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I have always loved to dance, since i was a kid doing tap, ballet & modern., free style soon became my favourite dance at gigs & festivals.I have jumped on stage to dance with the Pink Fairies in 1987 univited but aloud to stay & dance with them at a big venue in London called the forum. So when Angel asked me to dance with her on stage with the then known as ex-Hawkwind at Glastonbury 27/6/02 i did'nt need much persuading. (some pictures of that gig are in the slide show to your left), The band became known as Nick Turners Space Ritual & I spent many great times giging up & down Britan dancing & taking me cloths off to the biggest party band on the circuit Space Ritual, their live driving music would do it for me. it was like freedom in a sound, it would make me take everything off & well just go mental it was like being at stonehenge festival every gig thanks to Space Ritual.

above is a blip vid of some Space Ritual gig's I was part of!

Too modern, the flow of the line (a disturbance), and barely civilised. An instinct or emotion you can see. At the Blowing Stone, R. Hippisley Cox - "and it is seldom that one of the beautiful girls from the cottage is unwilling to instruct the stranger."

A fleeting glimpse of the Uffington Horse - it recalls sensations not elsewhere described. In the distance loose on a hill quintessence. An airborne image. Royal besom, her method of escape - sensual mare. In this place, evidence of an unconscious process. The motion of stillness - a local utility - has yet to arrive, but is always departing.

When you dance I think of this poem, which also skips about. It could be a description of yr aura, I think. (The quote in the poem is from The Green Roads of England, 1914, an antiquarian study of trackways and earthworks and stuff). - Andy Jordan.

Deb & David on Terry hawke HFM radio interveiw video

more Terry hawke HFM radio interveiw video

Deb dancing to 'Silly Kidz' by Lost in Space

Deb dancing to 'Get a Life' by Lost in Space

Deb Dances to TOOL

Deb dances to Saun Paul

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DebEspace - support for space ritual in manchester, Nov 2003 click the pic to see more...

Reviews...DebEspace dancing with SpaceRitual, The Boardwalk, Sheffield, November 6th, 2003 - By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

We were all engrossed with the madly dressed, wig wearing and exotic
dancing of Miss. Debbie' who at one point completely naked and swirled to
the thunderous repetitively brilliant music that these guys are legendary for.
She's the updated equivalent of 70's beauty Miss. Stacia who regularly
paraded the stage with Hawkwind

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