There are two basic types of fire manipulations; retention and extinguishments, All the stunts described are variations of these two principles,

Extinguishing is the act of putting out the flame using ones body.

Retention is the act of maintaining a flame separate from the torch.


Before discussing the following stunts, which are among the most spectacular in any fire show, please keep the following rules in mind.
Not following them could result in significant injuries.

1, Go back to the WARNING and read all of the mistakes that other people have made.

2, Tilt your head back almost perpendicular to the floor. While this position might feel uncomfortable, it prevents you from burning the hairs in your nose.

3, Never let your lips touch any metal parts of the torch.

4, Stay calm, think about what you are doing, then react.

WARNING. Excess fluid will ignite, so make sure you wipe any fluid from your face before placing the torch to your mouth.

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