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george at Stonehenge December Solstice 2004

Xmas: 00:05 25/12/2004 alone in my bus with Radio 3 Jazz, been sleeping a lot, recovering from the last few weeks and from staying up all the longest night at Stonehenge then half-sleeping scrunched up in a car most of the shortest day...
Monday 27th December 5pm Radio 2 Beatles Christmas records - should be good - Paul McCartney singing Baby You Can Drive My Car at Glastonbury this June was one of my highlights of the year - Ok he may not be your favourite Beatle but he was there and he's a star and he can rock it...

18:37 12/12/2004 listening to radio 4's pick of the week, now its from tuesday's poem/play The laughter of Stafford Girls High.
about a girls school giggle epidemic which was so good when i heard it, like that welsh poem about the village with richard burton, Under Milk Wood.
I listened to it visiting my mum in her care-home, she was suffering from Alzheimers, she lost all speech a year ago, it started many years ago when she lost her painting skill, then slowly her speech deterioriated, like her brain turning to grey jelly no, they say she wasnt suffering, she wasnt in pain,
My dad suffered much more seeing her deteriorate to that state, the stress must have contributed to his death.
I like to think she understood the laughter and giggles, laughter is one thing that separates humankind from beasts, I like to think those giggles were her last memory before she slipped away

november11th2004.. rembrance day.. rembrandts?
today i stuck a new windscreen in my bus. I broke it over a year ago hitting a hedge to avoid a car returning from a failed MOT (the starter motor failed and they refused to let me use the starting handle...)
yesterday i got my eye inflamed due to a crumb of glass when i was sawing and chiseling out the old glass. Its getting better now...
Next june will be the 20th anniversary of the 1985 so-called 'battle of the beanfield' when Thatchers police stopped Stonehenge Free Festival...

From: ""
Subject: [dicenews] a gig and 2 deaths
Date: 26 October 2004 23:54

this Saturday 30 october is Rainbow Circle AGM
(close down - or paid tickets - or evict piss takers?)
and GIG at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms,
I hope I'll be playing whistle and trombone
and have a few drafts CDs of
Tribal Voices Five to sell....

Today at six and a bit I turned on radio 4 to listen to the last of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy when I heard that John Peel/Ravenscroft died this morning...

Ug, I feel I betrayed him by listening to Radio 3 a lot this year, not his shows....

lets get more people to his funeral than went to Diana's and the Queen Mum's...

I remember the early 1970s when I listened to his shows on radio one on headphones when my parents thought i was asleep... when he first played Reggae I thought 'what rubbish is he playing?' then though, 'No George, he knows more about music than me..' and listened again, and began to love reggae music...

And attached to here (for those on the dicenews egroup) is a picture of Ricos coffin at his cremation in London last week, an old convoy driver, great to see old friends who i met in such sad times a few years ago at young Sunny's funeral...

I'm remembering when those stupid police in Yeovil arrested me (cos of that noncense that nutty woman told them about me, and they didnt investigate any of it but believed her nightmares and arrested me which was shoddy unprofessional work by them) what i remember is them asking me why so many photos of kids - (cos they're my friends) now you may ask why so many deaths - cos im getting old?

well i hope to dance on saturday, my broken back is healing, just aching a bit, a few more summers in me yet, if this planet earth is sinking like the titanic hitting the iceberg of ecological disaster then i'll be playing music in the band...

send a tape to John Peel... oh no.. too late...
~~~ ~~~
~~~~~ 07970 378 572 ~~~~~
~ ~
sorry for any mistokes)

From: ""
Subject: [dicenews] Teddy + Theo + Shannon + RainbowAGM + laptop failed
Date: 14 October 2004 00:58

(30 october is Rainbow circle AGM and saturday gig where Jes and others will play.)
~ 12oct2004: Teddy Stone got buried at Pilton, Theo and Shannon got married at Glasto, and there was an Assembly Rooms gig : and due this generation's cheapness of petrol there were loads of my friends at each...
Me, I went to the funeral where another Eavis told us about Teddy's theatre, his chemistry set still, and his tolerance. I slept over in the tree field, after drinking round a campfire. [see photo below]
My laptop hard-drive has failed, but i got almost everything backed up, (but only just in time - thanks Rory) now using an old hard-drive with windows95 and 16 colours and almost none of my data, but if you can see,uk/stonehenge/psb/dicegeor.htm with this text in it then I've succeeded uploading...
Looking into buying a secondhand laptop with USB and a CD...
~~~ ~~~

friday10novemember 2004: visiting London, got back to my bus only this wednesday after a long month of Rainbow Circle Camps . Thanks to all who helped as I staggered around the field, getting stronger every day, the doctor saays I should be back to strength after nine months - I've another appointment in January. Im not paralysed, thats the luckiest! If i'd fell onto a chair or bike I couldve been.
The day Steve died couldve been the end of rainbow circle, but people pulled together so i see that as the lowest point, we're pulling back. There's much discussion of how to deal with the desrespect, noisy drunks etc on the rainbow egroup:
Stonehenge equinox is sunrise Wednesday 22nd September the next Saturday me and Jes and Little Green Men are playing near Hay on Wye..

Getting better ===2004-08-01 00:05:14===
tonight, last night, my first visit to the pub since the accident a month ago: walked with sticks.
Hope to get to Rainbow Circle camps tomorrow or the next day, but the doctor says I cant drive for a month...

===2004-07-13 12:03:58=== Tuesday, in hospital, I've been here a week and a half. yesterday i walkked for the first time. toiday oive just got up, walked to the toilet, now sitting down and typing. My next goal is toi take the lift downstairs and checkout the shop, then go outside and turn on my phone, there should be a weeks woreth of messages. I cant use it in here because it might interfere with the the fire alarm or, worse, medical equipment. Hope to be out of here soon and then taking it very easy for some weeks at my mum's house. Im hoping to borrow or hire a trumpet so i can get some practice in - mine is locked up several counties away...
It'll be some months before im dancing again. When i hit the ground my life didnt flash before me but there was a minute when i wondered if i'd ever breathe again (i was winded) then a few minutes whilst i checked out if my toes worked -= or was I paralysed? Luckily for me not. If id landed on a bike or a chair then things could be a lot worse. I've been listening to the radio and reading, a few great plays, one on the Fischer Spassky chess match, i didnt understand the chess but the drama was entrancing. Read a few rubbish books which i wont mention, but a good one was 'The Deptford Trilogy' by Robertson Davies.

===2004-07-02 22:01:44===
in bath hospital with a broke back.
tuesday iwas packing the bus, washing up,and seling more festival eyes.
weesday tried to reverse the bus uphill out of the hedge where it was parked, it got stuck, so i went forwqards tn back then forwards, somene shouted that the roofack was stuck in a tree branch. i climbrd up and lifted the branch over the roofrack - it sprang back six feet and catapaulted me into the air. i landed on my back on grass, winded for a few minutes. someone got a banket, i wriggled onto it,my feet were working and my hands but ow my back ache whenever i moved.
some medics came and prodded me,, nothing hurt so very much asa broken bone so i concluded that i was only bruised, and refused an ambulance or helicopter - the bumpy ride would have hurt. After an hour of wiggling i set out on a slow crawl to the caravan, painfully lifted myself and crawled into bed where i lay on my back for some hours, and on my sides. Thanks to thandoy richard everyone who helped bringing me a pisspot, and sympathy. but thursday morning it still hurt so I agreed to go to hospital. sally they stetchered me out of the window then bumpy ride to Bath for Xrays painkillers and bed. i must lie here on my back until Monday when a consultant will decide whether to put me in a corset,, or to operate and install rods and bolts. either way i wont be unloading and loading the rainbow circle equipment in august.

From: ""
Subject: [dicenews] My apologies to Paul McCartney
Date: 28 2004 June 28 22:56
===2004-06-28 12:04:35===
My apologies to Paul McCartney - when he played piano and sang 'Yesterday' in F my tin whistle was in D not C (cos my C had got stolen) so I needed three half finger notes and made a few mistakes... I was at about row ten in the audience. I was shouting 'James Brown' which the youngsters around me thought sacriligious but i thought fitting as the Beatles began playing black music off records from sailors... So many great songs - 'Just Seventeen' and 'Baby you can drive my car' and 'Jet' and 'Sergant Pepper' and one which he'd written and recorded with John George and two others for five pounds direct to disk before the Beatles. I'd expected a huge band with a brass section for Live and Let Die etcetera (wow - those fireworks) but that was all handled by a progammable keyboard, the two guitarists were great and enjoying playing the music of John andd George, the drummer a giant character, his sweat forming wisps of steam under the heat of the lights as his head oved left and right - trippy! One slight criticism - Paul wore jeans, a red shirt and tie but dressed all his band in black - why couldnt they be colourful? And a great video show.
then jamming tin whistle with Nik and Trev and a woman then trombboning at the stone circle fire...
Sunday started with Sieze The Day at Left Field, (with a new song to Americans) , then Here and Now at Avalon, (so many times I'd danced to them decades ago at the Free Festivals), twenty guitarists staring at Keef's unique bass playing though I say they're not the real Here and Now unless they have girly spacey singers... then dash back to the kids bus to deposit my bag of festival Eyes then along the railway track and round the back of Stage Two to see James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, with over 20 in his band, a bit staged and pantomimey but he's one of the greats, that voice! But at the end not one person in the audience shouted 'MORE' !
Then walking back i got soaked in a rain shower, then Hawkwind/Space Ritual then to bed early and slept for twelve hours.
Now, Monday, search for my phone, go out seling Festival Eyes to proote understanding and evolution of our festival Culture, let my aches and pain subside after AA week's hard dancing, then upload this this evening.
festival eye printed my letterwrong on page 41, it should end 'and i did'
Tomorrow take down the tipis and pack the bus..
perhaps wednesday drive the bus baack to Hatfield where I'll sleep for a few days, then a month working on Jeremy's papers, his mum's Corn Dollies and art, the house, MOT my bus, and catch up with my Butterfly Lady who I left at Stonehenge...

Pilton: Sunday 13 June 2004, on site at Worthy Farm. This time next week i'll be at Stonehenge . Yesterday we packed up at Rainbow Circle ,then I drove the kids bus here and unpacked it. Exhausting. But a fabtastic camp. Shame I was too busy to write about what happened. Today I cycled to Glastonbury Tor for the start of the walk to Stonehenge. Then back here, Exhausting.

Festival Eye printed my letter on page 42?? with a major mistake in the punchlne to my joke. It should have been as I wrote it:

Tip from Karelia (May2004)
A friend of a friend was at a party where the punch was spiked with LSD. Later the pasta was seen squirming like maggots. Edible? If this happens to you look at the wallpaper. If its wiggling then you're hallucinating and the food is OK to eat. And I did.

george photo by phil at rainbow kids camp Tuesday 18th April2004: Ive been at Hatfield for a few days, we had a party celebrating the life and loves of Jeremy Sandford, I've been dashing around sorting fires and gardening and computers and found time to record a bit on sunday...
maybe zooming back down Shepton tomorrow for a few more weeks Rainbow Circling - the kids camp, then packing away.
The Beltane camp was lovely, a few times I almost argued with someone then remembered my last words in my bit to the newsletter and shut up..
i'll paste it here...

Letter from Karelia (29Feb2004)
I've come to a crossroads in my life, should I go forwards, left, right or back? You'd expect me to say left but no, I could climb a tree or find a tunnel or climb a fence into a field and play music with the birds and the bees...
Jane in her report to Glastonbury Assembly Rooms said 'Less people than usual resigned in protest this year' which was funny and wise - I forgive her our arguments years ago - she was trying to be good and honourable and so was I.
But better if we'd have had a mediator to hunt out the truths and misunderstandings A copper once said to me that he liked to hear both sides of an argument, 'No', I said, 'there's more than two side to most arguments', and often the sides are fuzzy, blurred, undefined...
In RC newsletter Spring 2003 LL didn't say that my co-driver had told me to drive the emergency vehicle route (a trap). In 2003 it failed its MOT twice, hence I spent most of my time as kids' co-ordinator with no private space to hide in. One Noon Circle someone volunteered help, I said great, first, litterpick the tent - they scarpered. And build the toilets safer. And help us pack up at the end of seasons please, And more attention to Health and Safety. Shout NO when something appears wrong: drunken cars and marquee poles and gale-swept metal domes could kill a sleeping child or you. The circle in the small marquee on the ridge after Louie's cotdeath was most powerful (though I cant remember a word that was said or who was there.) In circles we have different directions and ways and languages and tastes and beliefs and hypocrisies and shortcomings and egos and wont-gos and unconscionables and neuroses and visions and loves and pasts and futures - (as I say about LL and WX and yourself: 'they're friends of mine, but I don't agree with everything they've done and said. (Heck, i don't believe in everything I've done andor said, (I told the Gosport Vicar I'm a lapsed atheist - which did his head in (and mine (its a joke (which as Jung wrote of UFO beliefs can be important psycheologickally)))))). This year at AGM I volunteered as Vehicle co-ordinator and Music co-ordinator and computer helper and solar/wind cybercafe and phone charger and Winter Working Group and newsletter helper and lightshow and Last Reserve again. LL asked me if i hadn't volunteered for too much. But i didn't volunteer as 'kids co-ordinator': which took 95% of my waking hours last season which was a great privilege and experience and education and honour and transcendence of that stupid Wandsworth noncense and revitalisation enhurument flowering of my inner child and my inner mum and dad and my inner grownup and my inner granddad; but exhausting.
This summer I want to do more music with Noise Workshops most afternoons, a Live Acoustic Rave before the night time sound curfew.
So here I am in February 2004 and what I want to say to you in the Rainbow Circle newsletter is:
Is it worth it? - Yes.

oh, when they 'upgraded my phone' i lost half the numbers from the earlier phone so maybe thats why i havent phoned you...
See you at Stonehenge sunrise on Monday 21st, hopefully with my new best friend...

george photo by jes january 2004 ===2004-04-02 00:33:34=== ive been too busy andor lazy to update this weblog much this year- recorded some music with Jes at Hatfield Court Studios, been gardening and housework and desktop published the Rainbow Circle newsletter, perhaps driven my mum's car furthur in two months than my bus in twenty years, and went to Richie Bond's cremation yesterday..
----- Original Message ----- 
From: " 

Cc: Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 10:12 PM 
Subject: [stonehengepeace] Richy Bond Mutoid funeral Wednesday 

> Richy Bond Mutoid funeral Wednesday
> 31 March 9.45 Salibury Crem
> Ashes scattering Glastonbury Tor
> thu 8 april 11a.m and afterwards drinkss in the G+P
> He used to sell fruit at Stonehenge Free Festival,
> I knew him parked up in Shepherds Bush
> and later at his flat in glastonbury.
> I visited yesterday to show him his artwork
> in the Rainbow Circle Newsletter,
> heard that he'd died suddenly unexpectedly. Richy Bond and Mandy at Portobello Market

===2004-02-03 00:23:34===
back from my father's cremation.
Tomorrow, tuesday, a memorial service,
at which i plan to read an unpublished (heretofore?) poem
of Jeremy Sandford's which I found an hour ago...

there was a time
when I who was
who I was then
walked and sang
fought my fight
shouting amidst
the blackness

so how can I now
sitting by lemon-green waters
or in green mountains
warmed by an April sun
myself as I am now
with he who fought so long
amid the darkness
against injustice

that contented man who now
the mirror shows me
that man who now
pitches his tent 
beside the waters
of a more
Arcadian sea
how can I be that same he
who once ‘the conscience of
a nation stirred’?
a voice answers
there came the day
you learned with pain
that he who touches pitch
will become himself defiled
that in fighting ugliness
you had yourself become ugly
and, despite all the evils in it
the world remains a place
where beauty can be achieved

you knew already that
a man is ennobled
by fighting evil
where he finds it
now it was time to learn that
it is also necessary for a man
to find peace within himself
which then may be contagious

to seek to put oneself alright
to find a pattern in just one day
this can be a sacrament
so, after many years
fighting the negative
a man may seek
to ally himself with
the positive
george photos by Mo, october 2003

Gosh, the last three things I wrote here were negatives, bad news, ===2003-12-24 21:40:16=== wrote them to get them out of my head which is daft, spreading just bad news, specially when it doesnt directly affect me.. Today I put put up the Rainbow death slide between two trees here at Hatfield, (a steel rope, pulley wheel and hanging tyre) cut some wood, worked on the Hatfield Studios room, and lowered the seat on the mountain bike for R who's visiting with her mum. I tell her when I knew her brother he was three, but she knows him as a huge teenager!

Time passes, this time last year I'd just started a tempestuous scene of a scene with my ex-, now I have so many projects half way up the hill, should get a few of them up to the top of the hill and half way down again!

its now thursday eve, we're playing a game which I first played living in a caravan in wales - dont say the 'C' word whoever does must forfeit, get the wood or tea or sing a song so, Happy Thursday!

and now its quite later ===2003-12-25 02:51:55=== and im quite drunk, that funny kid phoning up people and saying 'its Mrs Clark here, you've won singing lessons from our company for a christmas present please sing Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle little star, some people were confused, some played along, some guessed who was phoning, some didnt, and our Sunch was great, she sang, (she didnt know who it was phoning her though!)

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