The Wazzer is one of the most visual yet easiest of props to make. When using the Wazzer allow at least 30 - 50ft from the centre, (you), to the audience. Also allow the same distance skywards. For the fullest effect possible the Wazzer is best performed at least 50ft off of the ground.
There are two types of Wazzer - manual and machined !!
The construction is the same for each type of Wazzer.
Chicken wire,
Non asbestos, non-burning wick,
Wooden dowel,
Mains electric wire
Wire wool,
Metal chain,
Gaffer tape.
A pair of thin nose pliers

Take the chicken wire and cut off a rectangular piece about 2.5ft x 1ft long.
When cutting the chicken wire, try to leave the strands on.
These will be used to hold the "handbag" together.
Double-up the rectangle so that you have a piece about 1ft x 1ft. With the fold at the bottom, using the pliers, tie the strands together up two sides leaving the top open.
For extra strength and security tie the sides with some of the electrical wire.
You now have the "Handbag".
Take the dowel and cut it into a piece at least 2ft long. Drill a hole about an inch from one end in the center of the dowel making sure that the hole is big enough to fit the wire through.
Stuff the handbag with wire wool and a strip of wick.
Tie the handle to the chain then the chain to the handbag using the wire.
Gaffer up the joins on the handle and chain for extra strength.
You are now ready to play !!!
If you are to operate the wazzer manually then twirl the wazzer in a big circle in front of you.
If operating electronically then use an industrial rotary tool like a drill or, my favorite, a concrete mixer by connecting the handbag to the machine and not to a handle.
Lightly dowse the wick and wool in parrafin, get yourself in a safe place, light the handbag and start twirling!!!!!

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