commune with our Deities about our worries, sorrows and joys; and to celebrate our festivals and Sacred Days.

English Heritage gives money to the established church - for the upkeep of buildings. We have to pay £12 each and to book well in advance for one hour at Stonehenge.

The government also discriminate against us in that when we have an out door gathering, We have to give advanced notice to the Police and get their permission because of the Criminal Justice Act. Other religions are not harassed like this. I do not think this is fair. Do you?

As far as I know, no Pagan group has been consulted about the management plan for the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Again government discrimination against us.

These three examples I have brought to your notice are against The United Nations’ Charter.

Are you able to help in getting these matters put right? I do hope so.

Signed Nora B.Morris

Starkas Solstice
Right to Roam
Silent rage chafes the tethered feet
of those who would reclaim their land
a right bequeathed
by men who roamed at will,
before the laws of wealth.

I stand barred
at the gate of privilege.
Confined to roads and towns,
forbidden the god-given land.
The way before me is usurped in selfish occupation

They say the land is theirs,
but surely I am part of all I see
from this forbidden stance.
Possessed as I am of sight and mind,
I cannot be severed from what belongs to me.

     Peter Tomlinson

John Pendragon commiserations from Pablo
Hello Peace people,
Just a short note to keep in touch...

Many commiserations for the passing of John Pendeagon, seen by us all who frequent areas of energy, missed by us all, yet remaining in our hearts, adding strength and conviction to our efforts and energy.

A short verse for you:

As the veil around our hearts tightens
the  waters rise to meet the onslaught
The Sun goes into hiding
Shying from our Gaze
The mystique of our Mother
draws the mass further confused

Our day will come
All that is tied... wil be undone
As our thoughts join
we become
Love and respect, Pablo John Pendragon:
Any words, pictures, ideas etc about or inspired by John please to
John Pendragon Project, BCM 2002, London WC1N 3XX
Stonehenge Campaign Appeal
CAMPAIGN APPEAL:- The Campaign exists to lobby, campaign, attend meetings, raise public awareness and maintain links with interested parties for the reinstatement of the Stonehenge Peoples Free Festival and religious access to Stonehenge itself, and to protect the Stonehenge landscape and environment. The Campaign holds monthly meetings in London from Sept to May, to which all are welcome. We always need help with - money, stamps, stationery, artwork, info and dates of events, gigs, demos, festivals, gatherings, etc. We also welcome letters or articles for possible inclusion in the newsletter to give a wider base of views expressed.

Caslendar from Septemebr 1998 newsletter

Tue 22-24  Shut Down COPEX vigil (22-24th) & NVDA blockade (22-23rd) of market place for arms & torture equipment at                           Wembley Conference Centre. Info CAAT 0171 281 0297.
Wed   23    AUTUMN EQUINOX  6.37 am.  SUNRISE at Stones  7.00am  (Summer Time).
Fri  25-27   Glastonbury Druid Conference 98. John Michell etc, café, kids area, stalls, music & poetry. £60 or £20/day,
               £3/session. Concs. Info 01458 850924.
Fri  25-27   Queeruption gathering- music, performance, art, workshops, actions. Parties Fri/Sat night. Free. 121 Centre,
Sat  26       Legalise Cannabis 70th anniversary of prohibition picnic, Hyde Park, London. 01458 835 769.
Sat  26       Oxford Reclaim the Streets. 12 noon at Carfax tower (between Queens St & Cornmarket St). Info  04325 148539.
Sat  26       Norwich Street Party: meet Railway Station 2pm.
Sat  26       National Demo against Bantin & Kingman (animal suppliers for vivisection), Grimston, nr Aldbrough, E Yorks. Meet
               Hull Railway Station opposite Debenhams 12.30pm, or Grimston 1pm.
Wed  30-1 Oct  Disgrace The Base- anti nuke action. Meet 30th, 8pm, at Secular Hall, Humberstone Gate, Leicester for evening
              briefings. Crash space, vegan food, transport to action (1st). Info 0113 269 9365.
Thu  1-7     Full Enjoyment Not Full Employment- Glasgow Radical Festival. Info Fahrenheit 451, Virginia Galleries, 31-33
               Virginia St, Glasgow.
Fri   2-16    GeneWeek- fortnight of actions against genetically engineered foods & crops, including:
        2nd-    Day of Action against Tesco to remove GMOs from own brand items. GEN 0181 3749516.
        3-10th-  Toxic Planet- interactive art-house experience, London. Info GEN 0181 374 9156
        10th-   GE Day in Skegness- campaigning, jumble, fancy dress parade, fire acts. Also bands/ theatre at The Street
         (nightclub), 8pm- 2am, £2.50.
Sun   4      Animal rights demo against Glaxo. 12 noon at Bury Green Farm, Millfield La, Bury Green, Herts. Info 01438 220480.
Sun   4      Kosova Solidarity March against ‘ethnic cleansing’. Meet Hyde Park Corner 11-12pm, March 12noon, Rally 1.30pm
              at Trafalgar Sq. Info 0181 674 2528.
Wed   7     STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN OPEN MEETING at 99 Torriano Ave, London, NW5. 7pm onwards. All welcome.
Sat  10     Return to The Source: Earthdance 1998, in aid of Tibet.  Banco de Gaia (tbc), Zion Train etc. £15. Info 01458-835885
Fri   16     Worldwide Anti-McDonald’s Day. Local store pickets. Info 0171 713 1269.
Sat   17    Hillgrove Demo (cat breeders for vivisection), Dry La, Witney, Oxon. Meet main gates, 12 noon. Info 0121 632 6460.
Sat   17    Anarchist Bookfair, Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, London. 10am-10pm. Evening cabaret with Mark Thomas. Info 0171
              242 8032.
Sat   17    Fourth meeting of Truth & Reconciliation Commission on Stonehenge at Britford Memorial Hall, South of Salisbury. 
             2-10pm. Info 01179 542 273.
Mon 26-3 Nov  Citizens Inspection Days at Trident sites across Britain. Tel Tony (CND) 0171 700 2393 for local action info.
Wed  28    National Demo Demanding Government Ban Hunting, at Houses of Parliament, Westminster (outside lobby gate).                         12 noon. Info London Animal Action 0171 278 3068.
Sat  31      Abolish the Monarchy- march on Buckingham Palace. Info MAM, PO Box 14672, London, E9 5UQ.
Wed  4     STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN OPEN MEETING at 99 Torriano Ave, London, NW5. 7pm onwards. All welcome.
Sun  1      World Vegan Day. Vegan Society 01424 427393.
Mon  2     Fox Hunt Sabbing Season opens. HSA 01273 622827.
Sun 22     Red Ramble for socialists, libertarians, greens and anarchists. 7m walk to Stannage Edge via Carl Wark hill fort,                          meet 11am, Surprise View car park on A625 Hathersage to Sheffield road. Info: 01773 827 513 (monthly event).
Sat  28     Buy Nothing Day. Enough (Anti-consumerism campaign) 0161 226 6668.
Wed  2   STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN OPEN MEETING at 99 Torriano Ave, London, NW5. 7pm onwards. All welcome.
Sun  6    Christmas Without Cruelty, Kensington Town Hall, Horton St, London. 10am-5pm. Animal Aid 01732 364546.
Tue  22   WINTER SOLSTICE 1.55am.  SOLSTICE SUNRISE at Stones 8.16am.
 Wed  3    STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN OPEN MEETING at 99 Torriano Ave, London, NW5. 7pm onwards. All welcome.
Sun  21    SPRING EQUINOX 1.43 am. SUNRISE at Stones 6.14am.
Sun  28    STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN ANNUALOPEN MEETING at Glastonbury Assembly rooms, 2-5pm.

NEWBURY BYPASS opening event, Sep/Oct (Oct 28??)
Jan 10  Newbury 3rd anniversary reunion. tbc
Jan 11 Save the Countryside Rally. (Newbury) Info 01635 45544.

11-8-99    Total Solar Eclipse, total in Cornwall only in UK.
9-9-99      11-year solar cycle Festival at Glastonbury Tor.
22-12-99   Winter Solstice and Full Moon. Millennium ends.
21-1-2000     Total Lunar Eclipse.
JUNE 2000 - Stonehenge Peoples Free Megafest
                               & summer solstice celebrations!

This is the end of the Stonehenge Campaign's
1998 Summer Solstice Newsletter webpage
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The Stonehenge Campaign c/o 99 Torriano Av London NW5 2RX
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