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On Tuesday 14th December 1999, at Simon's at Bath I sampled from cassette and uploaded "Repetitive Squeaks", a tune I recorded years ago the week after the eviction at Wandsworth Eco Village

On the coach up to London I realised that I had 'published' this song,
It's an internet single released today!

Tin whistle is me, george alias dicegeorge, drummers are Mark Woo, Sam Green Futures and Dave Goodman.©1999,2000,2001

Feb2001 - uploading the B side -
"Silent Night"

Westminster passed a Law against "repetitive beats" ~
now they'll have to pass a new law against "repetitive squeaks"!

This soundfile is low quality compressed 219K RealAudio Streaming, like old mono AM radio.
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The master was recorded on digital tape at mandala , so if you're a radio station or TV station or music publisher then for the digital master
phone me: 07970-378-572

click to download the realaudio internet single: 219K
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I'm trying to improve this webpage, I've had complaints, please any advice, email me then when I'm next online I'll try again
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