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The Belief System:   "An outstanding short novel by DebE, a story of mental health based on 'real life' situations!"
- Ernie Fairchild
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The Truth :
  a brief philosophical look at the findings of John Allegro, that Jesus was a mushroom & that God was a penis,
eg - Joseph, translated from hebrew means' god is penis'...ponder that!!!

‘The second coming’ :

  an awareness of the truth about Jesus

Having read this book, i recomend it!.

Allego's last book? available online...just click the book!
On 8th of march 2003, i was in London looking for Allegro books - inparticulally 'the Dead Sea scrolls & the Christian Myth' (above) published in 1994. Watkins book shop said it had been discontinued some time ago the only place you might get a copy is on the internet, however if you look in the second hand depatment they might have some thing and they did. On your left is the book i bought 'The Shapira Affair'. It is a real eye opener as i had no knowledge of its contents or exsistance.The thing that also amazed me was that inside, it was signed by john Allegro what a find. I am looking out for a copy of 'the sacred mushroom and the cross', and as for the dead sea scrolls and the christian myth, well i popped into foyles and they have orderd me a copy. As for everything else, he has ever done, it has been discontinued.
I think that says a lot when you raise the question why?

J M Allegro - the man who when working on deciphering the 'Dead sea scrolls' , discovered the TRUE origins of the meaning of Jesus & of a tribe of peoples who partook of the Jesus mushroom. They worshiped natue & sex, believing 'Rain' to be the sperm of God!.

[Dated 1965]

To the suppressors, Fuck you!


The Real Da vinci Code

In 1987 my husband David & I started to read the holy blood and the Holy Grail we were fascinated with the whole book and for many years pondered its contents. About 2 years later we were talking about it with our friend Jamie Gray who was telling us about John Allegro who was briefly mentioned in the book. Jamie said Allegro had written some interesting books on the subject of the scrolls. In 1947 John Allegro was commissioned by the Vatican to decipher the contents of the Dead Sea scrolls found in large earth wear jars in the Quamran by a shepherd boy in the early 1800. John Allegro was a learned scholar he was born in 1923. After taking a BA in Oriental studies and an MA at Manchester University he spent a year researching in Hebrew dialects at Oxford before being appointed a lecturer in comparative Semitic philology at Manchester University. His findings shocked the church and they discredited him saying he was writing books for the money deliberately trying to damage the reputation of the church. Allegro spent his whole life writing books about his findings. He goes into great detail in all his books, but the points that he has made have gone largely unnoticed, that’s why I want to tell you that the code that counts is the Allegergorical picture about Jesus. In the Da Vinci Code they seem to point towards Jesus being a man that got a whore pregnant and she carried his blood line the baby of Jesus to France who then mixed with the French to make them descendants of the holy Jesus and there for better than the rest of the human race, and this is meant to be the holy Grail?.
Now that’s even funnier than Jesus was a mushroom.
That’s what Allegro discovered, that Jesus was a mushroom that was seen as sacred and the first Christians were like Shaman or doctors that would help others by giving them the sacred mushroom to partake of. They would make mushroom tea or bread known as the blood and body of Jesus. They created the blue print for the church as it is today, they created the first banks and it seems like they collaborated with the Romans to create the Christian religion we all Know. In Allegros last book the Christian Myth he talks about Joshua son of Nun I think he is saying that Joshua was also a mushroom before Jesus and that the story of the sacred mushroom being a man is a code to hide the truth about the sacred mushroom as it was forbidden in some places. But it was highly important to pass on the truth about how a magic mushroom could save the world. I don’t think there is any conspiracy to hide this truth I think it is just knowledge we have lost and lost the value of in this modern day and age.

Found on the inside cover of 'The Shapira Affair' To Brian,
to mark a very happy week!
sparring on "Three after six"
with the best wishes I the author.
John allegro June ' 67
- (We think this is what's written, it's damn hard to read!)

'Jesus was a mushroom', this highly informative documentary explains some of the work of John M. Allegro , from his Theological finding's within the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' which led to his conclusion of the discovery of Jesus, the Sacred Mushroom.

For more video info on the subject, Click here!

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