Topics of current interest and debate through our newsgroup include:

THE HEADLESS MAN AT STONEHENGE Is the skeleton of an iron age beheading one of the legendary Romano-British kings, or one of the British chiefs treacherously killed by Saxons in the Beltaine massacre centuries ago? Can there be peace netween Celts and the English even now? And can the headless man at Stonehenge be a focus to help bring this peace?

TISBURY STONE CIRCLE LOST STOLEN AND STRAYED A Wiltshire village lost its stone circle in historical times. The stones were taken away. Can they be located? Can the site of the stone circle itself be located? Perhaps it can even be restored, although this seems unliklely.

REBUILDING STONEHENGE Can we, should we, rebuild Stonehenge as it once was? Or leave it in its ruined state? Can at least the long uprights be put up again from where they have fallen? Can any agreement be found among the experts? Can there even be any agreement as to who is an expert? Or should in the end, the people decide by acclamation, by referendum? Would you be willing to be a body on the end of a rope pulling as hard as you could?

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