The ANCIENT ENIGMA Claims to be the most ancient Stonehenge website. History legends and links to general Stonehenge information
BRITISH DRUID ORDER This has the Stonehenge pages including comments on Summer Solstice 1999 & 2000
ENGLISH HERITAGE manage Stonehenge and its 13 acre (real space) site, Try the Search facility, look at Archaeology, the Management Plan, and the Master Plan (which is the joint effort of English Heritage, the National Trust and the Highways Agency).
LOYAL ARTHURIAN WARBAND King Arthur's Stonehenge site
MEGALITHIC MYSTERIES This useful site has lists, clickable maps, photos, an ever-expanding stone circle webring, and even Paul Devereux on live audio
The STONEHENGE BBS This is the Warp Experience (see below) open discussion site.
The STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN exists to lobby, campaign, attend meetings, raise public awareness and maintain links with interested parties for the reinstatement of the Stonehenge Peoples Free Festival and religious access to Stonehenge itself, and to protect the Stonehenge landscape and environment.
STONEHENGE FROM THE AIR Places of Peace and Power - Martin Gray explores the world's sacred sites
The WARP EXPERIENCE is a counterculture play, reborn as a focus of the dance generation, these could be makers of a new festival if they were allowed to do it. "Global peace depends on our ability to make agreements and keep them" [writes webmaster Brian]
WOODPECKER SOLSTICE 2000 Links site, also links to activist and anarchist worldwide news

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