The FAQ has been updated.

It's been more than four years since I last updated this site, but finally Dana has relaunched her career with a new single, and an album is in the works. This is just what I have been waiting for to update the site again, but as there is a lot to be done, the update will be done gradually. All updates will be logged here, of course!

David Katzenelson has been most helpful going through my lyrics translations and correcting them. You'll find the updated lyrics file in the lyrics section.

I have made an attempt at translating the Hebrew songs in the lyrics file for the new album and uploaded an updated version. I hope Hebrew-speakers finding mistakes will contact me and help me correct them! You'll find the updated lyrics file in the lyrics section.

I have received the new album from Israel, and several parts of the site have been updated. A new lyrics file has been added to the lyrics section (it's not complete yet, but includes all lyrics in Hebrew – the translations and transcriptions will be added with time). The discography has been updated with more details and an updated song list. The mail order page has been updated with the contact information for, which sent me Dana's new CD in one week!
Frank Chevaillier has provided me with a scan for 'Eran Tzur's album Atá chaverá shelí, which has also been added to the discography.

Ili Barhom
has updated the official site with information about the new Israeli album to be released tomorrow – the news and discography sections have been updated!

Ziv Geri
has provided me with a cover scan as well as information about the promo release of Ha-chalóm ha-efsharí (The possible dream). Ili Barhom, Leo, Emma Psyché and Loïc Martin have all contributed with information regarding Dana's next promotion single Tagíd li mi (Tell me who), which is a cover version of an Italian hit by Riccardo Fogli called Storie di tutti i giorni (Everyday stories). Frank Chevaillier has managed to find an Israeli compilation called Sabress 2 containing a new remix of Ani lo... - the discography has been updated.
The news section has been updated with information from Ili Barhom's official page as well as from Ziv Geri and the others mentioned above.

Ziv Geri's
scanner is up and running again, and has scanned the covers of Tachlóm and Makát chom for the site - the discography has been updated. I also forgot (!) to update the lyrics section with the translation of Tachlóm at the last update, but I have done so now (the lyrics in Hebrew and transcription are still incomplete, unfortunately).
Ludo Bauer has provided scans for the rare Superman single distributed ahead of the concert Dana held at the Tel Aviv Pleasure Dome on 30.11.2001 - the discography has been updated.

Ziv Geri has sent me the translation and catalog number for the Tachlóm promo single.
Ili Barhom has given additional news about Tachlóm as well as information on an additional track on the new album on the official website – the news section and the discography have been updated.

Golan Haziza recently met Dana, who told him that the new album is scheduled for release by Jewish new year in September. The news section has been updated.

Gerardo Gómez and Ludo Bauer have provided me with scanned covers for the compilation Histeria, the single Sipúr katzár and the ZYX promo for the German edition of Free. The discography has been updated.

Ili Barhom has cleared up a misunderstanding. It turns out that Mutár ha-'adám was the working title for the song Ha-chalóm ha-'efsharí. The news and discography sections have been corrected.

Ili Barhom has published information on his website regarding the forthcoming Israeli album. The new single will be in Hebrew with the title Tachlóm, tachlóm (Dream on, dream on). Ziv Geri reports that the new album will also contain the track Mutár ha-'adám (The rest of the people). For more info, check out the updated news and discography sections!

Ili Barhom
reports on his now official site that the next single off Dana's forthcoming Israeli release will be called Dream on, dream on. From the title, it may seem that the song is in English, but this has not been confirmed. Apparently the song is a ballad in the same style as Láma katávta li shir. The faq and news sections have been updated.
Koen in the Netherlands has checked all the sites mentioned in the mail order section, and reports that all still provide records by Dana, with the exception of the German shop Literaturhandlung. I have left the contact information, though - in case fans would like to try to persuade them to stock Dana items again.

Aeyal Gross
has tipped me about a research article in Hebrew concerning Dana, and the author Amalia Ziv has provided me with the title and an abstract in English - the research section has been updated.
Ludo Bauer and Gerardo Gomez have suggested more changes to the discography, which has been updated.

Gerardo Gomez
has got hold of a 1996 compilation with a version of Cinque milla otherwise only available on the promo single – the discography section has been updated.
Ludo Bauer (alias Zombener) has provided me with more updated details about editions I have listed as well as reminding me about information I have forgotten to include before. Relevant pages and files in the discography have been updated.

Ziv Geri
has sent me more info about Sipúr katzár, and the discography section has been updated. While he was at it, he also sent me the lyrics of the song, as well as a translation, which have both been included in a new lyrics file called «Recent tracks» which can be found in the lyrics section. (This new file also includes Superman, Gotta move on and Tfilá.)

Ziv Geri reports that Sipúr katzár has been released as a 1-track promo single, but surprisingly by IMP Dance, not NMC. Has she changed record companies yet again? The FAQ, discography and news sections have all been updated.
Ludo Bauer (alias Zombener) has provided me with several scans of rare editions of Dana records from around the globe, as well as updated details about editions I have listed and information about alternative releases and serial numbers I didn't know of. Relevant pages and files in the discography have been duly updated.
Koen Plasmeijer in the Netherlands informs me the Israelism shop has been changed into a mail order company. The mail order section has been updated.
Aeyal Gross informs me he is working on a paper about the Amnesty poster which featured Dana, the paper will be published on this site when it's ready.

I have been itching to redesign my Dana International site for quite some time now, and the move to was an additional incentive to update the look of the website. Not only the look has been changed, I have also done a fairly big restructuring of the site.
Some sections have been deleted: The review section is now history, as its purpose is covered by the song list file. The site description section is obsolete as that info has now been included on the opening page. The relevant parts of the Dana & I section has been incorporated into the who's Geir?-section, which was added as a substitute for my now deleted personal website. The so-called international section has been incorporated in the media section where it has always belonged.
With the restructuring, I have added several new sections to the site: The news section is where you'll find the latest news I have about Dana. Information about research concerning Dana has been moved from the media section to a new research section. Finally, a very short who's Geir?-section has been added for the benefit of those of you who wonder who the guy behind this site is.
As the site moved to a new server, I have of course also gone through all the other sections to make sure that links work and the content is still up-to-date.
Other additions: Gerardo Gomez has tipped the list about a fabulous Russian site, a link has been included in the section Dana on the net. Henk Jan Vanhartskamp tipped me that a Dutch record chain sells Yoter we-yoter for only ¤6.99 - check out the mail order section for a link!