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Last Sunday, 25feb2001, I recorded this as real audio on my laptop, (in my bus here in Somerset,) remembering playing a terrible "Silent Night" one night at Dead Womans Bottom eco-protest site , bats were flying into walls in terror! Watchout batman - dicegeorge will get you!

Tin whistle is me, george alias dicegeorge, it's for my album to put on at the end of parties to get rid of people, but there's something danceable in there somewhere isnt there?©1999,2000,2001

Feb2001 - click for the A side -
"Repetitive Squeaks"

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the lyrics and notes to my song:
The only Time I lied Was When I Said I Didnt Love You Any More

and the Spacegoats Tribadelica CD on which I'm a gueststar

and tv Tribal Voices a collection of over a hundred eco musicians

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