HAPPY SOLSTICE is a digital CD with ambient music from the 2002 Solstice at Stonehenge, compiled on site by Steve Smyth, who does sound engineering works with Hawkwind. You will hear the Hari Krishna singers, The Kings Drummers and a Happy Solstice jam. "Psychedelic Sunrise" includes musical contributions from Dave Brock of Hawkwind and Aujami.

The introductory cost of this disc is 6.00 plus 50p post & packing in the UK, cheques 6.50 to GEORGE FIRSOFF at 7 Guy Street, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent ST2 9BB. The profits from sales are a benefit to PADRAS (Pagan & Druid Rights & Services) for its work in the Stonehenge Peace Process.

Or you can pay online, using the buttons below, and also make a donation to The Stonehenge Peace Process if you want to. If you have not previously logged onto PayPal you will be asked to do so now:

Those with a UK Shipping address: Cost $11.00
Those with an overseas shipping address: Cost $12.00
Donations up to $2,000 readily accepted:

Here's looking forward to Summer Solstice 2004!


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