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The lamest of the lame end up here. Because the pHreak editorial process is fabulously loose, we get to pass judgment once your site is up. If all three control pHreaks judge it to be very, very lame indeed, then your site will surely end up in the trash. Once here, you will be humiliatingly notified by e-mail, and from that date you will have hurry to make your site non-lame, or we empty the trash. And for added humiliation meanwhile, we let readers vote as well. It's like natural selection - only bitchier!
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 ZP ZP    How's it doing?
Dunno what this is all about - it's been up for ages and never changes. Time for the boot.
 Chaina Chaina How's it doing?
Oh Christ - constant apologies and still nothing. The worst kind of "Under Construction" you can get.




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