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me at a rainbow circle, August 2005 LATEST:   ~ (+see stonehenge +TribalVoices +Rainbows)

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Happy New Year - whooops I havent updated this page for ages, now its 19:41 25/01/2005 by windows/notepad [F5]. It's not that I've been hibernating since Christmas, rather the opposite...

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Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 3:37 PM
Subject: [dicenews] Radio4 10.45pm + Rainbow Newsletter + 
    Tribal Voices CDs + liasons + gossip

> Hello y'all, known and unknown,
> it's now Tuesday afternoon 25th Jan 2005.
> Tonight at 11pm on Radio4 begins
> *** 'Mort' by Terry Pratchett, ***
> and before that at 10.45 is a new short story.
> Now I'm editing Rainbow Circle Newsletter
> http://www.rainbowcircle.co.uk
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rainbow-circle
> please reply if you've something positive
> or poetic or artistic or pertinent to say,
> for all the hypocrisys and headfuks it's still
> worth fighting for, and I'll be there next summer,
> unless the unforseen pops up again and I can't dodge.
> Phillippa's just given me permission to liase
> with the BBC and the BFI (British Film Institute)
> to get some of Jeremy Sandford's unpublished
> work published, I've moved it all upstairs away from
> the damp downstairs toilet and shed, and started
> indexing the rooms of boxes.
> One aim of this newsletter email is to alert
> my friends and others of events like funerals
> they may not know of, there were too many
> of these last year, perhaps a sign of my age.
> My mother had been suffering from Alzheimers
> which was torture for those visiting her who'd
> known her as a chatty artistic woman. Funerals
> like hers and Alison Collyer's are celebrations of
> a past life not tragedys like those car accidents
> of children like our Elkie, Kayla, Kierra, Jason etc..
> If you want to know weekly about more ecopositive things
> then subscribe to http://www.schnews.org.uk/ 
> I'm still slowly working on Tribal Voices music,
> converting tapes 3 and 4 to CDs, CD5 is produced
> as 50 draft copies, available from Shane
> via www.dicendews.com/tv 6 including postage,
> I've use of a 24bit CD recorder here so we could
> record TV6 here or you could do it yourself and liase,
> then TV7, TV8, TV9.. we have the technology...
> And talking of liasons my sleeplife has been adjusted
> by a certain butterfly lady who claims to have seen
> through my grumpy crusty EEyore-ish exterior...
> She's lent me a book called 'Men are from Mars and
> Women from Venus', and on the quick glimpse
> I'ver had of it, it has many clues in it,
> she shoulkd read it...
> And on the downside someone said that a certain woman
> is still telling lies about me behind my back, (it's because of
> her that I was banned from Rainbow Circle for several years
> until I was allowed to defend my reputation and produce
> my many character witnesses) - if you've heard anything
> new please let me know confidentially,
> But but but but POSITIVE, I've a Rainbow Newsletter
> to produce, please email short pieces for it that it may
> reflect the pandimensional alternative culture of which
> Rainbow Circle is but one branch...
> I enclose a sketch by Gretel of me being twanged off the
> Kid's Bus at Pilton last June, when I got it stuck in the mud
> and then in a tree branch... I'm now 98% recovered,
> and up for more fun and play (with my inner grandad
> monitoring me in a background process)
> (dice) george (Miles)
> PS anyone know of the whereabout of the Coventry Crew
> from Stonehenges 1980-83 please let me and Craig know...
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Saturday 5th March 2005... 00:46 05/03/2005....
passing by Somerset, back to my bus tomorrow, , should try to start it and MOT it again soon to give it half a chance to get out on the roads this summer.... (In 2003 I got it two miles short of Hereford MOT when it conked out, in 2004 I prioritised first the Rainbow vehicles, then broke my back.)
And in the next few days I'm finishing this year's Rainbow Circle Newsletter , sorting some more of Jeremy's unfinished projects, and mending the cold water system at Hatfield Court - (a few weeks ago when I was hung over and tired and fluey I was woken with news of a water leak pouring through the bathroom ceiling, one of the huge water tanks had rusted through. For a week that took up most of my daylight hours. It's been like archeology trying to suss the many generations of pipes and tanks in that house!)
And Sunday Sunrise 19th march is Equinox at Stonehenge

You may expect to find condemnation of the American invasion of Iraq in my writings, but I dont think I've mentioned it.. I went on the huge Peace March in London just before the invasion but I didnt condemn it because Saddam Hussein was responsible for the poison gassing of villages of Kurdish civilians, and the torturing of many Iraquis...
But the Americans failed to plan for the peace.

Rainbowing: 23:46 25/04/2005 (monday) tomorrow I'll drive the flatbed to Rainbow Circle Beltane camp in derbyshire, then back here to tidy up the kids bus, and then take that up...
today i got up horribly early and staggered down the drive to catch the school bus into town, then three more buses to Cinderford to where I'd left my car Saturday, drove it to leominster, parked it, got the rainbow flatbed from it's MOT pass, drove it here, then got a lift back into town with gretel and got my car but forgot to buy electricity so drove back for it (It was left in cinderford cos on friday when we went to get the kids bus I found diesel dripping out and too late for help, so abandoned the mission and drove back with Hazel who was to drive it (for simplification of the story i've left out mention of the shower trailer complifications), oh and Saturday I cycled in town to see a guitarist for the first time since I broke my back last summer which is good news...

Dr Who's good isnt it? - if I'm camping Saturday will I miss the return of the daleks?

friday13thmay2005... aaargh come 1st june im split into three, there's Phillipa's birthday at Herefordshire and Stonehenge anniversary at Wiltshire and rainbow circle kids camp at Derbyshire....
I havent been writing as much as I used to, I didnt condemn the invasion of Iraq becaue I've been against Saddam Hussein since we heard about him gassing that valley full of Kurd civilians. But the yanks didnt plan for the peace after their military takeover. Stopping the iraqi soldiers' pay and sending them home was a big mistake...
and the British election I'd have preferred a hung parliament, not a huge 60 seat Blair majority...
c u ?

Stonehenge 1st June we visited it and picked up jes and B., then dropped by the beanfield, then back up to rainbow circle in derbyshire, via Phillipa's birthday. Now its Friday 17 June, in a few days I'll bimble down to Wiltshire for Monday night at Stonehenge . Today a reporter from the Independent phoned asking about the beanfield things, I chatted away, hope she doesnt misquote me too badly!

Gretel's sketch of me breaking my back Pilton 2004 Herefordshirey: 23:33 26/06/2005 sunday night - today i started my bus and drove it around the dead tree in the back yard here - its the first time i've moved it for almost two years - ( last summer I broke my back, the summer before it broke down on the way to an MOT appointment in Hereford.) There's several exhaust leaks ,I hope to get a new gasket tomorrow, and the brakes are almost non-existent because of a broken spring. It's less than 50:50 whether I can get it MOTed in time for July's Rainbow Circle Camps
Hope to do a bit of recording and mixing for Tribal Voices while I'm here at hatfield court , also trying to fit a new hot water boiler, clear a bit of the garden, fit electric plugs into a few more rooms, and sort my stuff...
This year I'm not at Glastonbury/Pilton - but was at Stonehenge for Solstice Monday night / Tuesday morning... I played my tin whistle with the drummers in the centre from about 11pm to 1 a.m., then went back to my car for more alcohol and got a bit lost, saw the sun rise and went to sleep, so didnt see many friends, there were loads there i've since heard...

Time flies -
i went to stonehenge for solstice, came back to this house, did a few days work on my files and the plumbing and other projects, nipped down to Hampshire for dentistry, came back to a week of emergencies.
On Saturday 2nd July when I should have been listening to Live8 on the radio instead I was fighting fire (again).
Over three years I've saved Jeremy Sandford's archives from thieves, damp, mould, floods and Barbara's zeal.
But now some are lost,
but most are saved,
This coming winter I want to try again as librarian to work on finishing his Herefordshire Childhood CD and perhaps archive extras for Edna the Inebriate DVD and get Lettice's corn dollies to Hereford Musician etcetera
but in these projects me and Philippa need your positivity

Wednesday 7th set off in Karelia out of the yard for the first time this year for an MOT but at the bottom of the drive turned back cos if i'd got there the brakes would have failed, only the handbrake was working!
I've got new seals for the wheels but the Bedford Specialist says he may not be able to get seals for the master cylinder, and to fit more modern compressor brakes it may need a more modern engine!
I said it's a got a new engine - the bus is 1963 but the engine 1965, (out of the old Travellers Skool Bus actually)...
(This time last year I was in hospital with a broken back, now 99.9% as good as new)
And bombs in London
and even more car deaths
and Iraq and Sudan and Global Consumption
yes I know,
But in his great poem 'Questions' Jeremy wrote that there's not just fighting evil all the time there's a certain spirit of positity which can be contagious,
There's a week now till rainbow circle astro camp, then its the Big Green Gathering, then more rainbows, climaxing in the Musicology (with cake) Rainbow Circle magic Hat camp August Bank holiday, north of Birmingham which, with your help, will be even better than the ticked camps, proving that money and tickets isnt the problem or solution,

me at a rainbow circle, May 2005 02:40 15/07/2005 (friday morning)

Rainbowing in a few days, the Astro camp, I dont believe in Astrology myself, though some of my best friends do... I don't believe I'm influenced by the postitions of the constellations as seen from this planet, but I did enjoy sitting on the garden this evening watching the half moon peeping through cloud and after sunset the salmon pinks and greys and cyans and magentas over Wales and the hillfort and all that stuff in the sky slowly changing as the sun sank behind my horizon

Festival Eye's out, I got sent 90 copies yesterday, I've got some words on pages 6 and 10, and if you look at the top of page ten, there's my bus , shortly after cops had 'arrested' me on 1st June 1985...

CDs burning for Tribal Voices, 3a, 3b, 4a ,4b and 5, I'm hoping to post most tomorrow, then maybe they'd be ready for distribution at the Big Green Gathering, early August... I'm years late - was going to do them last year but I broke my back, the year before there was some other reason... and I've been waiting for shiny printable CDs, so a picture can be printed with gaps which will show up shiny from the CD body...

Been back almost a week, (now friday 23:07 16/09/2005) been working on my bus brakes, disassembling them and replacing seals, got one halfway disassembled today, it was half siezed and half full of some gak, and rusty brake fluid: the rubbers were leaking. I havent changed them since I've had it, which is 22 years, since Emma was a cute little baby, in fact theyre probably original, 42 years old. I'm having some trouble find replacement seals for the master cylinder...
Probly to Stonehenge Equinox Friday 23rd sunrise, (cos its the nearest to east) though probably some peeps will go on the 21st.
At the Big Green Gathering I distributed Tribal Voices CDs , they were well received, it was worth all that effort, and today Gaea and Grey said theyre into making more CDs, recording more music, great!
Now Im listening to Seze The Day's ALIVE double CD, now playing 'I am a Child of the Universe, I've been here before and I'll be here again" wow it brings back memories - I saw them play three times at the Big Green, I'm one of their fans. Their song "Our Radio 3 audience award story - (a la Alice's Restaraunt)" is oh so funny, and I'm one of the people who voted for them in the BBC world Music awards, and had my vote disallowed by the political lickers of the BBC...

Rainbow Circle AGM tomorrow (Saturday 29th october) in Glastonbury , then, wow, then its November..., when I hope to MOT my bus and, if poss, do some more work on Jeremy Sandford's Archives , and various other projects... hope there arent too many interruptions and emergencies...

Wishing my number two guitarist jes good luck in Australia, he missed his plane on Tuesday but caught another on Wednesday, the twazzock . The plan is for him to get all us Little Green Men a gig down there, with plane tickets paid for. Meanwhile I'm collecting some of his recordings together - anyone else got any?

I was worried a few weeks ago by terrible back pains, (now 23:13 14/11/2005 Monday 14th November) so bad that in the mornings I got up early cos it hurt too much to stay in bed. Doing slow streches something like Pilates, and Paracetemols every few hours I feared that I'd done something to last year's back injury... Then after some days I noticed that my other injuries were aching, the knee I bent backwards when dancing drunk to Back To The Planet at Richmond Green Fair, the wrist i broke with my bus starting handle... I guess I had some germ that was bringing up all my aches, they're gone now...

Strange to think that at school I was crap at sport, and took short cuts at cross country, but now most of my school mates are probably fat businessmen, and here am I with my wood burner in my bus spending the last week under it working on the brakes and inside drilling and hammering and sawing and painting, fixing the insulation which got burnt years ago at Wraysbury, taking advantage of one of the few sites I've been parked at over the last twenty plus years with main electricity....

Hope i can stay here at Hatfield all winter, get my bus legal, get Jeremy's papers indexed and connected with the national archives, but, well, let's say it depends on the weather....

John Lennon died 30 years ago the radio's saying... (now thu8dec2005 17:29 08/12/2005)
His death didnt mean much to me at the time, I was about seventeen, my records were David Bowie and Supertramp, and Dark Side of The Moon and Wings and Aex Harvey and Loudon Wainwright and and and Tubular Bells and Bob Marley and Burning Spear and the Stylistics, and my cassettes taped from friends at school: including Supertramp and Hawkwind and Tommy and Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Clubs band which i listened to many nights , but when i grew up the Beatles were part of the wallpaper, like the Monkees and Dads Army and the Goodies and the Lucy show on TV, they werent real people to me like those at school...
It was only when George Harrison had died and I saw a programme about him on some telly that I recognised his bass voice, and thought that that, of the three part singing harmonies, was my favourite.
tonight i passed about half an hour in the garden looking out at the hill and playing tin whistle, jamming around the theme of The Fool on the Hill, trying it out in different keys and fingerings, a tricky tune, but beautiful and timely...
But the last few days hearing radio programs about John who was younger than me when he died, I think wow, what a man.

oh whoops silly me - it was 25 years ago today, 1978, when I was a student into reggae and punk and Tangerine Dream...

I Downloaded OpenOffice.org a few days ago, it seems good...

the javascript images still work, but its done something to the dropcaps...

usually ive used notepad and wordpad to edit these webapges, but now i've such a fast laptop perhaps i could use openoffice.org – it has one big advantage which is a spell checker, and doesnt seem to have trashed my HTML and javascript too badly... (Microsoft Word 95 was terrible at this).

Spelling – color or colour? Tools/Options/language change to English(UK) alright!
but, no, looking at my HTML code, it's messed around with it and added loads of SPANs etcetera - so i'd better go back to a backup... and next time try nvu.com web editor..

here have end of a 2005ish version of dicegeor.htm

even earlier writings are now at dice2003.htm
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