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Deb & Bob groove to the sounds of...Lost in Space - Doing 'SmackLand & Skunk 400' !

Lost in Space - ' Whats it all about'

Lost in Space - FaceBook Page

Lost in Space - 'MotherGun' live @ The Proud Gallery!

Click any one of the 3 above gig pic icons to link through to the new gig reviews by Lost in Space.

Be part of the 'Rebirth' of 'Skull Rock' - with South London Skull Rocker's 'Lost in Space'.

Originally formed in 1992:
Drums - Bob Wond, Guitar - David Elthalion & Vocals - DebEspace.

For a listen & a look at the 3 original Skull Rocker's 'Lost in Space' check the linx below:

Lost in Space - My Space

DebEspace YouTube site

'Lost in Space' - Bob's Stylee!


'Lost in Space' - 1992 - 95 click the icon for more pix 'n' info!

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