This information search began with the site at MEGALITHIC MYSTERIES which has lists of stone circles, clickable maps, photos, an ever-expanding stone circle webring, and even Paul Devereux on live audio. One of the sites on the map is the stone circle at Tisbury, alleged map reference ST951299, in a village in Wiltshire, and this led to a correspondence with Ann Waterhouse, administrator of the Big Green Gathering, who happens to live in the village.

Ann has provided us with two pieces of intelligence about this, the first is from A Tisbury History the special Millenium edition, by Jill & Peter Drury, where we read:

"its last three standing stones were taken away during the latter part of the 18th century to form part of the grotto at Old Wardour. Its precise date is uncertain, and so is its former site, though it is said to have stood in one of three fields, adjoining each other near the junction of the Chicksgrove and Chilmark roads. One of these fields, known for many years as Lost Stone Field, was incorporated with the two others into the present Cemetary Field."

The second item of interest is a map showing this location, and the New Wardour Castle and Old Wardour Castle a few miles away, where some of the stones apparently ended up.

First go to map of Ordnance Survey square ST showing stone circles and rows in that square. Then go to

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