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Free Stonehenge Talking Circle at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms,
Sunday 25th March 2001

Stonehenge Campaign   
c/o 99 Torriano Av. London NW5 2RX


==== JANUARY 2001 ==========

Festival Eye Magazine  2001 issue will be out in March!!!
   The deadline for articles/pictures is the end of 2000,
   leaving enough time to put the magazine together,
   and print and distribute it without busting a gut!

Wednesday January 17th 2001 2pm      GEORGE HOTEL AMESBURY
     English Heritage have agreed to repeat the public access
     for the Summer  Solstice in 2001.
     Does this mean our work is finished? Hardly.
    George Firsoff (Secretary)  Tel 0117-9542273

==== FEBRARY 2001 ============ email =====

Sat February 3rd: Imbolc: Rainbow Circle Benefit Gig
     at Glastonbury ASssembly Rooms

Wed February 7th:  8pm Stonehenge Campaign meeting
                   at 99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town, London

Monday February 12 2001 deadline for submissions to
   Rainbow Circle Newsletter

==== MARCH 2001 ============

Wed March 7th:  8pm Stonehenge Campaign meeting
                   at 99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town, London

2001.03.20 Tuesday Spring Equinox -
           sunrise 6.a.m ish local time east of Stonehenge

2001.03.24 Sat 8pm Glastonbury Assembly Rooms  5/4??
           Benefit Gig for Tribal Voices + Stonehenge Campaign
   please include this news in your mags, emails and webpages,
   a good picture to use is at:
   or phone george 07970-378572

2001.03.25 Sun 2-5pm Free Stonehenge Talking Circle in Glastonbury
Assembly Rooms

2001.04.01  A large celebration to commemorate the Diggers
   and celebrate the opening of the 'Diggers Trail'
   is planned for Sunday April 1st 2001
   - further details in the New Year.

Wed April 4th:  8pm Stonehenge Campaign meeting
                   at 99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town, London

Wed May 2nd:  8pm Stonehenge Campaign meeting
                   at 99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town, London

05/05/2001: Free The Weed! ;
 more/latest info at

1st June 2pm  Stonehenge Walkers Picnic,
 Battersea Park Peace Pagoda
3pm walkers leave the park


Autumn Equinox 2000

===== Stonehenge Autumn Equinox 2000 =====
A hundredish of us gathered in the Stones for dawn.
Some people made a circle, male druids talked for 24 minutes, females for one minute.
Happy New Age! [george] ===========================

Them and Us by Arthur

From the Chairman of the Council of British Druid Orders 8th October 1999

Pagan groups throughout the land, and beyond, are galvanised into a "Them and Us" situation. The "Them" in this instance, are the great unwashed, the so called New-age Travellers and the "Us" being the respected face of Paganism.

It is long over time to dismount from our proverbial high horses and stop being so bloody sanctimonious. It really doesn't matter who's gang is better than who's, for at the end of the day we are all in the same gang the Mother's.

No Coven, No Order, No Group has the monopoly on what is right and what is not. None of us can truly say "we are right and they are wrong", all we can say with certainty is that this works for Us and this works for Them.

Arthur Pendragon

25 March 2000 Stonehenge Talking Circle at Glastonbury

== Stonehenge Talking Circle @ Glastonbury 25March2001 ==

Last year about a dozen of us met in the small room downstairs, mostly the same who meet at Torrianno, and chatted in our usual anarchic manner. But with a hundred this wouldnt work.

In a Talking Stick Circle we sit in a circle, so everyone can see everyone, and a stick (or feather or broom or chillum..) is passed around the circle, and whoever has the stick talks (or remains silent) and we all listen.

I want to hear what the people who dont have the loudest voice and the loudest profile have to say. The circle enables this.

Short respectful points of information or jokes could be allowed, but concentration can be lost this way.

This year we want the big hall upstairs, a bigger circle, hopefully with Hippies, Travellers, Druids, Pagans, Festivalers, Tourists - no, we're people not labels.
has details of a poster you can print out.

Please circulate details of this meeting, and come.

(dice) george 07970 378572


Solent Fin

i'm just starting (restarting) Solent FIN: and you can mail me at too... could you add it to any of your contact lists..?. that would be great!
Bubble =======================

My father was the last man who could actually split the sarcens

Sunday 11 June 2000


Do any of you guys actually live here, near Stonehenge? I live about two miles away. My father was the last man who could actually split the sarcens using traditional methods. He died in 1973 but, his tools are in a local museum and there is a book about the three families who for hundreds of years were the only ones who knew how to work the stones. My father's arms were full of sarcen and steel splinters. I helped him carry out this task in 1970 when the Great Stone Race took place. We were filmed for ABC in USA. It was his last great occasion.

I never learned the actual technique but, I know how it is done. Of the three families, I think I am the only male descendant alive who has split/helped split the sarcen. If you are interested I have the information about the families.

These people made their living from the stones over many years. I spent most of my life listening to stories about those hard days. I saw the damage it did to my father.

Don't be too sentimental or naive about these stones: they represent struggle and pain. Both from their origin and from the work that went on around and about them for centuries.

During the first world war the stones were used as scalpings for the roads around Wiltshire. I believe that this was also the case in the second war.

I have climbed over the stones, danced on the stones and slept on them. I remember the times when anyone at anytime could go to them. Things are different now.

The stones have withstood the cruelties of time and will continue to do so. I am not convinced that it is right to deny people free access to the stones but, I have also seen the stupid and pointless damage that people have inflicted on them.


Robb Kimmer


stonehengepeace cover stones

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2000 2:
Subject: stonehengepeace cover stones

 should we cover the
 horizantel stones with sacking
 in june because of people sitting on them?


Darron Fleming re: sacking the stones...

Darron Fleming writes
re: sacking the stones......

yes definitely, that lichen was a bugger to wash out of my jeans....

Seriously,I have to question your motives for wanting to do such a thing. Is it the lichen issue ? Is it a respect thing - for the stones that is. Is this an indication of pandering to the desires of the archeological command ?

This is dangerous ground to tread. Todays compromises are tomorrows rules. Where will it end, how much quarter is given before we have given too much. Who decides on who decides ?


George Firsoff - Lichens grow very slowly

From: "George Firsoff"
Date: 21 October 2000 09:15 I think the prime motive as far as the Stonehenge Peace Process has been concerned is to work by concensus with English Heritage. They are very influenced of course by what their archaeologists, and their botanists tell them. Lichens can't talk so someone has to represent their interests!

Lichens grow very slowly - not like grass that recovers in a few weeks - but one Summer Solstice can set their development back by several years. I think sacking might also destroy the lichen.

The policy of the Stonehenge Peace Process has been effective, because, Hey, we can as a result of the talks that have happened, be at the stones again at the Summer Solstice!

I would ask how -serious- is peoples' -need- to climb the stones? I don't think anybody is saying it's a matter of deep personal belief, that climbing the stones is a sacred ritual that they are sworn to.

Rather if a child gets to the stones unless prevented a child will climb on the stones. Because the child is a child and the stone is a stone.

But by refraining from this familiarity, children and adults would be -respecting- the stones. You are still allowed to -touch- them.

Of course someone might argue that access to "all parts therof" as it says in the deed of gift includes say, access to the trilithons. Is this a right you would claim, or refrain from in the interests, of being allowed there in the first place? What about the horizontal stones? How much do you -need- them?

Tell us please, so we can try and represent your views!


Tribal Voices

=== Tribal Voices ==========

Tapes 1,2, 3 and 4 are on sale again.

Tapes 1 and 2 were recorded around campfires at Solsbury Hill, Fairmile, Twyford Down and at Kentish Town Rainbow Centre around 1995.

Tapes 3 and 4 were recorded at 'The Gathering' in Devon in autumn 1997.

Tapes One and Two cost 5.50 each, and Tapes Three and Four cost 7.50 each (including post and packing in UK), cheques payable to "Tribal Voices", from
=== Tribal Voices,
=== 73 Brailsford Rd,
=== Brixton,
=== London UK
=== SW2 2TB

== or From Harvest Forestry, New England St, BRIGHTON.
== or from Kebele Community Cafe, Bristol
== or from Gothic Image, Glastonbury

We may be recording tapes 5 and 6 soon...


SpaceGirl CD

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 

Just to let you know I have copies available of my debut album "Cysgwch yn Dawel" if you are interested.
Sprinkled stardust and best wishes. ======================

Letter From Karelia

=== Letter From Karelia: 13december2000: ===
I hated our September S.C. front picture because 
I'm against dead prerecorded music at Stonehenge:
    the drumming and dancing this June was great.
June 2001 lets have beer and fire in one corner,
     RinkyDink, tame druids, dry kids in others;
and walking up the Avenue and in and out the Stones
   but no glass or climbing or violence or dogs
      but love and self policing and honour.
==  == 07970 378572 ==

From: "George Firsoff" []
To: "Alan Lodge" []; "Andy Smith" []; "Andy Smith" []; []; []; []; []; "Bass Steve" []; "Steve BASS" []; "Kathleen Ben-Rabha" []; []; []; []; []; "clareslaney" []; []; "Colin Russ" []; "Dice George" []; []; []; "Ed" []; []; "elizabeth" []; "Linda A. Johnson" []; "Nicola Kavanagh" []; "Fraser Clark - The Parallel YOUniversity" []; "KARL GALLAGHER" []; []; "Roy GILLETT" []; "M J Greenfields" []; []; "Ian Wood" []; []; "michael james" []; "Talis Kimberley" []; "King Arthur Pendragon" []; "mark pryke" []; "Mirra & Keith Smith" []; "Ruwan Perera" []; []; []; []; []; []; []; "david porter" []; []; "Andy Burnham" []; "Gafyn Blakeway" []; []; "Melvyn Gates" []; []; []; []; []; []; "Valerie Bannister" []; []; "Geoff Gilbertson" []; "Ivan McBeth" []; "mark pryke" []; "Willy X" []
Subject: TRC16
Date: 21 October 2000 04:58

Removal instructions:
We do apologise if you get this message and do not want to, just reply
saying "No Stonehenge"


The following are DRAFT minutes of the last meeting and this means there
is time (a few days) to get back to me with corrections, additions,
clarifications, before it is

(a) posted on our website for Jo Public to see

(b) emailed to our press representatives

Please do check the text out and let me know by reply

If in addition you have any queries, issues to raise, about the matters
in these DRAFT minutes, or anything else to do with Stonehenge, please
mail them our public newsgroup at

We are looking at a date around 10-18 January 2001 for the next TRC.
Will those interested in attending please comment on their availability.
Thank you.
Text begins

Friday September 29th at Shrewton

        George Firsoff (pro tem Chair)
        Paul Aitken
        Roy Gillett
        Adrian Tibbits
        Kasia Morris
        Nora Morris
        Martin Mottram
        Dice George
        Andy Hollingshead  (Superintendant  Police)
        Andy Pulham Minutes (volunteer)

        Brian viziondanz
        Dr Thomas Daffern
        Mrs Clews Everard  (Manager Stonehenge)
        Tim Abbott

Letters received:

George received from film maker Rachel Grieve information stating that
her footage of Stonehenge & the work of the Peace Stewards would be
shown on Channel 4 TV sometime later in the year.

George received email from the American Film Crew at Florida University
who taped our last TRC meeting that they have American to European Video
Format compatibility problems/technical glitch with their work.

George wrote to Enford Village Hall in Wiltshire thanking them for their
help at the Solstice and offering volunteers to help with external

George sent his commiserations to Alan (Tash) Lodge, a festival
photographer, who suffered exposure/hypothermia, and was unwell on
Solstice night when inclement weather prevailed.  The question of first-
aid/St.John's Ambulance/a welfare tent was raised.

A.H. (Police) In de-brief with English Heritage has raised question of
providing moon-blankets in emergency.

G.F (Chair) Questioned English Heritage budget/cost/funds for Solstice
Event? A general question was mooted for who picked up the tab for the
clean-up of Stonehenge or even at football events.

Ms N.M.Said she was at Lord Lieutenants evening where question of cost
per head of not riot policing this event was raised (i.e. how much had
we as Peace Stewards all saved)?

M.M As a local, reminded us that shopkeepers in Amesbury used to pay
their families holidays from the Stonehenge Festivals weeks.

Ms K.M. Welfare Tent?

G.F.Tried to make three consecutive points raised from the last Round
Table but was interrupted.

A.H. (Police) Had to leave the room to make confidential phone call on
his mobile.

R.G Spoke as an Astrologer of seeing a sunny sunrise at Solstice 2001.
As there will be a new moon so it will be very dark over night.  It will
also be the anniversary of the 1984 eclipse, too.  The 21st will be a

G.F.Continued with his three points of focus from Round Table. Good Idea
to create alternative activity satellites in area around Stone Circle.
We will know by January 2001 what English Hetitage have decided and
publicity can then go out.
Question of Event Organisers to begin dialogue with local landowners to
come forward NOW to start liaison for young peoples event A.S.A.P.
As there are people who want to hold quiet/special ceremonies in the
Stone Circle on Solstice, this is also a question which needs to be
debated:  a potential problem is foreseen for example between those who
wish to hold a silent ceremony v. those who would want to create a lot
of noise/celebratory event.

A.H. (Police) Returned to room and was put up to speed/on message with
progress of meeting.  He covered the Round Table de-brief rapidly as:
toilets, catering, welfare, first-aid, a camping site and beacons.  A
question of what will be provided at the satellite events.  It was
discussed with Mrs Clews Everard/Stonehenge/English Heritage.

R.G. Felt that English Heritage might be hesitant re marquees.  Any
alternative event would need to be organised with the utmost

A.H (Police) Reminded us that Solstice was very much a healing process
and thus the authorities acted cautiously. This restraint was noted by
those who attended.

R.G.Qua Astrologer had distributed to the meeting a sketch plan document
for proposed possible site plan which displayed arenas for
drumming/dancing/speaking/singing and instruments.  This plan displayed
a ceremonial layout as per a five-pointed star/pentangle with its
ceremonial area at the Heel Stone, pointing to the sunny sunrise.

D.G. Wished it to be put on the public record that he recommends RINKY-
DINK mobile pedal power p.a. system Opening up the Cursus Avenue for
pedestrian access.

I, [dice] george, recommended Rinky Dink be invited to a corner outside Stonehenge
to draw drummers and dancers out of the Stones.

And, separately, I said that we want
the Avenue opened up for pedestrian access -
in June 2000 it was blocked by two fences and the road
which was closed to all but emergency vehicles,
thus cutting Stonehenge from its Avenue

Ms N.M. Observed this was however a sheep field owned by the National

G.F. Recalled that we in fact had already walked along the Avenue in
procession from Woodhenge en-route to Stonehenge last Solstice.

A.H. (Police) Said that the traffic plan is one big issue.  Both traffic
flow and the emergency services corridor for emergency vehicles to
access to, and exit from, the designated TRIAGE POINT  (Fire, Police,
Ambulances) was located at the Heel Stone area for immediate evacuation.

R.G.Opined that as an Astrologer the Heel Stone area is a very important
ceremonial area.

A.H. (Police) Observed that it was very dangerous for pedestrians from
Amesbury crossing the A303 here.  Especially so as Roy had reminded us
that it would be very dark (a new moon). Using his mobile, Andy
Hollingshead rang the Pilton Farm number to ask for confirmation of the
forth-coming Glastonbury festival dates in 2001.  This information was
added to the general informal discussion. Said the whole motorised
transport question is something to be sorted out in the future whenever
the redevelopment/management plan/vision for the future of Stonehenge

D.G. Recalled there is an underpass like a disused cattle tunnel
somewhere along the A303.

M.M. Used its correct nomenclature as a "creep".  This magical underpass
was then vividly discussed from others intimate knowledge of the
terrain, the history of the lands tenure, the building of the new road
through it (A303) and from these insights a fairly accurate/probable
location of an otherwise unknown/lost/secret pedestrian underpass was

A.H. (Police) Stated that the A303 is LETHAL to pedestrians.

Ms K.M.Took this serious question of public safety to some lengths and
in response to her

A.H (Police) agreed that for him too, this issue was paramount
concluding that with more time this year there should be the possibility
of more and better public information on all these issues and expressed
from Clews that she felt that the Autumn Equinox was a gold star event
and that all went really well.

R.G. (Astrologer) Added that on the Equinox the cloud parted for
precisely sunrise to a magical Autumn Libran day.

Brian's Web Page open access.

Rollo Maughling was missed.

A.H. (Police) Gave the meeting English Heritage's Web Site
and announced that English Heritage's Stonehenge Management Plan 2005
was on C.D. ROM available free to download. Dice George and Paul (PA)
swapped technical information/megabytes talk on what PC systems and
software power would be needed to access it free.

P.A. Raised some fairly sensitive questions of special access at
Stonehenge for various groups and asked whether it (Stonehenge) really
is open for all? - since it has been experienced that exclusion
logically follows from exclusivity.

A.H. (Police) Asked to be reminded of the next Round Table's meeting
date which was agreed would be a Tuesday in early November 2000.
Previous focal points of camping/a car park-up would be a really good

D.G.Told us that a fund raiser for the Stonehenge Campaign was possibly
going to be booked at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms for the afternoon
of Sunday 25th March 2001.

General Information Glastonbury Festival 2001 will be following the
Summer Solstice (a Thursday 21st June), on 22nd, 23rd and 24th June; the
mood of this meeting was that for this year there would be somewhat less
pressure therefore for an alternative music/dance/rave site.  However,
contacts with local land-owners for the future would be made informally
by Andy Pulham, Festive Events Consultant.

Names mentioned ranged from:    Sting (ex The Police band) Farm Manager?
Local Earls and Lords:- Earl of Cardigan, Savernake Forest,- Lord Bath
of Longleat, etc.- to the local farmers/land-owners group known as
Bunnies Corner Gang.

A.P (Minutes) Having listened to the meeting's advice to recognise that
much of this area's terrain were recognised SSSI's (Sites of Special
Scientific Interest) or owned by the British Army whose Land Agent would
need to be approached, felt that it was more of a political nature, a
role which he felt the previous Green Mayor of Wilton, Mr Tim Abbott,
was more adept at.  However, if Mr George Firsoff of the Stonehenge
Peace Process could forward any of his data bank/information/contacts
network then some progress would be made.

The pressing problem of FUNDING the TRC was re-stated.  G.F. can no
longer sustain expenses, now in excess of 1000 and felt this was
possibly his last unpaid journey to the TRC or round table meetings, as
a struggling, self-employed small business man. The meeting ended within
schedule and 15.00 cash was collected, so hall hire was paid in cash,

Many thanks to Ms Nora Morris et al for providing refreshment and her
typed half-page suggestions for the car park at Stonehenge 2001
George Firsoff

"Honour be to those who Honour give"

endof new stuff george dec2000

Tom Edinburgh died in June, custodian of the stones for 30 years. He retired in 1996 but was doing his own tours until he died. He disapproved of new wardens telling people hippies had damaged the stones because he knew they hadn't.. Wally Hope had told him 'My people will never harm the stones, man.' Tom also said 'I don't do it like him (Wally) barefooted, cross-legged - I just stand there. You should see them by the light of the full moon, that's when they really get to you.' Maybe wardens of today should remember Tom and not uphold the myth that the festival was stopped to prevent damage. - HELEN

Dear All at Stonehenge HQ, find enclosed an essay for the autumn and winter newsletter. Thankyou ever so much for all the work you all put in over the years. Thankyou for helping me to get into the stones for solstice. The experience validated my life. 15 years I waited to enter our new temple. Live in light and harmony. - GINO

Dear Stonehenge Campaign, we are a small group of friends who are planning to set up a non-profit making travelling marquee for next summer. Our main aim is to promote alternative technology at schools, village fetes, festivals and traveller sites. We will do this by only using sun and wind power and providing free workshops, information, music and drama for adults and children. We also aim to promote recycling and other environmental issues. We have a lot of the things that we need including vehicles, wind generators, solar panels etc but do not have a marquee. Would it be possible to put an advert in your magazine, something like: Wanted for community environmental project, big top tent 60' x 40' to 60' x 90'. Must conform to safety standards. Please phone 01226 764279 or 0777 3714495. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further info. Many thanks, A. Anghi.


This is really happening, the energy is really flowing around and discussion and everybody was talking about different points of view and it was really positive made me feel really magical. It was political around the fireside, I had this cake . . . When Willy turned into a spark it was like a moment of truth sort of thing and the best bit was well worth it but Willy ended up directing attention himself which sort of defeated the object but he said all this ' Shit, I don't want to be the leader either' when he realised he was taking it over and the point was he didn't want it taken over by the Druids. Meanwhile Matt was shouting 'You're all Freemasons!' I think I was floating at that point. Just brilliant! I don't think there's enough slamdancing . . . flailing music . . . it was great drumming . . . JILLY

winter solstice 2000, new merlin i am everyone happy celebrating, left in time to give the tourists back their illusion. midnight needs access not just dawn. free access for all, all the time, festival forever, stonehenge is everywhere jesterdream.

Dec 21 - Winter Solstice 1.38 p.m. Sunrise 8.18 a.m. 
Dec 30 - Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, Benefit Party
Dec 31 - Newchurch guinea pigs demo: 0772 0662038
Jan - FESTIVAL EYE DEADLINE: dates, reviews as soon as possible
Saturdays in Jan - Leckford Abbas Estate, Leckford - stop them shooting the birds: 01442 240246
Jan 9 - total lunar eclipse 8 p.m.
Jan 9 - riotous assembly, monthly meeting of Manchester direct action/ anarchist group 7.30 p.m. Yard Theatre opposite Junction Pub, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme
Jan 14 - Vegan Children's New Year Gathering, 1.30 - 4.30 p.m., Guide Hall, Coram's Fields, Guildford Street, London WC1 (Euston BR/Russell Square tube) Contact Lesley Dove: 020 886 11233
Jan 17 - Huntingdon Campaign organise in your area 0121 6326460
Jan 17 - Stonehenge Truth and Reconciliation Committee meeting 2 p.m. George Hotel, Amesbury. English Heritage have granted public access for summer solstice 2001. Contact George Firsoff (Secretary) 0117 9542273/
Jan 21 - Huntingdon Campaign. National demo at Occold Labs - 0121 6326460
Jan 25 - Leicester Radical Alliance meeting 7.30 p.m. at the Secular Hall
Jan 26 - Huntingdon Life Sciences customer phone blockade: call Dupont on 141 0800 731 3339 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Jan 27 - Huntingdon Campaign monthly local actions against Smith Kline Beecham's products being in supermarkets.
Feb - month of remembrance for animal activists:1, Jill Phips; 6, Vicky Moore; 9, Mike Hill
Feb - hare coursing HSA: 01273 622827
Feb 3 - imbolc - Rainbow Circle benefit gig, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
Feb 3 - Tell John Lewis department stores to stop having shooting seasons
Feb 12 - Rainbow Circle Newsletter deadline:
Feb 12 - THE BIG BLOCKADE. Mobilise to blockade the Faslane submarine base: / 01436 820901
Mar 8 - International Women's Day
Mar 20 - Equinox 13.27 hrs BST. pre-sunrise access to Stonehenge approx. 5 a.m.
Mar 24 - TRIBAL VOICES AND STONEHENGE CAMPAIGN BENEFIT GIG: Glastonbury Assembly Rooms: 5/4 ??: or phone Dice George: 07970 378572
Mar 25 - 2 - 5 p.m. Stonehenge talking circle, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
Apr 1 - Sat/Sun: Eric's Memorial Party, Bogstomp, Llangybi Common, Ceredigion, Cymru
Apr 1 - Opening of the Digger's Trail:
May 1 - MD2K anti-capitalist festival
May 4 - Nukes In Space, Leeds. International Annual Conference on space militarisation. Yorkshire CND, 22 Edmund Street, Bradford; 01274 730795
May 5 - Free the Weed:
May 27 - 3 p.m. BRIGHTON STONEHENGE WALK leaves Old Steine fountain. Join anytime on spaced odyssey to solstice celebration: 07748 954954 /
Jun 1 - LONDON STONEHENGE WALKERS PICNIC 12 - 2 p.m. Battersea Park Peace Pagoda. For updates see Stonehenge/ F.I.N. datelist at
Jun 8 - World Oceans Day (stop eating fish)
Jun 16 - 24 - National Anti-angling week 
JUN 21 - SUMMER SOLSTICE 08:33 HRS BST Public access confirmed for sunrise. Sites everywhere.
Aug 2 - Lammas
Oct 31 - Samhain
TUESDAYS: alternative filmmakers Undercurrents are broadcasting a weekly netcast hosted by from 9 p.m. - 3 a.m.
first Tuesday of the month - Riotous Assembly, Manchester anarcho group 7.30 p.m., Yard Theatre opposite Junction Pub, 41 Old Birley Street, Hulme 0161 226 6814 /
WEDNESDAYS: vigil for free Tibet 6 - 8 p.m. outside the Chinese Embassy, Portland Place
THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS: 56A Info Shop open. Books, squat info etc 56 Crampton Street London SE 17 5 AE
FRIDAYS: London Anarchist Forum. 8 - 10 p.m., Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1 R4RL. Holborn tube. 07949 407786 /
first Saturday of the month - Campaign against the Birmingham Northern Relief road. Meet 12 p.m., Brownhills, ATOM 07818 687742
second FULL WEEKEND each month: Women's Peace Camp outside Aldermaston Atomic Weapon's Base at the Falcon Gate: 01639 700680
second weekend of every month - BRIGHTON'S RADIO 4A ON AIR -  if you would like to contribute call 07980 168115 or e-mail regular updates from Radio4A

Here's a flyer for the Glastonbury meeting,you may notice that it's similar to last years, and the year befores, some of the wallpaper paste still shows through the photoshopping!

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