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scn9912 Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter Winter 1999

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deadline for december newsletter is the meeting on Wednesday 1st December at 99 Torrianno Av

Stonehenge Campaign Meeting at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms,
Sunday 26 March 2000
Stonehenge Campaign   

c/o 99 Torriano Av. London NW5 2RX

Letter from Karelia 14xii99

Dear Stonehengers,
the moon and tides rise an hour later each day, full moon is when it's opposite the sun, with us in between, roughly.
Alleged scientists say Stonehenge I was built at three thousand BC, so now it's our fifth millenium - (any excuse for a party).
Yet every day is a new age of infinite potential for love play or treachery.
'There is no God' say me, Shelley, Russell and Einstein. They wrote of mystery wonder and awe at the stars and forests and wildlife and Mozart.
Transcending a black/white theology is the wisdom of Irene's Jungianisms (see Festival Eye 1999 page 40)
99% fluffy 07970-378-572


=== email from mmatt ============ 

Big shame this samhain- Roly had so much light, only 
ever knew him after ozrics, but heard him on the early 
albums, loping bassist wandering the heavens, jamming 
with the stars. weaving his way home........ 

All of December is important, being the last month and 
all. But for so many cultures it is not 2000 the world 
will teter on the brink of celebration and 



Do Or Die No.8
ISSN 1462-5989
Voices from the ecological resistance
350 A5 pages crammed with reports, analysis, opinions, paranoia, resources and pictures:
June18, Globalisation, Tunnelling, Pirates, Genetix, trashings, squatting, barcodes, Germoney, Bougainville, Nepal, Poland, Israel, Indonesia, Kamunist Kranti, Akha, Kalimantan, Colorado, a wise Big Fat Feminist Rant About Sex and lots more
5.00 cheque to: "Do or Die" c/o 6 Tilbury Place Brighton BN2 2GY
Here's a flyer for the Glastonbury meeting,you may notice that it's similar to last years, and the year befores, some of the wallpaper paste still shows through the photoshopping!

There was more in the newsletter, someone type it in please???

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