At present this site displays George Firsoff's reports, mostly from GREENLEAF magazine, to give a picture of the events surrounding Stonehenge. Although these texts are important, it is not intended that this site should be merely a one-man view. We invite any historical documents or reminiscenses that throw light on the issues, including the years of the Stonehenge Peoples' Free Festival, from the viewpoint of participants and local people. And we will be making representations through the TRC to Wiltshire Constabulary and other bodies to consider releasing documents they may hold.

Documents should either be posted on 3.5in floppy disc files or sent by email as plain text files. Internet ready files in html format are also acceptable. We regret that word documents and other word processing regimes (apart from write and first choice) are not supported. Which means in plain English, they come out full of gibberish, sorry, we cannot read them.

If you have material to offer, contact George on 0117-9542273, email george@greenleaf.demon.co.uk

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