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Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter
Autumn Equinox 2002

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Media collation as last year at Also some photos. Avebury news is being posted here Media collation as last year at Also some photos.


From: Subject: [stonehengepeace] re: ritual - elitist and conceptual Date: 16 2002 September 16 17:32
what is taking place in the stones is here and now and is very much part of the healing process, as the process continues and the partnership between english heritage and the community matures, the celebration will be a reflection of that.

rituals will never reach their goal, because they are conceptually based - only when the human spirit is free to dance and optimise will the goal be reached - the world has plenty of cold religion, there is no need for any more.

:) PS

there will be a meeting for next years event in leytonstone the first week of october - i will post the exact details in the next couple of days


From: "cheopsmate" Subject: give us 100,000 pounds and we will sell vegy burgers all night long Date: 01 2002 July 01 22:51 I´m back bloody hell you lot seem to have scared every one else away Still if anyone would like to see pretty bubbles go to- or would like to share your memories of a free festival go to Stonehenge free festival was organised on love and peace and 35 pound dole checks not 100,000 pound and 80,0000 people turned up. and stimulated an unprcedented rise in the fortunes of EH concession at stonehenge 100,000 seems a small price to pay to return the favour.The stones are karmically linked. Do good to the stones and good fortune will return to you. cheop


From: Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 8:09 PM Subject: [stonehengepeace] the stones Hi everyone Im a new comer to all this but would like to comment on some of the issues being bantered about. 1. people not being allowed rucksacks, sleeping bags etc......I saw several people with sleeping bags, rucksacks and duvets. Is there some form of double standard going on here or is there an unwritten code of who can have and who cannot. We were denied a folding chair even though one of our party was on crutches with a broken leg! 2. Climbing on the stones......Whereas I agree that this monument is the heritage of the people, and as such we should have free access to it, I must confess to being saddened at the sight of so many people having a total lack of respect for what is one of this countrys most important pagan worship sites. If so many people continue to climb on the stones in this way there will soon be no stones left to inherit. 3. I was also gladdened to see such a diverse mixture of society all gathered together and having a peaceful time. Marred only by the occassional drunken bum, who fell over me. Or everytime I switched my torch on to pour a coffee, an average of six people decided that was a sign that I was selling drugs. 4. Long live the summer solstice in its present form. With a little less jumping on priceless stones and people attending for all the wrong reasons. Blessed Be @->-Debs-<-@


From: "deadpoets_uk" Date: 22 2002 June 22 20:21 1. eden was disturbed early on by two women with children turned away because they had duvets not blankets 2. need to do something about those govt. satelites moving clouds around so we can actually see the dawn sun


From: "George Firsoff" Subject: [stonehengepeace] 2002 report Date: 29 2002 June 29 12:37 In order to open up our history file on the Solstice 2002, I have used the following provisional report. I hope this will encourage you to send in your accounts, by emailing me or the newsgroup. Pictures of our Goddess project are also now online. 2002 Report =========== An estimated 22,500 celebrated a night vigil at Stonehenge from 8PM on 20th June 2002 until 7AM on the 21st June, and had a jolly time, even though dense high cloud ensured the sun was not seen to rise! I thought that the crowd were more relaxed than before, and I thought this as soon as I arrived and saw that people were not rushing in at the opening but trickling in at a leisurely pace through the night and building to the maximum at around dawn. Nevertheless I saw that there still was a level of the emotional contestation that we are aware from the anarchists and free festival campaigners who express themselves on the newsgroup on the internet. At the stones this expresses itself in a prolonged occupation of the Stones by the sort of young people who identify with "the people" although of course this rhetoric disguises the fact that they are just one particular group of people, who by occupying the stones in this way, are denying them to some other groups of people. Click on for further comments on this topic. Persuading people to give up an emotional contestation is I would suggest, no easy matter. English Heritage stewards did very little to prevent people climbing on the Stones but this is for them the main area of anxiety. Not only are the Stones subject to damage, so is the lichen, which takes a long time to grow. There is a serious safety issue, if just one of those carousing on a stone was to fall off, injuring a person or perhaps a small child underneath. Not the very worst but the most immediate problem is that English Heritage come under flak from critics who say they do not understand how English Heritage can allow people to behave, basically with such disrespect, or perhaps thoughtlessness. Resolving this is again, no easy matter. But if the contestation can be reduced, by such measures as providing a legal music gathering for the contestors to go to, I think the climbing will also be controlled. The story of how this years Peace Process Goddess, built of green hazel branches, went round and into the Stones is told at The attempts to create activities outside the stones featured two solid fuel braziers South of the Stones, which at least provided some refuge for those who were cold, and at least one singalong session. The Hare Krishna people set up on a high part of the bank near the Hele stone and kept a crowd going with their music. The Kings Drummers were authorised to move their dancers drummers and torches in a cordon around the site, and close to dawn they advanced to the Hele stone. Shamus Joy held a poetry corner. It is a view expressed by others as well as myself, that the level of confrontation is slowly diminishing and the level of celebration is slowly increasing. But there will be a great deal of discussion about the future management of the access, to cope with increasing numbers, and deal with various irritations and errors which arose from the necessity to carry out searches upon entry, for prohibited items, such as camping equipment, glass, firemaking tools, knives and so on. There were 11 arrests, representing 0.05% of the crowd. This is very provisional report, and will be improved, when the TRC and the Round Table have met to discuss the Solstice, which will happen later in July. Meanwhile please send your comments to me in a plain text email to: or share them with everybody on the stonehengepeace newsgroup. Happy Solstice Everyone! George Firsoff (Secretary of the RGG, PADRAS, SPP & TRC)


From: "k.leonard" Date: 04 2002 July 04 19:46 my personal feeling is that we are the stonehenge festival in diaspora, and our return to stonehenge is only a matter of time and process I just had to write and agree with you on this one brian I see our return as inevitable obviously there are others who don't but only time will tell man was never going to walk on the moon once yet it has been achieved and to be honest that seems a lot harder than what we are hoping for kev


From: "mark pryke" Date: 05 2002 July 05 10:34 Hi Sorry if this has already been covered but we've just got back from Glastonbury 1) Does anyone know why accoustic guitars and violins were banned from the stones whilst drums and didgeridoos were permited? (I personally saw a guitar and a violin denied entry) 2) Did the organisers agree to three separate searches? Firstly at the entrance to the carpark for sounds, then on walking to the stones and then again on arriving at the stones for bottles and sharp objects. The sharp objects search involving looking wherever the civilian security wanted. Any disagreement or questioning of these procedures resulted in agression and physical intimidation. I was denied entry to the stones early in the evening for questioning the security guards behaviour to some cellebrants. Mark


From: Date: 21 2002 June 21 16:37
hey, just got back from my first solstice and i really don\'t know how to describe it, im just stunned it was the most amazing thing i\'ve ever seen!
I think the general weirdness of the evening kind\'ve helped my amazement slightly (girlfriends birthday, she wants to do something, blablabla)
im slightly dissapointed that it rained when it did but i think its probably another excuse to go back next year (and the year after that e.t.c e.t.c)
i\'m probably blabbering im just really amazed at the general vibe and atmosphere of the place, im a guitarist/singer and have played some decent sized venues and never ever felt any more blissful (is that the word to use? hmm not sure) than i did last night. the stones are unbelievably stunning up close, i really don\'t know what to say im completely inawed, anyway, im going to get some sleep now, i think ive been awake for about 32 hours in total and im wasted.
feel free to ignore me, i jsut wanted to vent my spleen as it were. cheers, jimmy


Subject: Re: [stonehengepeace] re: ritual - elitist and conceptual Date: 17 2002 September 17 10:59 I have had a strong feeling for quite a few years that what was happening in the landscape of the Stones was in essence disrespectful and needed to change. It is a shame we didn't hear and do something ourselves instead of having it forced on us. Ritual can so easily become obsessive behaviour ( Marquis de Sade!) Having been involved in more organic activities, I am aware that everyone bring what they want. Sometimes it is amazing and sometimes it just seems not to work. We are all fooling our selves if we think that any one person can decide to make it work It is true to say that the sum is greater than all its parts (I know I haven't quoted it correctly, but I am sure you get the idea. Everyone has thei own definition of respect. From having to like people or treating them with deference. My understanding is that respect means accepting people for who they are and listening to what people say without constant interruption even when you don't agree, that is what discourse, discussion and dialogue refer to! Best Wishes Miss Penny Wyrd


From: "Save Stonehenge!" Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 7:22 PM Subject: Campaign update: Summer 2002 Dear Friend of Stonehenge, The British government, which gave up building major highways about 4 years ago after massive public opposition, has suddenly changed its mind thanks to pressure from the construction industry and the roads lobby. One of the new projects it has in mind is to widen large sections of a road known as the A303 that runs between London and the west country. Unfortunately, one of these sections goes through the middle of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site near the world-famous ancient monument! Knowing full well that international opinion would never sanction building a road in such a place, Britain's Department of Transport has conceived a roadbuilding scheme that pretends to "improve" the road as an "exceptional environmental scheme". It is, of course, nothing of the sort. The latest news is that the plan to bulldoze part of the World Heritage Site is firmly on course to succeed. The official legal documents allowing this to happen, known as "draft orders", are expected to be published in December 2002 or early 2003. The Department of Transport recently signed a contract with two roadbuilding companies to try to ensure that the road is built more quickly. (Anticipating a major international outcry, they try to ensure the road is built first, then ask whether that is a good idea afterwards.) ( This is from the regular (once every few months or so) email to people on the Save Stonehenge! email list


spreading the word well ive never seen so mutch fucking hassel in all mi days like i seen at stone henge this year and do you know why well ill tell ya cos some clue less fuck decided to gett a buntch of fucking gorrilas to do the fucking security at the soltice and thay were taking the fucking law into there own hands and getting away with it and the only edge or atmosphera was being caused by these pricks being allowd to ackt like 1942 ss storm troopers and another thing how comes the druids were doing a ritual on the 22nd surrounded by paying tourists its a funny old world innit ps, see ya next year


From: "stephen summers" Subject: [stonehengepeace] re taking the piss Date: 11 2002 September 11 12:51 I for one respect the stones and understand those who wish to see a more, how shall we put it, a more special event within the stones. Unfortunately the ones taking the piss are perceived by many as the supposed guardians EH;NT the police etc who stomped on the free festival which catered for the majority who wanted to celebrate the solstice in a way that didn´t oblige everybody to enter the centre of the circle of stones.Many were happy to observe the druids from a distance and celebrate the solstice on the outside like the outsiders by Camus. Many couldn´t give a toss about the druids.or their ceremony´s others view them as intrinsic to the celebrations. My feeling is until there is some accomadation to allow both celebrations to exist in parralel both sides will have to suffer the mish mash with druids being elbowed out by new age ravers or vice a versa, protests and complaints all round and instead of building a cosmic energy of love peace and unity we are in danger of seeing an undignified scramble for the best vantage points to see the summer suns majestic, clear skys permitting, progress over the heel stone.If your attention is only focussed on what goes on in the centre of the stones you fail to see the solution is what goes on, on the outside.


From: "" Date: 02 2002 September 02 18:52 Dear Editor,
I have a friend who had a dream of Stonehenge. She dreamed of the original ritual performed at the site. She saw 7 hooded priests, each one standing in front of one of the giant stones facing inward toward the center. There was a "grey" mirror attached to each of the 7 giant stones facing inward. During the ceremony at night a brilliant beam of light came from the sky (not from the moon which was present) to a giant crystal which was in the center of the structure. The crystal reflected 7 beams of light, one to each priest. She recalls nothing further, and doesn't know the significance of the ritual. Does this dreams seem to square away with the knowns facts regarding Stonehenge? jerrykm9


From: Date: 04 2002 July 04 18:08 Hi all,
It was my first visit to the stones this solstice, I cant say it was a spiritual experience but I had a great time and thought whoever organised it got more right than wrong.
I enjoyed the walk to the stones, the lack of amplified music, the atmosphere, but if I could have it all this is what I would like - As it was but some common sense allowing people to meet their own needs during the night (kids in sleeping bags etc), drumming to be louder !! and just outside the stones so everyone can wander through the stones, ( er and the spaces in between!!), and the reinstatement of the traveller field at Glastonbury to be available from midsummer's day to the end of the festival, - (well he was a sort of friendly farmer and its not that far away!) and the electric celebrations could start well away from the stones.
Well its a thought !! Steve


From: "deadpoets_uk" Date: 30 2002 June 30 11:53 Why not have ten's of small festival happening on the same day, the Solstice maybe, each with several hundred people rather than thousands all cramming into the same place. This way the scene can expand almost infinitely, there's plenty of farmland going to waste all over Britain. You can get away with a hell of a lot more at a small festie too.


From: "Judge Trev" Subject: STONEHENGE 2002 The full story, vids pics Date: 23 2002 June 23 19:40 ACTUALLY BE AT STONEHENGE - MASSIVE COVERAGE!!! 19 VIDS - LOADS OF PICS Where you there? - See yourself and friends on RFM RFM Real Festival Music


=== Letter From Karelia === 18sept2002 === 2002 June Solstice night in Stonehenge was another live acoustic rave where I was at - grok musical empathy fluting with drummers. I'm not one for gossip but whilst I danced some rotter stole my bag and phonebook and writings and tools and stuff - paranoid? Was it another plot against me? No. The problem's in their head not mine. 2003 again I'll leave my stuff and dance - (or else I'd be a slave to my possessions which'd be far worse than the losses, annoyance, inconvenience and expense). Easy to return and/or pass on negatives: but "Eye for an Eye and Everyone's Blind". Fight fire with water, lies with truth, Fight paranoia with PRONOIA - the feeling that everyone's helping you, like our kids get at rainbowy festivals. (Years ago when I got ambushed my little old stony mutant heart was warmed by those who got up, stood up for honour truth and love === = 07970-378572 ===

S.C. Appeal


S.C. Appeal ~ Stonehenge Campaign Appeal

S.C. Appeal ~ Stonehenge Campaign Appeal The Stonehenge Campaign exists to lobby, campaign, attend meetings, raise public awareness, and maintain links with interested parties for the reinstatement of the Stonehenge Peoples Free Festival and of access to Stonehenge itself, and to protect the Stonehenge landscape and environment.

The Campaign hosts monthly meetings in London from September to May (except January) to which all are welcome.
We always need help with money, stamps, stationery, artwork, info and dates of events, gigs, demos, festivals, gatherings etc.
We also welcome letters and emails for possible inclusion in the newsletter to give a wide selection of views.

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