or mistakes suffered by other people.

1, PRACTICE. Always practice the stunt first, with water for fire breathing, until you are 100% sure you are confidant with what you are doing. Read the instructions several times, visualising the stunt in your mind. IF YOU ARE NOT 100% sure then do not attempt it.

2, NEVER PERFORM DRUNK OR STONED. It only takes one mistake to seriously burn yourself or others. It might make you feel big or clever but will make you look very stupid when the ambulance arrives.

3, BE AWARE OF PERFORMING OUTDOORS. When you are booked to perform outdoors always stipulate on not performing if it is too windy. The organisers will understand your excuse !! DO NOT RISK IT for the sake of a few quid.

4, BE AWARE OF PERFORMING INDOORS. When using fire indoors use your common sense. Make sure you have enough room to perform away from furniture and people. Smokey torches will choke your audience and make furniture smell for ages. Look up !! Is there enough height to fire-breath without damaging the ceiling or set off the smoke alarm if not DO NOT DO IT. Do the audience need to be behind a barrier ?

5, NEVER INHALE. A burnt mouth and lungs are not the most pleasant topic of conversation, but if you do inhale when fire eating/ breathing, you probably will not be talking about much else !! (That is if you can talk at all !!!) On all exhaling stunts, breath first. You should never take in breaths with paraffin or a flame in your mouth.

6, BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE WEARING. Always tie long hair back, or shave it off !! Never wear baggy or flammable clothes. Never wear aftershave or deodorant, they probably contain alcohol. Shave off any beard or moustache, burnt hair stinks, but not as much as burnt flesh.

7, BE SAFE. Assume that you will get burned, that way you will remember to have a fire extinguisher and/or bucket of cold water at hand. Always wipe your mouth & face after each trick.

8, TOXICS. Every time that you have paraffin in your mouth harmful toxins are extracted into your blood stream. One way to counter this is to create a temporary lining in your mouth, throat and stomach. Before any paraffin is used drink a pint or two of full fat pasteurised milk. Also do the same after your routine. Do not use Vaseline on lips & face. Always use a non-petrolium based cream.


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