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Mail received to Stonehenge Campaign, 1999


presentation of the Heritage Site of Stonehenge

From: "adk3" [] To: [] Subject: Information on Stonehenge bad Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 16:43:33 +0100 Dear Sirs, As student at the University of Brighton (Tourism Management) I am supposed to prepare a presentation of the Heritage Site of Stonehenge. I would be very pleased to receive some information about this prehistoric monument as well as its huge archeological and cultural importance. Key issues that are now being discussed (car parking, tunnel, visitor facilities etc.), new knowledge of the site, current data and public opinions would be very helpful. Thank you very much for your trouble. Yours sincerely, Anne Klein ===============================

was at stonedhenge 82,83,84

(StoneForm) was at stonedhenge 82,83,84 partying stop, time it started again,we ment know harm, we hurt know one, so why hurt us. (From) big fret (Email) michael suggett (subject) stonecam.htm-Form ===============================

N30 Appeal for Witnesses

From: Subject: [Guilfin] N30 Appeal for Witnesses Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:35:14 +0000 (GMT) This has just come through. If you've got any photo's from Euston, please contact Danny, and please pass it on to anybody/email lists that might be able to help ... ta I got this from a journalist friend of mine. He got badly beaten up by the police while trying to report on the n30 protests at Euston. He's a really sound guy and he's often one of the only journalists in the national press to present an alternative view of the usual press hysteria. If anyone can help, or if you know anyone that might be able to, please pass it on. Harl --- URGENT APPEAL FOR PHOTOS, VIDEO FOOTAGE AND WITNESSES. My name is Danny Penman and I'm a journalist who's been covering the movement since the M11 campaign. Last week at the Euston riot I was viciously attacked and hospitalised by the police. My right arm was shattered, and is now held together by a steel plate and a dozen bolts. I also had to undergo surgery and will have to undergo at least one more operation. Do you have any videos or photographs of me being attacked or did you see me attacked by the police? I was wearing bright orange trousers with a black cagoul-style jacket (both sadly from Gap!). I am six foot with short black hair. The attacks took place between 7:00 and 7:15 PM. The first took place just after police first attacked the crowd. I was in the north east corner of the park, by the bus stops and Euston Square. I was then driven out of the park to the bus stop area and then further westwards. After leaving the park I was attacked twice more. I was eventually rescued by Kate Adie, of all people. You can reach me on 0850 751575 or email or you could channel information via the RTS or GEN offices. If you are worried about my authenticity, again, contact RTS or GEN. For legal reasons it would really help my case against the police if you could give me your name and some means of contacting you (even if just via email or an intermediary). I know this maybe a little much for some people but the police may be able to get my case against them thrown out if I don't have this info. I really need help on this, the police have deliberately inflicted a lot of pain on me and tried to stop me writing about the issues we all care about, so, if you have any information, please let me know. Please also forward this email to any other email lists you think may be relevant. Thanks. Danny ===============================


Subject: diceform Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 06:14:41 -0800 (PST) Sent from Mail Form posted at: (Who) FELIX IN IRELAND (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where?IRELAND Email?FELIXBADANIMAL@HOTMAIL.COM Website?HTTP://WWW.EMC23.TP/GLEN Comments:PLEASE LET PEOPLE IN ENGLAND KNOW THAT THE EVICTION OF THE GLEN OF THE DOWNS NATURE RESERVE FOR A PROPSED ROAD-WIDENING SCHEME IS HAPPENING NOW AND WE NEED BODIES ON SITE! I CAN BE EMAILED FOR BUS TIMES FROM DUBLIN, AND INFO ON THE CAMPAIGN...WE NEED YOU! ===============================

mega-mega GuilFin's Something For the Apocalypse

From: "Guilfin Media" [] Subject: [Guilfin] GuilFin's Something For the Apocalypse #44 Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 10:17:37 PST PLEASE FORWARD AND REDISTRIBUTE Greetings, and welcome to the mega-mega GuilFin's Something For the Apocalypse #44, your regular guide to what's happening in the South-East and beyond. Yep, we're finally here. Hods of stuff happening all over the place, so if you haven't shelled out loads on a ticket for something already, you're probably best wrapping up well, roaming the streets and checking out the fireworks, then trying your hand for a fearsome squat party :-) The weather is going to be dodgy, but not totally gales pissing down, apparantly ... Recommended is the Continental Drifts stage at Gabriel's Wharf on the South Bank, and the Trancentral secret venue party ( - 0976-254 942 - 0802-580 533 - 07939 329 803- 0181-959 7525 - 0171-287 8320) City Police are standing by for Those Pesky Anarchists kicking off the second Great Fire of London. According the Sunday Times ... [yawn] Well, we hope we've been of some use this year. It's been real, Guys :-) Tell your friends ... Night night, hope the Millennium Bug doesn't bite Thanks to for some of the dates in this issue ... *GUILFIN OFFER* Name:tarantism and knights of the occasional table Location:Melkweg amsterdam- Hotel Bosh Arnheim Price:free to all GuilFin emailers (Contact Continental Drifts to be guest listed) Time- 10 onwards Other details Ganja, ganja,ganja and loads of famous DJ`s Organiser:continentaldrifts URL Email ===============================

Repetitive Squeaks" works well. It brings back a few memories for me :-).

From: Harlequin [] To: Subject: Re: audio test it please now Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 22:12:05 +0000 On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 23:17:18 GMT, you wrote: ]Dice George Internet Single released today... ]h23:23 tuesday decemebr 14 ]hello, anybody awake now out there? ]please email me if so, ]im at the cybercafe, ]i want someone to test some sound files, i cant do it here, ]does ] ]automatically play some music, ]is my internet single OK? ]please advise ][george] Heheheh... "Repetitive Squeaks" works well. It brings back a few memories for me :-). I haven't tested the automatic playing yet as I tend to browse with JavaScript turned off. I'm also not certain how many of the other tracks I can get around to trying as I rarely spend much time online. Seeyouse later, H. -- "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." ["Illusions -- The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah" - Richard Bach] ===============================


From: "ian ferguson" [] To: Subject: [diggers350] CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE INTERNET LEGISLATION ANNOUNCED IN QUEEN'S SPEECH Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 13:36:09 GMT Subject: CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE INTERNET LEGISLATION ANNOUNCED IN QUEEN'S SPEECH PRESS RELEASE 17th November 1999 London, UK No embargo CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE INTERNET LEGISLATION ANNOUNCED IN QUEEN'S SPEECH GreenNet, a specialist Internet Services Provider (ISP) for charities and campaign groups, believes the new Internet legislation being proposed by the government is a serious threat to civil rights. It will give the security services sweeping powers to intercept Internet communication and read private e-mail. E-mail 'tapping' will be allowed, and it will be made easier for MI5, MI6, the police and customs to obtain permission to do so. We will be mobilising a range of pressure-groups and activists to mount the strongest possible campaign to prevent these laws being passed. The objections are to the Home Office's proposals to amend the Interception of Communication Act 1985 and some sections of the Department of Trade & Industry's Draft Electronic Communication Bill. We object to: - The fact that the changes have been secretly proposed by the FBI via ILETS (International Law Enforcement Seminar) in closed meetings, since 1993, with no accountabilty to parliaments - (see footnote) - Users of encryption could face two years imprisonment for withholding a key - with the onus on the accused to prove they don't have the key. - The 'named individual' at an ISP who is ordered to place an intercept is liable to five years imprisonment for 'tipping-off'. This would include informing any third party about the intercept. Of most concern to us is the fact that it is likely that police will share information obtained in this country with other police forces worldwide. The justification is partly to 'catch criminals' but in many parts of the world, struggling for basic human rights is labelled criminal. Many overseas activists are regarded as 'criminals' in their own countries. A Greennet spokesperson, Andy Whitmore notes: " As part of a global progressive communications network, the APC, we are concerned that information passed on by British police under the act could be used by repressive regimes to target our users who are struggling for democratic rights." In summary, given the number of Internet users who could be affected by the civil rights and cost implications of the government proposals we expect a large coalition of concerned activists will mobilise to oppose this flawed legislation. To receive further information on the campaign please e-mail: Further information on web: [] For further information contact: Andy Whitmore - 0171 713 1941 - Karen Banks - 0171 713 1941 - ========= Footnote: ILETS (International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar) is a US-led (and FBI funded) police and security organisation. The ILETS seminars brought together police from 20 countries, who have been meeting regularly for seven years. ILETS has had its plans adopted as EU policy and enacted into, or being considered for, legislation in a growing number of countries. ILET's plan, Enfopol 19, was agreed by an EU police working party in March and was proposed to EU Justice and Home Affairs ministers in May 1999. The proposals include a requirement that all Internet and telecommunication providers install monitoring equipment in their premises. ______________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Home: - Simplifying group communications ========================== ===============================

Half of your Java script doesn't work

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 01:40:24 -0800 (PST) Sent from Mail Form posted at: (StoneForm) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quite an intense web site you have here. Half of your Java script doesn't work and I would really suggest you drop the frames. Having said that it shows great potential. I would space things out a bit more, its a bit tricky to navigate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) The Merv (Email) (Website) (subject) stonecam.htm-Form ===============================

send me a research paper about stonehenge

From: "lucia hansen" [[ To: [[ Subject: stonehenge Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:30:43 -0800 I need you to send me a research paper about stonehenge, at least five pages long doble spaced I want to know everything about it and I need it today right now. ===============================

remove those carbuncular highways

From: "mcstone.ancientmod." [] Save To: "Dice George" [] Subject: re: roads Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 21:59:44 -0000 Dear Mr George I am not in the business of doctoring photos and cannot see why I should do so now. Perhaps you would like to make a case for the alteration you propose. Such an approach would be considered carefully before almost certainly being rejected on the grounds that it is part of an unholy/unnecessary correspondence. If however you are suggesting I can physically do something to remove those carbuncular highways then I have to tell you your enquiry is misdirected, try the Department of Environment Transport and the Regions. It is a bureaucracy in crisis headed by Prescott (2 jags) and lord (channel 4 right to reply )Gus McDonald. Sincerely H McSTone========================= =============================== ===============================


From: "Dice George" [] Reply-To: To: Subject: nubian help thanks realaudio Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 02:43:45 GMT should both get the page - what did you try I'm working on it, any more advice would be great thanks for trying! (im here all night again ----Original Message Follows---- From: Nubianplains [] To: Subject: Re: audio test it please now Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 09:58:25 +0000 At 09:34 15/12/99 GMT, you wrote: what isnt working, does the webpage appear? is it the lack of real audio plugin? should i have a link to the plugin, or do you get a box saying download plugin? what browser have you? aaargh [george] The webpage doesn't appear at all, just the geocities blurb saying "We can't find you page". The link needs to be sorted out. Nubianplains ========================= ===============================

Repetitive Squeaks (Dice George internet single)

From: "Dice George" [] To: CC: Subject: Repetitive Squeaks (Dice George internet single) Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 23:25:45 GMT h23:23 tues14 December 1999 I'm at London, Victoria Cybercafe, earlier, at Simon's in Bath, I borrowed his Mac and sampled and compressed some sounds, and thinking it over on the coach I realise that I have thus published an Internet Single - Repetitive Squeaks [george] ~~~ I gotta mobile phone ~~~~~~ ~~ 07970-378572 ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ========================= ===============================

Ozrics Roly Obituary

From: Ozrics website Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 09:16:19 GMT It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Roly Wynne,original Ozrics' bass player, and brother of guitarist, Ed. Roly had been suffering from problems for many years and tragically took hisown life two weeks ago. Roly was a pivitol member of the Ozric Tentacles, and played on their first nine albums. His intricate bass lines were the basis for many Ozrics classics, and displayed a musically intelligence akin to his brothers. Check out Og-Ha-Be(Tantric Obstacles),Yaboop Yaboop(Sliding Gliding Worlds) and Tidal Convergence&Snakepit(Erpland) in particular to fully appreciate Roly's adventurous yet organic fluidity. Roly's last gig with the Ozrics was in 1992. He then went on to form "Damidge" with Seaweed and Rad, who themselves went on to join the Ozrics following Merv and Joie's departures. Roly has guested on many releases over the years including the O'roonies and Divine Soma Experience. His most recent band "Escalator" hadn't yet put out any recordings. Anyone wishing to send a tribute can do so to Simon at Stretchy - ===============================

Rory: Solstice Greetings

and picture From: "Rory Cargill" [] Subject: Solstice Greetings Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 00:56:31 -0000 Welcome to the Winter Solstice Seasons Greetings for the New Millenium from Rory ========================= ===============================

A Scottish Convoy will be descending on STONEHENGE 2000

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 12:42:42 -0800 (PST) Sent from Mail Form posted at: (StoneForm) A Scottish Convoy will be descending on STONEHENGE 2000 reclaim our culture led by the illustrurious or if not infamous one arm PETE and the Scottish posse of delinquent BEANFEILD veterans (average age 40+) it will be leaving Wick north Scotland MAY 13th 2000 and after celebrating one arm Petes 55th year on Planet Earth (HEAVEN PRESERVE US!) and all are invited to attend WE will then move on to the Boarders hopeing to increase our numbers to approx 250+ and thence from there to the darklands takeing in Glastonbury on route to hopefully arrive enmasse at the STONES in time for the solstice party ALL SUPPORT IS NEEDED THIS IS HAPPENING NOW NOW (STOP PRESS) WERE BACK WITH A VENGENCE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RECLAIM OUR CULTURE LONG LIVE FREEDOM! THE CELTIC VIKING ALLIANCE. TOBY MARGARET ONE ARM PETE AND CREW OF THOUSANDS. (From) TOBY MARGARET ONE ARM PETE (Email) ===============================


From: "TOBY R Palmer" [] Block Sender To: [] Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 16:08:38 -0000 HI SCOTLAND CALLING! YES PUBLISH BUT LET US KNOW HOW TO CONTACT HELP ON A STATE FREE E MAIL OK IF POSS. AND ALSO THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING WE ARE GATHERING EVEN AS I TYPE BUT WE NEED HELP AND MORE CONVOY JOINERS ALSO PARKUPS AND FUEL ETC ETC U KNOW WHAT WE ARE AFTER OK e mail me for further info ok we are no worried by the state police we have nothing to lose except out culture and no good person will lose that without a fight. FREEDOM WE SHOUT FROM THE HILLS THE VALLEYS! AND THE LONG SEA SHORE!!!!!!!!!!! CELTIC/VIKING ALLIANCE THE MORE WE HAVE THE STRONGER WE ARE stop bitching and join the crew ========================= ===============================

Tom Bratby

From: "tom bratby" [] Sender Subject: Cheque Facility Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 19:35:16 -0000 Dear George Enclosing a copy of letter to our Culture secretary - no reply to date. Could you, possibly, also place upon the link, the following; "new cheque facility now available. Apply direct to; Stonehenge Celestial Time Ltd, 59 Thoresby Close, Bridlington, YO16 7EN Yorkshire. Only £7 for 30 wonderful pages without Visa connection" Most Grateful as always. Tom (p.s., I was born in a showmans wagon!) Attachment: CopyoflettertoChrisSmithMP.doc (27k) -- Download without Scan -- Scan with McAfee Subject: stonecam.htm-Form Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 06:37:04 -0800 (PST) (StoneForm) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear George (from As you will notice I have managed to place your URL on my pages. Frankly, I am having a little difficulty with Triom -my supplyer- I may have to replace them shortly. Would you be a good sport and place my (above) E-Mail upon your site under my current data? so that anyone may contact me personally. (say contact, Most Grateful, Regards, Tom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Tom Bratby (Email) (Website) (subject) stonecam.htm-Form =========================

My glorious, shining friend is planning on traveling to mighty England

From: "Amir Goldberg" To: Subject: harmony is a good feeling Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 17:54:47 PST hello good people ;-) My glorious, shining friend is planning on traveling to mighty England on December and January. She heard about the stonehenge campaign and think it is extremely lovely. Would you be so kind and let us know whether, and if so, where and when she can take part in this beautiful thing? Being a devoted activist here in Tel-Aviv, she is also interested in any demos, campaigns, festivals, street parties or any other activity concerning the good feelings of everyone living on this planet. I'm writing in her name since her English isn't doing very well lately (nor is mine, as you have probably already noticed). thank you very much Amir ===============================

in the UK for the millenium

From: Andy @ To: Subject: new years Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:15:02 -0500 hello there, I recently came upon your impressive hompage and organization, it looks like I will be in the UK for the millenium (I live in New York), and I was hoping it would be possible to celebrate it at stonehenge. do you know if anything is officially planned? or if it will eb even open to the public? I've been having a very difficult time finding any information on the web relating to this, any insight you could provide would be very helpful. thanks so much for your time. take care Andy ===============================



i first went to the henge in 1976

Subject: stonecam.htm-Form Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 19:43:15 -0800 (PST) Ho/9000/stonecam.htm (StoneForm) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- cool site i first went to the henge in 1976 when i was just kiked out of the army at bulford camp again in 1978 ond not again since.idroped my first acid tab there and had a good time wich changed my life to this day... free the stones!.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) brad oliver (Email) (Website) (subject) stonecam.htm-Form (next-url) ===============================

we will not litter or destroy as so many tourists do

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 08:48:43 -0800 (PST) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- My husband and I are both Wiccan and we are hoping to come over to the UK while he does some work for his company. We would love to be able to go to Stonehenge and see ALL of it - not touch anything or take anything but jsut see it from within and take a few photos.We are hoping to come in late Dec, possible early Jan. but dates are still up in the air. We are not "newbies" to the craft but neither are we elders. We both have English - Scottish backgrounds and despite that we both live in Dallas Texas, we will not litter or destroy as so many tourists do. Please let me know of contacts, infor or any ideas you may have. Thank you so much! Fawn --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Fawn S. (Email) ===============================

Fountain is a world-wide community healing project

From: "Ben Lovegrove" [] To: [] Subject: Fountain has moved Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 15:06:52 -0000 We've moved. Our new address is: We no longer reside at: nor: =================== Fountain International What is Fountain Fountain is a world-wide community healing project based on the simple concept that communities, like people, suffer from dis-ease, and may be healed. By tuning-in one's thoughts to an agreed point of focus in one's own community for just a few moments of each day, it is possible to radically improve the health of the community and ultimately, we believe, the health of the world. ===============================

George Firsoff Re: Solstice 2000

From: George Firsoff [] Subject: Re: Solstice 2000 Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 16:22:05 +0000 Thank you for continuing the debate so promptly - email allows progress to be made on difficult issues in this way... ] It will be helpful to ]hear what everyone thinks at the meeting on 13th November. It will help ]improve the possibilities. ] ]For the time being, here are just a couple of clarification points. ] ]1) Ceremonies and allocation of time to specific groups and the general ]public. ]Considerable discussion on this lead to reasonable agreement for 1999, Yes, within the limited groupings of people then admitted to the EH "table" but this did not include those people who jumped the stones, nor could it have done unless there had been a very early announcement and widening of the debate. Because of the press and local sensitivity any early inkling of what was going on was strictly avoided. How can we be more inclusive? [more deleted] ===============================

on-line novel detailing the exploits of UK direct activists

From: "" [] Subject: direct action fiction Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 07:40:18 PST Dear all, Just thought I'd let you know that an on-line novel detailing the exploits of UK direct activists from the years 1993-6 is now available at: There is also a links page that I will include as many activist groups as I can. This part of the site is currently in progress. Please feel free to ask to be part of this - you may well be already. Anyway, enjoy the book, and read off-line, it saves money. Peter Styles ===============================

Roly had so much light

From: chicknsharkerox chookster [] To: Subject: staying in touch... Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 22:11:37 -0800 (PST) finally making more time to write, still no laptop with modem, so i'm in easyev. in victoria. Big shame this samhain- Roly had so much light, only ever knew him after ozrics, but heard him on the early albums, loping bassist wandering the heavens, jamming with the stars. weaving his way home........ I will be warping again, although i'm taking a back seat for nos. 7 & 8 #9 will be a solstice special, falls on a special day in the mayan calander. all of december is important, being the last month and all. But for so many cultures it is not 2000 the world will teter on the brink of celebration and nonchalance!!! good luck with the mot matt ===============================

The photos show Men an Tol and Lanyon Quoit ablaze.

From: King Arthur Pendragon [] Block Sender To: Subject: [diggers350] Damage at Men an Tol Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 14:27:24 +0000 Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 13:58:23 +0000 To: From: Karin Attwood [] Subject: Damage at Men an Tol In message Andy Norfolk [] writes Hi all I've just had a disturbing phone call from the local newspaper, The Cornishman. They have received a letter and photos from a group calling itself "Friends of the Stone". The photos show Men an Tol and Lanyon Quoit ablaze. The letter says that stolen napalm was used on the sacred night of November 5th. It goes on to say that the monuments have been mistreated by others and should be destroyed. It says Men an Tol will be removed within a week to a private garden and Lanyon Quoit reduced to rubble and if steps are taken to prevent this there will be more fires. Men an Tol is now partially coated with something that looks like the resin used with fibre glass. From the way the letter is phrased it sounds as though this person/group is from outside the area. The archaeologists and police are aware of this threat. I've just spoken to a Cornishman reporter who has visited the sites this morning with the police - he says that both monuments are badly burnt and look horrible. Even if this person/group can't actually destroy the sites they are quite capable of causing serious damage. Has anyone heard of this group? If anyone is in the area can they please keep an eye open for odd goings on and make notes of car registration numbers. If anyone can think of other things to do then please do them. I'll keep you informed of any further developments. Bennathow Andy N --------------------------------------------------- PO Box 333, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 8XA, England -----------------------------(,(3(SY(6jM)----------------------------- -- King Arthur Pendragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ===============================

You are all silly Hi-tech Hippies

==================== Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 11:31:35 -0800 (PST) Close (StoneForm) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think Stonehenge is a big pile of stones in a field. And it's too small. You are all silly Hi-tech Hippies. Please be quiet and get on with eating your lentils. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) The Pope (printOK) Yes (except my address) (subject) DiceStone-Form ===============================

I'm interesting in visit Stonehenge

1999 Folder: 1999 From: "Rafael Garces" [] To: "stonehenge" [] Subject: information Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 12:37:58 +0100 Dears: I'm interesting in visit Stonehenge, but i don´t know which is the best date or dates during the year to visit it. Also I'd like to know how to do it, and how far is it from London?. Thanks a lot. Rafael Garces ===============================

doing a schoolproject right now

Subject: stonecam.htm-Form Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 09:17:06 -0800 (PST) (StoneForm) pld me information about Stonehenge! I'm very intressted!! I'm doing a schoolproject right now so I need information about happenings and all information I can get!!! Please send some to me!!! (From) Mi (Email) ===============================

just moved to Southampton and in the process lost all my bookmarks etc.

From: "Robert Braid" [] To: Subject: Hello there Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 15:54:01 GMT Hi My name is Rob Ive just spent the last couple of hours reading your web page which is really good. I have just moved to Southampton and in the process lost all my bookmarks etc. Dont know how I came across your site but all your links are some of the pages I visit so thats all good. I like your tales of life on the road Ime thinking of doing something similar myself. (I fink it would be mostly breakdowns) As I said Ive just moved to Southampton to start a PhD in Solar energy and was living in my Dodge behind the Uni. till last week when I came down with really bad flu. So now Ime in bedsit ville until I can recover properly.(Boo Hoo) A few questions for you. Do you Have any contacts in Southampton? Because I dont know any one here. Are there any sites about in this area? Do you know the Snowqueen or her boyfriend Dave? (last seen in the Glastonbury area in a blue trani. amulance) If you could shed any light on the above topics that would be cool. Hope this mail finds you in good health and dont forget always keep one eye on the road! Regards Ribena Rob :-/ ______________________________________________________ =============================== ===============================

Thinking Pictures, owners of the Stones.Com site, decided to terminate the service

From: Paul Aitken [] Reply-To: To: DG4 [] Subject: email Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 17:20:44 +0000 Thinking Pictures, owners of the Stones.Com site, decided to terminate the service, so any mail sent to addresses is not being directed to our mail system. If you are interested, we can offer you a address in place of the address. We apologize for the inconvenience, but like you, we weren't notified. Need to change website email address. DG or Wes won't work either. P.A. ===============================


From: To: [Undisclosed Recipients] Subject: Re: Link Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 18:58:40 -0700 Sorry it took so long..enjoy! I put a link for you. Warm Affections:-) Sonia ===============================

Tooth Fairy dec 31st at the stones

From: "Tooth Fairy" [] To: Subject: reclaim stonehenge 2000 Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 02:02:14 GMT hello... at an rts in cambridge in 1998, i saw some grafitti on the road, 'RECLAIM STONEHENGE 2000'. I was wondering if there are any plans for dec 31st at the stones, if so, what is happening and is everyone welcome? If not, what is happening on dec 22nd? is everyone welcome? my partner and i were hoping to hold a hand binding befor the end of the millenium. could you ofer me any information or guidance about this? would it be possible to hold on the 22nd? i hope you reply, i've been anticipating starting the millenium at stonehenge since 1998. thanks for the help! ===============================

twyford down gathering

From: alexandra plows [] Reply-To: To: Subject: twyford down gathering Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 14:18:54 -0500 (EST) hello everyone! please please pass this info around the network- websites, emails, posters and hey talking to people!!!! this party is not just a reuinion for people who were at twyford, but should be a mega gathering of full on people into music earth magic nvda and having fun. see you all there!!! ps urgently needed- yurts domes etc- sorted structures. love alex xxxx WINTER SOLSTICE/ FULL MOON GATHERING (DEC21/22) AT ST CATHERINES HILL, TWYFORD DOWN WINCHESTER Seven years since YELLOW WEDNESDAY. Seven years of PROTEST. Seven years?! LETS PARTY!!! Please Bring: all your friends- mead and cake- music merriment and magic-camping tat Needed: yurts/domes etc- good weather- Tarmac director for pagan sacrifice... Contact tel 01248 750539/ email ---------------------- alexandra plows =============================== ===============================

electrohippies WTO Sit-in open

] From: the electrohippies [] To: (Recipient list suppressed) Subject: [diggers350] WTO Sit-in open! - enter the virtual protest now! Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 22:05:11 +0000 URGENT - JOIN THE ACTION NOW!! ============================== PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WE NEED AT LEAST 5,000 PEOPLE ONLINE OVER THE GLOBE TO MAKE THIS A SUCCESS! ---------------------------------------------------- the electrohippies collective THE WTO VIRTUAL SIT-IN ====================== THE E-HIPPIES WTO SIT-IN PAGES ARE NOW ONLINE - COME AND JOIN THE ACTION! To coincide with the WTO's Seattle Conference, the electrohippies are organising - as their first major virtual action - a 'virtual sit-in'. To take part in the sit-in all you have to do is load the appropriate web page and leave you computer online for a period of time; the longer the better! The Action ---------- the electrohippies are organising a 'virtual sit-in' of the WTO's special conference website. It is intended that this website will be the main conduit for accessing information about the conference, and the events taking place. By taking action against the conference server, and the main WTO server, we restrict the PR staff at the WTO from spreading their global corporate agenda. ==================================================== from the electrohippies - visit the Electronic Activism and Civil Disobedience website: ====================================================


humans tend to litter and deface and destroy

From: "Brenda G. Tataryn" [] To: Subject: stonehenge freeing Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 22:51:19 -0700 (PDT) hello ...and merry meet.. I read up on the push to free up Stonehenge for rituals/sabbats etc. I am concerned though at the way we humans tend to litter and deface and destroy things. How can we be certain that the sanctity of the place is kept? Ravynwolfe ===============================

Columbus day Meditation

From:, Subject: Re: Columbus day Meditation, 4pm Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 19:33:51 +0900 (JST) ~~~~~~How Should We Remember Columbus?~~~~~~~ Next Monday, October 11th, is Columbus Day. For many, this is a day to celebrate an outstanding European discovery, for others it marks the beginning of 500 years of European invasion and conquest. Approximately 10 million Native people lived here in the Americas when Columbus arrived. Their communities, customs, languages and religions thrived. By 1900, their populations had been reduced to about 100,000. Today, although populations have bounced back, many Indian reservations continue to have high rates of poverty, unemployment and despair. "A Basic Call to Consciousness, " 1977 Iroquois Address to the Western World ( ) A Circle of Peaceful People: Open Discussions ( ===============================

John Pendragon Family

From: Maria Organ [] To: Subject: Re: John Pendragon Family Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 23:51:31 -0600 Thank you for the messages so far. My brother Paul and I went to Wandsworth to see dad, and we enjoyed to spend the afternoon talking to him after we had not seen him for quite a long time. Our fathers love of music has definately passed on to us, we have inherited his celtic heritage. One day I hope to visit Ireland which is where his family is from. I do not know how many other brothers and sisters we now have, the only other children I ever met were a son called Crinan, and another son called Gildas, both of whom I have no idea where they are. John also talked to us about his youngest children when we met with him, it would be nice to know them as well. L Maria Dice George wrote: is a webpage about john, ===============================

Doug from California

From: "Doug Robinson & Co." [[ Sender To: Subject: Stonehenge Tours? Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 02:40:45 -0700 Hi: I'm from California and will be travelling to London the first part of November. While I'm there, I'd like to drive out to Stonehenge and was wondering if it's still possible to actually walk up to the stones and look around. A friend told me the stones are actually fenced off to keep people from chipping off souveniers. Do you know if that's true? Also, are there tours available and if so, how much are they? Thanks for your help! Doug Robinson ===============================

The Abuse of Children, both young AND old!

From: Nick [] To: Subject: The Abuse of Children, both young AND old! Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 18:48:52 Hello from EcoTort! In response to the NSPCC "full stop" campaign, it may be appropriate to offer a thesis which relates fundamental principles of law to environmental issues. The conclusions reached are potentially far-reaching; and if pursued, would forseeably be of considerable benefit to both children and adults, with the likleyhood of much reduced levels of general and chronic stress in our society, and a consequent further likley reduction in violence, INCLUDING THAT INFLICTED UPON CHILDREN. We are a highly motivated and radical, inter-active promenade theatre company; empowering (reasonable prudent and well-intentioned?!) eco-activism by holding workshops and performances within the community at large. If you wish to see just how radical and empowering our material is, please visit the EcoTort web site at at, or ring the pager on 04325 546247. Cheers for now, have an eco-active summer. High tides and green grass forever! ===============================


From: "GEN. AKUTSU Hajime" [] Sender To: [] Subject: Thank you for giving me a information. Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 06:08:06 +0900 Thank you for giving me a information. If I can find you guys, I will join you at stone henge.Are there any meaning to gather at Stonehenge in solstice day? Are there any relation with astoronomic use of stonehenge aceant time? GEN.Japan. ===============================


From: Harlequin [] To: Subject: Re: stonecam.htm Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 06:25:07 +0000 On Sun, 10 Oct 1999 10:22:26 GMT, you wrote: ow the machine crahsed, i lost loads of work, been checking links all night ow geocities using javazcript to pop up an advert for every page, so i have huge pages, its easy to turn off the advert banner, i dont want to pay them money, or have their banner on the pages. Im trying to rebuild it so the noframes version doesnt use javascript, the frames version will do the tricks and loads of images i dont know anyone else with opera, im very interested whats going on and i want the pages to work in a tiny handheld, id hope they'd have images off, almost all my images do have alt, it should woprk with a text browser, see the veday book introduction, stonehenge is mysterious with bits missing, so is this website, its a design feature, not a bus allegedly! ... Goddess! Commiserations on the data loss :-(. I've had another look and I'm not sure if the page has shrunk but loading was much faster (I think that I cleared the cache beforehand). Perhaps it was because I started with Javascript disabled this time. No animation though, due to said lack of Javascript. Opera is a commercial browser from Norway (see It does just about everything the two big ones do (aside from ActiveX) but is faster and much smaller (it fits on a floppy). I've got to get around to checking the site with Lynx at some point. Heheheh... Yes. And like the Henge it can take forever to discover every aspect of the site :-). Seeyouse later, H. -- "Intel: We put the "um..." in Pentium." [Bill Weiss] ========================== ===============================

I think that last year's problem might be avoided if

From: Harlequin [[ To: Subject: Stronehenge Campaign Meeting Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 21:42:02 +0000 George, I wasn't able to make it to the last Campaign meeting and it looks like I won't be able to make it this month. I have some ideas but I first wanted to know what the current situation is with the Police and EH. In essence, I think that last year's problem might be avoided if people are encouraged to set up camp at least three miles away, as we did when the exclusion zone was in force. This would make it less likely that persons not interested in worship would bother to walk to the Stones for dawn. Perhaps some form of entertainment could be provided to keep that element entertained and distracted and/or persons placed in the vicinity of the car park to direct people to the site. I would also suggest dropping the "Free the Stones" motto (and possibly the "party" concept, unless remote entertainment is provided as suggested above) in future publicity as they are suggestive of political demonstrations and piss-ups to the exclusion of respectful worship. There is a place for such things, but Stonehenge is primarily a church, not a battleground or a rave venue. I also note that the sunrise gathering has only become prominent over the past 15 years. Might not things be better if we returned to an attempt to reinstate afternoon celebrations/ceremonies as in the festival days? I'd be grateful if you could raise these suggestions at the next meeting (or the one after, if this fails to reach your attention in time) if I do not manage to turn up myself. Seeyouse later, H. -- * Just smile and say "Yes, Master." ===============================

another butiful woodland destroyed

From: "jon jones" [[ To: Subject: arthurswood Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 11:31:05 GMT george another butiful woodland destroyed by the boabolonug manchester airport and hoardes of mordor longest tree eviction 8 days up tee climbers in no rush to get us out on 900 pound a day now bastards hope you are well from big jon ============== ===============================

purchase posters

From: Kathy Vincent [] To: Subject: Stonehenge Posters Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 14:05:13 -0500 Hi: I was looking for a place to purchase posters with pictures of Stonehenge on them. Is there a place to order these through the mail? My daughter was their in July and her poster was damaged on her return trip home to Minnesota. I would like to replace this for her. It was one of her most memorable trips she took in England and was greatly disappointed when she saw her poster was damaged. Any help would be greatly appreicated. Kathy Vincent email addres ============================ ===============================

Me and my friend were thinking of going down to stonehenge for the millenium

From: "Steve Flack" [] To: [] Subject: stonehenge at millenium? Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 09:51:59 +0100 I was wondering whether there will be anything happening at stonehenge for the millenium? Me and my friend were thinking of going down to stonehenge for the millenium, and we are trying to find out if there will be anyone there, or whether people are only going down for the solstice. If there will be lots of people there, can you give us any information about where to stay/whether we can pitch tents or anything nearby? We are really desperate to go. Thankyou very much for any information Katrina. ( ==================== ===============================

lfk9910.txt for Glastonbury free state magazine?

From: "Dice George" [[ Reply-To: To: CC: Subject: freestate letter from karelia Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 04:56:42 GMT lfk9910.txt for Glastonbury free state magazine? please Bruce include it all uncut and edited, or not at all..... I dont care about the line ends though, font arial as small as you like or sideways image to use: ?? h05:37 sat09oct1999 ===================================================== ========== begins ===================== ==================================================== Letter from Karelia NFA 9x99 Dear Free State Cousins, scientists claim all of us have one unique genetic human ancestor: they've dubbed her 'Eve'. AJ Ayer analysed 'knowledge' as 'true justified belief'. But greater human truths are expressed in poetry: Kipling's 'If', Matthew's 'Sermon on the Mount', the eco-songs of Tribal Voices, that poem you wrote when distraught. In 1983 I fell in love with my best friend's wife, declared dishonour on Margaret Thatcher for sinking the Belgrano offside, quit my job, packed my lightshow pipes and papers, left town, joined the convoy at Stonehenge, bought a mutant bus at Inglestone which conked out in Bath, got it towed to the first safe site we found - Alison's Greenlands farm behind the Tor, 23 months. Kids I played with are now bigger than me! On the bookshelf I found Kahil Gibran's poem 'The Prophet'. Down town I found Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. In the 30's Shavians and Bloomsbury Bohemians would come here for theatre and socialisms. Imagine a hundred lusty singers before these days of prissy blairite curfews. Spike drum machines - rhythm is the heartbeat of music, alive and subconsciously changing every timeslice, looping feedback from dancers and listeners, live acoustic rave. Last New Year's Resolution was to be a bit more open, introvert though I be... rant woffle blah namaste ~ [dice] george [miles] 07970-378572 ================================ ===============================

Malta has many stone sites

From: Nicholas Bonello [] Sender To: Subject: Re: dicenews Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 23:07:44 +0200 Got the stonehenge pages(very good) but no sign of big steve, is hehere now? Malta has many stone sites, from the time when the Mediteranean was dry land(preluvian times) Sun aligains at solstace and equinox. It would be good to see Steve.I have ICQ here.............LUKE ===============================

belgian journalist and making an article on stonehenge

From: "marc lerouge" [[ To: [[ Subject: st Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 13:23:02 +0200 hello, i'm a belgian journalist and making an article on stonehenge: its seems that 'people' are planning a 'end of th' century-festivity (party?)' at Stonehenge. Can you give some more information of details on this event? thanks marc lerouge ===============================

Merrick x

Hiya Dicey one, on the URLS thing, there's the Godhaven Ink/ Rooted Media site at which is the site for the group of 4 small-press publisher that I'm part of, and each of the 4 sections of the site has some good links (some cool stuff, some daft ones). There's a couple listed in the back of my Rooted zine if you've got it (if not, come grab one off me @ the Anarchist Bookfair if you're going). Sorry I've not got time to get the exact URLs rihght now, but I'm absolutely mad fucking busy. D'you know if it's OK to put the txt fromthe front page of the last Stonehenge newsletter in the next issue of Rooted? And can someone send me a black and white copy of the wall-smashing dragon (either as an attachment or disk - TIF or JPEG - or even by old-fashioned paper)? Be good and wrap up warm, Much love be upon you always, Merrick x ************************************************* The author of this message has no wish to flood your life with corporate bullshit. In fact he actively hopes for less. However, he can do nothing about the following; ===============================

why not make money out of Microsoft??

THIS IS A HOAX - SEE dghoaxed.htm

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"Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence"

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 00:13:30 GMT Congratulations! The "Stonehenge Campaign" web site has been Awarded the "Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence" under the Category of "Religious Rights Info" Best Wishes, The "Mystic Site of the Web" Awards Committee e-mail: ======================= ===============================

.i got yor song and will work with it.

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 08:54:24 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your name: paul Your email: What websites should I add or remove? Your comments please...youre my first inter national....i got yor song and will work with it....hits home....what style? ya i know flute.....also the real reason i found you was lightshows,,,,,i want to build one that functions automatically by sensitivity...i had a small one in 69 but blew it up and burned it beyond you know what im LOOKING FOR.....AFTER 30 YEARS AND DIGITAL...CANT WE BUILD ONE THAT WOULD HANDLE OH 100 WATTS AND MORE THAN 6 VOLTS.....PEACE THANX... ===============================

C.A.S.H (Campaign Against Silly Houses) Beckney Protest Camp,

From: "protestors plc" [] To: Subject: Press Release Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 15:24:30 GMT Press Release Date 22/10/99 Young Eco-activists [1] not to give up fight, to save a Great Crested Newt Population, despite recent court rulings [2]. Young Eco-activists are planning to appeal the decision made by a High Court Judge on the 19th October 1999. They are lodging an appeal against the reasons why Countryside Residential (North Thames Ltd) needs possession of 11 acres of ex-greenbelt land in Hockley, Essex. Whatever the final outcome of this appeal the Eco-activists are preparing themselves for a lengthy eviction, they are digging in and are preparing their defences. "We can not allow yet another Great Crested newt population be decimated by a translocation programme." [3] Contacts C.A.S.H (Campaign Against Silly Houses) Beckney Protest Camp, Wood Avenue, Hockley, Essex SS5 5NU. T (Site) 0831 717815 (Office) 01702 206353 website Camp's Solicitor- Mr Richard Buxton, 40 Clarendon Rd, Cambridge CB1 1JX, T 01223 328933 URGENT- Box HN, 111 Magdalen Rd, Oxford, OX4 1RQ.T 07000 785202/01865 794800 ===============================

we could send you the passage about John in our book.

From: W & D Schwarz [] To: "" [] Subject: John Pendragon Family Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 08:05:43 -0400 Thanks for your message. We saw the site. Our website is Please link your site to it. If you wish, we could send you the passage about John in our book. Love Walter and Dorothy Schwarz ===============================

it's Tylluan here

Help Folder: 2000jan From: "sam rodman" To: subject: Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 11:02:51 +0100 Hi George it's Tylluan here. I've just been browsing your website very impressive. My neice has set up a email address for me now which is handy. See you tues for Stonehenge .Bye! PS Zeus would say hello but he is playing sega and has been for hours. ===============================

if you have a picture that discribes stonehenge

From: "Thomas Bauer" [] To: [] Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:28:34 +0200 Dear.... , Sorry but I don´t know your name... sorry; I´m mailing you, because I want to ask you if you have a picture that discribes stonehenge very good... I need it for school in 2 weeks. Please mail me back or mail me a photo! thomas ===============================

numerical facts that link in precise terms Stonehenge to ancient Egypt.

From: "tom bratby" [[ To: [[ Subject: new site Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 15:33:26 +0100 I announce a new website with incredible numerical facts that link in precise terms Stonehenge to ancient Egypt. This is astonishing knowledge which has been lost for 3000 years. there are 10 pages representing over 200. This has taken 3 years of painstaking work and logic. The key is the ancient cubit measure. A mention of will be appreciated. Many thanks, ===============================

The first dawn of the third millenium.

From: Mark Pryke [] To: Subject: The first dawn of the third millenium. Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 21:57:26 +0100 Greetings, We plan to be somewhere really special for the first dawn of the second millenium. Whoops, that should be the third millenium !!! also 29-31/10/99 SN672508 yours fraternally Mark Powered by PPC Amiga Ceredigion CYMRU

Lou doing research

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 05:13:40 -0700 (PDT) Hi, Wondering if you could help me out, I'm after info about the festi's at Stonehenge during the 1970's - photo's, text, first-hand accounts, anything really. I'm doing research into how archaeological monuments effect todays societies and Stonehenge is one of my case-studies Cheers! Lou (From) lou (Email) ===============================

VE Day memories - a Golden Dawn

Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 08:33:05 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love and peace triumph! Great thanks to the Webmeisters! I was there that warm May day, and your Website reminded me of a beautiful day photographed by Japanese tourists outside the Stones when we were inside...juggling, drumming..."Sacred lady of the Light, weaving webs of day and night, Earth, Air, Fire and Water I dowse as one!" - and now I sit enslaved in an office in another country biding my time, waiting for the next opportunity to be truly human in tribal harmony....we are like the rain: they can not prevent us. But they can kill us (and do) and imprison us (and do) and enslave us (and do) but nevertheless: the victory is always ours, for ours is the only possible victory. What appears to be their victory is merely the temporary delay of our release from the Old Age into the new beginning to come. Golden Dawn, come soon! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (SUBJECT) ve13text.htm.form


From: "David Vickers" Subject: Modern Hengineering Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 19:24:59 +0100
Wotcha D.G., I've got a selection of my henges up on the web now. Most of my StoneHenge stuff is on the Painted Henges page. Any suggestions VERY welcome
Yours yadda yadda yadda Dave

twyford Solstice

From: alexandra plows To: Subject: [diggers350] twyford party Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 15:17:50 +0100 (BST)
hiya.. hope to see you all there...please network this far and hard copies for your mates!! gablonga..... also: yurts/domes etc are really needed for this and i would appreciate any ideas/help people might be able to offer.
Please Bring: all your friends- mead and cake- music merriment and magic-camping tat Needed: yurts/domes etc- good weather- Tarmac director for pagan sacrifice... Contact tel 01248 750539/ email


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 05:13:35 -0700 (PDT)
Hi, Wondering if you could help me out, I'm after info about the festi's at Stonehenge during the 1970's - photo's, text, first-hand accounts, anything really. I'm doing research into how archaeological monuments effect todays societies and Stonehenge is one of my case-studies
Cheers! Lou (From) lou (Email)


    Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 08:57:43 +0200
Heh, Ref:
Came across your site this morning and wondered how happy you were with your current setup on Geocities. I maintain , a site centered around a number of soundsytems and party collectives, and thought perhaps you might be interested join our site (it's free!). As non profit organisation our goal is to gather party related material into one resource for soundsystems, clubs, party collectives and party people in general to browse. My offer (the details of which are available at: ) includes a good url (eg: and email address (, the use of our site's resources (bulletin board, etc...) and as much webspace as you need within reason (though right now we can't allow streaming media, such as real audio).
If the idea appeals, let me know. Thanks for your time.

From: "Andy "
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 18:02:18 +0100
Sorry to have taken so long with this - that day job is going to have to go. I haven't been able to find any scans of Hawkwind at Stonehenge so far, but the attached is the cover of the DO NOT PANIC album from 1984, with the stones on the front cover - use with our blessing. I've also added a link to your homepage form the site.
All the best,
Hawkwind feedback mailto:


   Subject: SchNEWS 227, Friday 10th September 1999

BOTTLE-DEAD "A bottle fed child is 25 times more likely to die from diarrhoea than a breast fed child where water is unsafe." - UNICEF
CRAP ARREST OF THE WEEK For sitting on a sofa!
HOME IN ONE On Monday people tee'd off with the House Builders Federation (HBF) obsession with covering the countryside in small boxes, disrupted their annual golf tournament in Chepstow. Members of URGENT and the Land Is Ours erected a low-impact eco-dwelling at the 18th hole A spokesperson commented "It is clear that the HBF and their friends are determined to profit from rapid private development of vast tracts of land whatever the social and environmental costs. The sort of homes we should be building for the future need to be affordable, well-designed and sustainable - not the sort of executive homes for commuters and their cars that are being built all over the countryside."The HBF is the house building lobby group. Their new Chief Executive is Stuart Hill, who rather conveniently the moved from his former post of Chief Executive at the HM Land Registry to take on the job. URGENT, Box HN, 111 Magdalen Rd., Oxford, OX4 1RQ 01865 794800
AND FINALLY If you receive any unsolicited emails from wide-eyed activist females, don't count yourself so popular; it could be our mates at the Sunday Times Perhaps Laura and Jo might benefit from a few words of advice from someone more canny in covering their tracks, for both sent emails from addresses leading back to Clouseau-esque Ungoed-Thomas, with another lesson in the value of media liaison..... contact that man of many masks at
DISCLAIMER SchNEWS warns all readers, it's not hard cheese if multinationals lick their lips at the creaming of profits. It's no use bottling it all up, if it this sort of behaviour gets on yer tits then do an exciting action that the media will lap up. Then you'll feel like the cat who got the cream. Honest.


Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 02:15:53 -0700 (PDT)
Your name: ASH Your email:
we have been doing free parties for years in the hills of north wales


 From: alexandra plows
 Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 15:48:03 +0100 (BST)

 --are you a dedicated activist?
 -are you passionate about why you take direct action?
 can you rant about it into the wee small hours?
 if so i need to hear from you!! read on...
 hi i'm alex plows-some people might know me as "donga alex".
 ive been doing nvda since twyford in 1992, and have been
 part of many other campaigns such as Solsbury hill
 and newbury. i've been living in north wales for a few
 years now and have focussed a lot more on local
 campaigns/issues as part of the gwynnedd and mon ef! group.

 over the last few years i've been writing loads about the
 reasons why we take direct action, the political and
 ethical issues which motivate us to put -often- our lives
 and liberty at risk in the defence of mother earth. i'm now
 doing a phd on this and i  need help!!
 so please please if you feel you can contribute by letting
 me meet up with you to have a good talk,and record your
 finest rants and visions-

 email me
 or write to alex plows
 dept of sociology and social policy
 university of wales bangor
 college road
 gwynnedd [work phone no 01248 383825]


To: Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 08:33:05 -0700 (PDT)

Love and peace triumph! Great thanks to the Webmeisters! I was there that warm May day, and your Website reminded me of a beautiful day photographed by Japanese tourists outside the Stones when we were inside...juggling, drumming..."Sacred lady of the Light, weaving webs of day and night, Earth, Air, Fire and Water I dowse as one!" - and now I sit enslaved in an office in another country biding my time, waiting for the next opportunity to be truly human in tribal harmony....we are like the rain: they can not prevent us. But they can kill us (and do) and imprison us (and do) and enslave us (and do) but nevertheless: the victory is always ours, for ours is the only possible victory. What appears to be their victory is merely the temporary delay of our release from the Old Age into the new beginning to come. Golden Dawn, come soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


      From: "David M Baru" 
      Subject: Druid Ring
      Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 10:28:45 +1000
Hi,l don't know if l have the correct site,but l have a Druid ring made and 
designed by David Hensel,titled the Ocean{l think}and l would like to find out 
more about it or to be able to contact David,l got the ring in the early 
80s,much appreciated if someone can help me,regards Ashley


    Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:32:43 -0700 (PDT)

(StoneForm)  nice site.  Links superb. Tash is a god
(From)  bruce


    From: "David Vickers"
    Subject: eclipse party
    Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 20:53:11 +0100
We made the national news recently, with our Midday Mooners party in 
Cornwall. Check out what the Times thought about it.....
We hope to get a site up as a support group for the two children who were gassed 
by the police as soon as we can, and it all seems to have disappeared from the 
public eye very quickly considering the outrageousness of it...
We think some of the people who visit your site are the sort of people who went 
to our party and we are appealing for witnesses to the attack, or anyone who was 
there who has anything to say.
We'd really appreciate any help or advice your may have, and a link would help 
loads....Let us know if this is OK, and we'll send the URL
Hope to hear from you soon

efjourn Earth First! Journal

From: Earth First! Journal
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 01:02:16 -0700

please remove from your general mailing list. although
we are interested we recieve over 200 emails a day and must sort thru them.
thank you.>

An international EF! web address is:

"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to
 the most amazing view." -- Edward Abbey

bintlink I put a link on my page

Subject: I put a link on my page
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 13:21:47 +0100

Hi, I think it only polite to tell you I put a link to you
on my page. If you search for the word "stonehenge" you'll
find it quickly.

Stephen Bint
I live in the narrow corridors between claimed land.

ameyvelc I'm travelling right now with my film partner

    From: "AMEY VELCROW"
    Subject: [diggers350] scaredsacred documenting diggers
    Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 06:43:30 -0700
To anyone who can help My name is Amey kazymerchyk and I'm travelling right now with my film partner Velcrow Ripper. We are independent film makers from Vancouver Canada working on a feature length documentary entitled SCAREDSACRED. It is an independent film funded by Canadian Arts Councils. We were recently at an eclipse party where we met a woman by the name of Karen Evans. I bought a book of hers entitled A guide to tree proteseting in anyway it was really exciting because before we left to start the film in august we were working closely with environmental organizations-PATH and Western Canadian Wilderness commitee. In 1996 Velcrow completed a documentary entitled Bones of the Forest, on logging in British blah blah..In her book she has many comics about living near st.georges hill, and the past of the Diggers. We feel this is a really important part of SCARED PRESENT AND SACRED PRESENT. The duality of destruction, and the hope of activism and trying to create change. To make a super long story short we are going to make it over to england for the gathering september 3-6 and are wondering how to get to stroud from london. We are also interested in opening up some dialogue to explore environmental and political activism in britain. We plan to be in England for September. Hope to talk to you soon.(Below is a synopsis of the film) Cheers!
Much respect Amey Kayzmerchyk
SCAREDSACRED a feature poetic documentary by Amey Kazymerchyk and Velcrow Ripper
ScaredSacred is a feature length poetic documentary which explores the scared and sacred stories of a global kaliedescope of cultures and faiths. It is a journey from the creation of time and space to a scared or sacred present, and forward to millenial hopes and fears for the future. girl sites that don't fake it. sign up for your free email. ***********************************

From: "AMEY VELCROW" Sender To: Subject: THANKYOU Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 03:41:11 -0700 TO DICE GEORGE AUGUST 21 1999 THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE LEADS, i REALLY APPRECIATE IT. SINCERLELY AMEY KAZYMERCHYK -- On Fri, 20 Aug 1999 14:40:12 Dice George wrote: > >~ > >is a proteset i was in, >and have friends from there living here at radstock somerset > >[george

baddog just bumped into your site

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 13:36:25 -0700 (PDT)

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efau61 EF! Action Update number 61 August 1999

    Subject: EF! Action Update number 61 August 1999
    Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 00:27:10 +0100


The Monthly Round up of Ecological, and Other, Direct Action from Around


tlioaut2 The Land Is Ours Autumn gathering - directions

    Subject: [diggers350] The Land Is Ours Autumn gathering - directions
    Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 18:48:06 +0100
Autumn Gathering '99
Friday 3rd - Monday 6th September

DIY Camping or Yurt-space available

"Capitalism is Institutionalised Bribery"
"Homelessness is the prerequisite for Economic Slavery"

Tony Gosling

Common origin of NATO, EU, World Bank & IMF

UK/USA 'spooks' monitoring sorted chat:  -- you dig?

mayburgh a 25 ton modern granite obelisk at the

entrance to Mayburgh Henge

    From: "Andy Burnham"  
    Subject: [stonecircle] Another 'stone circle' under threat!
    Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:43:40 +0100
    From: "Andy Burnham"

Dear Stone Circle Webring members,
I hope you won't object to hearing about this piece of important news.

Details are coming through of a proposal by Eden Arts (Eden District
Council) to build and part-fund a 25 ton modern granite obelisk at the
entrance to Mayburgh Henge, the Neolithic henge monument on the edge of the
Lake District in Cumbria.

I am horrified to hear about this, which is inappropriate at such an
important prehistoric site. There is only one stone remaining of the circle
as it is. What's left doesn't need overshadowing by a modern structure. Just
because people Christianised these sites hundreds of years ago doesn't mean
it's acceptable now.

Please forward this message on to anyone you think might be able to help.
Perhaps some of the people in the US who supported the campaign for the
Florida circle could now help us!

Some suggestions of people to contact

English Heritage, 23 Saville Row, London W1X 1AB Tel 0171 973 3000
EH chief archaeologist: David Miles
Jocelyn Stevens' secretary:
fax 0171 973 3330

Eden District Council:
Anne Marie Chapel fax 01768 890 732.
01768 864 671

Eden Arts:
Nick Jones : Arts development officer,
Barbara Slack : Rural projects officer
Sue Allan: Millennium Projects.

The local paper:  The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald, 14, King Street,
Penrith, Cumbria, CA11

Canon Markham: Bishop of Carlisle, Bishop Ian Harland (addressed as the
Right Reverend, Bishop....) fax number: 016974 76550

Mayburgh Henge (sometimes spelt Mayborough) consists of a huge circular bank
of small boulders, with a single standing stone remaining in the centre. In
the mid 19th century four stones were reported here, along with four more
flanking the entrance to the henge. The stones that make up the bank average
around 100mm in diameter and are boulders of the sort found at the bottom of
glacial valleys, The bank is estimated to contain 1 million stones, and must
have taken thousands of
man-hours to build. There is a picture on my web site at

Justin, who lives locally writes:

    the problem is apparently that English Heritage have no
jurisdiction outside the circumference of the henge itself, even just
outside the entrance . When I visited Eden Arts to discuss their plans, I
suggested that they may have a problem at the planning permission stage, due
to vociferous local opposition, However, they were happy to inform me that
there would likely be no need for planning consent as the construction would
require no foundations or engineering work. I suppose a twenty five ton
block of granite stays pretty much where you stick it.

The symbols will apparently be an "Alpha" an "Omega" a Christian,
(Celtic?) cross and the number 2000.   inspired.  It will only cost

They also informed me that inhabitants of Eamont Bridge parish would be
consulted. Thanks for any support. Please e-mail, write or fax to express
your concern and ask for information. Let them know, people outside of
Eamont Bridge parish actually do give a damn.

The article:

Cumberland News, August 6th 1999.

Headline:  Memorial "to last 1,000 years"

By-line:  Mary Ingham, Penrith reporter.


Eden councillors have backed a plan to mark the millennium with a
30-tonne granite memorial designed to last for at least another 1,000
But one member claimed it would be "cultural vandalism" to place a
Christian monument at the proposed site - a field containing the
Neolithic Mayburgh Henge at Eamont Bridge, near Penrith.
the £17,500 memorial has been devised by the organisers of next summer's
millennium festival, part of which will be held at the Henge, and it will
be dedicated during the event.
It will be made out of a solid block of Shap granite, standing 12ft and
weighing 25 to 30 tonnes.
The organisers say the memorial will last at least another 1,000 years
and will be inscribed with symbols and inscriptions highlighting the
Christian significance of the millennium.
The festival company will pay half the cost and once it is wound up,
Eden Council will take over ownership of the memorial.
At its recent meeting, Eden's works and leisure committee agreed to pay
the remaining £8,750, subject to planning and other consents.
Brian Nicholls, (Penrith Carleton, Lib Dem) said he was happy with the
principle of a millennium monument, but not with the site.
"Isn't is cultural vandalism to stick a Christian symbol on a non-
Christian site?" he asked.  "You would not put a cross on top of a
Bryan Metz (Alston Moor, Ind) said there was a long tradition of
Christians putting monuments on ground previously used by other
Bernard Thornburrow (Tebay with Orton, Ind) said Canon Markham, who is
leading the organisation of the festival, had done a lot of research
into the suitability of the site.

Andy Burnham - Epsom, Surrey, UK
o Megalithic Mysteries - a photographic guide to stone circles etc.
o The Megalith Map

sturdeva here in florida it wasnt visible

    Subject: hope you make the show
    Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 20:09:12 -0400
sounded like there was cloudy weather for the solstice, but hope you had a good one in spite. unfortunately here in florida it wasnt visible at all which made it impossible to convince the police their radar equipment was screwed up because of it. oh well so it 've got a great website and links i'm more botanical than mechanical this stuff is way beyond me hell i'm still trying to figure out radio waves. yours, justahead if you do make the show give them a chaboyaaaa!!!!! for me

hanbabes I work at Stonehenge, .. had to pick up allthe dog shit, condoms, fag ends

    Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:57:36 -0700 (PDT)

(StoneForm)  Well, I work at Stonehenge, and although I agree that the access to
the stones is not ideal, I believe that there is really no need to stress out
the EH staff. Like on the solstice morning, I was the one who had to pick up all
the dog shit, condoms, fag ends and the bottle of methadone - really, when
people leave this kind of crap lying around it begs for condemnation! The way to
protest? In my humble opinion, I think you need to aim your sights higher.
(From)  Anon
(subject)  stonecam.htm-Form


Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:23:14 -0700 (PDT) (From) spirithawk eye (Website)

eclipse of the sun

Total Eclipse of the Sun August 11, 1999 Cornwall UK, Europe, and Asia The final total solar eclipse of the millennium, in 1999 (there is none in 2000) is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for millions of people to see the most spectacular astronomical phenomenon there is. On Wednesday, August 11, 1999, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from the Isles of Scilly, the Cornish mainland, Alderney in the Channel Islands, much of mainland Europe, the Middle East and south Asia. Apart from Finland in 1990, the last total eclipse in Europe was in 1961; and not since 1927 has the United Kingdom mainland seen a total eclipse. This is truly an occasion not to be missed. Although the chances of clear skies are not excellent, for the "stay-at-home" not willing to roam the world looking for eclipses, this is the last chance to observe a total eclipse in the British Isles before the 23rd of September 2090. Yes, 2090! Even Europe will not see such an event again until 2081. This page from summarises some information on the event, and explains where to go to get the best view of the eclipse. A listing of other future eclipses up to 2020 (and, in the UK, to 2151) is also available, to put this into context.

jaymoore saw bus on TV

From: "Jay Moore" To: Subject: saw your bus on tv, and link Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 05:53:26 PDT Hi George, I think it was karelia bus, on tv last night in a program about people who went to the isle of wight festival, and what they are doing now. Don't know whether you are interested in knowing this, and I didn't video the program, so can't help you there, if you wanted to revel in the reflected fame of your bus being on TV ;-) Anyway, the link to the eclipse family camp on the stone geo homepage is missing the 'http://' bit, and so it tries to open a relative page on geo. Hope all is well with you namaste Jay

cavanagh was at solstice, disgusted by police

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 05:44:13 -0700 (PDT) Hi. I'll get around to sending you some stamps soon! I was at Stonehenge at the Solstice, was not involved in bringing the fence down, but did enter the Stone Circle. I was disgusted by the response of the Police, and especially by the 'security guards' who I saw punching people who were sitting on the floor. The attitude of the Police was beyond contempt, although they were more restrained than at other such incidents. The reason that the Police gave for evicting the crowd from the Stones was that 'invited people' wished to begin a ceremony. Fair enough. But why couldn't representatives from English Heritage, pagan groups, druids have simply ASKED people to respect the ceremony? I'm sure most people would have done, given that I was treated with respect and love by all present (bar the Police). It is also worth bearing in mind that the Police prevented those people with tickets from reaching the stones before dawn, so what was the point in evicting everyb! ody? I have written to English Heritage, Jack Straw and my MP outlining my concerns over the site and access to it. I have received a reasonably encouraging reply from Sir Jocelyn Stevens, to which my MP will be replying in due course. There is a way forward, and I sincerely hope that by the Solstice of next year we will have found a solution so that as many people as possible can have access to the stones. I hope to see you at Stonehenge for the festival! Take care. (From) Paul Cavanagh (Email)

fraser Parallel winter term

From: Fraser Clark To:,,&,, Subject: //WINTER TERM Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 00:06:00 +0100 (BST) Parallel YOU WINTER TERM CAN *YOU* PASS THE 24 HOUR ACID TEST? THE WARP! EXPERIENCE a total revolution in clubbing! (24 hours, see?) LAUNCH WARP 1 on SATURDAY AUGUST 21ST 9 PM to Sunday 9 PM THEN EVERY SECOND SATURDAY WARP 2/Sept 4 WARP 3/Sept 18 WARP 4/Oct 2, WARP 5/Oct 16 WARP 6/Oct 30 WARP 7/Nov 13 WARP 8/Nov 27 WARP 9/Dec 11th WARP 1 PARTY DEPARTMENT 9 PM - 9 PM MEGATRIPOLIS dancefloor extravaganza! 9 PM HipHop Hootenanny >> Acidhouse Warp-Out Planet House YOU Crew Residents ....... UPCOMING MEDIA REVIEWS The Times, Saturday, Metro magazine. 2 page spread. Scene magazine, August/September. Parallel YOUniversity Faculty / Kitchen Table: Rabbi Schmuley Boteach (L'Chaim Activities) Ken Campbell (Psycho Cosmic Theatre) Lynn Rainbow Circle (Practical Magic & Astrology) Fraser Clark M.A.Hons (Shamanic Psychology) Jeff Guberman (Alternative History) James Hamilton (Soul Networking) Mark Heley (Ethnobotanical & Temporal Studies) Jason Keehn (Rave Culture) Susanna Lafond (Future-Normal Anthropology), Peter Booth Lee (Sacred Dance), Dr John C. Lilly (Human Bio-Computer Studies) Lokabandhu (Buddhist Dharmachari Suvajra) Howard Marks (Cannabis Deportment) Baron Peter von Massenbach (Global Networking) Terence McKenna (Novelty Expansion Studies) Monkey Pilot & Mary (Global Whirl-Y-Giggery) Neil Oram (Being Really Here) Jamie Reid (Spiritual Art Activism) Rosanna Rofe (World Peace Building) Youth (Reformation of Ancient Enchantment) Jack, I was half wrong, but you were only half right, ok? Jilly. ********************************************************************** Parallel YOUniversity, 20 Woodchurch Road, London NW6 3PN. 44 (0) 207 813 9685. "Any opinions expressed in the email are not necessarily those of the YOUniversity. This email and any files transmitted with it are solely for the use of the intended recipient or entity to whom they are addressed. It may contain material protected by attorney-client privilege. If you are not the intended recipient or the person responsible for delivering to the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this email in error." "Also, although this email message has been swept for the presence of computer viruses, the recipient is responsible for ensuring that the email and contents have been swept and accepted by their own virus protection systems" ********************************************************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Parallel YOUniversity 20 Woodchurch Rd. LONDON NW6 3PN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sterneck Stonehenge-Campaign at the Cybertribe-Festival

From: "" To: Subject: Stonehenge-Campaign at the Cybertribe-Festival ?!? Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 18:32:17 +0200 To the Stonehenge Campaign ! Hello, enclosed you find informations about SONICS - Cybertribe-Network for Rhythm and Change. In 26.-28. Nov 99 we organise a non-commercial festival in Mainz / Germany: ²Join the Cybertribe !³ Parties - Conference - Dance-Demonstration Workshops, Performances, Live-Acts, Films, Exhibitions, Sessions, Experiments... about subjects like Culture / Consciousness / Politics / Cybertribes / ... (enclosed you find the concept - soory its in german) We want to ask you th come to come to this festival ! Maybe with a film about the Stonehenge-Festival etc. and with many told stories... (english is ok) But... we have not much money - How much would it cost to have you here ???? Please send us a soon answer - Thanks Rhythm and Change Wolfgang Sterneck SONICS - Cybertribe-Network for Rhythm and Change Sternstraße 35, D-63450 Hanau, Gemany. Tel: (0049) (0)6181 - 24 777, Fax: (0049) (0)6181 - 25 84 53. - e-mail:

tlio-autumn The Land Is Ours Autumn Gathering

From: Tony Gosling Reply-To: To: Subject: [diggers350] The Land Is Ours Autumn Gathering Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 13:27:42 +0100 THE LAND IS OURS Autumn Gathering '99 Friday 3rd - Monday 6th September ----------------------------------------------------------- Shall they, as have brought hedges about common pastures, enclose with their intolerable lusts also all the commodities and pleasures of this life, which Nature, the parent of us all would have common? that it comes to extremity, we will also prove extremity; rend down hedges, fill up ditches, make way for everyman into the common pasture.--Anon, 1609 ------------------------------------------------------------ Following SUCCESSFUL LAND OCCUPATIONS: Diggers 350 on St George's Hill and Kett's Rebellion in Norwich; a further land squat is underway in Norfolk. We will be sharing experiences, celebrating and looking to the future at this years autumn gathering. So bring along visions, memories, stories and 'eldritch wild imaginings'. WHERE? The venue is The Reddings (AKA Flying Pig Farm), Stockend Lane, Edge nr. Stroud in Gloucestershire. On the edge of a wooded hillside overlooking the vale of the River Severn we will be hosting the usual stuff: food tent, latest in outdoor sanitary facilities, yurts, fire pit, camping etc.. Please bring instruments. Working Farm, sorry no dogs. LIVING ON LIBERATED LAND Workshops include: land of disputed ownership - action update - squatters rights - new TLIO office - internet site and local email - the way forward - communications - woodland walks - tour of local ancient monuments and surprises. Any TAT, especially tarps, accepted with love Land occupation planned straight after gathering sorted squatters welcome Land Occupation is after Gathering Parking is limited so please come by public transport; · Rail: Lifts to the site from Stroud railway station at the following times: Fri. 3rd- 4.00pm and 9.40pm Sat 4th- 1.00pm · Buses: run every half hour until 6.00pm between Stroud and Gloucester. Route 92. Get off at Edge church walk up hill and follow the Cotswold Way 1 mile along Stockend Lane No Through Road. · Cars: There will be a TAT charge for car parking TLIO office/mobile 01865 722016/0961 460171 -- "Capitalism is Institutionalised Bribery" "Homelessness is the prerequisite for Economic Slavery" Tony Gosling DIGGERS MOBILE: 0961 460171 LATEST DIGGERS INFO DIGGERS 350 CELEBRATIONS EMAIL LIST Ideas for Long Term Land Squats and general Digger discussions: Post to all subscribers: Join list: Message archive and other email list information is found at DIGGERS 350 - Gerrard Winstanley and The Diggers 1649-1999 Winstanley's pamphlets - printed on illegal presses during the English Civil War on the web with Digger pictures: DIGGERS 350 CELEBRATION DETAILS: THE LAND IS OURS A Landrights Movement for Britain email your UK address and tel. no. to the office for our free newsletter TLIO, Box E, 111 Magdalen Road, OXFORD, OX4 1RQ, England Tel. +44 (0)1865 722016 "...not only this Common, or Heath should be taken in and Manured by the People, but all the Commons and waste Ground in England, and in the whole World, shall be taken in by the People in righteousness, not owning any Property; but taking the Earth to be a Common Treasury, as it was first made for all." - The Diggers' Manifesto - The True Levellers' Standard Advanced, 1649 Paranoid or complacent?

peacentury PeaCentury 2000

From: "Shakeel Arshad Lodhi" To: Subject: PeaCentury 2000 Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 07:27:48 PDT Dear Sir, We appreciate your concern for Peace and laud you efforts. World Commission for Peace & Human Rights Council is an itnternational peace organization working in 30 coutnries for the sustaining of peace around the world. We wanted to inform about our global seminar. PeaCentury which is an Iternational seminar held to bring together more than 1000 NGOs working for international peace, to formulate methods, for sustaining of peace and abolition of war. We will also focus on arms trade reduction and and arms races, which are destroying economies of the poor nations. PeaCentury will bring together NGOs working in fragements around the world to tie them together for an Inernational safer living world. Pleas contact us further if you need more info about the event. Please let us know what you could contribute locally towards the conference in form you efforts. please visit our website if your need info or email us. Thanking you. Shakeel Arshad Lodhi CHairman, WORLD COMMISSION FOR PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL. (WORPHCO) ROOM NO. 11-A 2ND FLOOR, NEW TAJ MEHAL PLAZA, 6TH ROAD, RAWALPINDI. PAKSITAN.

transambient trippy chillout TV on channel 4

From: "Addictive TV" Subject: trippy chillout TV on channel 4 Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 22:24:45 +0100 Hi Thought you guys might be interested in the press release below for our new channel 4 chillout tv show Transambient The show is a weird mind blowing fusion of club visuals, music and film - no presenters, no 'coming up next' etc - just visuals & tunes and nothing else. tune in this saturday night @ 3.20 am ('officially' Sunday morning!) or set the vid... Check out '...the TV has morphed into a psychedelic, spinning, warping, multi-coloured, soothing chillout machine... Check your head." - MELODY MAKER "...the best use of that screen in the corner of your sitting room." - HEAT MAGAZINE ___________________________________________________________________________ TRANSAMBIENT Journey to the centre of the beat with Addictive TV's new Channel 4 chillout TV series Every Saturday night for 7 weeks from July 10th on Channel 4's 4-Later Transambient is pure audio visual entertainment from Addictive TV. Visual artists and musicians collaborate to provide gourmet eye-candy in the form of fifteen mind-bendingly different AV tracks with great tunes and the funkiest visuals ever seen on TV. Featuring original music from 808 State, Mark Summers, Geraint Hughes and new up-and-coming talent. Synaptically challenging, it's acid film-making for the dance generation. Every viewer will see something different. Create a chill-out zone in your own front room every Saturday for seven weeks, from Saturday 10th July 1999 on Channel 4's 4-Later A CD of music from the series is released August 2nd on the Truelove label

odd-ball a new guide to alternative web exploration

From: "odd-ball" To: Subject: Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 18:52:31 +0100 Dear Website Owner/Administrator, We are delighted to inform you that your website is specifically mentioned in an article at is a new guide to alternative web exploration, and features many articles on a range of topics, designed to help surfers find the best of what the web has to offer. A thorough evaluation and review process takes place before any site is included in the directory, and most of the sites that we visit when looking for new material do not meet the required standard; you can therefore be proud of your efforts. We would be grateful if you could link back to us in some way; either to our homepage or to the article which mentions your site (a great way of adding an independent assessment of your website!) You can find your website mentioned, together with your link at: Thanks, and keep up the good work! Michael Littler Odd-ball Team

sacred-land My basic position is that all land is sacred

From: "mcstone.ancientmod." Reply-To: Subject: [diggers350] land ownership Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 19:13:28 +0100 Hi, I'm kind of jumping into the middle of this debate so excuse me if I've missed a point. The question is I think 'should private land ownership be abolished ?' My basic position is that all land is sacred (but some portions of land are more sacred than others). Land ownership must somehow be connected or equated with what we call civilization. The point that I'm trying to make is that the assumption that private land ownership is somehow the beast we should be excising could well be wrong. Public land ownership is often a far worse thing. That is because the will of the public is corrupted by the powerful. The millenium dome , or new roads are salient examples. Near me, (and you if in the UK) is an RAF base where nuclear missiles are kept to wage war on unidentifiable foreign enemies. To all intents and purposes the land where this goes on is in 'public ownership' . Surely ownership of land means a duty of care for that land. Not altogether a bad thing, so long as that caveat is observed. Sadly it's widely abused by that very same thing 'civilization' in my opinion. Yours Hengist McStone Ps if anybody has any definition of civilization I'd like to hear it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ home:

maria-organ I am John Pendragons eldest daughter.

( see: johnpend.htm )

From: Maria Organ To: Subject: Re: John Pendragon Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 19:52:56 -0600 George, Thank you for your reply. I am the eldest of Johns first three children, we are Maria, Paul and Joanna.I am now 36, my brother 34 and Jo is 30. I never got to meet dads other family, he kind of dissapeared out of our lives when we were teenagers. I am glad that I got to see him in London a few years ago, I had a difficult time trying to track him down, but happened to be at the right place at the right time. I know that he had a very interesting life, and it is just ashame that he never shared more of it with us. Thanks again for getting in touch, and I look forward to talking to you again soon. Take care Maria Dice George wrote: > i knew john, paul and rhiannon and dylan > when he was around glastonbury, > i`m in a cybercafe, > i`ll send you more later > > love george > > ----Original Message Follows---- > From: Maria Organ > To: > Subject: John Pendragon > Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 19:45:49 -0600 > > I am John Pendragons eldest daughter. I had not seen my father for > several years until I saw him in London about two years ago. I was just > looking up information to see if I could find him again, only to see > that he died, and I did not even know. > This is a shock to me, and I would like to know more about what my > father did in the last few years. Please reply if you can help me at > all. I have lived in Canada now for the last nine years and this is now > my home. > Maria Organ

wally-hope journalist hoping to write a piece on Wally Hope

From: "Simon Parker" To: Subject: Wally Hope Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:47:38 PDT Dear People, I'm a journalist hoping to write a piece on Wally Hope for the anniversary of his death in September. I'm looking for people who knew him to talk about him and for people, like yourselves, who are qualified to talk about his legacy. I suppose you're now fighting to preseve the free festival movement he was so involved in. Please get in touch if you feel you can help. Regards, Simon Parker

i-contact-solstice putting together a short video about the solstice

From: i-Contact Video Network To:, Subject: Video Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:34:18 +0100 I am currently putting together a short video about the solstice this year and wondered if anyone had any footage from previous years I could use?

wheresmerlin wheresmerlin? the pranksters are coming!

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 03:17:18 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- wheresmerlin? the pranksters are coming! the pranksters are coming! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) justahead (Email) (subject) stonecam.htm-Form (next-url)


From: Fraser Clark To: Subject: //YOU WINTER TERM Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:23:47 +0100 (BST) PARALLEL YOUNIVERSITY WINTER TERM THE WARP EXPERIENCE! a total revolution in clubbing! (24 hours, see?) CAN YOU PASS THE 24 HOUR ACID TEST? ___________________ THE PLAY DEPARTMENT "The Warp!" - the non-stop 24 hour "Hippy Hamlet" theatre play that changes lives! presented by Ken Campbell, directed by Daisy Campbell, written by Neil Oram One Man's Evolutionary Odyssey "On the Path" to Cosmic Consciousness through '50s Jazz, Bohemian High Society, Science Fiction, Soho Reefers, Beatniks On the Road, UFOs, Men in Black, Free Love, Poets, Ravers and Fallen Angels, Gurdjieff, planet control conspiracies, Scientology, to Acid, Mysticism, the Psychedelic '60s, California, Hippy Orgies, Cops, Krishnamurthi, through the New Age Movement to Space Aliens, the Holy Grail, Art, Honest Personal Relationships, Rajneesh, Love, subversive theatre, Truth, Paranoia, Revolution, Magic, Pagans, Aleister Crowley, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Insanity, Dimethyltryptamine Departures, Buckminster Fuller, Madness, the Sexy Singularity Hooker at the End of Time, Cybernetics and Intergalactic Travel & Communication, until, AFTER 23 HOURS, Enlightenment and the Answer to the Riddle of Life! "And it's - Aaaghhh!" "Hurry! The world may soon divide into those who have been through The Warp and those who have not." Financial Times "Neil Oram's THE WARP! is an exuberant, visionary, mind-melting mix of the sacred and the profane, a theatrical music-hall tour-de force, a Life-Transforming Escapade through Space/Time, Cosmic Consciousness, Pagan Subversion, Ecstatic Bliss, Totally Wicked Humour, the hottest Sex scenes since OH CALCUTTA, the Next Five Dimensions, and New World Chaos! This play could change an entire generation by replacing their current Life Frame with a huger. cosmic view of Life's possibilities " Fraser Clark (founder Megatripolis) WARNING: THIS PLAY CHANGES LIVES.

meaning They sould never touch stonehenge be cause of its antiquity

From: "j529" To: Subject: meaning Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 13:36:57 -0600 They sould never touch stonehenge be cause of its antiquity Every thing else is meaningless Ladka gravits was a taxi mechanic played by Andy kaufnan on a tv show called TAXI. Andy had a good way of poking fun. when is see people worshiping this comes to mind I am a beleiver of natuarl things nothing more I hope that the gods people beleive in are not like humans in there nature If they are we are in big trouble neal

kett Press release TLIO Ketts' Rebellion land

From: "Rory Kett" Reply-To: To: Subject: [diggers350] Press release TLIO Ketts' Rebellion land occupation Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 09:37:49 GMT Press release... The Land Is Ours (Norfolk group media liasion Rory Bowskill) Tel 0961 460171 (TLIO mobile from 10th July 1999) Pager 01523 773915 Email: EMBARGO 00:01 Saturday 10th July 1999 ROBERT KETT IS BACK!!! 450 years after Ketts' rebellion once again people will be setting up a camp on land near Norwich to reclaim land for the people. We will be taking over a piece of land near Norwich on the afternoon of Saturday 10th July. This event is being organised by the Norfolk Group & East Anglian regional group of 'The Land Is Ours'. This will be an attempt to create a more sustainable future on a site which is currently derelict. We seek to make people aware of how the land was stolen from the people by force, in effect 'ethnic cleansing', and how those who claim to 'own' land often mis-use it while denying others, who could do something there the opportunity. The site selected for this occupation is being kept secret until members of the group have taken possession of it and begun setting up camp. Why are we doing it? Our first aim is to commemmerate the events of 1549. When around 20,000 people in East Anglia tried to defend their ancient rights to the commons against the enclosures. Which not only privatised the land, but also led to forced evictions and what would now be called 'ethnic cleansing' in Britain. Around 4,500 East Anglians were killed defending their rights to land. Secondly: We are seeking to highlight the fact that in Britain the vast majority of people are still excluded from ANY rights over land. Thirdly: By our actions we hope to show that ordinary people can often be better stewards of the land than those who currently hold it. Notes for the Editor: 1) In a single day in August 1549 over 3,000 people were killed in Norwich for resisting being forced from their lands, this is comparable with any single act of 'ethnic cleansing' carried out on the orders of Milosovich in Kosavo. 2) We claim the same right of return to land as the Kosavo Albanians. 3) Large ammounts of property in Norwich is currently laying empty while people sleep on the streets, also large acerages of Norfolk are in unproductive 'set-aside'. 4) The distribution of land in Britain is comparable with many third world countries. 5) The Land Is Ours campaigns for rights to land for ALL, not the few who happen to be descended from thieves and murdurers. In 1549 Kett issued a list of 29 demands, now we are issuing ours... WE DEMAND: 1) No more "Keep out - Private property" signs 2) An end to all forelock tugging 3) Social housing not luxury housing 4) No more golf forces for the few 5) To no longer be "tresspassers in the land of our birth" 6) Land for people instead of GM deserts 7) Freedom to roam over uncultivated land, not herding into "country parks" 8) Village stores, not out of town superstores 9) The freedom to open gates, the responsibility to close them afterwards 10) No littering of the land and sea (Sellafield take note) 11) Stop dogs worrying SHEEP & FOXES 12) The right to take the road less travvelled 13) The protection and promotion of allottments 14) The use of inner city land to house the homeless, not for executive flats 15) Turning derelict land in cities into community gardens 16) Sustainable human settlements 17) Access to land for everyday recreation 18)Hedgerows, not monoculture prairies 19) People before cars 20) People before minerals 21) Gatherings not aggregates 22) Trees before tarmac 23) Reclaim the streets 24) Defence of council housing 25) An end to harrassment of travellers and boat dwellers 26) Work on the land, not just McJobs 27) Experience, not consumption 28) Refugees right to return 29) The Land Is Ours, and we demand access for EVERYONE, irrespective of race, age or gender.

sheilah traveling from the overrated city of Hollywood for the month of December

From: "Sheilah Mitchell" To: Subject: re: millennium and other things... Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 20:46:11 -0700 Thanks for providinga well done and informative site. A friend, who attended the Summer solstice told me about it - are there any plans for a festival or any sort for the millennium? Or should we just plan to hang out on the Thames bankside?? Since we are traveling from the overrated city of Hollywood for the month of December would appreciate any news updates. Thanks much.

nme-cornwall Festival-goers heading for Cornwall this summer could face a Criminal Justice Act clampdown


Festival-goers heading for Cornwall this summer could face a Criminal Justice Act clampdown enforced by the army because local authorities fear August's solar eclipse celebrations will develop into scores of illicit raves.

Police say they're expecting up to four million people to descend on the county to celebrate the event and are now formulating a strategy with the military to cope with the crowds.

Plans for a legal ten-day, 16,000-capacity Eclipse Festival at Carlyon Bay near St Austell, which is being held from August 6-15, are now being finalised, with major dance acts - including Prodigy - expected to be announced soon. Last year, Megadog organised a 10,000-capacity festival on the same site from August 14-16.

But fallout from the festival, which could include impromptu unofficial raves organised by revellers, is worrying the authorities and landowners.

Sergeant Richard Price of Devon & Cornwall Police said his force, along with the help of the military, would consider enforcing the controversial Criminal Justice Act to clear any unlicensed 'raves', a term used by the act to cover any outdoor party where 'repetitive beats' can be heard.

The act was partly created to deal with the illegal rave boom of the late-'80s/early-'90s and gives police the power to shut down such unlicensed outdoor events and arrest people involved in them.

Sgt Price said: "The powers do exist for us to use if we wish to. We will recognise the powers are there and any illegal gatherings will be dealt with in a manner which will be appropriate at the time."

But according to a local newspaper reporter, who did not wish to be named, the situation was becoming increasingly worrying.

He said: "Everyone's shitting themselves. There is a load of opposition from the residents. Carlyon Bay is quite an upmarket, toffee-nosed area, the residents are pretty pissed off, especially as this one is over ten days.

"Last year a lot of problems were caused by a load of travellers who came down and held an unofficial event two or three miles away from the site. They caused a lot of disruption.

"If you're talking about ten days, then they're going to be coming in a couple of days before that and God knows how long it's going to take for them to clear off."

Local landowner Tony Geake is warning that festival-goers who don't book into official festival campsites face a battle with Cornish farmers.

He said: "There was so much trouble last year, the police informed us that with anything on private property you've got to take civil action. All we can do is put as many obstacles in the gateway as we can, such as concrete blocks or trailers to stop people coming in."

But Eclipse promoter James Sherlock of Manchester-based Night Time Concerts, claims his festival will help authorities cope with crowds.

He said: "They seem to think that if they don't grant us a licence it will stop 16,000 people going down to the beach, but it's not going to do that. In reality, it could do with ten people putting concerts on.

"If you think that ten per cent of the people that are going to come down are young people looking to go to concerts and parties, then what's being provided is nowhere near enough."

The local Restormel Borough Council is holding a meeting on March 4 to discuss Night Time Concerts' licence application.

A number of DJs have already been confirmed for Eclipse, including Judge Jules and Paul Oakenfold. Fat Les will also make their debut live appearance.

Meanwhile, Glastonbury Festival promoter Michael Eavis has denied further problems would be caused by travellers and festival-goers staying on at his Shepton Mallet site after June 27 and then slowly making their way down to Cornwall.

He said: "The whole travellers scene is gone. At its height in 1990 we had 400 travellers' vehicles staying on at our site, last year we had just 12 and when we asked them to leave, they left. We won't be letting anyone stay on our site after the festival is over."

Do you fancy going tio a party and being evicted at the point of an army rifle? Or should they be issued with live ammo and ordered to shoot crusties on sight? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

Have NME.COM news updates e mailed directly to you.

To subscribe, just fill in your e-mail.

superstition Why is it that superstition wins over common sence every time

From: "j529" To: Subject: superstition Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 09:39:10 -0600 Why is it that superstition wins over common sence every time.A fear of the unknown,if its unknown there is a reason Look at life from a natural point .Magic does not happen ,even in the center of big rocks. The only thing that seperates us from the animal kingdom meaningless ritiuals and mindless superstition LADKA GRAVIS on taxi .THIS IS WHATS HAPPENING AT STONEHENGE thank you neal jensen

silver i have looked at your site and i thought it was real cool.

From: silver slave To: Subject: hi Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 17:25:51 GMT hey, i have looked at your site and i thought it was real cool. i am inviting you to become a member of my webmaster club at my site. my site has cut and paste java script as well as a free search engine submit. come by and check it out. ~silverslave~

caos After holding my regular Sabbat meeting at Stonehenge for Midsummer I was disgusted at the overt police presence there

From: "Simon Rice" To: Subject: Stonehenge in Chains Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:01:37 +0100 Dear Sir, After holding my regular Sabbat meeting at Stonehenge for Midsummer I was disgusted at the overt police presence there, the utter disdain that they held for anything out of the ordinary, against their definition of what is "normal". My group then moved to Avebury, and witnessed a similar spectacle there, although in this case the police were in smaller numbers and frightened silly by a group of spiritualists and travellers! I'd like to offer my help, and that of my group, if we can aid in any way the opening of Stonehenge for more mystical events such as the Sabbats. Visit the URL below if you would like to know more about us, but we would be willing to help in any way to further this most worthy of causes. We don't feel that a position of apathy and acceptance is good enough in the face of open bigotry and religious descrimination, and want to make a difference. Best regards, and heartiest congratulations for the good work, Spectre, Archangel of CAOS Clan of Anarchy and the Occult Supernatural

teknopunx Teknopunx 2000 are a group of artists, musicians, writers, performers, fire dancers and entertainers.

From: "Banner Heather" Subject: [diggers350] IN DEFENSE OF THE FUTURE OF FREEDOM CHAOS AND ANARCHY Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 12:08:34 +0100 Please circulate as widely as possible, add link to website, or publish in as many places as you can, thankyou. IN DEFENSE OF THE FUTURE OF FREEDOM CHAOS AND ANARCHY Teknopunx 2000 are a group of artists, musicians, writers, performers, fire dancers and entertainers. We are Direct Activists experienced in ecology, tree defence, eviction resistance, tunnelling, sea actions, free festivals, street parties and demonstrations. We are dedicated to the protection of all life forms from persecution or destruction and are available to support any good cause anytime, anywhere, by land, sea or air!Teknopunx2000 are funded by People Against Power Abuse, a charitable trust set up originally to fund road protests.For more information on joining our group go to or phone 01382 770877 or 01382 776956 or e-mail me (the only criteria for joining is you must be non discriminatory, have a sexy pair of shades and a sense of humour.)

mass-occupations I asked what was the point of mass occupations

From: "mcstone.ancientmod." To: "Dice George" Subject: mass trespass Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 20:39:19 +0100 Dear George , on 13th April I asked what was the point of mass occupations . I haven't recieved an answer and since ve is now no longer the most recent exercise I feel I must pose the question again. What is achieved by such actions apart from instant gratification for those involved ? Yrs Hengist McStone

anji I fuly support peacefull protest wioth a view to reclaiming Stonehenge. I attended the last free festival

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:22:12 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I fuly support peacefull protest wioth a view to reclaiming Stonehenge. I attended the last free festival there the year before the establishment appropriated this site deciding it belonged to them and the forign tourist, not the 'masses'. I also support the rigth to peaceful protest, which the police seem to have outlawed by the back door. What can we do ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Anji (Email)

ben Happy solstice,

From: "Ben" To: Subject: watch to celebrate Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 21:32:59 -0500 Happy solstice,george of the dice. with you we have thoughts.

chris I've always figured celebrations were calculated as "the dawn following the time of the astrological solstice"

Subject: To the Stones -- Summer Solstice 99 Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 20:31:11 +0100 Hi George, Urmm. I've always figured celebrations were calculated as "the dawn following the time of the astrological solstice" and so a little confused why your site mentions some folks will be marking Monday's dawn rather than Tuesday's. Any idea which date is 'preferred' by the Campaign (and I guess, the darlings at EH)? Also, as the constabulary's position seems vague, do you know of any meeting place prior to heading for the Stones for the dawn, or think it's likely we'll get away with assembling in the droveway without harassment? Your thoughts would be valued, as always, Chris. ps. Your site -- wow, is it getting big! -- is wonderful: educational, informative, inspiring. A fantastic documentary. Congratulations and thanks.



rollo Text version of leaflet Rollo intends to hand out on 21st. Comments??

Subject: Solstice Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 17:40:49 +0100 Text version of leaflet Rollo intends to hand out on 21st. Comments?? P.A. STONEHENGE 1999 Happy solstice ! Blessed Be ! We would like to explain what is happening today. Although the Lord Chancellor's ruling makes it legally possible to approach Stonehenge:- We are only too aware that a lot of people will not be allowed in the circle this year. This is because English Heritage has restricted access to the Stones to those who applied in advance only. Please help us to have these restrictions on public access removed by notjumping or damaging the fence, as this would jeopardise our ability to persuade English Heritage to adopt an open access policy for the future. If all goes well this year and there is no trouble, E.H. will make arrangements for greater access at next year's summer solstice. Our ancient right of freedom of assembly on the highway and elsewhere only exists provided our assembly is not " unreasonably large, unreasonably prolonged, or unreasonably obstructive. " This right has only just been won back, we do not wish to lose it again, or have to return to the days of the so-called exclusion zone. For this reason the druid ceremony in the Stones has been deliberately shortened so that we can join with you in celebrating the Solstice outside the Stones, until ways are found to admit everyone in future. Many of those granted access this morning have spent ten years outside lobbying for druid and pilgrim access. We believe in access for all. Let's convince the world that we are all peaceful enough to be allowed back in. . BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN OUR DIVISIONS I REACH OUT FOR YOU AND YOU REACH OUT FOR ME WITH ALL OF OUR VOICES AND ALL OF OUR VISIONS BROTHERS WE CAN MAKE SUCH A SWEET HARMONY SISTERS WE CAN MAKE SUCH A SWEET HARMONY (Anon.) Council of British Druid Orders.

avalon11 AVALON*ARTICULATES 11 A periodic gift of insights from Glastonbury

From: Palden Jenkins To: Subject: AvalonArticulates 11 Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 23:26:32 AVALON*ARTICULATES 11 A periodic gift of insights from Glastonbury written by Avalonians for folks like you with love from from the Isle of Avalon island of websites at --------------------------------------------------------- AA is sent free to all intrepid visitors to the Isle of Avalon island of websites and the Glastonbury Archive (if, that is, you leave your name!) It's also for friends of Glastonbury and anyone with an interest in the kind of things that go on around here! Each week we send out an interesting article from one of Glastonbury's many writers. Sometimes illuminating or informative sometimes entertaining or educational sometimes just a really good read. To subscribe, unsubscribe or communicate see the notes at the end. You might want to print out this e-zine. Pin it up in the toilet, for example! No kidding! ---------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS Editorial This month's contributions: - Changing Landscapes News from Glastonbury The small print ---------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the eleventh sending of Avalon Articulates! The article in this AA comes from Will Glenn. He lives out in Parbrook, several miles from Glastonbury. He's a man of the woods. He's also one of the photographers who supplies many of the pictures we use on the IsleofAvalon website. Will's heart is very much out in nature, and his frequent talking-points are badgers and sparrow-hawks. He's a story-teller too. You can visit his website by visiting the new Glastonbury photographer's page, which is found at This web-page is a part of the new-look front-end of the website, which was uploaded on 9th June, just recently. More about this and other Glastonlinebury developments below! With love Palden editor, AvalonArticulates --------------------------------------------------- CHANGING LANDSCAPES by Will Glenn Since birth, 51 years ago, I have witnessed many changes to the landscape. One of my earliest memories is when I was three years old, sitting on my grandfather's shoulders, and being told to "Be quiet, and watch that stoat take that rabbit." My grandfather showed me a lot of the countryside around Woburn Abbey, where he worked as gamekeeper. I used to watch the deer, badgers and the other wildlife that lived in the park. Gramp taught me how to use and extend my senses in order to get a better insight into what was around me. Over the years I saw things that were not quite right, and I didn't have any answers. Then, in 1962, a book was published, and that Christmas my mum gave me the book as a gift. I don't think she ever knew what a big gift it was. The book was 'Silent Spring' by the late Rachel Carson. It answered most of the questions that were going around in my head at the time, but not all. The rest would be answered with age and maturity. Thirty-seven years on, and we still have not learned the lessons Rachel taught. Then, in the early 60s, she was vilified by the agro-chemical industry for the 'stories of doom' that she was apparently telling. .........

cnn-cjb I work for CNN and we are planning a programme on how the Criminal Justice Bill has effected solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 04:22:37 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I work for CNN and we are planning a programme on how the Criminal Justice Bill has effected solstice celebrations at Stonehenge. Would somebody from your campaign group be able to talk to us about this? We are based in London but are planning to go to Stonehenge next Wednesday (June 16th). Thanks, Brendan Ager

bill I had planned to visit Stonehenge on June 21, 1999, but

Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 20:20:26 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings from the States! I had planned to visit Stonehenge on June 21, 1999, but I recently noticed that it was the solstice. One website noted that it was closed on this day. Is this true? What is planned there on that day? Any suggestions? (I will be with 3 children, aged 6-12) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Bill (Email) It should be open to the paying public as normal most of the day from about 9.30(no access actually inside the Stones) If coming with kids at sunrise (not open), come self-sufficient and avoid being close to the fence where there is a crowd. P.A.

mikey-dredd Was there in 85 and 87 "GO FOR IT!".....

Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:24:55 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was there in 85 and 87, and various other attempts. Will carry on going to festivals and celebrating the solstice. Personally Stonehenge is not the only or best place, but I have total support for your campaign as "we" should never have been stopped. I'd be interested in any further info you have/produce. anyway let me know "GO FOR IT!"..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Mikey Dredd (Email) (subject) stonecam.htm-Form (next-url)

whereis Where exactly is Stonehenge located?

From: "Raymond, Marsha" To: "''" Subject: query Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:59:35 -0500 Where exactly is Stonehenge located? [ between london and cornwall, 10ish miles north of Salisbury 1mile east of Amesbury]

presentation Stonehenge Making Space by B. Bender

From: "roslind phillips" To: Subject: Stonehenge Making Space by B. Bender Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:30:03 +0100 Dear George, I have been reading the above book as part of a part time evening course in archaeology. I have to give a presentation VERY SOON and have just spotted your details in the acknowledgements. It would be great if you could send me anything about the "Stonehenge belongs to you and me" exhibition that I could use. It would be best sent to my work address which is: Best wishes, Andy Phillips, (Andrude)

nostramus ("Twenty first century pagan drum & bass". DJ Mag, London),

From: "Quo Z." Subject: Nostramus Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 11:35:05 +0100 Nostramus ("Twenty first century pagan drum & bass". DJ Mag, London), have the uplfting, Celtic D'n'B track 'Cerche' (featuring the beautiful voice of C.Nische) free to download as CD quality mp3 file (or listen in Real Audio) at . 'Cerche' is part of Fi Sci Records compilation 'eclipse of the moon and falling star', released in U.K. June 3rd. Nostramus are currently recording the follow up to their 'Earthlights' album (Recordings of Substance - U.K / Shadow Records -U.S.A.). Enjoy, Quo Z. Fi Sci Records, London

tribadelica Space Goats Tribadelica CD`s now available from Mandala

From: "Mandala" Subject: Re: tribalvoices Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 10:58:27 +0100 ---------- > Hi george......Space Goats Tribadelica CD`s now available from Mandala £10 inc p&p and reductions for bulk buying.... where can we send your promo copy....??? hugs from Dalaman........

lawrence I've updated my picture page

Subject: Site update Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 06:18:16 +0100 Hello. Just letting you all know that I've updated my picture page. Hope that you like the new additions that you find there. Lawrence

naked Protest naked for the right to be naked in public. Outside Buckingham Palace.

From: vincent bethell Subject: Tuesday 8th JUNE 2.00pm - Buckingham Palace Protest Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 09:19:32 -0700 (PDT) THE FREEDOM TO BE YOURSELF! Protest naked for the right to be naked in public. 2.00pm Tuesday 8th June 1999 - Outside Buckingham Palace. The Holistic approach looks at the whole situation. All problems have a root/cause: the human mind. People are very unhappy because they cannot be themselves. People are forced to hide parts of their body, they are not accepted for who and what they are. Look at any problem and you will find that the root/cause of this problem is the human mind. The protest is a peaceful, happy, cheerful occasion. The protest is human Rights based, we wish to legalise nonsexual public nudity. In justification of our actions we will cite ARTICLE 10 (Freedom of expression) from THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS. We consider present laws to be inhuman, oppressive, repressive and unjust. There is no rational reason for present laws that force people to hide their bodies. The protesters just want to be accepted for who and what they are - we desire the freedom to be ourselves. If you are not allowed to be yourself your personality will become twisted, you will become unnatural and unreal: this entails the many symptoms of an unhappy, sick and unnatural society. The protesters resent the irrational bureaucracy that forces us to hide our bodies, we just want to be natural and true to nature, we just want to be true to ourselves. The protest addresses all problems; a lasting solution can only be achieved by addressing the the root/cause of the problem, the protest seeks to solve all problems. WE DESIRE THE FREEDOM TO BE OURSELVES! Protest naked for the right to be naked in public, celebrate the beauty of life, be part of this happy occasion and celebrate the beauty of the human being. Publicity is essential, I thank you for your help. If you are hesitant about protesting, come to the protest as a spectator, nevertheless once you see the strength of support you will be sure to stand up for your rights. We are estimating 100-200 protesters who will be protesting naked for the right to be naked in public. Irrational inhuman laws are unstable; the protest WILL achieve its goal: we will change laws and gain the right to be naked in public! 2.00pm Tuesday 8th June 1999 - Outside Buckingham Palace. I hope that you will decide to stand up for your rights: Protest! The freedom to be Yourself Vincent Bethell.

coventry Absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work. (Tribal Voices)

To: Subject: T-V-Form Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 06:47:32 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: (who) stewart easton (Where) smoggy Coventry (Email) (Website) none (comments) Absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work.I've wrote a childrens story about a small boy who saves a Ford from the extention of a golf course with the help of some elves, along with the goddess ofcourse. I was wondering if you could do anything with it. Save it from a large corperate publisher. Also I'm a reiki practitioner , if you would like any help at camps with reiki just get intouch. love, peace and mud stew. (subject) T-V-Form (nextvurl) /SoHo/Cafe/1963/index.html

howfar is glastonbury from stonehenge

From: "Shane O'halloran" To: Subject: how far is glastonbury from stonehenge Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 03:40:57 +0100 PLEASE COULD YOU TELL ME HOW FAR GLASTONBURY IS FROM STONEHENGE, AS IM GOING TO THE GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL AND I'D ALSO LIKE TO VISIT STONEHENGE. THANKS.

rubbishtip What gives u people the right to "use" an Anchient Monument to practice your "make believe" rituals?

Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 18:14:08 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What gives u people the right to "use" an Anchient Monument to practice your "make believe" rituals? Also leaving the place like a rubbish tip with empty beer cans and fag/joint ends scattered around the place. You people need to grow up, I fully back the Police's intervention, without it the place would be trashed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Dibs (Email) ======= we dont leave rubbish in the stones if anyone had dropped some at march equinox then somebody would have picked it up the burnt out cars at the end of stonehenge 1984 festival were out of order if you look at our aims and objectives then you'd see that care of the Stones is one of them I bet the tourists drop fagends, but thats the way of the 20th century, perhaps they think they're creating work perhaps they dont think, we're all learning i have grown up certain people call themselves druids and do what they call ceremonies, it fulfills a need in them, what police action do you back? how far would you go? do the common people have a right to watch the sunrise? do you trust people?

lfk9905 Letter from Karelia

boshers We will be in London from December 23rd through the 30th

From: "Boshers" Date: Thu, 20 May 99 20:33:20 MDT We will be in London from December 23rd through the 30th this year with our two daughters 15 and 13. We understand that everything, absolutely everything will be closed for Christmas Day and for Boxing Day which will leave us nothing to do but sit and look at each other in the Hotel. I thought that we might rent a car and drive to Stonehenge but we were wondering if there would be anthing that we could see when we arrived. Is it visable without purchasing tickets and taking a guided tour? Would this be a possibility. I tried to get information from the internet and learned a great deal more about the site but not about it's access or availability. I found your e-mail address and have taken the liberty of bothering you with my questions. If you have any information for me I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Carolyn Hauswald

flipside i think drug addicts did it or old alcholics

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 06:47:46 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: i think drug addicts did it or old alcholics (From) flipside


Subject: Chalk Hill Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 01:48:09 +0100 Chalk Hill

andrea send me something brief on the history of stonehenge

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 15:24:34 -0700 (PDT) could you send me something brief on the history of stonehenge, seprate from the druids, and then incorparate the religion into it. I am doing a presentation in my english class and i need more material. I would appreciate your help. I would use your info on this page but it is kind of confusing, and my printer is being stubborn. If you would help I would be grateful but if you dont have time i'll understand. Thank you (From) Andrea (Email) (subject) stonecam.htm-Form (next-url)

cannabis-may1 CIA Presents: Free Cannabis on The Tor. Cannabis Liberation Day May 1st 1999 CIA Presents: Free Cannabis on The Tor.
On May 1st 1999 Cannabis Liberators across the planet will be joining together in a unified call to the end of the illegal laws of Cannabis prohibition.

The recently formed 'Cannabis In Avalon' will be holding an event on Glastonbury Tor. Starting at High Noon, CIA founder, Free Rob Cannabis shall be leading a peace pipe ceremony in which he will send out a message of peace and love to all humanity to join in a group visualisation of a world free of prohibition, living as one in Harmony with Nature. He will then call upon the Lord of Cannabis, Shiva, to dance his dance of destruction upon the lies and prejudice that uphold the illegal laws of Cannabis prohibition. Once the peace pipe has been passed round a small circle of Free's friends, the CIA Bong Squad shall be distributing Cannabis cakes and free offerings of Holy herb from the Bongs of Love.

Please note that this event is a celebration of Cannabis, NOT alcohol. In order to deter an alcohol presence CIA Bong Squad shall NOT be distributing Free Cannabis to people with alcohol.

Please bring Love, Peace, Pipes, Bongs, Cannabis and musical instruments.

With Love and Light From CIA.

firewood Tony Blair has been signed up by Manchester United

From: "esperanto" To: "Dice George" , Subject: Re: [diggers350] firewood Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 21:18:23 +0000 On 9 Apr 99 at 8:11, you, Dice George wrote: > whats happening elesewhere in the world? Tony Blair has been signed up by Manchester United following their poor showing against Juventus. He is to play up front in the replay after an enforced course taking anaebolic steroids. The Amazonian Jungle is to be transfered to Guilford via the internet next week to give it a new lease of life. Bill Gates is to play a cameo role in Eastenders in the autumn as a single mother on the dole whose life is transformed when s/he wins the national lottery. Jiang Zemin has been arrested kerb crawling in Bangkok. Slobodan Milosevic has applied for American nationality and is, alledgedly, having an affair with Rupert Murdoch. This is hotly denied by Boris Yeltsin who has released evidence today that he is in fact married to Liz Taylor and that Milosevic is their son. Cruise missiles apparently only cost 10p each and are to be given away free with every 2,000th packets of Smiths (Roast Chicken flavoured) crisps. Australia has gone missing. Nobody apparently noticed until supplies of Fosters dried up in Oddbins off licences. The search is now on but given that this may have happened anytime in the last five years the trail is cold. In other words very much as post-modernly normal. Have fun. ;-) FREEDOM PRESS

awesome Stonehenge is awesome!!!!!

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:33:31 -0700 (PDT) Stonehenge is awesome!!!!! I'm trying to do research on it but there isn't many sites on Stonehenge. Thanks for making this site. (From) John Victor (Email)

norwich There will be a Reclaim the Streets in Norwich on the 11th september

From: jeffrey archer To: CC: Subject: Norwich RTS Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:57:42 -0700 (PDT) There will be a Reclaim the Streets in Norwich on the 11th september. No further details as yet, but this email address is a contact point : ( ) Please could you mention it in your listsing? Thanks, Norwich RTS bods

poppy . I came across the article on poppy

From: "Lawrence Renee" To: Subject: poppy Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 13:55:41 PDT hello there george. I came across the article on poppy while at work on satu rday. She came over very well and didn't seem to me to have been stitched up. Anyway, I hope to update my site on Friday, so do check out my page on the weekend. How's your mag going? Fine I hope. I'll be at the festy on clapham common and with any luck, I'll have a pic or two for a future update. Hope to near from you soon. Bye for now. Lawrence Renee

laurag i feel atraction to stonehenge since i was little

From: "laura rivera" To: Subject: stonehenge Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 07:34:56 PDT hello george, thank you for your response. i also wrote to paul and he also kindly answered me. yes, i guess i am also going to stonehenge in june. i know not much about the rituals yet, are you participanting in any? do you think it will be possible to stay all night until sunrise? i feel atraction to stonehenge since i was little, when i saw a photo... after i read about the shadows the stones make in determined days, like in the solstice... i, ve always wanted to visit them. today i am journalist and maybe i will try to write something about the place and the ceremonies. thank you again. maybe we will meet there. chao, laura ----------------------- From: "laura rivera" To: Subject: summer solstice Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 09:08:28 PDT hello george, how do you do? my name is laura, from spain, and i am writing you because i am very interested in next summer solstice celebration. i plan to travel to england this june because of this. and i have some questions, maybe you know the answers: is it possible to enter stonehenge that day? is it needed some special permission? is there a lot of people tthat day there? are there different rituals being played? another question: someone told me there is another megalitic monument near stonehenge, not so poipular and not so touristic, it is supposed to be close (like and an hou or one hour drive). but i forgot the name of the place. do you know it? thank you very much. greetings, laura -------------- From: "laura rivera" To: Subject: summer solstice Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 09:08:28 PDT hello george, how do you do? my name is laura, from spain, and i am writing you because i am very interested in next summer solstice celebration. i plan to travel to england this june because of this. and i have some questions, maybe you know the answers: is it possible to enter stonehenge that day? is it needed some special permission? is there a lot of people tthat day there? are there different rituals being played? another question: someone told me there is another megalitic monument near stonehenge, not so poipular and not so touristic, it is supposed to be close (like and an hou or one hour drive). but i forgot the name of the place. do you know it? thank you very much. greetings, laura

dale I'm building a replica model of Stonehenge

From: "Dale Dubson" Subject: Stonehenge Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:38:27 -0500 Hi! I was wondering if you could help me. I'm building a replica model of Stonehenge for a client and was wondering where I could find the right dimensions for the stones and a real good layout of them. Any help would do. Thanks for your time, Dale Dubson George, Thanks for your help!! I really appreciate it!! Dale Dubson -----Original Message----- From: george Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 7:07 PM Subject: shenge diemnsions >-- > >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > >try english heritage, >their website shoudl be findable from >stonehenge bookmarks >

bigsteve plans to walk from the Rock of Gibralter

From: "apus" Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 13:54:12 +0200 hello dice george and willy x congratulations on your continued struggles to establish our basic rights at stonehenge I hope to see you all this summer though my plans to walk from the Rock of Gibralter are possibly a little ambitious. I send all my love to all Henge frendz nic turner and the remains of the pyramid possee and the artists that performed there over the years............. ..................................................Big Steve.......................................................

pickaxe give me a pick axe and ill start right now

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 07:40:10 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: it says in the paper today that the road is coming up at acost of 125million. give me a pick axe and ill start right now.


From: Nick Subject: Re: hello Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 11:04:38 Hi George, Just to say thanks for installing netscape on my laptop, it's working fine. I'm in Brighton at the moment working on the Natty Roadshow with the rest of our little crew, things are looking good for the summer with quite a few gigs comming through confirmed. I will let you know when we have a confirmed list of dates. Cheers for now, Nick

danny Saving the world and pretending to be a leveller.

Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 05:42:57 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: (comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danny Fulcher ughn? Hi George, I'm at school and I'm on the computer. Anyway, I hope things are going well with Saving the world and pretending to be a leveller. Bye -----------------------------------------------------

ashley I think Stonehenge is very interesting!

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:07:06 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think Stonehenge is very interesting! I am doing a major project! (i'm talkin' 'boout a 300 pt, 10 pg prject) I need more info on it though! Well i'm glad someone knows that now. Thanks Alot for the Campaign, Ashley! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Ashley (Email)

spacerock I am a member of the 'SpaceRock ' community

From: "Mike Burro" To:,,, Subject: Hello from sloterdijk at 'SpaceRock ' Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 10:34:33 -0700 (PDT) Hi from user sloterdijk at SpaceRock : Dear Friend, I am a member of the 'SpaceRock ' community at This online community has been set up with the service and provides us with chat rooms, discussion boards, events and a lot of other areas to discuss, and share information.

nac Meeting of : Northern Area Committee Date: I5th April 1999 Subject: Stonehenge Summer Solstice I999

OPEN - FOR GENERAL RELEASE Agenda item 9 Meeting of : Northern Area Committee Date: I5th April 1999 Report of: Solicitor to the Council Subject: Stonehenge Summer Solstice I999 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 The purpose of this report is to explain to Members of the Committee why an order prohibiting the holding of all trespassory assemblies on land adjoining the Monument at Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice period will not be made this year. 2. BACKGROUND 2.1 In recent years the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has applied to the Council for prohibition orders under the Public Order Act 1986 as amended (`the Act'). 3. SUMMER SOLSTICE 1999 3.1 This year, however, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has written to the Council explaining why she does not intend to apply for a Trespassory Assembly Order for the Summer Solstice period in I999. A copy of the Chief Constable's letter is appended to this report. 4. FURTHER PROGRESS 4.1 You will note that the Chief Constable's letter maps out the furrher progress made to achieving normality with Stonehenge during the Sumnmer Solstice period by allowing anyone with a specific interest in Stonehenge access but without a recurrence of the problems that have arisen in the past. This has been achieved by sustained constructive dialogue between English Heritage; the Wiltshire Police and most of the groups interested in Stonehenge and the performing of rituals there. 5. RECENT HOUSE OF LORDS JUDGMENT 5.1 The Chief Constable's principal reason for not applying for an Order is based on a recent House of Lords judgment. Facts 5.2 Further to a Trespassory Assembly Order made by the Council in I995 relating to the monument at Stonehenge, the defendants in the case were arrested and subsequently convicted of taking part in a `trespassory assembly' under sl4(B)(2) of the Act. The central issue 5.3 The central issue turned on the question of what were the "limits" of the public's right of access to the public highway. The judgment 5.4 The majority decision of the House of Lords (3:2) allowed the defendants' appeal. 5.5 The Lord Chancellor espoused the view that the law today should recognise that the public highway was a public place on which all manner of reasonable activities might go on. In his opinion, provided those activities were reasonable, did not involve the commission of a public or private nuisance and did not amount to an obstruction of the highway unreasonably impeding the primary right of the general public to pass and repass they should not constitute a trespass. Subject to those qualifications there would be a right of peaceful assembly on the highway. 5.6 The Lord Chancellor said that the public highway was a public place that the public might enjoy for any reasonable purpose. In every case the Magistrates' Court had to decide as a matter of fact and degree whether the use had been reasonable and not inconsistent with the right to pass and repass. ............................................................ Miss Elizabeth Neville QPM MA PhD CHIEF CONSTABLE OF WILTSHIRE Police Headquarters London Road, Devizes, SN10 2DN Tel: 01380 72234l Fax: 0I380 734176 24 March 1999 Dear Richard [Chief Executive, SDC] I am writing to you in respect of arrangements for the 1999 Summer Solstice. During 1998 English Heritage and the Wiltshire Police continued a constructive dialogue with most of the groups who had consistently shown interest in Stonehenge and in the performing of rituals there. This rapport was extended through the granting of access to the monument on notable dates, particularly the Winter Solstice and the Equinoxes. Things had progressed suffciently well to allow access to be granted for the Summer Solstice to a group of 100 who had applied to English Heritage. This group included local residents as well as astronomers, archaeologists, druids, pagans and travellers. The event passed off peacefully and was deemed a success. Since then further progress has been made. There have been regular meetings with representatives of groups interested in Stonehenge and there continues to be regular access to the monument. This culminated with 208 celebrants being granted access for last weekend's Spring Equinox, all of whom left peacefully at the conclusion of the celebrations. The recent House of Lords judgement in the case of DPP v Jones & Lloyd has caused me to reconsider my views on the appropriateness of a Trespassory Assembly Order under Section 14A of the Public Order Act 1986. In that judgement, Lord Irvine articulated the public's right to use the public highway for any reasonable purpose providing it does not cause a nuisance or obstruction. In view of this judgement, I do not intend to apply for a Trespassory Assembly Order for the Summer Solstice period in 1999. Our policing strategy will encompass this most recent decision, the need to protect the Stonehenge site and to facilitate access for those entitled to it. I am of the view that my decision presents a significant opportunity for all those who have a deep interest in Stonehenge and the celebration of the Summer Solstice. It is hoped that we have moved on from the days of confrontation and mass policing. However, the onus will rest on those who intend to come to Stonehenge for the Solstice. The policing operation will ensure a positive response from my officers should any incidents of disorder occur over the Solstice period. Furthermore, any outbreak of disorder would jeopardise the very real progress that has been made. It would, in all probability mean that I would have to revert to the use of the powers available to me under the Public Order Act, 1986 during the Millenium Year, in particular those significant calendar events commencing with New Year's Day, 2000. I would also like to assure you that should I receive any intelligence to suggest that there may be planned incidents of disorder or trespass I will then consider making an emergency application for a Trespassory Assembly Order. I trust that will not be the case and that this Summer Solstice will not only prove to be an enjoyable and peaceful event, but also the herald of a new period of tranquil and harmonious celebrations at Stonehenge. Yours sincerely [Elizabeth] R K Sheard Esq Chief Executive Salisbury District Council The Council House Bourne Hill Salisbury Wiltshire SPI 3UZ

burro "I'm an undiscovered pop star, is'nt everyone?"

From: (SLOTERDIJK) To: (Dice George) Subject: Re: Stonehenge & Free festivals Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 13:29:04 -0400 (EDT) Hey Dice George, thanks for the URL's. I enjoyed perousing your page. I especially liked your quote "I'm an undiscovered pop star, is'nt everyone?" I'm a professional musician myself, playing an eclectic mix of styles for 15 years now. Although I devote quite a bit of studio time to my electronic/trance/"space rock", project, SLOTERDIJK ( means end point in dutch, pronounced slOter-dIke), I am currently preparing for a short solo acoustic tour of the northeast U.S., under my other pseudonym, ARTIMUS. One of the reasons I wrote to you about Free Festivals, Stonehenge etc, is because I reside part time in The Netherlands, and I'm thinking about coming to England in the Fall ( around Fall Equinox). I'm looking for like minded musicians/artists etc, with whom I might connect with. I'm also searching for some sort of gathering where I might be able to play, either solo, or as a collaborator, back up etc, either in the genre of elecronics ( though it might be too costly to transport all my equipment), or acoustics. I have released two independent offering here in the states, with decent success, i.e. I sold out of all the tapes, and am currently planning on reissuing them. I also have quite a bit of new "Space Rcok" material, which I plan on taking to the stage here in the U.S. at a festival due to take place in late July. Here in the states, my "scene", is quite small, and it appears that what I'm trying to get more involved with, is still quite a lively thing in England, what with Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Hawkwind etc. Anyway, thanks again for the info. Sincerely, Mike Burro

mcstone Today I got on the web for the first time . Veday.wpb is a good page. but

From: "mcstone.ancientmod." To: Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 23:46:49 +0100 Ancient & Modern Mcstone.ancientmod@breathe 13/04/99 23:15 Dear Dice George, Today I got on the web for the first time . Veday.wpb is a good page. It records a gathering at Stonehenge that was peaceful , historic , and I learn commemorative. But surely it was not harmonious . I have to ask why did it happen at all ? I mean this was a political protest on sacred turf. It is or at least should be a sanctuary . Then there is the point that any such action is also exclusive , that is only those 'in the know' about the Ve day event could get to go in the stone circle. There is nothing egalitarian about this trespass which by it's nature excludes anyone who does not know the right people, didn't know in time or aren't together enough to go to the Stones on the appointed day. What was achieved on Ve Day ? I mean the whole country had the day off to commemorate the end of a war\defeat of fascism ...hooray! I went to Hyde Park that beautiful June day and got paid for it working as a gofer , but I digress. The few dozen hippies who went to Stonehenge deserve a folk song written to commemorate their daftness. I can't see that Stonehenge is a clever place to protest about war , at all. I figure that somehow I have written enough to justify asking you to e-mail me back. Please do as this is a test transmission !!! It is also a ( probably misguided ) exercise in free speech . Signing off for now, Best wishes. Hengist McStone

dyslexics oh my what a mess this site is?

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 10:13:21 -0700 (PDT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- oh my what a mess this site is? well? I cant make head nor tail of it get rid of the wallpaper cant see a thing and do research into scitopic eyesight so us dyslexics can see a bit better. and them are paraniodand your never alone with a clone. If you where worried then you need to get a life. The trannies in Yahoo do a better job and by now you should have set up a chat applet and be manning the pumps 24 love hugs and kisses julie_ts --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Jenny Spanner (Email) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- write to me you really need to clean up this site it is all over the place simple is best less is more. the other mail to bdoes not work --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Why) because you need to

stolen take back this monument which has been stolen from us by the government

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 04:22:43 -0700 (PDT) I believe that it is essential that we, the people, take back this monument which has been stolen from us by the government. I believe that we must take action soon to prevent even more development of the area as a tourist attraction. (From) Alan Walker (Email) (Website)


From: Subject: A. TO: [diggers350] firewood Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 11:02:55 +0100 GMT these are the press releases that caused the furore... PRESS RELEASES FROM THE DIGGERS AT ST GEORGE'S HILL, WEYBRIDGE DICTATED AT 13.55 ON 4 APRIL 1999 300 Diggers reposess St George's Hill On Saturday 3rd April 1999, 300 activists marched to St George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey to erect a memorial stone to The Diggers, 350 years after the initial occupation of this once common land. Following the rally to the original Diggers site, the activists marched to a nearby part of the hill to establish a communal settlement in the spirit of the original Diggers. The activists have been negotiating with Saint George's Hill residents association, Saint George's Hill Golf Club and North Surrey Water (alleged land owners) in their aim to erect a memorial stone to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the historic Diggers encampment. The handcrafted memorial stone has been temporarily erected on the newly occupied site and activists have pledged to stay until a permanent and publically accessible home has been agreed and established. The activists have recently become aware that in 1952 land elsewhere on the hill was donated to Elmbridge Council with public right of way. However public access to this land has not been secured. Activists are also questioning the legalities of original enclosures of common land on Saint George's Hill and elsewhwere. Contact: Tony Gosling or Annie Merry 0961 460171. Background info: There is an acre of land for everyone in Britain. Millions of homeless, tenants and mortgagees still struggle while the priviliged 'own' more 'stolen' land than they could ever use. The Diggers are committed to changing this. "For action is the life of all, and if thou doest not act, thou doest nothing' -- Gerrard Winstaley, 1649. DICTATED AT 19.18 ON 4 APRIL 1999: A meeting was held this afternoon with Mr Newberry from the residents association and a representative of the landowners, North Surrey Water. As a result, North Surrey Water agreed to donate an appropriate site on the hill for the memorial stone, subject to access details being finalised with the residents association. North Surrey Water have accepted the historical importance of this occupation. ENDS DICTATED AT 20.55 ON 5 APRIL: CAMPAIGNER ATTACKED AT ST GEORGE'S HILL DIGGERS COMMUNITY Surrey Police are investigating an unprovoked assault that took place at the Diggers' encampment on the St George's Hill estate. The incident happened around 4pm on Monday April 5th at the entrance to the camp. A man known to be a local resident got out of a black four-wheel drive vehicle and attempted to remove some information boards at the gate. Mark Brown from the Diggers camp asked him to stop, and was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. The man then climbed back into the vehicle and reversed at high speed towards a group of people by the entrance to the site. No-one was injured by the vehicle. This incident is reminiscent of events 350 years earlier when the original Diggers were attacked by elements of the local population. Mr Brown said: "We are here in the spirit of the Diggers but I never expected history to be repeating itsel so literally." The camp welcomes visitors. Many local residents have visited and are supportive but this is the only incident of this type. Witnesses to the incident included former residents of the estate Dr Mario Capozzi and Heather Kershaw, now living in Weybridge [phone number 01932 859553]. Further details can be obtained from the camp. Camp contacts: Tony Gosling or Annie Merry 0961 460171. Background info: ENDS MESSAGE ENDS regards, Simon Bebbington

scircle Stone Circle Webring was featured in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago

Subject: Stone Circle Webring News Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 22:26:56 +0100 Dear Stone Circle Webring Members, Emily Mace, the creator of Complete Stonehenge spotted that our ring was featured in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago. There doesn't seem to be a way to link to the web version properly, and you have to register, so I've pasted the text at the bottom. You can see the 'blip' caused in the ring stats at Have a look at where your site ranks in the ring. If it's not very high it's probably because visitors can't find the links to the ring on your home page (hint hint :-) Speaking of statistics, I was surprised to discover the other day that the Stone Circle sites generate substantially more webring hits than either of the 'archaeology' webrings - and they both have more sites generating traffic. This is down to your excellent web sites so take some credit! if you don't believe me... Subscribers to the 'Stones' mailing list will know this already, but if you're going to be in the south of England at the end of the month, a number of us will be going to the Rollright Stones Mayday's eve 'event' on the evening of the 30th April. This will include such things as music, drumming, poetry, dancing etc, expertly organised by the Rollright Stones Trust. Let me know if you fancy coming along. Admission a typically underpriced one pound! Until next time, thanks for being a member of the ring, Cheers, Andy --------------------------------------------------- Andy Burnham - Epsom, Surrey, UK o The Stone Circle Webring - A ring of independent megalithic web sites. March 25, 1999 A Web Surfer's Guide to Ancient British Past By MICHAEL POLLAK n the beginning, when the glaciers had retreated and the land was young, when warrior kings and their priests had learned how to use awe and fear, and even before they had learned to use an alphabet, there was Stonehenge. Stonehenge broods under a cloudy British sky, without the crowds that often dispel its aura of mystery. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Well, actually, before Stonehenge, there was Avebury, 20 miles to the north. Bigger and more elaborate than Stonehenge, Avebury, near Silbury Hill, is the largest prehistoric mound in Europe. In fact, southwestern England is studded with giant stone monuments and burial mounds, built by thousands of prehistoric men and women over thousands of years in the late Neolithic and early Bronze Ages. A village later grew up within Avebury's circle, and between the efforts of anti-pagan moralists and building-supply scavengers, Avebury's stones have been ravaged. It is Stonehenge, standing on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, safer from builders and destroyers, that has caught the world's historical and mystical fancy. On a Web site named The Complete Stonehenge (, on a page titled Why I'm Obsessed, the site's creator, Emily Mace, wrote, "Something profound, something wonderful, something magnificent must have happened when I saw that monument." Her site is part of the Stone Circle Web Ring (, a group of more than 100 sites dealing with dolmens, menhirs, barrows, burial mounds and theories varying from the informed to the fanciful to the extraterrestrial: Dark Isle, Archaeoastronomy, Crystalinks, Megalithica, The Ley Hunter Journal, Stones of Wonder, How the Shaman Stole the Moon, and straight on till morning. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Stonehenge and its ceremonial kin still fire the imagination. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- For those who want to start a tour, a wonderful guide is The Megalith Map, an index with the location of any known stone circle or row in the British Isles ( All of Britain and Ireland are gridded: click on a map grid and you get little symbols for each site. Try Stonehenge, and you get not only the visual and textual geography, but also a list of 16 other Web sites with more information. The Megalith Map is produced with the help of Aubrey Burl, the author of many books on prehistoric Britain, including "A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain and Ireland" (Yale University Press, 1995). A less comprehensive but highly readable map guide, Ancient Britain, provides more information about fewer megalithic sites, along with many pictures ( The writer calls Avebury a far more rewarding place to visit than Stonehenge. "The atmosphere of the stones," the writer says of Stonehenge, "is long gone and with each visit I find it a little more depressing than the last." (English Heritage, the Government-sponsored preservation group, is planning a major relocation of the roads and tourist buildings to help improve the scenic beauty.) There are few signs of long-term settlement contemporaneous with Stonehenge and Avebury, and this absence has given rise to the notion that the builders were nomadic tribes. But the notion that nomads planned and executed a virtual city of religious and astronomical significance seems even more far-fetched: some of the monument's bluestones are believed to have been transported more than 100 miles, from hills in Wales, and required hundreds of laborers, who had to be housed and fed. And then there were the gold ornaments and bronze daggers buried in many of the graves, implying the existence of a nobility and an artisan class. One thing the historians are sure of is that the builders were not Druids; those animist forest-dwellers arrived long after Stonehenge was built. The Brittania Web site's Earth Mysteries pages by Chris Witcombe has a section on Druids ( The builders of Stonehenge left no alphabet but knew astronomy: the lintel stones and the "heel stone" to the east of the circles form a giant sundial in line with the summer solstice. English Heritage has done extensive radiocarbon dating of the site, dating antlers in the surrounding ditch to 3000 B.C., many of the main stones to between 2800 and 2200 B.C., and other parts to 1400 B.C. To some archeologists, the most amazing thing about Stonehenge is not the construction itself but the huge span of time, more than 1,500 years, in which it held an active place in prehistoric society. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- Related Sites These sites are not part of The New York Times on the Web, and The Times has no control over their content or availability. The Complete Stonehenge Stone Circle Web Ring The Megalith Map Ancient Britain Brittania

sam truely spiritual

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:53:08 -0700 (PDT) Sent from Mail Form posted at: i think that Stonehenge is one of the most truely spiritual places left in the UK today. (From) Sam Morris (Email)


RADIO B92 CLOSED DOWN AND SEALED OFF On Friday April 2, at 09.00 CET, court officials together with uniformed and plain clothes policemen delivered to Radio B92's Director - Sasa Mirkovic - an order from the court announcing his dismissal as the station's Director. The decision was taken by the government-controlled Council of Youth, the founder of B92. The Council replaced Mr. Mirkovic with Mr. Aleksander Nikacevic. The police then sealed off the studio and offices of B92, banning the station from broadcasting. Shortly after, the stations new director - Mr. Nikacevic - issued an order in the presence of inspectors to all B92 staff to show up for work on Monday April, 5. THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES. WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER. RADIO B92, BELGRADE, SERBIA Statement from Sasa Mirkovic, B92 Director, concerning the closure on April 2 of B92 [Image]

cobalt I'm writing about the free party which happened at stonehenge a fortnight ago

From: Darren Poynton To: Subject: first free party at stonehenge for over 10 years Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 17:48:47 +0100 Hello, I'm writing an article for the new issue of cobalt magazine ( ) about the free party which happened at stonehenge a fortnight ago and wondered if you have any comments you'd like me to print. For a full account of tthe party visit Thanks, Darren


From: (Dave Morris) To: Subject: McLIBEL APPEAL - MORE McAGONY FOR THE FAST FOOD GIANT Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 18:15:56 +0100 (Sorry if unsolicited - please let us know if you wish to be taken off this very occasional mailout list and we'll do our best to check through and remove)... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please circulate widely.. McLibel Support Campaign - 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX, UK. T/F 0171 713 1269 E-mail: Internet info - PRESS RELEASE 31st March 1999 McLIBEL APPEAL - MORE McAGONY FOR THE FAST FOOD GIANT - further defendants' victories on McDonald's nutrition and employment practices The verdict for the McLibel Appeal was handed down at 11am today, Wednesday 31st March, in Court 1 at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand. There was a lively celebration picket by supporters outside the Court. In their verdict today, Lord Justices Pill, May and Keane added to the damning findings of fact made by the original trial judge, Mr Justice Bell, against McDonald's core business practices. They ruled that: it was fair comment to say that McDonald's employees worldwide 'do badly in terms of pay and conditions' [Appeal Judgment p247], and true that 'if one eats enough McDonald's food, one's diet may well become high in fat etc., with the very real risk of heart disease.' The Lord Justices went on to state that this last finding 'must have a serious effect on their trading reputation since it goes to the very business in which they are engaged. In our judgment, it must have a greater impact on the respondents' [McDonald's] reputation than any other of the charges that the trial judge had found to be true'. [Judgment p264]

dislike In 1988 I was at Stonehenge. It resulted in a dislike of Policemen and this song.

From: "Graham Kenneth Cox" To: Subject: The Low Flying Object Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 08:52:06 +0100 In 1988 I was at Stonehenge. It resulted in a dislike of Policemen and this song. I«m coming to London soon and I am interested in Information about a celebration this summer PLANT MORE TREES At war with Reality Who«s gonna save you and me Journey the soul to the cauldron bowl There is no life under control What was stolen from Angelsey Who didn«t account for you and me Journey of the soul through mind control did you fly when you got home What ain«t in the bag Babylon You«ve got what I need I am coming on strong When I am coming on strong You are kicking the shit out of my kind Fucking us up on your little white lie Stood still; is no place to go You are dealing with Infininty This world is not aligned The Romans have played with time Believe in nothing you are told Does the future lie in you future sold What could be of this ring of stone If Langley would not be at home I wish to hold the hand of the Indian I need to find some new forgotten medicene Oh I«ve got medicene Graham Kenneth Cox - The Low Flying Object - Kush ra a nan (Happy every day)

sar - I am also interested to hear more about VE day?

From: "Sarah Chapman" Reply-To: To: Subject: VE Day Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:10:00 +0100 Hi there again, I emailed yesterday asking about repercussions and the laws involved in touching Stonehenge - I am also interested to hear more about VE day? I'm not sure if that is the correct day, but I want as much information as possible on the police brutality concerned and the story behind it all... as I said I am trying to write a paper on this and also want to storm the Henge Thankyou and look forward to your reply... Sar

enidia my sister have to construct a scale model of Stonehenge

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:25:50 -0800 (PST) I need help, because my sister have to construct a scale model of Stonehenge from her history class, and we have no idea how to do that, please help me!!! (From) Enidia Santiago (Email)

chelfyn Bristol ravers Mutant Dance staged a free party at Stonehenge last Saturday night/Sunday morning for the equinox.

From: "Chelfyn Baxter" To: Subject: They let us in!!!!! Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 19:47:43 -0000 I thought it might interest you that Bristol ravers Mutant Dance staged a free party at Stonehenge last Saturday night/Sunday morning for the equinox. We set up a Fluoro geodesic dome behind the visitors centre, lit with UV and partied all night 'til the druids arrived. Come sunrise they let not only the druids, but 150 or so assorted free party people into the circle for an hour. Even the solitary copper was chilled..... Phto's of the event should be up soon at the following URL's

jumping the repercussions of jumping the barriers, touching the Henge etc.

From: "Sarah Chapman" Reply-To: To: Subject: Law enforcement Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:08:00 +0100 Hey there, I am interested in the repercussions of jumping the barriers, touching the Henge etc. There are two reasons for this. Firstly I am writing an article about the solstice and I would like to increase the numbers of people versus police, but also warn of the dangers and recriminations involved. Secondly because I desperately want to join in myself and wonder, as an Australian, could I be deported or restricted from other ancient sites, Heritage and the like in the British Isles? If anyone has any information, personal stories about such incidences and the like, I would be very interested to hear from you. Lastly - which road gets you the closest to Stonhenge while the roadblocks are in place? Good work and here's to more free worship in areas of choice. Sarah Chapman (

cockney We were responsible for bringing the rave element to the stones for the spring Equinox.

From: "Peter Newton" To: Subject: Mutant Dance Spring Equinox @ Stonehenge Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 15:55:10 -0000 Dear George We were responsible for bringing the rave element to the stones for the spring Equinox. We were trying to show a new generation the splendour of the place and remind another that we can still party at the stones and gain access in larger numbers without damage bieng caused to the stones or any trouble. We believe that to restrict access to "The chosen few" is an insult to others who share an equal right to walk among the stones as anyone. We would value your opinion on the party and our web site where our version of events and future plans will be posted shortly. We believe in a form of direct action using partys and fluro fun to make some form of statement We gave out a sheet at the stones outlining a brief history of the stonehenge struggle, this will be available on our site soon. I hope to hear your views. Cockney

maryjones What're my chances of being there at a time when there aren't any tourists?

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 16:38:57 -0800 (PST) I'll be in England in July & August, and want to be at Stonehenge for Lughnassadh on August 1. What're my chances of being there at a time when there aren't any tourists? When is that even possible? Is there any ceremonies going on, or just on the solstices and equinoxes? (From) Mary Jones (Email)

zoe- researching the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994) in relation to police treatment of travellers

From: Zoe James To: george Subject: Re: travellers and police Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 23:03:39 +0000 hi, yes, i have done my research and am currently writing up for phd. i aim to continue my research further though when my phd is finished as the travellers lives are yet to be recognised and continue to be persecuted. please send any info particularly anything about travellers that needs support. cheers, zoe. ps. eventually got e-mailing going with tash! At 05:47 09/03/99 +0000, you wrote: >hello, >what happened, >did you research it, >have you put your words up the web, >can we link to it? >do you know about the stonehenge 2 being free to assemble? > > >Zoe James wrote: >> >> Hi, >> >> I am researching the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994) in >> relation to police treatment of travellers. I have been all over the web and >> attempted to contact Tash Lodge through his site, but his e-mail is no >> longer working. I am looking to find people who are travelling or have >> travelled in the last five years to talk to me about how the police have >> treated them. I wonder if you could help at all? >> >> Since the police trashed the travellers in '85 and access to Stonehenge has >> been denied things have got progressively worse. The law has forbidden a >> nomadic lifestyle in this country, but as people continue to travel I want >> to highlight how the law makes their life harder and how the police use the >> law. With the arrival of 'eco-warrriors' press attention and public debate >> has shifted its attention away from the people whose whole livelihoods and >> lifestyles are most affected by the Criminal Justice Act. I am trying to >> consider the affect this has had on the travelling community and how it >> continues to survive. >> >> I am only asking that my name and number be given to people who would LIKE >> to talk to me. I appreciate that researchers can be intrusive and I have no >> intention of being such. I simply feel that the plight of the travellers >> should be heard and highlighted. With no right to live on the road how can >> anyone expect to ever get back to Stonehenge, both problems must be dealt >> with in tandem, and soon. >> >> I hope you can help me, please let me know, >> >> yours, zoe. >> >> >> >> Zoe James >> Room 39AD20 >> Department of Sociology >> University of Surrey >> Guildford >> Surrey >

harlequin >Harlequin wrote: There was a question on the SC page asking which newsgroup should be used for information.

From: (Harlequin) To: george Subject: Re: Newsgroup Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 07:15:16 GMT On Tue, 09 Mar 1999 05:42:59 +0000, you wrote: >thankyou for your message, >i just got it > >Harlequin wrote: >> There was a question on the SC page asking which newsgroup should be >> used for information. Was this specifically about pre-existing groups? >> I can't think of a name for it at the moment, but why not create a >> group in the uk.* hierarchy. Failing that, creating an alt.* group >> should be easy enough. That took a while :-). Seeyouse later, H. -- "I slept with Faith, and found a corpse in my arms on awaking; I drank and danced all night with Doubt, and found her a virgin in the morning." [A. Crowley]




On Wednesday 19th August 1998 Free Rob Cannabis was arrested for the cultivation of 13 Cannabis Plants outside his Cannabis Shop, "In Harmony With Nature".

On Saturday 19th September Free Cannabis was awarded with a first prize in the Glastonbury In Bloom Competion by the Mayor of Glastonbury.

In a statement issued to Yeovil Police on Monday 21st September Free Cannabis asserted his right to the cultivation of Cannabis under article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. At trial Free Cannabis intends to fully expose the Crime of Cannabis Prohibition.

At a Pre Trial Review hearing on Friday 5th February 1999 a provisional date for trial was set for the week comencing


For more details please contact CANNABIS IN AVALON at 
                   CIA HQ, 10 St John's Sqr, Glastonbury.
    Tel 01458 833 713  E-Mail :

biriani Turn your computer off then, disconnect and reconnect, this is star-wars

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 09:05:36 -0800 (PST) Sent from Mail Form posted at: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turn on your computer and point your browser at Stonehenge. Now turn and look out of the nearest window. What do you see? Light or dark, summer, winter. Trees, grass, concrete. And consider this we is everywhere, a plastic cling-coat covers the soul and we is everywhere. And further, as you focus through the glass, ask this did the world just get bigger or did it just get smaller? "People have heard opera and they don't like it." You must have seen Morse. The finer things. Glass of wine maybe, peace. But then who has the time or space for such reflective, locked-on, intellect active, pursuit. Too few! And you can't be a naturalist any more either. Have to be an environmentalist, eco-warrior earth friend activist puffing white smoke in your zoot suit. Arrowed. Turn your computer off then, disconnect and reconnect, this is star-wars, we're going back, on up, to the Stones. A man on the radio says everyone's heard of Isumbard Kingdom Brunel but no-one could tell you who built the Channel Tunnel. Also there are more accountants in this country than in the whole of the rest of the European Union put together. IT makes you think. Nobody cares, it's a national joke. But the Stones.............. Thousands of web sites cover the site sight, TV, film, rock groups tap the potential like halloween. Stagger - move - who, how why??? Hmm? Salsbury Plain axed by A303, wind-blown sheep and always smaller than you'd imagined ants circle ropes. No Druids with white flapping coats like sane scientists and mock starstained faces. May as well be morris dancers with a Shepherd's Hey the Handkerchief Dance. Environmental Protesters stand like Roman sentinel soldier types. If you can't get a date, join an environmental group - cultural philosophy of the age. Go picket an airport. Defined as prong, pointed stake, station for civilian aircraft. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) Biriani Bhuna (Email)

drugs-know DRUGS: JUST SAY KNOW. A Green Party Drugs Breifing.

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 99 13:05PM MST From: (Shane Collins) To: Subject: DRUGS: JUST SAY KNOW. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ >Andy, George, Many thanks for your message re something on drugs for Festival Eye. This may be too long, fell free to edit or ask me to. Hope you are well. Shane. ps Do you want to do a stall For May Day is Jay Day at Clapham Common on Sat 1st May. If si email me back and I will send the stall forms. > >DRUGS: JUST SAY KNOW. A Green Party Drugs Breifing. >> >> >> "In the times of Elizabeth I if you farmed more than 70 acres of >land it was >>an offence not to grow at least one acre of cannabis hemp. England needed >hemp, it clothed us, it provided the rope and sails for an expanding navy, >paper, oil, food and 101 other uses. It has been called the basis of the >British Hempire. >> >> Now just one Elizabeth later, you can get your door smashed down, >your bank >>account monitored, your phone tapped, stopped, searched, tested and >arrested and slung in jail for growing just one plant let alone an acre. >You can also be let off with a caution depending on where you live and >whether the Police like you or not. >Times have changed." >> > >>- The Problems of Prohibition. - Green Drug Policy and amendments. >>- Shape of things to Come - Political Outlook. >>- Our Aims. >> >>The Problems of Prohibition. > >>Civil Liberties. > >>We should remember that the war on drugs is in reality a war on drug users. >>The main guiding force for any law and in particular the laws on drugs >>should be that you are free to do what you want so long as you don't effect >>other people's freedoms, or live and let live. >>In the 1990's the 'catch all' of the war on drugs allows the Police and >>State increased powers over our civil liberties, from stop and search on >>suspicion of drugs, testing, criminal records for millions of people, >>interception of fax, phone & email(1). >>Jack (last) Straw, our stay at Home Minister has recently announced if >>people look wealthy with no visible means of support then property and funds >>may be seized. Any bank movement of more than $10,000 is monitored by the >>US government under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. (2) All part of the war >>on drug users. >>Tobacco and alcohol can be dangerous killers, (est 160,000 deaths /yr uk)(3) >>cannabis, for example, is not. We should be allowed to choose what drug we >>use, especially if that drug does no harm to us or anyone else. >>Coming up to the millennium around half the UK population has tried some >>sort of illegal drug, so either half the country is to be classified >>criminal or we change the law. This is a ridiculous situation to be in. The >>1997 UN World Drug Report estimates in 1996 that 141 million people smoked >>cannabis, about 3% of world's population. > >>Money. > >>Prohibiting something simply creates an illegal market. The lesson was >>learnt in the US in the 30's with alcohol prohibition and it's being >>relearnt again now. Drugs are big money, the same UN World Drug report >estimates >>the drug trade to be the third largest in the world, after oil and arms, yes >>the third largest in the world, after oil and arms. At 8% of world trade, >>£250 billion pa, it's bigger than the motor industry. What is our government >>doing about it? - saying keep it criminal. This massive amount of illegal >>money is corrupting the banking system, - BCCI, Nugen Hand, to name a >>couple, it corrupts Police, Customs and Governments. In particular the >>collusion of groups in the US government (CIA, FBI, DEA) to help the >>Nicaraguan Contras and allow the explosion of crack cocaine in the inner >>cities of America.(4). The oil, plastic, lumber and pharmaceutical trans >>national Corporations have all benefitted from the prohibition of cannabis >>hemp in particular. > >>Communities. > >>Around 30-50% of UK crime is related to dependent drug use, e.g. crack cocaine >>and heroin.(5) It's quite possible to work in a well paid job and afford a >>heroin habit, but low paid or no paid and people can end up stealing, - car >>crime, housebreaking and muggings are obvious choices. If you have been >>mugged or broken into you don't feel the same, it shakes you up, you don't >>feel such a trust for strangers, this affects community for the worse. >>It also breaks down communities, the Police use of drug informants is well >>known and creates massive distrust in the community where informants are >>seen as untouchable and free to do as they like.(6) >> >>Shape of Things to Come? > >>You may be forgiven for assuming that prohibition has failed, but no, Pino >>Arlacchi, the head of the UN International Drugs Control Programme, has >>concluded the 'war on drugs has just started', he has called for more crop >>eradication, (in South America, the budget of which is already more than the >>aid budget!) He wants a genetically modified fungi to wipe out the coca and >>cannabis plant, destruction of chemical production facilities and aims to >>reduce demand through education and harsher penalties. In other words, more >>of the same. >>Our very own Tony Blair wants to 'breathe new life into the war on drugs', >>we have Special Branch & MI5 trying to avoid the P45 by deciding that drug >>users will be the 'New Russians' to justify their jobs and their spying on us. >> >>If our drugs policy continues along the same lines we can look to the USA >>for the shape of things to come. Zero Tolerance, 3 drug offences and you get >>7 years as cheap incarcerated labour in a private prison. There are around >>1.7million people in US prisons of which around 500,000 are in for drugs. >>That's around 1/3 of the total prison population in for drugs. Around 5..5 >>million Americans are either in prison, on parole or probation for drugs >>related offences. Most of these people are African Americans from poor >>communities with no dole, for whom drugs offer one of the few means of >>making money. Recently 60% of new prisoners are in for drugs offences.(7). >>This is not the example Greens would like the UK to follow, but with the >>retreat of the welfare state and increasing prohibition this seems to be the >>route we are being taken. >> >>Aims > >>We want a drugs policy that: >>· Leads to a big drop in crimes such as muggings, housebreaking and car >>related crime. >>· Causes a drop in new cases of addiction. >>· Saves Police and Court time to deal with serious crime. >>· 6-7 million people in the UK will no longer be termed criminal for using >>drugs. >>· Leads to a drop in number of dealers and organised crime. >> >>Policy > >>· Allow people to grow their own cannabis, for seed, fibre, medical or >>recreational use. >>· Decriminalisation of drugs for personal use. >>· For addictive drug users, registration and prescription of maintenance >>doses from G.P.'s allied with major funding of addictive drug treatment >>courses and centres. >>· Ban advertising and sponsorship of current and future legal drugs. >>· Access to Drug Testing Services. >>The possible shortcoming of the current Green policy is that by only >decriminalising >>drugs, it leaves the supply still in criminal hands, with it's attendant >>problems of pyramid selling, no quality control and a tendency to settle >>disputes with baseball bats rather than the Courts. Therefore at the Spring >>Conference in London March 1999 we hope to debate a longer term policy of >>regulated legalisation with a Royal Commission to decide on the details. >> >>The Political Outlook. > >>The only positive move on the Government's part is allowing trials on >>medical marijuana, but in pill form. Through this it may give way on medical >>marijuana but not recreational stress relieving smoking. On general drug use >>it's more of the same with added testing at work and on the road, recently >>new Labour has floated the idea of mandatory testing of all public sector >>employees. Note cannabis traces stay in the body for around 30 days, heroin >>only 2-3 days. As well as making making drug testing irrelevant, (a joint >>smoked three weeks ago is not going to impair your crane driving abilities), >>it also causes chaos in the prisons. The Tories are saying the same thing, >>the Lib Dems called a Royal Commission to look into cannabis before getting >>slapped down by Ashdown. The old Liberal Party calls for legalisation. >> >>There are millions of people who take or have taken illegal drugs, people >>who realise the system of prohibition is unfair and counter productive but >>are scared to speak out. The May Day Cannabis and Probition March - May 1st >>1999 in London and linking in with similar events around the world will give >>people a chance to come out of the closet or club over drug use. It will >>also be a week before the Local Elections and 5 weeks before the Euro >>Elections (with PR?). This will give people a chance to vote for a >>progressive drug policy. When Labour sees votes lost to the Greens they >>will be more open to change. >> >>In the USA nine states have voted to allow medical cannabis. The Greens in >>Germany have negotiated big changes in drug policy. Addicted drug users >>will be treated with care not punishment, with therapy, substitute and >>original drugs available instead of prison. A similar scheme in Zurich is >>currently cutting crime by 60% amongst addicts, a recent referendum voted to >>continue the policy. Virtually every state in Europe has a more liberal >>drug policy. If it's happening elsewhere why can't it happen here? >> >>References. >>1. Crown v Lindis Percy. York Crown Court. 4 September 1997. >>2. Sec 4701, P.L. 100-690. U.S. Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 as quoted in >>"BEHOLD A PALE HORSE" William Cooper. Light Publishing. >>3. "DRUGS AND THE PARTY LINE", Kevin Williamson. Rebel Inc or GPDG. >>4. "DARK ALLIANCE: CIA, THE CONTRA AND THE CRACK COCAINE EXPLOSION" Gary >>Webb, Seven Stories Press or GPDG. >>5 "DRUGS AND THE PARTY LINE", Kevin Williamson. Rebel Inc or GPDG. >>6. The 1990 Trust, "USE OF 'YARDIE' INFORMANTS BY THE METROPOLITAN POLICE". >>7. US Bureau of Justice Statistics. >> >>Does this make sense? If so then get involved. Divided we are >>prohibited, together and sky's the limit. >>Want more info? Call for our list of hard to find Drugs Books or e-mail us >asking for the 'Drug Info Menu'. > >>Green Party Drugs Group, 1a Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ. 0181 678 9420. >>e-mail >> >> > > >Shane Collins ( 0181 671 5936 >May Day - May 1st 1999 Cannabis & Prohibition Rally, London & Global. >see > >'The best things in life aren't things'. > > Shane Collins ( 0181 671 5936 May Day is Jay Day - Sat May 1st 1999. Cannabis & Prohibition Amble and Festival. London & Global. see

aural tecno/trance band called AURAL RESONANCE.

From: Glen smith To: Subject: inquirey Date: 05 March 1999 16:01 dear andy
my name is glen, and i am a member of a tecno/trance band called AURAL RESONANCE. i dont know if you can help me, but we are intrested in performing this year at several festivals, i was wandering if you have any contacts available to you, or wether you can personally arange something with us.
our internet web site is
and my e-mail is samantha can be contacted at the same.

my name is samantha, and i run a shop in folkestone/kent, called EARTH WORX. selling hand made and recycled kraft work. we are very intrested in stocking your magazine, please could you reply with information regarding this matter.
thanks for your time, and hope we can do business soon.

hope to hear from you soon ......glen and sam

tipiglen whatever determines the fortune of the land determines also the fortune of the people.

From: Ed Iglehart To: diggers list Subject: [diggers350] a few thoughts on land Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:23:18 +0000 all the best ed iglehart -- Visit the website: "To put the bounty and the health of our land, our only commonwealth, into the hands of people who do not live on it and share its fate will always be an error. For whatever determines the fortune of the land determines also the fortune of the people. If history teaches anything, it teaches that." -- Wendell Berry Local People, Who Are We? There are among us those whose ancestors fill the local graves, And some who have found a home here, and are likely to be buried here, There are some who have found work here, including Some whose employers have posted them here. We are all local people. May the present and coming times bring our shared goals closer to realisation. May we come to understand and share one another's goals where we do not already. May the forests and communities grow and prosper together in the knowledge that we can create our own circumstances.


From: "David Trippas" Reply-To: "David Trippas" To: Subject: sorry Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:45:07 -0000 sorry George, I upset you, forgiveness..lottsa, love and healing. I`m sorry I involved you in my trip..its not fair its lent, and I`m stoned and tired...and I think your a nice guy...remember, burning images is bad for the dole and I didn't mean it to go to was some other wanker.lottsa luv an `ugs

hearts we who walk with the Stones in our hearts should have access

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:14:12 -0800 (PST) I believe that we who walk with the Stones in our hearts should have access to them at the times and dates that we need them, without cost, since we ARE the ones who built them. Druids rule and moneygrubbers DROOL!!!!Peace. (From) Celt (Email)

stewards STEWARDS Corporation Movement - A NEW MOVEMENT OF POOR PEOPLE

Subject: STEWARDS CORPORATION MOVEMENT - A NEW MOVEMENT OF POOR PEOPLE Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 03:55:27 -0800 (PST) Reply Reply All Forward Delete Previous Next Close Stewards Shuswap Assocation Chiapas Alert Network Socialist Planning theory listserve We am interested in exploring the possibilities for online dialogue between our fledgling Stewards Movement and people like yourself. I believe that our models and approaches, provide some of the `missing links' necessary to create a viable eco-cooperative movement for the 21st. century. Below is a brief introduction to our movement with some pointers to our website: ------------------------------------------------------ RADICALLY DIFFERENT THAN OTHER APPROACHES. USES `CONTRACTS OF CARE AND OBLIGATION'. NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT TO STRUGGLE ALONE! STEWARDS Corporation Movement - A NEW MOVEMENT OF POOR PEOPLE Website: Email: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an introduction to the Stewards Corporation Movement. If you want to inform other individuals or listserves in your network about this movement, please forward this message to them. Thanks, Eric ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there, The Stewards Corporation Movement, also known as the Stewards Planetary House, is a new just-being-born movement of working and non-working poor people who seek to become increasingly able to work together to care for one another together with the planet. Our approach is highly inquiry-oriented and includes new methods of social organization, economics, information technology, childcare, personal development, care of the earth, `co-obligation contracts to work together to care for one another', and much else. Our approach could, in a nutshell, be summed up as: `Organize the planetary underclass as the Stewards of the world!"

merv its a bit tricky to navigate

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 01:40:24 -0800 (PST) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quite an intense web site you have here. Half of your Java script doesn't work and I would really suggest you drop the frames. Having said that it shows great potential. I would space things out a bit more, its a bit tricky to navigate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) The Merv (Email) (Website)

vladimir I would like to see it

Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 11:49:40 -0800 (PST) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to see it vladimir yu --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (From) vladimir (Email)

eric obituary of a squatter: Eric Mattocks. a main man!

From: Alan Lodge CC: "Traveller's Information (E-mail)","Undercurrents (E-mail)","Veggies - Rainbow Centre (E-mail)" VEGGIES@INNOTTS.CO.UK Subject: obituary of a squatter: Eric Mattocks. a main man! Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 16:13:05 -0000 Tuesday afternoon Hello. Have just got in sat down, and read my guardian. In the obituary today, chap I lived with for a couple of months, years ago has died. Eric was an interesting fellow. Here is what they said about him. wicked! luv tash ===================================================== Eric Mattocks Occupational hazards Eric Mattocks, squatters' activist, born may 30 1928; died January 18, 1999 By Steve Platt Tuesday February 2, 1999 The Guardian Eric Mattocks, who has died suddenly in his sleep aged 70, was one of the liveliest and best-loved characters in the London squatting movement. A rough, roguish, huge-hearted man, he was a stalwart of the Islington-based Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) for almost 25 years. There were few squatting campaigns in that period that did not bear the mark of his practical activism or echo with the sound of his unforgettable laugh. Brought up in working-class Hackney before and during the second world war, Eric never departed from his roots in London's East End. He had been a burglar before he was a squatter, and turned the skills he learned in that earlier profession to good use when his own experience of homelessness persuaded him that no one should remain homeless while houses stood empty. On the few occasions that he could be persuaded to speak about his housebreaking past, he was quick to insist that it was strictly confined to 'rich people's houses Kent, Surrey and Blackheath'. He despised 'nicking off the working class' and the rise of that sort of mean crime on the estates of Hackney and elsewhere. There was little that he would not do to help the many vulnerable people who turned to the squatting movement when all else had failed. For his 50th birthday Eric was presented by his squatter friends with the 'Order of the Golden Crowbar' (actually a gold spray-painted crowbar) in recognition of the number of squats he had opened up. The squatting movement of the 1970s and 1980s was at the heart of the political and cultural turbulence that produced, among much else, punks and punk rock. Although described as a 'proto-punk' for his anarchic politics and spikey ways by one of his younger fellow activists at ASS, Eric was never a fan of that particular music scene. At squatters' benefits he was often to be found taking the money on the door, where, equipped with industrial ear protectors, he would question the eager punters' sanity in 'paying good money for that bleedin' 'orrible racket'. He was also legendary in some music circles for once forcing Joe Strummer and his mates in the Clash, then on their way to stardom, to clean up the rubbish outside their squat. It was 'giving squatters a bad name. I don't care what bloody pop group they are.' Mattocks had first become involved in the organised squatting movement around the time of the eviction of the Elgin Avenue squatters in the summer of 1975, when barely a day passed without news of one squat or another hitting the headlines. He became treasurer of the London Squatters Union and was one of the founders of ASS, which he also served as treasurer until his death. When ASS hit one of its periodic financial crises, it was Eric who raised the money to keep it going; when the organisation was firebombed in 1981, it was Eric who got an emergency telephone line installed and had the centre back in action the next day. He did all this while working as a school gardener for the Inner London Education Authority, where he was an active trade unionist and shop steward. Perhaps Eric's greatest triumph was the Greater London Council's squatters' amnesty in 1977-78, when some 12,000 squatters in GLC properties were given authorised occupancies. Eric had found a kindred spirit at the GLC in John Snowcill, the senior official with responsibility for squatted properties. The two discovered they had attended the same primary school and formed a close friendship, which was to culminate in the plan for an amnesty. Eric played an essential role in its implementation chewed over with Snowcill at regular Friday sessions in a Waterloo pub. Among those who turned up to a London Squatters Union meeting in the late 1970s was Catherine, with whom Eric was to form a relationship that lasted for the rest of his life. Their two young children have lost their father, who loved them as dearly as he was loved by others, far too soon. ___________________________________________________ PHOTOGRAPHER - One Eye on the Road. "It is not enough to curse the darkness. It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

demons there's demons in the stones

Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 08:33:24 -0800 (PST) Sent from Mail Form posted at: I love stonehenge because there's demons in the stones (From) Scott Smith (Email)

venue here's the text of wot i wrote Stonehenge - the Return?

From: Jamie Matthews To: "Dice George himself" Subject: re. Rollo's maybe-news etc. no.2 Date: Sun, 31 Jan 99 23:30:51 -0100 george thanks for getting back managed to miss your return message but i did plug the campaign site p'raps if i knew the time of the meeting thing etc. it could go in the relevant mag nearer the date i did quieten down on the thing a bit i 'spect it's worth writing in let 'em know we're still interested here's the text of wot i wrote dunno if they'll cut it it might be on the web too from next fri maybe i copied it to Paul at the Campaign Stonehenge - the Return? With the now-notorious events around the banning of the Stonehenge festival in 1985, many people, especially those in nearby Amesbury and other rural backwaters, thought they'd heard the last of Solstice celebrations on Salisbury Plain. They underestimated the tenacity of the ever-growing Pagan movement and those for whom this site, which few would dispute was laid-out for seasonal observance, is more than just a tourist attraction. It is not generally known that for several years now Druids and other constituted Pagan groups have been permitted to use the monument for religious workings outside regular opening hours, with the full co-operation of the site's controlling agency, English Heritage. The religious tolerance argument, one of those always invoked around Stonehenge, has been taken seriously by EH, and has even led to discussions between practising Pagans, EH and the National Trust, about other megalithic monuments around the country. On several occasions too, particularly at the Winter Solstice this year and several past, groups of those interested in the stones have somehow happened to be present in sufficient numbers at the site to have the confidence to enter; they have not been resisted by the couple of security staff on duty, have disported themselves peaceably to the satisfaction of staff and the local Police, and left again in the morning. Since 1985 too, avowedly Pagan and other organisations have made representations and held meetings with English Heritage looking for a solution for the long term. One such is now claiming a significant advance. Rollo Maughfling, a character well-known around the festival culture but also the 'Stonehenge Officer' of the Council of British Druid Orders - the profusion of Pagan organisations is as much of a confusion to the ininitiated onlooker as it presumably is to EH themselves - has announced that, as a prelude to far greater (but still technically limited) access, all those interested in access to Stonehenge at the Solstices from Summer '99 on have been invited to write to English Heritage in Amesbury, stating their interest and (for what it's worth) the number of years they have been going to Stonehenge. Figures from 100 to 1000 have been suggested as the possible size of group to be admitted, though others have suggested that the likely response is far in excess of this - there is, presumably, only one way to find out. Fourteen years on, nobody, let alone the Police, is interested in the permanent perpetuation of the expensive annual 'Exclusion Zone' around Stonehenge. Discussions to this end are still in progress, and as of yet there is no indication that they will be relaxed this year, though both English Heritage and Wiltshire Constabulary have made it clear that they are willing to pursue its eventual dismantling "one step at a time". There are divergent schools of thought also among Pagans and the erstwhile festival folk. Many dislike the weight this one issue has been given but will perhaps return the moment a definite move is made; others, like the London-based Stonehenge Campaign and the persistent annual procession of walkers, have not been party to these particular meetings and do not advocate anything less than full open access (for which negociations continue); a vocal but probably minority faction look for the immediate re-establishment of the free festival; many of the bigger pagan groups and Druid Orders have been quietly continuing Solstice celebration at other sites all round Britain. But there is nobody who isn't glad to see a move away from stalemate. Names & addresses etc. to: Mrs. Clews Everard, E.H. Stonehenge Director, Abbey Square, Amesbury, Wiltshire. The Stonehenge campaign has a mostly enlightening web-site at:

petes I am researching Stonehenge

From: Peter Sherick To: Subject: Stonehenge Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 16:09:58 -0700 I am researching Stonehenge for a project. I need to interview someone. If you could answer a few of my questions, or could refer to someone who can I would be very grateful. I can be reached at Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Peter Sherick

secrets The Bureau of Public Secrets website

From: "Bureau of Public Secrets" To: "Radicals & Visionaries" Subject: The Most Brilliant Subversive Coup of Modern Times Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 16:23:39 -0800 "The accused have never denied the charge of misappropriating the funds of the Strasbourg Student Union. Indeed, they openly admit to having made the union pay nearly 5000 francs for the printing of 10,000 pamphlets, not to mention the cost of other literature inspired by the 'Situationist International.' These publications express aims and ideas which, to put it mildly, have nothing to do with the purpose of a student union. . . . Rejecting all morality and legal restraint, making sweeping denunciations of their fellow students, their professors, God, religion, the clergy, and the governments and political and social systems of the entire world, these cynics do not hesitate to advocate theft, the destruction of scholarship, the abolition of work, total subversion, and a permanent worldwide proletarian revolution with 'unrestrained pleasure' as its only goal." --Judge Llabador, Strasbourg District Court (1966) The situationists' notorious Strasbourg pamphlet "ON THE POVERTY OF STUDENT LIFE" -- the prelude to the May 1968 revolt in France -- has been translated into more than a dozen languages and reprinted in over half a million copies. A new English translation, more accurate than any of the previous versions, is now online at The site also includes new translations of the situationist articles "Our Goals and Methods in the Strasbourg Scandal" and "Beginning of an Era" (on the May '68 revolt). There is also a brief discussion of the scandal in chapter 2 of "The Joy of Revolution." * * * The Bureau of Public Secrets website, which has received over 30,000 page hits from some 6000 visitors during its first five months, features Ken Knabb's translations of French situationist texts as well as many of Knabb's own writings, including "The Joy of Revolution," "Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State," and an assortment of comics, leaflets and articles on Wilhelm Reich, Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, the sixties counterculture, radical women, Chinese anarchists, socially engaged Buddhists, urban "psychogeography," the Watts riot, the Iranian uprising, the Gulf war, and the recent jobless revolt in France. New texts are being added every few days. BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS

portsmouth3 The trial of 3 well known Portsmouth hunt saboteurs commences

Subject: Portsmouth 3 Defence Campaign Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 16:50:39 -0000 PORTSMOUTH THREE DEFENCE CAMPAIGN c/o Box H, 167 Fawcett Road Southsea, Hants, PO4 0DH The trial of 3 well known Portsmouth hunt saboteurs commences at = Portsmouth Crown Court on 1st March 1999. This prosecution is = politically motivated and must be opposed. The following describes = events leading up to the prosecution and details why you should support = the Portsmouth 3 and how you can help. Because of the extreme violence that hunt saboteurs had experienced from = members of the Hursley Hambledon fox hunt a large scale = =E2=80=98sab=E2=80=99 was arranged so that saboteurs could attend the = hunt in relative safety and use non-violent direct action in an attempt = to prevent the hunt killing foxes. The defence campaign have seen sight = of a police briefing which proves that they had advance knowledge of the = planned sab. There was a police briefing in the morning and there were a = large number of police specialist public order units in neighbouring = farms. In addition to this a police vehicle followed the sab=E2=80=99s = from their meeting point at a railway station to the hunt meet, yet = turned off as the sab=E2=80=99s arrived at the meet. This left a = potentially volatile situation of hunt supporters and hunt saboteurs = un-policed apart from a police spotter plane so high up that the police = have not been able to isolate and identify any of the perpetrators of = violence. The Hampshire police response to this was to indiscriminately arrest 42 = saboteurs (of approx. 100 present) at roadblocks later that morning. The = police then raided the homes, and in some cases business premises, of = all 42 arrested in an operation that has far more to do with evidence = gathering for Special Branch, the Public Order Intelligence Unit of = Scotland Yard and the Animal Rights National Index (ARNI), than it has = to do with solving crime. Each of the 42 arrested were held in police = cells for between 30 to 36 hours and had all of their clothing seized as = well as mobile phones, video cameras, sabbing equipment, etc. In = addition 5 vehicles belonging to either sab groups or individuals were = seized and impounded.

nwactivists NW England activists info

Subj: NW England activists info Date: 11/01/99 22:57:07 From: (Networking Newsletter Project) To: Thought you might be interested in the NETWORKING NEWSLETTER - activist happenings in North West England - email if you'd like to go on the email list and/or check out the web site below Cheers Michael NETWORKING NEWSLETTER PROJECT 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS tel: 01457 871 609 fax: 0161 275 6800

jason links

From: "Jason Camp" To: Subject: links Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 11:09:23 GMT George! - human rights watch The last is a map of megalithic britain I've still got to sort out the frame rate with the mpgs, I will put them on tribal voices as soon as I get the time. Today I've got an office move 40ft down the corridor.. the excitement of travel indeed. Jason

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