Mineral based lamp oil -- Best for extinguish tricks
Paraffin -- Most commonly used for all manipulations
Lycopodium powder -- Not to be used in the mouth -*1
Custard/chocolate powder -- *2
Barbecue fluid -- Best used on torches and indoors, less smoke.
Lighter fluid -- Only use for easier lighting of torches.

*1 - Do not let Lycopodium powder touch any part of your body. It is very toxic.
To use for fire-breathing place a small amount in an empty plastic pen casing or similar pea-shooter type instrument.
Then, whilst holding a lighted torch in front, blow.

This trick is not recommended.

*2 - Custard or chocolate powder can be used in the same way as Lycopodium powder.
It is safer but not as impressive as any of the other fuels.




Materials needed; These measurments are per torch
45cm x 1cm Wooden dowel - Hardware stores
Fire tape - Plumbers merchants
Electric staple gun - Hardware stores
2 x 10cm long x 1cm wide non asbestos, non burning Wick - Circus/ Juggling suppliers

Wrap a layer of fire tape around one end of the dowel taking care to cover all of this end. The tape should come down about 10cm. Take one piece of wick 10cm x 1cm. With the centre of the wick at the top of the dowel fold down the sides and staple into place. Repeat the process with another piece of wick. One end of the dowel should now be covered as in the above diagram. You should only have to use 1 staple per side of wick i.e. 4 staples per torch. Also make sure that the staple gun pressure is strong enough to bury the staple far into the wick so as not to burn yourself when the torch is lit. These torches should only be used for fire eating, fakir etc.
I recommend that a juggling torch is used for fire breathing.

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