9 Tuesday DAY (129-236)


This is my ENGLAND
This is my home
This is where I would wish my children to roam
If it was a free land
and if we could all walk hand in hand
together we would stand

This is my England
My country’s my pride
but the people who run the place
look at it from a different side
take away my liberties
dump all the waste into the beautiful seas
chop down the trees.

This is my England
but I'm being denied
all the basic elements
that you need for human pride
they want me home behind a door
say I can't party in the fields no more
like I've done before

This is my England
where the fields are green
I can never really understand
what those politicians mean
they seem to fake it all
wear it down so its no use no more
crush it to the floor

This is my England
and I'm not free
to be or do what I want
& I don't need your luxuries
& those who claim to own the land
haven't the brain to understand
land can't be owned by now.

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thanks phreak