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2003: ===2003-01-23 22:32:53=== Thursday 23rd January 2003 - Happy New Year!
Just before Christmas this laptop broke, I got it back yesterday, mended by the shop I bought it from, Microfinder in Walcott Street, Bath ( -thanks Steve.

This morning I went to Stonehenge meeting in Amesbury, our fears are some drunk climbing up and falling onto someone fragile, cardeaths etcetera. Clews did a straw poll on having June's access on Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday, I wanted to vote for both but a copper said I couldnt but I think he was wrong. The motion was changed to which night we thought best. I said Saturday/Sunday 21/22 because the northest sunrise will be on Sunday 22nd June 2003 (if its not cloudy), (and that's whereat Stonehenge Avenue points, (and thats what 'solstice' means. (And there were two helestones...)))
Then afterwards to the pub with Susanna and others.

I've had a few adventures -- saw Nik Turner and at Leicester, (xhawkwind) they were good, I danced like a Stonehenger, I got a Silver Machine, but on average the audience were crap, too few, my Coventry was 20 years ago today!

Roald Dahl =====2003-01-26 21:14:58=== Sunday
This evening here in Wales we watched The Witches by Roald Dahl on telly. What really impressed me was how when the boy Luke was escaping from the witches and hundreds of them had him cornered in a room and he escaped though their legs, and again in the beach, how it was impossible, how he'd have been got, but hey, it's a story.
Before and after I was reading his autobiography 'Going Solo' about when he was a trainee fighter pilot against Hitler.
The Battle of Athens 20 April 1941 with twelve Hurricanes against 200 Messerschmitt 109s and 110s.
5 Hurricanes were lost, 4 pilots killed, that one day. Written in words understandable by twelve year olds.
What a great writer.
'Going Solo' by Roald Dahl.

rainbows@glasto Sat 1st Feb 2003 Rainbows 2pm-midnight @ Glastonbury Assembly Rooms I played tin whistle and Jes guitared, but I didnt dance at the end, because Les had a drum machine on. Superb music from Tipi Jean, Chris, and loads more..
All who were there had a great time, but it was a bit empty --- there was a party at Godney somewhere in Somerset, and a big Reclaim The Streets party in London.
The date was 1/2/3

Tuesday: ===2003-02-11 18:26:25=== In my bus, going to cycle to leominster soon for the tuesday pub music. Which the labour tories want to ban - .
and Lost in Space have a new website:
Next Saturday I've got a ticket on a bus to London for the CND demo, like how most of the Countryside marchers didnt agree with all of their leaders, so I'm not sure about how to handle Saddam's brutality - but I know two wrongs dont make a right, is Bush a bully looking for an excuse to loot Persia - its happened to me, and there will be thousands of angry bereaved if they think he is. Do the CIA want fair and free elections in Iraq which primitive Moslems would probablay win on votes from illiterate peasants, or would they vote for cars and Mcdonalds? I'm glad I dont have to make the decision, (In another reality at Oxford I'd have been a tory, leader of the Conservatives, and knowing my subconscious I can say that I'd have been worse than Hague or IDS, could I have beaten Tony Blair, then wow Britain would be doomed, but there'd be a penny off income tax for the rich -- dont think about it, luckily im a lunchout. allegedly. But not all the rumours are true - of course not - some contradict each other, I dont believe in dicegeorge (whatever that means...)
Today I spent two hours hacksawing and chiseling two bolts off the front of my bus where I bent it last summer. A fine afternoon for such work, not wet, not too hot, not too cold, time to legalise the bus again. And paint it - but I'm running out of that army green Joe gave me on the Convoy at Evesham Street.
January I was given a free car, (two lady owners) with a few months MOT but a cracked windscreen. One tyre was worn, I spent days searching out a spare, and got overcharged for fitting it on. I was going to drive to to Glastonbury for the gig, but the new tyre went flat.
Later I got that fixed. Sunday drove it to cousin Tim's 50th birthday. The clutch slipped more and more, I pushed the car to a layby and walked on. Cursing the hundreds of drivers who passed me by without offering me a lift- they think they deserve a car and cheap petrol why? because they're born British at a time when we're exploiting the planet - in twenty years the oil will be almost all gone, how our children will curse us for wasting this one planets resources in a few decades. For Trashing it. Why? Because we can.
Bertrand Russell said there's two kinds of work - moving matter around, and telling people to move matter around. I'd say now more important is why they're moving it, using it, burning it, is it good in the long-term, or even in a few score years.
But we're a democracy, and people vote for cheap petrol, greed, etcetera. But that is not an argument for cheap petrol, but an argument against democracy. A moral argument, assuming we want to be good, not greedy. Most want to be seen as good, but thats another thing.
woffle, woffle...

bristol ===2003-03-02 02:34:37=== sunday, 2 a.m., @ bristol, last morning saturday, I had a promised lift to Bristol but the windscreen exploded into crumbs glass, a stone?, so we cleaned up the van and road of a bucket load of glass then turned back to leominster then on to hereford for a laminate windscreen fitting, i caught the 3ish bus from hereford to gloucester, but when i got there the 17.50 coach didnt exist - my timetable was years old, the next bus was at 20.05 so i waited in the cold for 3 hours reading my saturday guardian then on to bristol and a bus towards stapeleton road where i found the rainbow circle meeting house, but only one person was there, they were at a Seize the Day gig (( somewhere in bristol, perhaps at warburg farm thought someone, i got directions, ran to kebele, nobody there, down a dead end, then a footbridge and i found it,, the last three songs, in my power, motorway, heres a little mystery, a few old friends from here and there then back here for tea.
Sunday we didnt vote on a sit for beltane camp, then a lift to Dorking, book and bed, Monday to Angel and Sunch's, Tuesday to Alex's (her windows XP is broken, I reinstalled windows95, paint and wordpad for the kids), Wednesday got a stonehenge video from Coelelecanth for a tribalvoices CD, then on to Stonehenge Meeting and then to WillyX's, Thursday I childminded Sunch at an Alternative Education centre whilst mum had a driving lesson, then dinner, then midnight to the cybercaf at victoria all night then a coach to Birmingham and hours waiting for buses back here, a lucky lift from Ms F back to her new caravan for the night then Sunday back to my bus here at Jeremy's where Barbara's Celestine Prophetisists were cooking and cleaning- then Monday the second night in the same bed, here, and tonight, tuesday, alone at last, listening to John Peel on radio4..

Spider of Circus Normal died (an old convoy driver)
 spiders truck  and karelia at New Cross Spider's Funeral postponed from Friday 9.a.m East London Crematorium, Grange Rd , Plaistow.- see my Stonehenge homepage for update..
===2003-03-10 22:13:55===
and Free Rob Cannabis is in jail for two months
and WillyX and Ruth are due a baby in a few days
and Rainbow Circle are searching for a site for our Beltane and Kids Camps
and in World War Three Israel's still oppressing the Palestinians, and the UnitedNations, though imperfect, should be strengthened.
Friday 21st March Equinox: sunrise around 6 a.m. (local time) east of Stonehenge
Sat 22nd March (ex Hawkwind) at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
Sun 23rd March 1-4pm Stonehenge Talking Circle at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
31st May : annular eclipse of the sun at dawn seen from very northern scotland as a wonderful red ring of fire ?

Wednesday evening, (9th April 2003) in London, for Spiders funeral tomorrow, at the hellishly early time of nine...
On Monday I heard that the funeral's on thursday, i phoned hereford MOT centre, they're all booked up next week, had a few gaps this week, so i booked an MOT for today, wednesday morning. Monday i finished riveting the bodywork, started the engine on the handle, tried to turn the bus round but the clutch was stuck, when i pushed down the pedal and tried to put the stick in to gear there was a terrible scrunching sound as the gears teeth gnashed... I was alone, no tractor to tow start it. aha- an idea. I got underneath and jacked up the back wheels, started the engine on the handle, put it into gear (a small scrunch, the back wheels spinning in the air, pushed down the clutch pedal then pushed down the brake pedal.. did that a few time, then turned it off, jacked it up off the blocks and down onto the ground. started it again, turned it round, pointing out. Exhausting. Loads more jobs to do on it...

Tuesday I gave the battery another hour of charge and the bus started on the key! Drove to Leominster, put air in the tyres (thanks ATS) (some were low, i hadnt put in air since june, hadnt driven it since August). Then drove to hereford, parked round the back of the testing station. cycled off to various motor shops for a wiper blade, couldnt find one to fit, eventually bought a wiper arm for a pound from a scrap yard,. drilled holes in it and bolted it on to the existing wiper.. It was Tuesday, music night in leominster, i left my bus, walked to a bus stop, caught a bus to leominster, Helen singing in the pub, Paul from Dead Womans Bottom was there and several rainbows.
10.30 bus back to hereford, my bus was still there, untouched.
On the radio the americans were advancing into baghdad taking over a few palaces, firing tank shells at any buildings from which they suspected gun fire. Hospitals filling up with dead and injured kids

Wednesday, this morning, woke up, started it on the handle, drove round to the testing station, left the engine ticking over, did the paperwork, paid the £39, the tester stated checking it over, he asked me to turn the engine off -
'do i have to?'

I did. Then it wouldnt start on the key. I tried the handle, it kicked back, his boss said it had to start on the key, i wasnt allowed to use the starting handle for Health and Safety (once at Evesham Street it broke my arm).
An hour later they gave me back my money, and someone tow started it. It needs a new battery. But theres no more MOT appointments at Hereford before i should be at rainbow circle beltane camp, helping set up ... so i'll probably just take a tent.
drove back to Hatfield. had a bite to eat, packed my bag, walked away,, got a lift to leominster, bus to ludlow, bus to Birmingham, coach to london , here i am.
On telly cheering Iraqis pulling down statues of Saddam the dictator, welcoming the american troops. Maybe it will go well, I hope the CIA have got it right, but fear more suicide bombers from the bereaved and belittled...
next, a bath, upload this, then a few hours sleep

Palestinian Assassination? ( April 14th, 2003:)
The bad news is that on saturday the guardian reported that an israeli soldier had shot Tom Hurndall, (a peace activist in an orange jacket) in the head, as he tried to help a Palestinian woman and her children flee Israeli gunfire.
Either the shooter should be court-martialled as a murderer, or his Sergeant for telling him to, or the israeli army have a policy to shoot witnesses, as did the german nazis.,3604,935212,00.html

The good news is that today's Times (14 April 2003) reports that Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, yesterday said that he's ready to negotiate an historic Middle East peace settlement, and that he accepts that there will eventually be a Palestinian state, and that he will surrender the illegal jewish settlements on the West Bank.
The Labour opposition questioned his sincerity. Leading Palestinians dismissed his remarks as a publicity stunt. I hope not.

A french newspaper has joked that Blair is not Bush's poodle, but his Guide Dog for the morally blind. Telling him to respect the United Nations, etcetera.

At Stonehenge Equinox I'd wished I'd had a French flag to wave for the photographers, Chirac had refused Bush's demand that he vote for any UN resolution backing an attack on Iraq, whatever the wording.
With friends like these who needs enemies?

~ ~ Sunset, Monday 12 May 2003 ~ ~
Jeremy Sandford died at home in his sleep last night.
He was the author of Cathy Come Home, Gypsies, and several other books and plays.
Last summer he played accordion and danced at our Rainbow Circle Camps.
He had a big stroke last September, but was recovering well, tenaciously.
Yesterday he did lots of Spring Cleaning, too much.
His last words to me yesterday afternoon were: 'I think I'll have a rest now'.
[ ]
~ ~ ~ ~

h23:23 thursday 29 may 2003 - Rainbowing . Today we visited Nine Ladies.


SENT to my e-newsletter: From: "" Subject: [dicenews] Ecoterrorists Attack Wandsworth Windmill Date: 25 2003 May 25 13:56 ### Sunday 25 may 2003 ### # Ecoterrorists Attack Wandsworth Windmill. # An attack by eco-terrorists on the Wandsworth Eco Village windmill was thwarted yesterday afternoon. Our informant said that he was coming out of the Rainbow Circle kitchen tent when he saw three shadowy figures launching missiles at the windmill which is currently bolted on to the Kids Bus, powering communications equipment. Using anti-terrorist tactics developed at various Temporary Autonomous Zones our informant ran over and chucked a bucket of water over the leading terrorist, described as almost five feet tall, and who he recognised from previous sabotage attempts. (or should it be 'whom' ? ) The attacker ran home to his secret base where he got no sympathy from his backers. The missiles were identified as a red plastic spade and small fluffy toy sheep, but sticks and stones had been used in previous attacks. The windmill belongs to TheLandIsOurs, the political wing of the diggers eco warriors, it was rescued off of the Wandsworth Eco Village a few hours before the tree killers Guinness evicted the site about thousand years ago (some time last millenum). It has since powered the Tribal Voices stage at the Green Gathering, and appeared at Dead Womans Bottom, Stonehenge, Somerset, and various Rainbows... It is now at the Rainbow Circle Kids Camp, all this half-term week, at Kniveton, near Ashbourne Derbyshire, in two beautiful organic fields, a time of positivity, fun and great food, so plllllleeeeaaaasssse come and play and learn and teach.. ## [ ] ## This email was powered by the Wandsworth Windmill - thanks! (Techinickal note - pedants say that the term 'windmill' refers only to wind driven devices which mill corn to flower, but 99% of six year-olds call it a windmill, so it is. So There. ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stonehenge campaign Full Moon, 14th June, in my bus. Next week hitching to Stonehenge for saturday and sunday solstice sunrises.
Dont think I'll bother going to Pilton/Glastonbury, I havent a ticket or the will to blag..
I've a month and a half to tidy up my life, revive Tribal Voices , MOT my bus, perhaps sort through Jeremy's papers - are there any unpublished books there?
Wow, the Rainbowing in Derbyshire was great, I was too busy to write, so much happened, to mention any of it would be to lessen what I dont, but the Noise Workshop with Max and Lisa was one of the highlights, the look on two little girls' faces as they came in armed with saucepans and sticks, the realisation that they had permission be noisy boyseys, the racket they made! Even shy introverted grumpy old me let out a few shouts and screams (to encourage the others...)
And the mad cycling and go-carting down the death ride / Rainbow Hollow - an old grassed over gravel pit, such thrills and spills, yet nobody got very hurt! miraculous.

Stonehenge campaignStonehenge Summer Solstice Sunrise was good, it was Saturday morning not Sunday! Then back to Leominster where I've been filling and sanding my bus and sorting Jeremy's files. His dad was a publisher, his mum an author and expert on Corn Dollies.... I wish I'd known him when he was stronger, the brain behind his book 'In Search of The Magic Mushroom', he had his stroke so soon after I met him, I knew him as a character, but not a philosopher. Drat. Too late again.
I'm thinking of editing a book about John Pendragon , please write something in the text box on the webpage..

UnMOTed.. Tuesday 15 July 2003- back at Hatfield, but...
I wasnt invited to Glastonbury so I didnt go, perhaps next year Eavis will hire me to tinwhislte on stage One Sunday afternoon, he missed his big chance when he was here for Jeremy's funeral!
Sunday evening I left, after a day of moving caravans, packing, and turning my bus around.
I had an MOT appointment for my bus 9.30 a.m. on Monday.
But five miles short of Hereford the engine cut out, the bus free wheeled, luckily there was a bus stop on the right into which I glided.
After rooting around I found a break in the wire from the Coil to the Distributer.
But had I broken it?
By the light of the street light I tried to bodge another, but the bus wouldnt start. I slept a few hours, the bus rocking as lorries passed inches from it.
At 5 a.m. I got up, mucking around with old distributer wires, but no luck. At a bit gone eight I phoned and said I wouldnt make it to the MOT. I slept a few hours.
Then cycled into Hereford to the Lucas shop, but they had no 12 volt coil in stock. I bought new leads. Got a puncture. pushed the bike and bits back - it was the hottest day of the year, and the hottest in Britain was at Hereford exhausting...
then hours fitting the new cables and trying to get it to work pulling the starting handle, being watched by the kids at the house i was parked by, as it got dark i went back to first principles, found top dead centre by putting my finger over the spark plug hole, moving the dsitributer around to get numbe one to spark there, and found i'd been using my diagram from the previous engine!
Gone midnight i began to suspect a fuel problem, but petrol squirted in when i pumped the accelerator, perhaps another jet was blocked, i put a block of wood on the accelerator pulled the handle for the three hundredth time, it started, quickly packed up and drove to a layby a few hundred yards up the road.
Slept till eleven this morning, started the bus on the key, drove to Leominster, did some shopping, it wouldnt start on the keye, but did on the handle, up the road to hatfield, a few hundred yards to go a car appeared coming my way, I slammed on the brakes but hit the accelerator instead, swerved into the hedge, missed the car but smashed my indicator, mirrors, and left windscreen, whoops, drove back to hatfield, reversing into my parking slot there was a clanking sound, three bolts on the prop shaft had sheered, so i got some friends to push it back into place. Now, tuesday, cycle to the pub? but i've so much to do if I'm going to MOT the bus before Rainbow Circle camp 25th July. and the BigGreenGathering but nobodys injured, i'm back at base, phew!

From: "George" Subject: [dicenews] big brown gathering
Date: 01 2003 August 01 21:06

im at the big green gathering
internet through  @ groovy movie
muddy fun,
my collage in ecotrip,
tent in the earth field,
guitar and bike left at
rainbow circle camp
where i'm going back sundayish..
for a month or so
then back to fix my bus
which broke down going for MOT
then crashed into a hedge
avoiding a car
then the prop shaft fell off
so i left it for septemeber
so see you in gloucester?

~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

in this rainbowy field , Gloucesterish, checking my emaaills and uplloaddinng this
its too hot here in the daytime,
===2003-08-09 02:10:53===
an email from Heather reported that images werent working on these webpages - sorry, i think ive fixed thm now.

now back at hatfield court for the winter (probably) (11 septemberer 2003ish) planning to index Jeremy's papers, mend my bus and computers and websites etcetera, go to Stonehenge for equinox (tuesday 23rd morning) etcetera...
wow, Rainbow Circle camps were exhausting and wonderful, such great gang of kids, and mums, and others, I wish I'd ddone more music... but we must pay more attention to health and safety next year!

Wednesday 1st October, in London for tonights Stonehenge meeting (8pm, 99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town)

Saturday 20th September I hitched a ride into town, caught a train to Bath, then stayed with friends. Sunday a lift with M+J to Avebury, equinoxing, pubbing, campfire music then slept in my tent. Monday a lift to Stonehenge with J+F+S+N, drinking and chatting and music by a fire in the track all night, then equinox sunrise in the Stones. Tuesday buses to Amesbury, then Salisbury, then Southamton, then Gosport, styed with my dad and visited my mum in her home for the bewildered.
Saturday 29th a ferry to Pompey then a coach to London and a walk to Trafalgar Stop the War demo, George Monbiot said we shouldnt let the United Nations save Bush's credibility by policing Iraq, Iraq will stop US imperialism as Afghanistan stopped Russian imperialism. Other speakers said all troops should leave now and let the Iraquis police themselves. But then wouldnt there be another bloodbath, wouldnt the men responsible or the Kurd and Shia genocides come out of hiding with their weapons?
what a mess.
And I bought a book on video editing with Adobe Premiere, the most expenive book I've bought since Photoshop Wow in 1995ish !
Saturday night to south london, . I fear that the real audio sound streaming of me playing with Lost In Space is broken, could you please tst it and email me if it works, or doesnt?
Monday to Wandsworth for a couple of nights, fixing friends' computers
Tuesday night here, north london, searching the summer's emails to . I hope theyre not lost (K).

wednesday: ===2003-10-16 01:23:25=== I found a lot of bugs in my webpages when I was in London, I think I've fixed most of them now, the music and VE Day book . And I've added most of the condolences book to Jeremy Sandford's webpage

Thursday: ===2003-10-23 19:28:32=== whoops I got the year wrong in my newsletter emails to my egroup yesterday!

From: "" 
To: []
Subject: [dicenews] Rainbow ~ Anarchist ~ Injustice
Date: 23 2003 October 23 00:38

Hello friends, acquaintances and spies...

There's two unique things on this weekend:
The Anarchist Bookfair in London,
and the Rainbow Circle AGM here in Hereford.
Click  for links,
or see below..

And below that an email from Tash with proposals
to change the laws against festivals and raves
from more than 20 people to two or more!

I'm reading lots of books from Jeremy Sandford's library,
(factual, fiction, and C G Jung..)
and sorting his papers, found two unpublished plays,
see my webpage for more about him  .

Twiddly James' funeral is 10.30 on Friday morning at Bath;
Coventry Craig and Martine have had another baby, Molly.

And we're re-energising the Tribal Voices music project

Thursday 23rd october 2002:
(did you read the Illuminatus trilogy
wherein 23 is a magic number?)

At September's anti-war demo in Trafalgar Square
George Monbiot said get troops out of Baghdad now
but then wouldnt there be a bloodbath
from their huge stashes of weapons?

My thought for the day is that some people judge a person
by how they treat their friends,
better to judge them from how they treat their enemies.

========= Contents =====
1) Rainbow Circle
2) Anarchist Bookfair
3) Criminal Injustice


=======  1) Rainbow Circle =====
] From: "
] Subject: AGM sleeping etc
] RC AGM is Saturday 25october+Sunday 26th
] Leominster Community Centre near the Fire Station
] 6 minutes towards Ludlow from the stations.
] Philippa says people can camp and stay here
] at Hatfield Court for the weekend.
] The oak room will be warm,
] and theres a few caravans.
] Hatfield Court is 7 miles from Leominster,
] (downhill from Hatfield church).
] Theres no bus-service at weekends,
] lifts can hopefully be arranged.
] Sarah says she wont be at most RC camps
] next summer, so i guess we need about ten new people
] to do the work she did last year!
] And most of last years co-ordinators
] have probably resigned in protest
] and exhaustion again
] if so we'd need new volunteers/victims
] and someone should concentrate on health and safety
] (there were nearly serious accidents last summer)
] but what we really need is positive writings
] for here and the newsletter
] about why and how fantastic last summer was
] and artistic and healing and evolving
] and whats the difference between work and play
] so
] now
] (yes you, i'm talking to you my friend)
] [g]

======= 2) Anarchist Bookfair=======

From: "Mr Whippy"
To: []
Subject: [stonehengepeace] Anarchist Bookfair
Date: 21 2003 October 21 07:56

Sat 25 Oct
Malet Street London  

The very first Anarchist Bookfair was in 1983. It's happened every
year since, getting bigger and better each time. This is our 22nd
Anarchist Bookfair and it is the largest and most important regular
gathering of Anarchists in the world. It reflects the full range of
Anarchist groups, publishers and activity. Alongside the
day length Bookfair, where you can get the latest books, pamphlets,
magazines and all the other stuff, there are continual meetings and
discussions on all aspects of anarchist activity.

======= 3) Criminal Injustice=======

From: "Alan Lodge" []
Subject: Criminal Justice and Public Order Act .. .. AND NOW, PART 2
Date: 19 2003 October 19 10:07

Sunday, 19 October 2003


Am just starting to find out about the following, and am getting scared,

Didn't know this was in the pipe, but it bloody well is.

Usual implications for Protest, Enviro Action,  Festivals, Travellers,
Party,  etc etc.

It starts with Raves etc,  but if you get towards the end, you'll note:

62 Public assemblies
In section 16 of the Public Order Act 1986 (c. 64) (which defines public
assembly for the purposes of the power in section 14 of that Act to impose
conditions on public assemblies), in the definition of public assembly for
20 substitute 2.

That's right chaps, 2, like TWO,  that's wot is going to get called an
assembly in future.  No one seems to have noted that this lot is going

Criminal Justice and Public Order Act .. .. .. .. AND NOW, PART 2

Hansard entry:

Oh no!!!! 

XXXX stuff deleted - 
Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK

 ~   ~

 photo by Mo, october 2003 Rainbowy visitors expected tomorrow, here at Hatfield and weekending in Leominster (see below)

OCTOBER Sat25+Sun26 2003 Rainbow Circle AGM, Leominster Community Centre, near Fire Station (not Friday 24th)

november ===2003-11-27 18:51:49=== I havent written here for ages cos there hasnt been much to say that I've wanted to say publicly. Someone disappointed me, sabotaging my mission to sort Jeremy's stuff. And that horrible man on the news every day in his court case, why make the parents and all the kids listening on the news suffer all that paranoia again, why didnt he do the honourable thing. I cant fully put myself in his shoes, I can imagine killing a child when driving, or bikes or deathslides or climbing trees, or an accident in a drunken fight like Kit's, I just get the radio here, it must be worse on telly and in the playgrounds. yeuk.
Positively I got my LIGHTSHOW to a party, danced and socialised, good friends , old and new. A good crew of kids helping each other play mario on this laptop. Finger co-ordination.

If you see an advert for Celestine Prophecy Healing by Barbara Lethwaite then beware. ===2003-12-10 20:21:47===
You may have noticed I haven't been writing as much or as often on this webpage as I used to years ago , even before weblogs were invented.
Partly because that part of my brain's busy with stonehenge campaign and rainbow circle and tribalvoices emails and females, partly because I havent wanted to either condone or condemn the Iraqui/Palestinian wars in a few cheap hasty words, but also because life here at Hatfield has not been happy, and I didn't want to write negative gossip here, it wouldn't help things.

But yesterday I cycled to the pub, saw Will Colleen playing his powerful slide guitar, slept round a friends cos of fog, and when I got back today I found that they'd sawed the piano legs in half.
Just Monday I'd been telling Bran how I was going to put all the computers and video and sound equipment on the piano with the wires interconnecting and with all round access.
On Monday I'd put up a notice asking for a meeting to talk about various domestics.
It was Jeremy's grand piano which was broken, we'd taken it out into the garden a few months back, thrown away the innards, after a few weeks outside in the rain I'd carried the beautiful wooden shell upstairs and was using it as a table with things on and under it. Planning installing an electronic keyboard in it with a noisy amp!
Its beautiful old wood, the chunky legs screwing in with a carved wooden spiral.
They’d sawed off the wooden thread and were using the legs to prop up tacky chipboard shelves in the Snug (Jeremy's room which they’ve been very slowly and tastelessly redecorating since September. I say 'They' because that's how we talk about them, though they're all basically good friendly people apart from Barbara their leader. I'd coolly welcomed them to the house in Spring, Jeremy was recovering from his stroke and needed their cooking and warmth. And there were no other volunteers. But after he died Barbara tried to take over. She calls herself a healer, and set about trying to heal us all. But compared to many women I've met over the years she's a beginner. September, before I went away to Stonehenge Equinox and London I'd given her a letter, signed with many of my names, saying that I'd heard a rumour that they wanted to use Jeremys files room as their office, but I needed the space to work on indexing his files and papers, and that I thought I had the support of his family and friends in this. I got back and found that both the Snug and the Files Room had been demolished, and the files put on the bar and in the room with the leaky roof.
I fumed for days, Barbara ignored me, the messages I got were that she doesn't deal with angry people.
I rebuilt the shelves, and moved the papers to safety. About two months later I thought we could compromise, she promised a meeting with me at 4.30, but didn't turn up for that meeting. I joked that she owed me thirty pounds - that's what she charges her ‘clients’ for ‘healing’. Behind my joke I was making a point about respect. In Jungian terms I think she's following her animus, her male subconscious, following its every suggestion, without examining and rejecting its wilder promptings. If I did that I’d have smashed her car months ago. I think she’s telling her followers I'm the evil one. OK, I have been projecting all sorts of thoughts and motives onto her, some of which doubtless stem from my own subconscious. But the fact remains that she smashed the shelves against my written request. She has not valued or shown any interest in all the hours I've put into sorting Jeremys papers. She’s seen Hatfield Court as her nest, her ideal home for her community of love laughter and light, following the Celestine Prophecy book by James Redfield (which I haven't read - I skimmed it once and saw that their last step is to become beings of light and flit off this planet. Some mistake?).

She’s all smiley and nicey but in P's words, she's a bully. I don't expect people to be perfect, but dislike her because she claims to be a healer, to be on a higher plane than us, and then treats me and the work I'm doing on Jeremy's papers with such contempt. (I've contacted a student of Jeremy's mother who learnt Corn Dolly work off her, they want to come and see what Corn Dollies are here before they're shipped off to a museum, the family, or sold. Edna the Inebriate Woman could be released on DVD, as could his Songs of the Gypsies video with David Essex, and he'd just finished producing a CD called Herefordshire Childhood, I could have been producing more of them, not rebuilding shelves.)
Instead there are these petty squabbles over Barbara's power trip, and a blind woman and a child being evicted. If you want to judge a person observe not how they treat their friends but how they treat their enemies. Me, OK, perhaps I've been too liberal. (I was once being beaten up by two drunken speeding toughs and I was forgiving them because of the lies they'd been told (they'd been told that I'd admitted being a child abuser - so it must be true. (But I haven't and I ain't. (And I can prove it. (Could you?)))))

So if you see an advert for a healer, or specifically a Celestine Prophecy course by Barbara Lethwaite then beware.

Well, that's off my chest now, and will be in the public domain soon. I'll check my typing and spell check and error check it, if I do an [F5] here in notepad it says ===2003-12-10 20:48:20=== so thats 27 minutes i've been typing this - i thought it was faster, i'm letting it all flow out. Well, not all, i don't want to put all our dirty washing out in public. I do wonder how could I have behaved differently? I'd always had reservations about her, but I'd helped winch her caravan here, argued that though they’re not perfect they were fixing the kitchen and roof and warming the house etcetera.

 photo by Mo, october 2003 One night after the battle of the shelves she sent her boyfriend to tell me and a friend to be quiet, respect, a boy was asleep. He was sleeping, the music wasn’t that loud, he knows me. 'Respect' the boyfriend said - I quietly exploded with pent up invective - "you want me to respect you when you go behind my back and trash the files then refuse to talk about it, you show no respect for my work or for Jeremy's.." and still they didn't get it..
and poor A and M are caught up in the whirlwind of her unacknowledged demons...
they said to me 'She doesnt deal with Anger' (should that be a capital S on She?).
I replied that Jesus, when he knocked over the moneychangers tables in the temple - ('get that commercialisation out of my Father's House') was being angry, but using his anger in a positive way.

But Barbara is above such human emotions - or is she bottling them up? Sometimes I look at her as a stroppy six year old bossy boots girl.
She's going.
Goodbye Barabara Lethwaite.

Hurray ===2003-12-17 17:03:16===
Hurray, that man who killed Holly and Jessica is locked up for life, (I wont say his name cos I wont publicise names of scum, like of he who shot John Lennon). But the afternoon news will keep on an on about it, and an inquiry, scaring kids and grownups more and more, please dont forget that more kids are killed and harmed by cars than any other way.

I dont know if I'll get to Stonehenge for Monday solstice sunrise, perhaps if theres a lucky lift, I'm stuck out here in Herefordshire, I'm putting my lightshow up in the warm room, but I dont yet now what sort of a gathering/party there will be here or when, Philippa is ddithering. I'm caretaking the house and indexing Jeremys papers, reinsulating my bus (destroyed in a fire years ago), I published and posted a stonehenge newsletter yesterday, and should continue hasssling Cameron and Sim for Tribal Voices Five. And I've now got use of a recording studio here. And Rainbow Circle are visiting in early January, I'll get a few rooms ready.

Gosh, the last three things I wrote here were negatives, bad news, ===2003-12-24 21:40:16=== wrote them to get them out of my head which is daft, spreading just bad news, specially when it doesnt directly affect me.. Today I put put up the Rainbow death slide between two trees here at Hatfield, (a steel rope, pulley wheel and hanging tyre) cut some wood, worked on the Hatfield Studios room, and lowered the seat on the mountain bike for R who's visiting with her mum. I tell her when I knew her brother he was three, but she knows him as a huge teenager!

Time passes, this time last year I'd just started a tempestuous scene of a scene with my ex-, now I have so many projects half way up the hill, should get a few of them up to the top of the hill and half way down again!

its now thursday eve, we're playing a game which I first played living in a caravan in wales - dont say the 'C' word whoever does must forfeit, get the wood or tea or sing a song so, Happy Thursday!

and now its quite later ===2003-12-25 02:51:55=== and im quite drunk, that funny kid phoning up people and saying 'its Mrs Clark here, you've won singing lessons from our company for a christmas present please sing Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle little star, some people were confused, some played along, some guessed who was phoning, some didnt, and our Sunch was great, she sang, (she didnt know who it was phoning her though!)

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