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My bus now by Halecombe quarry crossroads, between Chantry and Leigh-on-Mendip, along the new Bulls Green Link Road from Nunney, from Frome Somerset, then another hundred yards. (see map ) Whereto next?
Can you help us edit RealAudio web sound files for the Tribal Voices eco musicians?
Please print and record and get my song
( The Only Time I Lied Was When I Said I Didnt Love You Any More ) to number one for Valentines Day.
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phreaking.. sat5jan2002 .. I'll be moving some of these pages to phreak soon because of yahoo/geocities suspending them - see yahoogc.htm

New Years Eve I cycled to Glastonbury then chilled up the Tor. It was cool. Jammed tinwhistle with some drummers. Christmas I hibernated, recovering from Stonehenge. Had ice on the inside of the roof of my bus!

New Year's Resolution - more lightshows

And Tribal Voices tape/CD Five is a big project I want to get done for the 23rd March Glastonbury gig.

Friday10January2002 - I've moved the Stonehenge Campaign homepage to phreak, if my javascript works - please tell me of any bugs. Do the sounds work? (I can't test them over this 9K orange phone modem!)

Rainbow gig @ Glastonbury Saturday 2nd Feb 2002

thu31jan2002 - dental success, bus travelcarded, visited Wells, Frome, Shepton and Glastonbury, where I met some good friends, and heard some great music, and jammed a bit of tin whistle with guitars and flutes, then ran to the bus, to Wells, then cycled and pushed it uphill back to my bus.
Misty full moon.

Subject: [dicenews]  egroup email from george ~ wed30jan2002
Date: 30 January 2002 23:13

There's something on in Glastonbury Assembly rooms Thursday night.

And on Saturday 2/2/2002 is a Rainbow Benefit,
opening circle 6pm, helping earlier.
      I think it'll be packed so come early!
And please bring some words and/or art for the
  Rainbow Circle newsletter which is soon

and I'm going to the dentist tomorrow,
I cracked a front tooth with the bus starting handle
when it backfired last month - ow -
I'm my own worst enemy! (and to digress ...
if you got all my friends in one room
there'd probably be a huge fight! ~ [JOKE] ~ )

Now parked up just north of Priddy in Somerset,
beautiful country: Stones and tumuli.

This email is powered by The Land Is Ours windmill
which I rescued off Wandsworth Eco Village Roundhouse.

;-}   ;-}  ;-}  ;-}   ;-}  ;-}  ;-}   ;-}  ;-}  ;-}   ;-} 

moved from shepton a few miles (Wed 16 jan 2002), now a little north of Priddy campsite

tues5feb2002 00:04 05/02/2002 early morning/late last night watching Dances With Wolves on telly.
after the rainbow gig dancing i slept round friends in glastonbury then did some visits and caught the last bus back towards bristol, got off at the top of the hill and walked the five or so miles to where Im parked up from Priddy. Good exercise with a heavy rucksack of computer bits and stonehenge leaflets Jes gave me.

From: "george" []
To: []
Cc: []
Subject: [rainbow-circle] the rainmaker archetype
Date: 01 February 2002 21:14

my favourite poet
in 'Knowing Woman' wrote of the Rainmaker archetype
(in males and females, her 'man' means 'human' - not male only)...

In those rare moments when all the opposites meet within a man,
good and also evil, light and also darkness, spirit and also body,
brain and also heart, masculine focussed consciousness
and at the same time feminine diffuse awareness,
wisdom of maturity and childlike wonder;
when all are allowed and none displaces any other
in the mind of a man, then that man,
though he may utter no word,
is in an attitude of prayer.
Whether he knows it or not his own receptive allowing
will affect all those around him;
rain will fall on the parched fields,
and tears will turn bitter grief to flowering sorrow,
while stricken children dry their eyes and laugh.

Wednesday 13th Feb 2002 - in my bus, up Priddy. Last week to London for Stonehenge meeting, (English Heriticage's plan is same as last summer), then to Rory's where we formatted a new hard disk for this laptop (it should be 20G but came out at 8Gig - loads of room I thought, expanding from 2Gig, but by the time we'd transferred sound software and samples for Tribal Voices Five there was only a Gig left!)
Then to Victoria cybercafe where I tested my webpages, the slideshow didnt work, but the sound samples did.
Yesterday I finally got the laptop connected to an external box with a CD reader, next step it to suss writing CDs, hopefully in time for the TV gig and Stonehenge meeting in Glast 23/24March..
Oh, and we're being evicted again soon...
nice windy weather for the windmill

Broken windows - i've lost the fonts from wordpad, aargh i want to be editing webpages and art not programming operating systems, failing to write CDs...
The egroups are OK (27feb2002)

cold, there's a cold wind and i've got a cold - perhaps from sitting out at a campfire at Hatfield last weekend playing tinwhistle and flute with guitars at a rainbowy party. Days later I found my tin whistle was clogged with fluff - that's why i couldnt play it quiet. I danced to Kangaroo Moon, but I find a slowness in their music because Mark (or Marc) the keyboarder/flautist plays sitting down, bands are more danceable when they're standing up. And I'm a bit jealous cos they're so much faster than me on the flutes. Still. I wouldnt have got my flute if my tin whistle wasnt fluffed up, and it was nice to play it again, the difference of sound between a tinwhistle and flute is more to do with that a flute is blocked at one end, than because a flute's blown sideways.
pipesine There was a diagram in my A Level physics book of vibrations in a closed pipe and an open pipe, one and a half in a closed pipe, an odd number of halves, i should draw a diagram.
ha! sinewaves are hard to draw on this silly laptop touchpad. and i'm no artist. perhaps the curve tool in paint would do it.

Two CD writers have failed to materialise, this one here doesnt work, perhaps I'll pay top dollar for one, I've spent months planning these CDs for Tribal Voices, I want some draft CDs ready for the 23rd March gig in Glastonbury , and then I'll have time for more new projects ... Festival Eye?

datelist updated (Sunday 10 March) - I've been walkabout - Rainbow Circling in Hereford, computering in Dorking, Music at Farringdon , rebuilding my computer at Rory's, visiting and playing with kids , Stonhehengeing at Torriano, and preparing for the Glastonbury Tribal Voices Gig and Stonehenge Talking Circle on 23/24 March

And visiting my mum in her home for the bewildered here in Gosport

Back to my bus in Somerset tomorrow, do some mechanics and more investigating making CDs for Tribal Voices

Glastired: Sunday 17th march 2002: yesterday I visited Glastonbury, picked up some Tribal Voices CDs, planned next Saturdays Gig at the Assemblies, met friends, saw a band called Feud at the Liesure club, then went to a rave in the Assemblies where I danced like a Spiral Tribe hippy/punk/mutant.

Then did some computing with Seizmic Richie , slept, Sunday picked up some more music, then bus back to the crossroads and a three mile walk, my rucksack heavy due to papers and computers and disks and wires..
a satisfying ache on my shoes.
dont know if i'll get to Stonehenge for Thursday Equinox sunrise, 50/50.
I'm still trying to make Tribal Voices Five on my new burnproof CD Rewriter, but Nero software writes the data track first (with webpages, pictures etcetera) and on some old CD players that makes a horrible white noise which could damage loudspeakers if played loud, pessimisstickily thinking.

Stonehenged! friday 22 march 2002: back in my bus.
ive slept well, two nights worth.
Wednesday at Stonehenge I was up all night.
Jes played great guitar and i tried to play along on my tin whistle.
We did 'Our Stones' from Tribal Voices Four, and stuff I hadnt heard before.
Hope to play with him again on Saturday.
It took hours to get there by buses, in between buses at Salisbury I visited the library and read about CD-ROMs, and checked my hotmail.
If I'd gone on Tuesday then I'd have been in time for wednesday's TRC meeting, but I'd have got wet in the drizzle, and didnt want to spend two nights out wet and cold.
As it happened it drizzled a bit as I walked from amesbury to stonehenge, I stopped to put on my waterproof(ish) over-trousers, but stopped when I got there.

thursday morning they said theyd let us in through the gate but some druids slowed us up for half an hour waiting for a car to arrive late which is outrageous( I think, obviously they dont think that, or they wouldn't have done it.)

In the Stones I ambled about, chuckled cos the Druid's north was about twenty degrees northeast, showed someone Stone Eleven, then noticed that of the two big ones at the back, the one thats fallen over and broken in two is about a foot thicker than the standing one next to it. And the one standing is so relatively thin that I began to doubt whether the stone lying nearby which I'd assumed was off the top was wide enough to have been safely put up there.

The people who built Stonehenge would have known of the dangers of huge buildings collapsing, thinking of the huge trees they built with.

And earlier, by the campfire at night in between music and chatting I wrote a line in my notebook that could be the foundation stone of a whole philosophy of life which I should write, as fundamental and enlightening as the famous Cogito Ergo Sum of Descartes - [I think therefore I am] - (which actually isnt as self evident and deniable as he thought - he presupposes that the word 'I' which is used twice represents the same thing (or idea)).

The one thing that I'm certain of is that sometimes I make mistakes

Warm at last, in my bus.(27march2002)
The gig and meeting in Glastonbury were great, so much goodness, nine out ten, I played my best ever version of CCTV and Stange Family sitting at a table while Jes and the angels were on stage, remembering TVtape4 and Stonehenge.
Now thinking of Tribal Voices CD5 and CD6... (anyone got CD-enhanced burning software links?),
and getting towards Rainbow Circle Beltane Camp - I volunteered to put up the bogs!


Lazed today, was going shopping tomorrow but its easter (when baby jesus was born out of chocolate egg) and half the shops will be shut - I've been reading Science Fiction and listening to radio plays. But now I'm going online to search for CD burning software. but sont be able to do much on this 9K modem! (I've got pictures turned off - but couldnt download megabytes , the connection isnt fast or reliable enough, and the phone batteries wont last that long!)

been too busy to write (monday8april2002):
Last week went to see my mum in her 'home for the bewildered' and Fighting Cocks music where there was a flautist so much faster than me... then Stonehenge Meeting then campfires up hempstead heath with old friends from the Rainbow church and new friends - hello Isis - and tried to jam with pok spacegoat but though i asked him three times to tune up he wouldnt tune to concert pitch so me and the two flutes were stymied until he shut up then I jammed with the drums - remembering a saturday night in the fake stone circle at a big green gathering a few years ago- seven drummers and me, for hours and hours, it was like tripping on mushrooms...

there's disasters on my webpages - the feedback forms dont work and they say I've got to learn CGI to get new ones - I havnt got the batteries leave alone the brain cells or time, I wish it was easier, I want to create new dynamic artful webpages not fix broken windows - still wordpad wont change fonts or fontsize, aaargh....

Yesterday kerry from Dead Womans Bottom came visiting with some of her kids, and Ash stayed over, and we did an Ash News and reading and writing, he's seven now, says he was three at DWB, counting on the ages of his brothers who weren't even born then!

He got a joke off of Go For It on Radio Four -
What did the policeman say to his tummy?
You're under a vest!

You've got to laugh
(or you'd cry)
a friend's mum died today, or yesterday.
Me, if I go loo loo or la la or Alzheimers and shitting all over the place, and dont know what I'm doing or who I am, please I want Euthanasia.
I havent started my bus for months. I tried today, pulling the rope on the starting handle, pouring petrol down the air hole in the carb, taking out the spark plugs and sandpapering them, pulling out the wire from the coil to the distributer and hotwiring a spark plug onto it I saw a spark there - but the bus didnt fire. It was so cold and wet in January and February I dont blame it. But I promised to try to build the toilets at the Rainbow Beltane , and thats in a fortnight or less several counties away... the odds on my getting there are, I guess, fifty-fifty, it'd be nice to tidy up a few loose ends in somerset before I leave, get the Tribal Voices tapes covers photocopied, get TVCD5 ongoing... (I've sussed audio'data CDs, given draft pre-releases to Clive and Pok - how much artistic freedom will they give me as producer of TVCD5 - the live sound with real mistakes!?
more sherry?

rainbowing (Sunday 28 April), somewhere between Ludlow and Leominster, I left in my bus on Saturday and got here on Wednesday, electrical problems ...
thanks to Richard for co-piloting, pushing, making tea etcetera
gosh its beautiful here in this field

i think theres something wrong with my emails, I've lost a lot since trying to reinstall windows and moving from somerset

rainbowing (Sunday 28 April), somewhere between Ludlow and Leominster, I left in my bus on Saturday and got here on Wednesday, electrical problems ...
thanks to Richard for co-piloting, pushing, making tea etcetera
gosh its beautiful here in this field

i think theres something wrong with my emails, I've lost a lot since trying to reinstall windows and moving from somerset

Subject: [rainbow-circle] draft No Nonsense RFC
Date: 13 2002 May 13 21:26

Request For Comment
draft letter to rainbow circle
from me, george

please send me comments, clarifications, etc,
do my words mean to you what they mean to me?

===== No Nonsense from Karelia.====

Someone said that someone said that I'd written a
letter to Rainbow Circle saying that its OK for old men
to have sex with fifteen year olds. It is not.

I dont think I ever wrote that. If you have a copy of such
a letter please let me know so I can explain or retract it.

My joke about Fat Sid was unwise and meant in a Jungian way.

However I do say that hurting little kids is a worse crime
than  dirty old men having sex with sexually mature but not
emotionally/politically/spiritually mature women.

Both are wrong, and I've never done neither, (except
perhaps Doris who was 21 and a bit nutty, but wow...)

Didn't Jesus say that to sin in the mind is as bad
as to sin in the flesh? If so then he was wrong.

My inner caveman/dog archetype may pop up as
 in a dream  and tell me that I fancy somebody -
I take note of my subconscious but dont obey it.

Its when we suppress our subconscious ideas
that they can explode and wreak havoc.

Thanks to those from Wandsworth and the Convoy
and all who've supported me through the years of
rumours and misguided drunken vigilante attacks.

How we treat our kids is at the heart of our culture,
thats why I've stuck with it, not run away.

With love from your cousin,  (dice) george (miles)  07970-378-572


 ~ george ~~ ~
 ~ Stonehenge Campaign~~ Tribal Voices ~
 ~~~~~~~~~   ~
 ~~~~~~~~ (emails collected weeklyish)   ~
 (if after 7pm I'll phone you back cheaprate)
 ~ orange phone 07970 378572 ~ george ~

Out visiting (Thursday16may2002) - and resting, out of the field for a day or two. Then I've a week and a half to mend things, then we rebuild the camp for the Rainbow Circle Kids Camp.
After the five day journey in my bus, turning the starting handle hundreds of time, then three weeks of total busyness, jacking the bus out of the mud, helping put up marquees, arranging carpets and furniture and fires and marquee walls and playing with kids and tin whistling and so many little jobs, I was running for three weeks, but now I look back can't write down the many many things that kept me busy and exhausted. I wanted to help in the kitchen and learn to cook but never found the time. I didnt leave the field for two weeks, didnt get to the shops, what was I doing? It was like back at the Kentish Town Rainbow Centre again. When I was broken down in a Gloucester layby someone offered me a caravan, it's too wide for my bus, but I've been opening it out into one big room for use as a library. Kids have been helping paint it.
One day I remember when the kids marquee had been built but not used we did a big noise , banging things, singing, shouting, tromboning, that woke things up!

email failures - all recent email to have got lost, please use until it gets fixed...

Off to Stonehenge soon, it should be open for the night of Thursday20th June - next year lets hope its open in the daytime.

In my bus in the rainbow field, helping tat down the camp, but i've strained a finger. Gosh it was fun - some great music jams, scrumptious food, etcetera.

Friday17may, afternoon, been trying to write a CD for a draft master of Tribal Voices Five but it aint working.. must get a bus back to Ludlow at 2.30pm, then back to site. Drat - something in the intricacies of Nero CD burning isnt quite working, perhaps one obscure checkbox somewhere... and I havent enough power from the windmill to experiment back home in my bus..

and so much to do, i've some notes i wrote when broken down in gloucester, and lots of pictures missing from my websites, emails to answer, a bus engine to fix, caravan to convert, not to mention a life to live!

and a letter to write to festival eye magazine

rainbowing somewhere south of Ludlow, (28May2002) been converting a caravan into a library, teaching Ian my song The Only Time I lied... , perhaps he'll record it for Tribal Voices Six...
the rumours against me are becoming absurd, things are getting better, this coming family camp should be great!
I think i've fixed the feedback form
I havent spent time trying to fix my bus engine , or typed in my notes about its five day journey from Somerset to here..

From: "" []
To: []
Subject: [dicenews] Glastonbury panics re: Free-Fringe Festival.
Date: 19 2002 June 19 22:20

Glastonbury panics
 re: Free-Fringe Festival.rumours
i dont think i'll be there,
i'll be fixing my bus
(needs bedford distributer bits)
for august rainbow circles,
fixing my broken websites,

(Me, I got towed to glastonbury in 1983,
left in 84, back after the beanfield
got evicted in 1985,
great times at Greenlands farm,
but in June 84 and 85 I went to Stonehenge Festival not Pilton..

I went back a few years ago,
many people disappointed me,
they should have known better
wasted years denying stupid lies
left a few months back
with it 99% sorted,
in no hurry to go back

for more about this egroup see: 

see also:
(from george - phone 07970-378-572)
(I wont send more than one a week, 
sorry for any mistokes)
~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From: "" []
To: []
Subject: 11/10 correction Re: [stonehengepeace] lost property @ solstice
Date: 23 2002 June 23 17:40

i wrote:
] a great night,
] 9/10
but i'd like to correct that to 13/10
i dont want to let one or two thieves
and one or two officious english guards
(only following orders)
spoil a great night,
and they didnt spoil it...


though i am pissed off at losing my phone numbers
and some original writing on my organiser,
but it had my phone number on it
so whoevers got it knows its mine..

oh no im being negative again...
i had a great jam with jes's guitaring,
and the drums and the dancing...

now to take a few weeks mending m website etcetera

 ~ george ~~ ~
 ~ Stonehenge Campaign~~ Tribal Voices ~
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 ~~~~~~~~ (emails collected weeklyish)   ~
 (if after 7pm I'll phone you back cheaprate)
 ~ orange phone 07970 378572 ~ george ~

----- Original Message -----
From: "" []
To: []
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 7:32 PM
Subject: [stonehengepeace] lost property @ solstice

] anyone know about lost property at stonehenge?
] on arriving at the gate at quarter to eight
] i was told i couldnt take my rucksack in,
] to go to the carpark cloakroom
] but when i got there there wasnt one set up,
] they said leave it behind the fence,
] but when i got back they were gone
] and it was gone -
] lost bags, clothing, phone charger,
] organiser, phone numbers etc etc
] anyone know about lost property at stonehenge?
] george
] PS
] i was worth it,
] a great night,
] 9/10
] my best flute playing ever
] but where's my phone numbers collection?
]  ~ george ~~ ~
]  ~ Stonehenge Campaign~~ Tribal Voices ~
]  ~~~~~~~~~   ~
]  ~~~~~~~~ (emails collected weeklyish)   ~
]  ~
]  (if after 7pm I'll phone you back cheaprate)
]  ~ orange phone 07970 378572 ~ george ~
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sloped in my bus(Monday24june2002)
Stonehenge Solstice was great , I'm so glad I went, as I remember back on some of the friends and goings on, and wow, playing tin whistle with the drums was my bestest ever playing, jamming with the drummers.

today was the first day of the rest of my life, I went into Ludlow and got some new points for my bus, they had them in stock!, came back and fitted them, turned the starting handle and vroom, it started easily, then I decided to pull the library caravan nearer, and park my bus at a better angle to the campfire, I tied a rope to the caravan and pulled it back, the rope snapped, I tried again, another snap, so I drove down to where the caravan was and pulled it forwards, but the bus wheels slipped going up the slope, the caravan continued rolling, almost crashed into me, I handbraked, got out to look at the land, then the engine stopped. It had run out of petrol. So here I am on a slope, pointing the wrong way. Perhaps just as well, the women are drunk at the fire, so I'm not drinking. After what nearly happened when I was too pissed too at Beltane, as the owls hooted and passing trains too-tooed

Ten p.m. Friday 6th July,
just been listening to a great play on Radio Four, about Alititia meeting Charlotte Bronte, written by Charlotte Cory. So many levels of make believe..
And yesterday I finished reading "Wild Swan" by Jung Chang, three generations in China through Mao's witch-hunts and troublemaking.
And before that "Fear of Flying" by Erica Jung.
Both of them books donated to the Rainbow Library
(To donate a book to the Rainbow Library write "Rainbow Library" on it.)

And today I drove my bus from the Rainbow field to here, Hatfield Court near Leominster.
The Rainbow Circle Kids Bus is here, I've cleared it out a bit, want to sort it a nd build a few shelves before the August camps.
===19:32 2002-07-06 emailing on the roof of my bus behind hatfield court signal strength two stuart says that if you go to the egroup members and click on badbunny then you get to a porn webpage with viruses so dont do it!

you know my phone number but i dont know yours!
Wednesday evening , 10 July, last night I cycled to music in a pub from Leominster. Gaia from Tribal Voices was singing and guitaring and fluting and drumming, and Helen and Pete and others - I jammed some blues for a few minutes drinking beer.
i think theres still loads of bugs with the pictures on this webpage, please email me of any you notice, i cant test it here!

sUNDDAY 21stjuly20002- at hatfielld, keyboard problems, so i striipped it out and cleaned it, then the power inputfaailed onn the laptop, so now im usin another, the parallell port died, so i cant make the tribal voices CDs for the green gathering, I've two Dell Latitude XPi s niether of which fully works, anbd whille I was keboarding I was settin up jeremy's laptop when i broke the cable forcingg it back in late at night by aa 15 watt ligght with these sunnlasses on -- a Toshiba Stellite 110 CS keyboard neededd, whoops, i'm plugged into mains electricity for the first time since before wandsworth, 1995 the rainbow wasnt it?
nxtweek i want to fix my computers and my bus and my lights and visit my mum annd go to the big ggreen and get new gglasses andd fix jeremy's computer and teaach him more windows and drive to help set up auggust's Rainbow Circle camps and mend the broken images on my websites and do som creative writing - like the story of my ffive dday journey from somerset which i'd written into my littlle SharpZQ handheld PDA computer thingy which I lost at stonehenge when someone stole my yellow bag - it had my name in it so they now who they are and who i am , really i dont want to waste any more brain cells thinking who they are and why - the problems in their head not mine, and I wont let one baddun spoil a ggreat night, a great summer...

the last book I read was The Wrench by Primo Levi a good read, it got me in the mood for this mending and bodgingg and woodworking the table tennis table legs and wiring the kids bus and tidying and sorting it, loadds of paint left from the May camps...

Flaxleyish: Tuesday 30 July, at rainbow circle field downriver from Gloucester on the welsh side then right into Flaxley Road after the railway bridge.
I drove here last week, had a puncture halfway, much botheration, then saturday walked to the bus stop, four buses tto the Big GGreen Gathering which wAs fab, dancin fluting and babysittin etcetera, people from alll over my past, and my future?
then a lift back llast night in a Majikal Theatrikal flying white ttaxi, etcetera, load to write up about it but when? mmy SharpZQ got stolen, draat... so i cant type in any old time, have to boot up this thing wich takes ages and fifty watts or so which is stupid, the sharp took two tiny batteries which lastedd for months

opened! [Mon19August2002] Today I opened 60 cans of tomatoes in the kitchen, using my keyring can-opener which was admired - I got it from a camping shop, but I got my first ones from compo food ration packs when I was in the army cadets. Its about one centimeter by two, with a sharp bit which hinges out, they last for years until the metal snaps, and I dont use any other.
Cant remember much of where the rest of the day went... collaging, sandpit politics, tea bag battles on my roof, then after tea some baby sitting, a cute two yearold I've only known a day or too. Her sister helped. I should find time for more music, and gate duty etcetera..

Keyboarding: (Sunday25August2002) I got this new keyboard for a fiver at Cinderford, now I'm typing by candlelight in my bus in the Rainbow Field. But both my phone modems are broke, so I cant upload this, or check my emails. Life's so great out in the field, this is the first eveing I've been in for weeks - last night I did a lightshow in the Cafe tent, and played tinwhistle with Jez (of Little Green Men) and others..
Friday night I cant remember, Thursday I was down at Gosport quickly visiting my folks..
perhaps i should've written a weblog every night, and taken photos of the site evolving, but for various technical reasons i didnt, plus my exhaustion and laziness...
I wish I'd done more work, like gate duty and washing up, what I generally do is wander around having adventures, often with the kids in this great rainbow family, often learning more than I teach. One girl, I think three years old, told a story with one hundred percent energy in story-time in the big tipi about a princess with an axe and a sword and a gun who chopped off an ogres arms and legs and eyes and ate them - I said the little kids would be scared but they thought it was great!
And ive been engaging in the politics of the sandpit, (as featured in my bit in the newsletter), with my years of experience I can referee more impartially than a parent who would consciously (or subconsciously) favour (or disfavour) their own child. DONT THROW SAND!
Once Franqui said she'd been watching me and that I'm good with kids because of my inner child, I added that I'm also aware of my inner grandparent, theres a welath of experience and perspective beyond that of 'first time parents' who tend to heap all their hopes and dreams on their own young child which, in extremes, could swamp a child, and is what I'd call 'laying their own trips on the kid'.

emailing to my egroup

dicenews 2002.09.08
sunday 8th September 2002:

Friends, Romans and dicey men...
here's an email just for my dicenews egroup
so if you get it twice theres something wrong...
go to
and fix it


2pm Wednesday 11 September 2002 TRC 26
Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge -

20-22 September 2002.: Reclaim the Streets invites you to
RECLAIM THE FUTURE - An action-packed social event on
For venue details, please ring 07931 560 569. ??

21 Sept Reclaim the Future event: All-day event,
starting at 2pm with workshops, kids area, stalls,
spoken word, cabaret & exhibition.
BIG FESTIE PARTY in the evening

Mon 23 Sept Stonehenge Equinox Sunrise
Autumn Equinox: 04:55 GMT sunrise: 5.57 GMT

BST ends?

Wed 2 Oct 8pm Stonehenge Campaign meeting
at 99 Torriano Av, Kentish Town, London

26-27 Oct 2002 Rainbow Circle AGM
at Leominster Community Center

Friday 1 November Woodside Evictions


Yesterday (Saturday) I had many adventures
driving my bus back here to Hatfield Court,
I'm here for several weeks I hope
mending things etcetera
after a happy summer rainbow circling...

i'm computering on the roof of my bus
- its the only place i can get online
with mobile phone signal strength one or two
and computer infra-red crashes every few minutes
and spam has exceeded my hotmail limit
so i may have lost a few of your emails..

ha ha

but wow, that was a summer to remember,
where did all those days at flaxley go...
I remember my lightshow on Friday night,
a Live Acoustic Rave,
I sulked at so few dancing to the drums,
whilst most sat back in their tents,
then thought 'NO, celebrate the dancers,
quality not quantity'
and lets do more

and wow, that last Sunday night,
playing tin whistle with those great new
drummers and guitarists and singers,
was it Dave Insane from Weston?
from ten pm till dawn,
my bestest ever 'Ground Control to Major Tom'


And meeting so many old and new friends,
that tiny baby so delicate
and Tara learning to talk so fast
and so many twins,
and P. and  J. now  teens,
and I talked to someone who used to be
in Here and Now!

Hatfielding: (tuesday 10 september 2002) Its 11.30 pm and I cant get a signal on my mobile phone, even on the roof of my bus . Perhaps it needs clouds to bounce the signal off at night? So I cant get online. And if it was raining it would be no good - cos im using an infra-red connection this laptop would have to be on the roof too, and rain would stop play. And theres trees around so the windmill doesnt often charge my battery. So Im not in an ideal spot. On Sunday I spent 3 hours doing emails, whenever the infra-red connection failed I had to restart everything.

Yesterday I lay on my bed and read a book: Mikhail Sholokhov's 'And Quiet Flows The Don', cossack families in the time of revolution and war.

wed 11 september: My lift to the Stonehenge Meeting this morning failed to arrive, I dont know why.
  I sent her a rude text message which was probably a diplomatic mistake, but why? I blamed her subconscious.
  I used my anger to cycle to Bromyard where I found the famous scrapyard and got two wheel nuts to replace two which I'd damaged after a puncture driving to Flaxley. (I'd tried to loosen them anticlockwise with a scaffold bar lever but offside wheelnuts go backwards - as I knew from 1984 if I'd remembered)
  And they're sorting out some new old tyres for me, and windscreen wiper motors. Gosh it was scary driving here on Saturday when it started raining and I discovered the windscreen wipers didnt work. Like cycling in the rain, except I was risking other people's lives not mine. So I stopped in a layby.
  Then it's MOT time again.

someone's been searching my website for Suzanne Vega , well i've got a cassette of hers i play some times... (thu12sept2002)

here's an email i got...

Hey George!
We e-spoke a few years ago about Mac computers. 
You've robably forgotten...
I'm writing an SF-English-Fantasy novel set entirely
in Festi/Pagan/Underground culture, could you link to
it off your links thingy page? (the one where the
address and comments pop up would be great, but, hey.)
Part of this novel, that's being published via the
Wildside Press (who've just brought out my most recent
two), is on my own website:
If you could link to this, that'd be great. And when
the book's ready I'll do loads more webby/promo stuff.
(Do download the initial chapters, and if you read
them, let me know what you think - hey! do you want a
cameo appearance?) 
Nice one! Oh, yeah - great fluting man, on the
Tribadelica CD. 
Cheers, TEVE...
PS. Hope the bus is OK now.

Stonehenged: (tuesday 24 september, h23.59, @gosport,) been to the music pub, jammed some tin whistle, there was a flautist who was faster than me, she played some minory tune, i tried to play a counter melody below it, I asked if she'd written it- "no - its finnish".
Friday I had a lift to Leominster, whence I caught a bus to Birmingham, and stayed at Nicky trombone's.
Saturday up early, bus to the centre, then train to Oxford, where I met cousin Will and we were picked up by other cousins and taken to S and J's wedding.
Saturday night slept.
Sunday a lift to Stonehenge.
Lit a fire, sat by it all night, played some tinwhistle with Jes, Roo, Ronnie and others, borrowed a spade and bike off mickey (thanx) then in the morning into the Stones for a quiet hour.
Then a lift to Brighton where i tried to record with Jes but his DAT recorder kept stopping.
Today, Tuesday, a bus from Brighton to Gosport, reading a Dreamweaver manual I got at Oxfam in Leominster, then to the music pub.
Tomorrow visit my mum in her hospital, then perhaps a Stonehenge meeting on Thursday, and then a Glastonbury Assembly Rooms meeting, then back to my bus at Hatfield, must fix the windscreen wipers and MOT it...

TVCD5 postponed

Subject: [tribal-voices] TVCD5 postponed
Date: 28 2002 September 28 19:48

TVCD5 is postponed indefinitely.

Ive been working in it for ages
but in Glastonbury this morning I met Sim
who says he doesnt want me to use the live recording of him
at the March2000 Glastonbury Tribal Voices benefit gig.

But that is my favourite track of the whole CD,
and both Pok and Jes thinks its fantastic,
its the center of the CD as ive mixed it
but sims the artist, its his copyright,
so it would be wrong for me to go against his wishes
so goodbye.

However loads of people out there believe in tribal voices,
those few, like me, whove got tapes 1-4 find them a great help
in times of stress, and beautiful,
so i wont resign from the project,
(its been sitting in a cardboard box for years)
unless you all want me too
(because the lies in glastonbury high street are scaring you?)
sorry to be negative,
but that tracks so great and live and direct...

i'll concentrate on reissueing tapes 3 and 4 as CDs,
and perhaps send a copy of TVCD5 to sim
and hope he'll have a change of heart
cos im his number one fan!

 ~ george ~~ ~
 ~ Stonehenge Campaign~~ Tribal Voices ~
 ~~~~~~~~~   ~
 ~~~~~~~~ (emails collected weeklyish)   ~
 (if after 7pm I'll phone you back cheaprate)
 ~ orange phone 07970 378572 ~ george ~


Jeremy SandfordJeremy's ill.
  Monday30Sept: back at Hatfield, but Jeremy Sandford's ill in hospital.
  I'm sorry I missed the peace demo on Saturday- all the buses from Bristol were full, (Friday I'd visited JJ and all which was good)
  and I'm sorry I missed the huge Countryside demo the week before - four hundred thousand people must have been an experience!

rainy tuesday night:
  ===20:11 2002-10-01 Tuesday Evening
  Its dark and raining, with no moon... i was going to cycle in to leominster for Gaias CD launch in the music pub, I could if I really really wanted to, but instead I'm here, typing, in my bus at Hatfield Court.
Jeremy Sandford On Friday in Somerset my phone rang, Jim telling me Jeremy's in hospital. He'd collapsed, and only today I hear that he's talking again.
  Susie had found him collapsed in the garden and got an ambulance - everyone else was away.
  Today I did a bit of clearing in his house, three wheel barrow loads of fire ash, and loads of rotten apples, etcetera.
  And he has hundreds of files, apart from his famous "Cathy Come Home" he's done loads more work, and had it published.
  Me, I've a hundred excuses why I havent published even one book.
  Mainly cos I'm too lazy, and, cos actually I'm not a great fan of dice george, I philosophise and doubt at home whilst others are out saving the planet.
  The day in Kentish Town when I'd copied almost all of my poems and published letters into a webpage (dicepubl.htm) and found that everything fitted onto one floppy disk!
  And that was in the days of DD disks without the second hole!
  I've been reading about Blogs, 'web logs', this dicegeor.htm , which I've been writing since 1996ish.
  The Guardain recommends:

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