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Here at pHreak we subscribe to Timothey Leary's philosophy: take all drugs as often as you have the opportunity. Why? Because when it comes to life, who needs reality? Actually, our agenda is a little broader than that, but what the hell.
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Caned In Totnes  Caned In Totnes
Chill and get caned in Totnes at the site they tried to ban. Humorous looks at recreational drug use in Totnes - the alternative capital of the UK. Pot pics, xtc, shrooms and the Internet's very own cannabis expert - Dr Hemp.


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The Drug Reform Coordination Network is dedicated to fighting against the War On Drugs. Join them to end the insanity.
"A resource for information and activies surrounding the memes of music, dance, art, altered states of consciousness" Thinking big? You will be soon...


 The Vaults of Erowid
Documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives. This site offers a comprehensive views of psychoactive drugs and mankind in general - obsessive to the point of totality.
Ahh! At last somebody is looking at implementing the hedonistic imperative in the 21st century. Now all we have to do is undertand it!



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